Sunday, March 13, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Reckless Love


The moment your little bro might learn about revenge porn....

Another  so-so week. Video Reveal was pretty good.  We did get a moment of surprise and creepiness... and I'm always happy when Ryan Chamberlain is on our screen. 

I think his favorite food is fried bologna sandwiches so.. grab one and let's go go. But first help me in wishing Wubs Back-Up Blogger Dave a HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday!! We have cake!! Thank you for all you do. 

PARENTING OF THE WEEK: Carly was surprisingly calm and rational helping Josslyn with the whole "Everyone saw me naked" scenes. They were done really well, right down to them sitting on the kitchen floor. Carly also had the forethought to call Spinelli to get said video down from public sites. I was a but surprised she didn't call the FBI cyber crimes unit but maybe later. 

LINE OF THE WEEK: Cameron talks to his mama after Jake almost clicks on his video and says that while he's getting 'virtual high-fives', Joss is being called a slut. I thought Liz' reaction was way underwhelming. She seemed to be: Meh.  Again, why not call they police? It's a total cyber crime. I just expected more outrage. 

Yeah.. two pizzas and... Sam?? Oh yeah, diet Coke and... oh, wait 
got any Tarot cards hangin' around?? 

PLAN OF THE WEEK:   Well, if you've just joined us, it's now all about Drew's memories, 'activating' him with a fake Tarot card and finding out what Victor wants. Oh, and Anna and Felicia are going to Austria to.. I think to investigate Luke's death. Maybe that will be fun?? 

DROP OF THE WEEK: Oh, yeah, plan also involved dropping Peter's tiny, sad 'personal effects' box and having Victor palm the said Tarot Card. 


Oh Nikolas... let's just sit and talk about our wedding and Spencer... again.
Yes, my darling, anything you want. How's the planning coming? 
Just heavenly ....but let us go to The Metro Court and talk some more about it...
Let me get the launch to float over the icy waters so we may discuss this more...
Oh, and let us not forget to talk at length again  about Spencer, please. 
I shall visit him again first, that will give us more things to verbalize about my son...
It's like I'm in a dream...

MAJOR WTF GROSS-CREEP WEIRD I CAN'T VIBES OF THE WEEK:  Um... did ANYONE CHECK the dialog writers work?? Did one dialog writer do the first part of " Daddy--you like it when I Call you that, right" ? Then go and get a sandwich and another take over WHAT.!!?? The kneeling and hand caressing... @@ I don't know about you but I was SURE she was a groupie at that point. THEN Ryan says "my daughter".. and I about flipped out. Maybe the director was changed mid-scene.  Will I enjoy the creep factor? You know I will. Still--?? EESH. Oh yeah, then Daddy tells his kid to basically go seduce Nikolas!! LORDY!! Who's her mother? David thinks Heather Webber (they could have been in lock-down together years ago, right??) Maybe it was Lindsay from OLTL. Oh BY THE WAY, Ryan can walk and talk. Not that I was looking at that because-- you know, EWWW. 


Hey...been thinking about you...
I've been thinking about you too--but you had less clothes on...
I talked to my brother A LOT this week about you
I talked to Michael a LOT about you today, right here in this kitchen
Think we can um...
I don't know, I need another month... 

WEDDING IN A GARAGE OF THE WEEK:  Scene: Canada. Car breaks down. Couple goes to an out of the way little town garage with a kindly older guy who happens to be a minister! He has a lovely wife who is also adorable and offers the newlyweds a place on their couch. Collective "awwwww".  I was thinking Mayberry RFD with less drama. Oh yeah, Sasha is taking some giant-ass'd horse pills. So, she's basically high as a kite. Brando: No clue. 


COMEBACK OF THE WEEK: It's MOSS and it's SPECTACULAR!! All decorated and blinged out for Spring!! It has rocks! Twigs!!  I don't even care because IT'S BACK!! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Trina is all of us:  "HOW CAN YOU EVEN SAY IT'S ME doing this ish"? 


Joss thinks it's Esme that did the video, Esme tries to deflect to Trina
Cam tells Liz about the video; Joss tells Carly 
Esme visits her Daddy in Spa-Jail where we find out he can walk and talk! 
Daddy wants daughter to go be-devil Nikolas
Laura, Drew, Sam, Dante, Anna and Felicia are all going to trap Victor with a tarot card
Laura thinks Victor had a hand in killing Luke 
Portia and Curtis buy Jax's old place 
Jordan has a convo with Sonny about the mob...crimes and ... stuff
Brando and Sasha get married in Niagara Falls; Sasha is taking pills
Gladys finally accepts they are married
Alexis goes out with Harmony and Diane, only drinks club soda
Michael and Willow get ready to go to Paris; fake birth certificate in hand
Dr. O warns Austin not to be mean to Maxie 

Priscilla Garita was Temp Harmony last week

NEWS OF THE WEEK: There was a temporary recast of Harmony because the actress was out with COVID. Inga Cadranel thanked fans for welcoming the newbie and said she's all better now. 
Nikolas Chavez has booked a series "Crushed" on Tubi,  a streaming service. His character's name is JASON. Ha ha. Anyway, he will be doing double duty on GH so there should be no noticable interruption. 

