Monday, October 31, 2016

Candy Corn

I didn't make it in time to watch today!! So, enjoy my fave photo of Josslyn-- and let me know your fave Halloween Treats. Oh, should I watch the show? Was it good?

I'd love to have these!! :) 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Bird On A Bridge

I flew in to save a Sonny 

Ok, here we go...week 2 with Morgan's Death Guilt. And just think! We only have until Nov 11th to go!! The election mess will be over too, we should all celebrate on the 12th with a big ol' drink! ready to sift though the wreckage of people's confessions about how badly they treated Morgan?

I'm going to eat some peanut butter taffy because......tomorrow is Halloween and I've already opened my bag. See, I bought it and then thought: I can't serve this, peanut allergies, I'll have to eat it all myself!! 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Find the Gum

Alexis tells Danny to go find some gum even though she says there isn't any in the house.  BUT! He found some. 
She finds out JaSam might be moving. The doorbell rings and I think it's a giant package of booze for Alexis. 

Bobbie doesn't like Nellie--just like us!! 

Krissy and Sonny... more MORGAN ANGST.  When she leaves Sonny thinks of what he'd say to Morgan if he could do it all over again. Not sure if BC just shot this or if they did it before he left. THEN, Sonny hears the doorbell and ZOMBIE Morgan is standing there!! YES!! seriously!! AHAHAHAHAHAA

Lucy comes in and sees Laura and Kevin. yada yada...nothing

Lulu and Maxie talk on her bed about the wedding. She gets fancy lingerie from Cartulo.  Nate comes home and they make love.

Car accident in LA..Mrs.Claus and Olivia Falconeri meet.. (I'm fine&it wasn't my fault) Thanks Brandon 👍🏻👍🏻

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Throw Away Day

Carly needs to plan the memorial, not stand around the Metro. Why have the funeral Nov 11th??
oy. WHY THE HELL would Carly and Michael cry and talk at the Metro?? 

Robin and Sonny...he's gonna kill himself and she's stopping him. Talking about Stone.  He's talking about killing Juilan.  She thinks he's going to kill himself. They talk about Jason. Yada yada. Even this is boring.  I'm sorry but Mo and Kim are good but I'mm so tired of the Sonny Guilt. He's only had it for: Lily, Angel, Kate, Christina and Kristina, Shooting Carly in the head... Michael killing Claudia...Kate getting shot at the wedding... it never ever ends. 

Jordan and Val..throwaway scene since who cares about Val and Curtis since they are NEVER ON? 

Anna's talking about giving Robin up for adoption when she was a baby. If you don't know the back story, she explains it today. She's trying to equate it to Claudette's situation. You know damn well she's not Griffin's. He'll get all attached and then...YANK away. Why didn't Anna insist on a DNA test. 

Jason and Curtis are looking for evidence on the bomb. Curtis was in Sonny's office. They are talking about the bomb. It must have been planted after the guard left. 

Latter,  Jordan comes in when Curis is gone. She has a file with the guy that planted the bomb's photo. It's an old associate of Sonny's. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yes, I bailed today

Yep, just straight up didn't want to watch. I was thinking yesterday how much the Webber sister aspect would have been interesting if they'd done ANYTHING about it. ME and RoHo play off each other well, they could have gotten the 4 together but, nah. I'm sure they'll so something in a few months about it. Although I won't care!! 

Oh, question David had... now that Steve Burton is off YR, would you like to see him back on GH? There have been some sites suggesting this may happen. I personally don't think he wants anything to do with soaps for a long while. 

If he didn't come back as Jason, do you think he could come back as another character ala Sarah Brown as Claudia? I say no because it's too soon and too many fans are nuts about Jason. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Houdini and Lizzie Borden

Max is there at the PH while Jason is searching for the bomb 'Broker". He leaves when Danny and Sam come in. 

Danny wants to know what this says.  They tell him he'll be a big brother. HE thinks that's better than a puppy but wants to name the baby "Scout". 

Haunted Star...must be almost Halloween. Ava, Scotty and then Sonny comes in. They argue. 
Yada, yada.

Alexis is on the deck drinking. At least she has a coat on. Later, Sonny comes out and talks about Morgan. VERY good scene. NLG really brings out the best in MB-- or maybe her character just doesn't annoy me as much as Carly. LOL 

They talk, Alexis says not to blame himself...kisses him on the forehead and leaves.
When Scotty comes back out Sonny blames him for not prosecuting Julian. Scotty says he deserves it all because of what he did to Karen!! BLOOP!! KAREN MENTION? Oh someone is on the GH history ball today. 
Scotty and Sonny fight on the deck. LMAO

Franco gives Jordan the tape of Heather confessing. Jordan doesn't believe she could get out of jail and back.  He calls her a cross between Houdini and Lizzie Borden. Franco got all sorts of evidence that Heather gave money to guards and stuff. 

HayFin doing it on the couch and someone's at the door. It's Tracy. She has a grin on like "caught ya" . Supposedly Finn was trying to get Hayden a job at ELQ. She finds out and gets mad at him. 

