Friday, March 18, 2022

Yesterday and Today

 Thanks for your patience and thank you to Dave and Sonya! 

All I'm going to say is I'M SO GLAD I HAD MY TONSILS out when I was a kid. They yanked them in the 60's no matter what. They DID NOT do that in England. -____- 

Bye Sydney!! So sad...but happy for her but...sad for us. Loved that scene. I wish we could have gotten an Ava/Trina last one. 

OMG EZ calls the HOTLINE? LOL!! 

NUJORDAN is so gorgeous and Stunning. 

OMG FKING CARLY AND THE BRIDGE!!!!!!!!! OMG!! She's SO NOSEY and she just ruined the Demeter thing!  


Nina is talking to Harmony in Charlie's.  She says they have something in common. Harmony asks who. Nina's like: UM WILEY..who did you think I meant?? Then Nina tries to talk Harmony into helping her get visitation with the kid. 

Nik and Esme. She's saying she can't believe he believes Trina about the sex tape. She reminds him she was the one there for him ...always. The argue. A LOT. She reads the inscription in the book he gave her. She gets even more mad. 

Dante and Sam at Corintho's Coffee. She's going to ask Spinelli for help with the Demeter thing. He says ok..they kiss. Does he work at the PCPD anymore because...he's just out doing all sorts of private stuff. They kiss. 

Drew and Carly on the bridge. I wish he'd throw her off. They talk about Carly being brave. Him being brave. Yada yada.  They talk about the tarot card. She talks about JAAAAAAAAAASON. :eyeroll:  He talks about being home and yada yada. 

Alexis and Shawn: He doesn't like Harmony. Alexis says that she knows Harmony got the false birth certificate. He asks about "us"...Alexis: Is there an us?? They talk and decide they shouldn't see each other. Time's over--and they are moving on. Plus, Shawn's leaving the show. 

Michael and Willow at GH. He wants to go to Paris asap. Like you could leave right in the middle of NURSING SCHOOL. OH! And they are leaving today and having MONICA watch WILEY!! 

NuJordan and the reporter guy asking about the Zex Tape. She says "no comment" and he goes to ask MICHAEL ABOUT IT lol OMG SO... Michael has no clue about the zex tape LOL The reporter tells him and wonders if Joss and Cam released it themselves 'your sister is quite the athlete" LOL Michael punches him and Jordan sees it.  JORDAN ARRESTS MICHAEL 


Shawn and Alexis say goodbye

Willow passes out... is she just upset or ...pregnant? 

PHYLLIS KNOWS HARMONY from the old days!! Remember, she delivered Nelle to Carly's parents in Florida!! 


  1. OMG...When Phyllis said "Lorraine Miller" I flashed back to the original Lorraine Miller who was involved in multiple paternity schemes with Carly including switching sonograms [1996-97] I wonder if they'll connect those characters.

    And I don't blame Michael for punching that little sleaze. What a thing to say to a man about his teenage sister. Bad timing with the commish there though.

    kd said: "NUJORDAN is so gorgeous and Stunning. "
    *** I'm guess I'm not the only one who finds her gorgeous. And I find she is so much more
    believable in the role. She's so assertive and speaks with such confidence.

    I hope Esme is through with Spencer.

    And just a little negativity but no couple would be allowed to be arguing and yelling like that in the visiting room of a prison.

    I really like Drew and Carly together. They make good friends. And that man has chemistry with everyone.

    And I hope Willow isn't pregnant. It's becoming a freaking epidemic on the show. Babies shouldn't be brought in as tools to move a plot forward.

    1. Oh, don`t worry Di. The writers will probably kill off the baby, if there is one. More "Love in the Afternoon." (Only us oldies will get that reference.)

    2. I'm right there with you... I remember the commercials!

    3. Yes. Love in the Afternoon. We don't get much love anymore. :(

  2. Hoping there is a medical issue with Willow which will mean harmony has to tell the truth about not being her momma

  3. The whole Carly/Drew scene should be titled - WWJD - What Would Jaysus Do - lol

  4. They do NOT let you go to Paris during nursing school. You are allowed 2 absences and then kicked out

    1. A few episodes ago Willow explained that after her tests she was having a break in training. That's when they would go to Paris. Also, I also think that she is having a medical issue that will somehow prove that she is not Harmony's daughter.

  5. Probably medical issue with Willow.

  6. I had to fast forward half the show due to the non-ending Carly-Drew conversation. Was hoping she would fall off the bridge. She is really ruining the show..

    1. I totally agree with you about carly

    2. "LindaV says Was hoping she would fall off the bridge."