Have you checked out Maurice Benard's State of Mind Channel on You Tube? He has a lot of great interviews to choose from. He uploads a new episode every Sunday. This week's guest is Vincent Irizzary, 

SPOILERS OF THE WEEK:  Nikolas wants to have a family dinner,  Carly rips Esme a new one, Selina Wu wants to bring Brad into the business and Taggart will be back. 

There you have it. The week had a LOT of things that just 'took up time' in my book. The girls night out with Diane, Alexis and "Temp" Harmony was... bland. Don't care about Millow (as you know), I think Brando and Sasha are just about as boring but at least she's on drugs. The streaming sex story? I really could have had it happen way faster. It seems to have lost any edge by now. That on top of the whole "how did Esme do it, and when did she clone Trina's phone" thing is just hanging out there. The Ryan/Ez reveal was a long time coming and BOY OH BOY did it pack the cringe-factor. What is happening??? Portia and Curtis move forward but that means Marshall can't be far behind zzzzzz. At least Ms. WU is coming back on Monday to spice things up. Happy about Chase and Brook. I don't want Maxie and Austin; I mean compare them to Britt and Austin and??? Um, no contest. Wonder if Liz and Carly will team up to find out who did the viral vid. You'd think they'd have Spinelli track the origin. Unless she used a spoof ISP, should be pretty easy, right? 

CHEERS!!! See ya this next week. We got snow on Saturday but I'm hoping for a warm up. 

One more question-- since we have readers here from around the globe (ok, mostly US/Canada) can I ask what your gas prices look like? Mine are around $4.35-4.50 for regular. How you doing with that ?? I drive for therapy and am so happy that this year I only go 3x a week out in the car. PS. No political chat please, just wondering the price :) 


  1. Definitely a so-so week.

    LIKES: Carly consoling Joss, Esme and Ryan's weird interaction, Maxie and Britt's conversation, seeing Robert, Anna, Mac and Felicia all together.

    DISLIKES: Brando and Sasha's wedding, Michael and Willow talking about Nina, pacing of the Jake going to see a shrink storyline.

    I feel like we are in a transitional phase of "GH" right now. Some past storylines are done, but new ones aren't fully underway.

  2. LOVED Anna Robert Mac and Felicia. MORE please. Also like take charge Laura ALoT. Miss Valentin

  3. I feel ryan and esme are being written like claudia and johnny zachara. who were supposed to be brother and sister but ended up be mother and son. they all have that creepy sexual factor. I also believe felicia is esme's mother. and happy birthday dave

  4. I like the idea of Felicia being Estes mother!

  5. Thanks for another great surgery, kd. I loved your comments about the boring "talks". It seemed like groundhog day every day with a few couples just on a different set.

    And, come on writers. How many of you have kids? And when you finally get them to sleep do you walk downstairs and discuss how he'd rate his favorite book? LMAO Where is the adult part of this relationship? A thank heavens, grab the wine (and I'm a non drinker) would make more sense.

    I also assume that Esme used a burner phone and spoofed the number before she sent the video. I think Spin has enough smarts to track where the burner phone came from and who bought it. They need to bring him on and have him do some work and change up some of the conversations before we get to the point that we can't tell whether or not we've seen the latest episode.

    I hope we get a good adventure in Europe with Anna and Flea.

  6. Thanks for another great SS! Happy birthday yesterday Dave! Wish I did have cake.
    I paid $4.49 but I only go full serve so probably higher than others.
    The sex video stuff is blah. Two kids in love. An embarrassment yes, but at least it was sweet and caring. It will all pass. Did Esme ever retrieve the phone from the cabin or is it still there waiting to be found?
    Glad Ryan is back but where can it go. Esme shows too many emotions to be a sociopath.
    NLG said on FB that she has a benign growth on her spine and will be having surgery. No mention of temp recast.
    It is very cold today. Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Happy belated birthday Dave.

      I think they've been showing NLG sitting alot lately haven't they? Maybe due to tha growth on her spine. I wish her well.

  7. your recap is better than this week-----wow lotsa boring stories or creepy stories..
    do not understand WHY Selina Wu is gonna ask CURTIS for anything, much less his club/whatever....see that came outta nowhere too......writers, come on..
    4.09 gas here up to 4.39----couple of places are holding on to 3.99----

    1. Curtis wants nothing to do with the mob. Why would he ever agree to have Ms. Wu run illegal actvity outof his club? It doesn't make sense at all.

  8. Happy birthday, Dave! The Exxon station down the street is going for $4.29. I had to go on an unplanned road trip last week and I spied $4.99 outside Baltimore. I was too stunned to take a picture.

  9. Joe --

    Come out here to my neighborhood near Los Angeles and you can take a picture of the $6.29 gas station price sign! Park first, otherwise you'd run off the road!

  10. Happy Birthday Dave! The gas here in outside DC is around $4.20.

  11. the gas here is lowest at 4.99. i pay around 5.15. nevada has the 2nd highest prices in america. of course CA is tops. but we try harder!

    1. it depends on the neighborhood too, which i am sure is true everywhere. we have more affluent neighborhoods. i havent been near the strip or airport, but can only imagine.... many UBER/LYFT drivers are quitting cause they cant afford it anymore

  12. the gas prices here in south florida are between $4.29-$4.49

  13. I'm in Germany and we pay around 2.25 Euros per liter. A gallon is roughly 4 liters, and 2.25 Euros is 2.47 USD, that comes to roughly 9 USD per gallon :-(

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