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It's time for the Instrumental Theme Songs. These are a lot different. The ones with the lyrics described the overall plot of the show, these are just melodies but are powerful nonetheless. These are my picks. As always, there is no right or wrong list. Take a gander at mine, make your comments and then feel free to throw in a few of your own.

PS. I realize GH is instrumental and fits this list. There has been at least 4 different incarnations of the theme song including the most recent horrific one. Not to mention other soaps throughout history.  Maybe Karen and I will do another blog that features SOAP theme songs (daytime and nighttime) and we can rank them? What do you think? 

1. Dallas

2. M*A*S*H
(I love the movie version with the lyrics)

3. I Love Lucy

4. Hawaii 5-0

5. I Dream of Jeannie

6. Mission: Impossible

7. Jeopardy

8. Get Smart

9. X-Files

10. Andy Griffith

Honorable Mentions:

Bewitched, Magnum PI, Room 222

                                                            WUBS FAVORITE: 

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  1. Lol to the current "horrific" theme song. Seriously, it's the worst!
    Can't argue with these selections and I know them all. :)

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  4. My first thought is Bewitched. Probably because I still watch it.
    Jeopardy! of course.
    If anyone watches the new incarnation of SWAT with Shemar Moore...their theme goes right back to when the original show aired in the '70s. Sounds like a blast from the past.

  5. I guess no one's here to discuss the show today.

    1. We are discussing the show as well as theme songs per the blog post ☺

  6. Austria offices:

    Bad guy and Anna: When the bad guy shot at Anna, I said Ooooo and I ducked!!!! :)

    Bad guy, Anna, and Felicia: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! They got him! :) Oh man that guy did NOT want to answer any questions! He took a freakin cyanide pill and died! Was he a KGB agent?!!?!? HOLY COW! :) Great scene! :) Anna didn't know people still had them. NEITHER DID I!!! Soapy goodness. :) Wow Victor has Cyanide pills?! Awesome. :) The dead guy sitting on the chair with the cover over him is very funny! ROFL!

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital:

    Fiz and Jake: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Jake was at the library talking to his grandma and grandpa! Liz is upset with her parents talking to Jake. Geez Liz what the heck did your parents do to you?

    Fiz: Yes back to the drawing board. If Jake didn't do all the crazy things then who did? Hmmmmm?

    Carly and Drew: Drew is Carly's therapist.. She don't need Doc. She has her Jason Clone Drew and he talks just like him.

    Portia and Trina: Trina tells her mama all about Tommy and Pam's sex tape. Er I mean Jam's sex tape. Then talk about Spencer and Vampira! Mama wants Trina to stay farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away from Spencer.. He is just a bad bad bad toxic boy. Trina just knows that Spencer is a good boy and just has to stay away from his girlfriend.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Joss and Adam: Oh look! That boy is Mo's son! :) Handsome young man. Looks just like his dad and wait a second looks just like Michael too! :) Oh he saw the Pam and Tommy's sex tape too.

    Adam: Ever since I saw you naked,

    Uh you didn't see her naked. She was under the sheets!!! Unless you saw her naked when she got out of bed to put her clothes on. Wait is that all he is going to do? Be a jerk to Joss and then leave? Awwww how disappointing.. Can't he join the show?

    Jam: Oh who cares if people are staring at you. Just like your mom says Joss. Another breaking news will pop up and people will forget the sex tape. I hope Jam doesn't break up just because people are staring at them.

    Spring ridge:

    Vampira and Ryan: Daddy winked at her. How..... Romantic?

    Vampira and Spencer: Vampira is talking about Nava's renewal and Spencer wins the line of the day.

    Spencer: Do you really think Trina made that video?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He can't stop thinking about Trina! :) Vampira is really jelly! I think she really has feelings for him.

    Trina and Cam: The actress is leaving Friday right? Dammit I want them to kiss before the recast shows up.. She only has 2 more days!

    The bridge:

    Victor and Eileen: She has a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mouth! Telling him what Laura told her. Oh man that yellow background looks so fake!!!

    Victor and Drew: The card the card!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN!