      ROFL! Maybe Vampira will bite her and will turn her into a vampire hahaha!

  7. New Jordan is gorgeous but did we really need her back? She just doesn’t fit as a police officer and seems more lost than anything. The first Jordan was sharp as a tack and really fit the role.

  8. I think the Phyllis/Harmony interaction proves Willow is Nina's daughter. Let the games begin.

    1. Yep, Kevin. That's what is going to happen. Don't know how they will work it out, but that will be the outcome. Willow will be Nina's daughter. Now all we need to know is how does Nelle fit in the picture.

  9. The hospital:

    Mildew: Zzzzzzzzz. She can't go to Paris right in the middle of schooling Michael!! Idiot!

    Reporter Smalls Poptart, TJ and NuJordan: Jordan calls him Smultz! Didn't he call himself Smalls when he was with Alexis? I'm so confused of his name haha. Karen yesterday on twitter called him Poptart.. I like that hahaha.

    Reporter Smalls Poptart and Mildew: Oh he is calling himself Shmultzie.. I rather call him Smalls or poptart.. Shmultz sounds like shmutz. You got a little shmutz on your lip! :) Oh oh Michael doesn't know about the Pam and Tommy sex tape!!! Mr. Poptart Smalls wins the line of the day.

    Poptart Smalls: Maybe she wanted the whole world to rate her performance. She is quite the athlete.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This guy is hysterical.. I need him to have a backstory and we need to keep him. :)

    Michael and NuJordan: MICHAEL ARRESTED HAHAHAHA. Well, that is consequences Michael.. No Paris for Mildew now! :)

    Private room:

    Willow on the phone with Carly: Hmmm at first I thought she was having a panic attack, but then she fainted.. She could be preggers.. Hmmmm.

    The bridge:

    Carly and Drew: Their scenes were really good. All flirty and smiley and eye sex. I don't have a problem if they become a couple.. They are getting closer and bonding. :) I like it.

    Alexis's office:

    Shaun and Alexis: SHAUN?! I thought he left by now. Still the goodbye tour! Hmmm them back together? Part of me says okay, but another part of me says nahhhhhh.. She and should get closer. :)

    Lenny's bar and restaurant:

    Phyllis and Nina: YAY PHYLLIS! :) Awww don't go Phyllis. :(

    Temp Recast and Nina: Oh Nina!! NO! Don't drag her into your web. Leave her alone.

    Phyllis, and Nina:

    Phyllis: Loraine Miller! As I live and breath!

    Hahahahaha. Let the show begin! :)

    Central perk:

    Sante: They are so adorable.. All flirty flirty. :) In front of all the plants? Shame!!! :) Oh NOW she wants to go to her place to have sex. She should have been this way when she was in the van! :)

    Spring ridge:

    Vampira and Spense:

    Vampira: If I haven't come back when I did would you have kissed Trina to demonstrate all that shared passion?

    YES VAMPIRA YES HE WOULD! :) And uh girl you are losing your voice. :) Too much drinking all that blood eh? :) Awww does this mean they are ova?

    Sidenote: Oh forgot to mention the other day about Sonny's plant at his place.. It looks like green beans!! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to November 12, 2008 More of Laura leaving..

    Laura: There is no doubt in my mind that if I went to the mat with Tracy over you, I'd win.

    HA! Hell yeah you would. :) And if you asked Luke to go with you, he would! :) And of course Tracy finds out and the marriage is over.. :)

    1. "Karen says, thank you to Dave and Sonya!"

      Oh you're welcome!!!! :)

  10. My predictions:

    1) Willow has some horrible, terminal illness that only her mother can cure, that is when we will find out about Nina.

    2) Esme will die and a huge pool of suspects will be questioned. We will find out that Ryan, her father killed her and he will get carted off to the supermax of mental wards.

    Suggestion for a daytime drinking game: Every time Drew (or someone else) mentions he was a "Navy Seal" we get to do a shot!!

    1. I think #1 will be true, but not #2

    2. Esme story is all they have right now of any interest. She won't be going anywhere.

  11. A Friday blahblahblah fest.
    LW looked exceptionally beautiful. Hair, skin....perfection. But she and Drew went on for way too long. Will SB come back someday or will they dare to recast. Jason is not done. IMO.
    Harmony/Nina....Willow's fake mom and real mom putting their heads together. This will go on forever with a big build up and a nothing reveal.

  12. BTW, I did not realize until after the fact that Adam, Joss' study partner, was played by Joshua Benard. Maurice's son. I gotta say, I like the kid. He would make an interesting addition to the teen scene.


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