Thursday, March 10, 2022

Bliss Street

 The Savoy:
Harmony (temp recast) is with Alexis and Diane. Millow are there too. Oh, party night for the couple LOL . They talk about Nina. Then Michael wants to talk to Diane about Nina not seeing Wiley. Diane says that because Nelle is dead Nina can ask the court for visitation rights in NYS. Michael says they'll fight it. Diane suggests they try to keep it out of court. 

Some British guy hits on Alexis...she's having none of it. Diane thinks she's crazy. Harmony tells Alexis to do it when she feels comfortable. 

Mac and Felicia find out Maxie and Austin are dating. Flea thinks it's too soon. They leave GH 

Maxie wants Austin to help her "get rid of Peter". Dr O is mad Austin is around Maxie. Maxie wants her to forgive him. Liesl says she will but just THIS ONCE. 

Niagara Falls ..They are trying to fix the car. Sasha looks at her pills. She wants to get married now!! They can't get cell reception for an Uber. BUT! GARAGE GUY IS AN ORDAINED MINISTER so he'll call his wife and HE CAN MARRY THEM! WELP!! So they start the wedding. Then--- Married. 

Carly is going to drive a drunk Gladys to Sonny's. Not sure why SONNY'S but.. 

Nina is at Sonny's so I'm sure that's why Carly will be going there. YEP..Gladys is all "I have to stop the wedding" and Sonny says WHY? Nina backs her up saying that Brando and Sasha probably aren't ready. THEN Sonny and Carly make the case they ARE and she changed her mind. Then the 3 of them tell Gladys that Brando is old enough to make his own choices. Weird. Anyway Brando calls from the Gas station phone and tells Gladys he's married. She is on speaker phone and says she gives her blessing. Cries a bit. Sonny says she did good.  

Robert and Anna talking about Peter at the Metro. Robert says he'll be there for her if she feels guilty.  Mac and Felicia join them. They all talk about the plan for Victor. Felicia and Anna going to Austria...Mac says no. Felicia says yes. 


Sasha and Brando are staying at the old couple's house and on the couch and floor. 

That's about it


  1. nu-harmony looks and sounds like katie holmes. otherwise a boring day

  2. Niagara falls/Bliss auto car place:

    Brasha and Garage guy: I knew when the garage guy interrupted them, that he was going to say he is ordained. :)

    Brasha, Garage guy, and his wife: Oh dear. This marriage is going to lead to disaster!!! Come on Brando! Wake up your eyes and see that Sasha is high!!! Wow this garage guy and his wife reminds me of the Whitaker's from Beechers Corners. :)

    Port Chuckles:

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Gladys and Carly: Poor Carly and her hair has to deal with Sonny thanks to Gladys. :)

    Anna and Robert: Anna has got to get rid of her guilt!!!

    Anna, Robert, and Malecia: On twitter someone called Mac and Felicia, Malecia! :) You know from his first name of Malcolm.. Anyway, Felicia going with Anna to Austria? YAY! Awww so sweet that Mac is worried.

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny and Nina: Doesn't anger Sonny that Nina is going to file for rights to see Wiley! :) Awww isn't Sonny sweet? ROFL! Is it still February in Port Chuckles?

    Sonny, Nina, Gladys and Carly: Man! Gladys is freaking out that her 16 year old son is marrying a 16 year old girl! Well, sorry Gladys you can't do anything about it! Someone give Gladys something to calm her down!

    The savoy:

    Diane, TempRecast, and Alexis: Hmm why was temporarily recast? Wait were we told in an article that this was going to happen? Man this recast sounds very stiff sounding. She gotta relax! :)

    Diane and Alexis: Hey that guy who approached Alexis is HOT! Come on Alexis don't turn him down! Have some fun!!! :) and Alexis: Okay is all this Alexis not wanting to date men right now, going to lead Alexis to realize she wants to date Cus it really feels like it.

    Mildew: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Mildew and Diane: Sorry Diane, but zzzzzzzz.

    The hospital:

    Maxie and Pawtucket Holtster: Dammit! I hate that everytime they tried to kiss today, they are interrupted!

    Maxie, Pawtucket Holtster, Mac and Felicia: Mac wins the lines of the day.

    Mac: We look forward to getting to know you better. I'm sure we will be seeing more of you.

    Hahahahahha! The look on his face when he said that kills me! Hahahahaha!

    Dr. O, Maxie, and Pawtucket Holtster: Maxie you should tell Dr. O that you two are together now!!!


    Mac and Felicia: I LOVE when Mac acts like a father! :) He is so over protective awwwww. :) I really wished he had his own baby!!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to August 25th, 2008* Laura wakes up from her catatonic state!!!! Welcome back Laura and welcome back Genie Frances!!! :) This was after Lulu killed Logan Hays. Man what a waste of a character! They were so good together.. Why kill him off?!

    1. Thanks Sonya, your recap was better than the show! What a snoozer.

      Didn't care for the Harmony recast, and I don't want to see Maxie and Pawtucket Holster smooch. Ick!

      Diane was radiant and I was very happy to see her. And of course I loved Dr. O's threat to the Pawtucket. Heheheheh!

    2. "Julie H says, Thanks Sonya, your recap was better than the show! What a snoozer."

      Hahaha you're welcome! :) Well after what happened the other day with Vampira and Ryan, and then they show yesterday's episode, yeah I understand. :)

      "Didn't care for the Harmony recast,"

      Yeah.. Can't wait for the OG to come back!

      "and I don't want to see Maxie and Pawtucket Holster smooch. Ick!"

      Neither does Dr. O and Mac! Hahahahahahaha!

      "Diane was radiant and I was very happy to see her."

      Yes she looked great!!! :)

      "And of course I loved Dr. O's threat to the Pawtucket. Heheheheh!"

      Hahahahahaha! She does threats really well. :) Hey did you watch that video with Laura coming back? Welcome back Laura hahahaha! :)

    3. What video about Laura? Do tell! :)

    4. Julie the throwback Thursday video I put up! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

    5. Good grief! I just watched it, it was great! :)

    6. "Julie H says, Good grief! I just watched it, it was great! :)"

      Hahaha. Some great acting!!! :)

  3. I like Harmony - glad recast is temporary. Inga is so interesting to watch-hope she is back soon. Always love Diane and Alexis, and of course Anna, Robert & the Scorpios. Tristan is just so delightful. Gladys was great!

  4. I wonder if this visitation case is going to prove that Nelle is not Ninas daughter. Because she will have to prove that she's Wileys grandmother, so there should be a DNA test.

  5. They are really short on any good storylines right now. Boring week.
    Only think I look forward to is the teen story. Even the Liz story is just too slow.
    make it soapy writers! Not just let's get jake counseling!

  6. I forgot Chase & Brookie! Love their love story too.
    Waiting for Valentin like a rabbit tapping my foot.

  7. The other day Laura went through a whole thing with Kevin about going to Austria with Anna because she felt a loyalty to Luke. Kevin supported her and said he wouldn't stop her from going. Anyone? I was waiting for Anna to mention her. Nope.

    1. But then right after she said that, she said she isn't going because people need her here.

    2. Guess I missed that. No point to that conversation. Typical. Thanks sonya.

    3. "zazu says Guess I missed that. No point to that conversation. Typical. Thanks sonya."

      You're welcome! :)



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