    Sidenote: Where is Terry and Chet? Are they dating off screen? Lucy and Martin are surely dating off screen. That sucks.

    1. I loved that Trina showed up at the end. Perfect timing. I hope she plants those seeds of doubt even further.

      I'm hoping we get more of Liz's story withher parents now and that they're not just going to drop it.

      Funny. I didn't find that Mo's son looked like him at all.

      I was hoping Drew would catch Eileen with Victor. Darn...

    2. Mo's son looks just like the mom, I think her name is Paula

    3. "Di says, I loved that Trina showed up at the end. Perfect timing."

      Yes perfect timing.. Now they need to kiss. :)

      "I hope she plants those seeds of doubt even further."

      Me too! :)

      "I'm hoping we get more of Liz's story withher parents now and that they're not just going to drop it."

      Yeah I thought they dropped it!! Glad they didn't.

      "I was hoping Drew would catch Eileen with Victor. Darn..."

      Too bad!!!

      "witch says, Mo's son looks just like the mom, I think her name is Paula"

      Oh.. Yes Paula.. I forgot what Paula looks like, but I saw a some Mo in him.

    4. Okay I saw the pictures of Mo, Paula, and their son.. Yes he looks like his mother, but he has Mo's eyes. :)

    5. Really enjoyed the cyanide scenes because I'm gruesome, lol! Nicely done!

      Deputy Mayor needed to be knocked off of the bridge. I still don't know why Laura blabbed to her. I was hoping she would explain that, but nope! More off camera GH shenanigans.

      Esme is sooooo jealous, I just love it. But seriously Spence, get it together. They're making him appear so stupid.

      I'm really tired of the Drew/Carly dynamic. And I'm sure it's only going to get worse. Sigh....

      Portia was spot on. I loved everything she had to say. And, last day of original Trina today. I'm so going to miss her. Her recast has HUGE shoes to fill.

      Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

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  8. I liked Mash as well, Little house on the prairie (yes I'm old), the odd couple, Hill Street Blues and Dick van Dyke. My daughter used to sway back and forth to wheel of fortune when she was a baby. It was darling.

    1. Did you watch the show today, Linda?

    2. Yes Di. The blog was created about instrumental show tunes and asked us to comment. Good gravy lighten up.

    3. I was just wondering if you watched yet because you hadn't commented and I wanted to ask you if you thought this meant we'd see a new Jeff Webber, since you've watched a long time like I have. They've been dropping her parents names for a while now.

      And I'm always light...maybe even light headed. lol

    4. My bad I'm sorry. I did watch, just concerned that they will make it something stupid
      instead of giving our Girl Becky a great storyline. I am open to a Jeff Webber return but please do it right and explain things fully.

    5. Maybe I confused you and Lindie but one of you always posts first and I was waiting to see what you thought of the episode. I'm thinking Jeff and his wife are getting older,felling alone and facing their mortality. They want to make contact with the family they left behind. I hope they get a realistic actor to play the role of aging parent.

  9. REALLY gonna miss Sydney----last day tomorrow----she is so good.
    Just nothing today except Jake's excuse is out of the blue/why couldn't the writers show us and clue us in? WHY would HE care about his grandparents and NOT tell the other boys? Woulda made MUCH more sense if he was doing something concerning Jason....
    Now I don't think it's Liz......
    I guess Jeff IS gonna be recast...

    1. "mufasa says REALLY gonna miss Sydney----last day tomorrow"

      Oh! I though Friday was her last day.. Damn! One more day! Then Trina and Spencer have to kiss tomorrow before the recast comes. :( I am going to miss her too. Hopefully after she graduates she will come back to GH as Trina. :)

    2. Maybe we're going to get a family reunion soon since her parents have been mentioned a lot.

  10. That deputy mayor should be collateral damage. She is one annoying character.
    Joss and Cam are just so darn cute.

  11. All of the Star Treks, especially Deep Space 9.

  12. Article about Sydney Mikayla's decision to leave GH. Good actor and a smart.

  13. maybe Helena is still alive and contacting Jake pretending to be his grandparent. cause why not the other 2 boys?

    1. I'm sure he would have been face-timing his grandfather.


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