Ava and Julian talk about the Fruit Basket.  Alexis makes her way to the Metro (I guess to drink more) and sees Juilan. ANYONE ELSE get the vibe that Alexis may have planted that bomb? Geesh. 

Tomorrow? Carly slugs Julian.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Snake on a Plane

Laura is talking to Anna and Griffin!! Yeah! about Valentin. Welp. thank you for that interweaving.
I need more of that. Which means, you know it won't happen. 

Laura then goes to eat lunch with Kevin. She's always at the Metro eating now ..or getting her nails done. Picking up food at Kelly's! 

Maxie "I'm the daughter of Felicia and Frisco Jones, I laugh in the face of danger"  She slips out of her duct tape. The door is locked. She finds a burner flip phone
She needs to BREAK THE WINDOW!! DERP.  Maxie calls Nathan, doesn't know where she is. The PCPD will trace but she doesn't think she can make it. 

So.. while Nate is on the phone, does Dante call PCPD to trace the call? NOPE. He stands there like a fish. I swear this is why soaps are mocked. Just stupid stuff. Oh then, literally 2 minutes later they find Maxie in the basement and save her!! LOL literally, one scene later!  

Dante gives Carly Morgan's jade necklace. No other body parts ID'd or found.  Kiki comes in to talk to Carly/Sonny. She's all guilty-- Carly badgered her about Morgan's last night. Carly made Kiki cry HARD! LOL Sonny hugs her. 

Hayden is hung over, talking to Hammy Fin.  Nothing big happening there. Speaking of more stupid stuff, Grants are usually followed or pre-approved after a LOT of paperwork. Why did they do it this way? Just to show Hammy is jelly with Greens? UGH. Come on. They kiss. 

Griffin and Anna discuss Valetin. OMG he needs to get that kid DNA tested! What is he waiting for??!!!  Claude tries to leave because Valentin is looking for Charlotte-- ?? And? Oh hell don't try to figure that out. It's horrible. 
She hits Grffin over the head with a paper weight.

END: Valentin is on the plane next to Claude. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Surgery: General Guilt

Oh hello! :waving: how was GH this week for you? For me...well, it was a C- at best. Even though we got great post-Morgan death acting, the whole show was pretty flat. I call the the "Claudette Effect".
Everyone and his brothers are feeling the GUILT Over MORGAN's death. Geesh Louise. 

We have had such bad weather with rain and some snow in the south of the state I need some hot cocoa.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Twitter Alert!

Hell! Twitter is down for me!! What!!??? That's like a giant bummer. Someone hacked it this am for the east coast? Geesh, stupid hackers. I thought it was back up but nope. 

So, before GH I watched one of my fave shows: Hoarders: Buried Alive. I have no idea why I love these shows because I am a Virgo and organizer. This and ID Channel I could watch forever (no I'm not a serial killer either! LOL)

Sonny goes to Casa Carly's  to talk about the funeral.  Carly already scheduled it for NOVEMBER 11th.
HUH ? November 11th? that seems like an awfully long time, no?? Weird. Sonny is of course, not happy she didn't tell him. "You don't get to tell me I can't say goodbye to my Son". They argue. She keeps saying You killed Him. You killed him...

He wants her to come home. She's like, no way... so I'm sure Nellie will be available, right? LOL

Image result for east aurora
East Aurora 

Jason wanders around the PH ...looks a lot different than when it had the pool table in it, remember? GOD Can't they have the kids around once and awhile? Geesh. HE and Sam low-talk a bit about Sonny's guilt. Poor Poor Sonny. 
I swear BM acts like he's ill most of the time. Or has a cold..or something. He's also saying maybe he should leave Port Charles because of his old ties to the mob. (Like they are going to leave..LMAO)
They decide to go to "Aurora' (yes, there's a town here called Aurora..the more famous one is East Aurora) -- then Sam says "Oh the baby is kicking'! 

Felicia and Anna!!  Yeah!!  Anna tells Flea she was asked to go back to the WSB. Anna self created a job for being based Port Charles. 
Felicia can't find Maxie. She's worried and goes and tells Nathan.

Lulu and Nathan talk about the PCPD.  He tells her that Charlotte is not his daughter, she's Griffin's.
WHY WOULD ANYONE believe Claudette that Griff is her Daddy? You'd better get a DNA test ASAP.

Lulu and Dante are arguing over him doing the Morgan case. He's all pissy "I did nothing for him while he was alive".
OMG He has guilt too!! Jordan says maybe Dante shouldn't work the case. 

Later, Lulu and Laura get their nails done (gel's). And I bet anything they'll sell Wyndemere and Valentin will buy it. *sigh* Mark it. 

Claudette says we have to get out of town now. "Valentin knows we are in Port Charles" . Griffin is all "how do you even know". Claude says he 'tossed the room' last night. She parks Charlotte at the end of the bar at the METRO.  They then decide to ask Anna for help. Anna has a cold, you can tell. 

Claudette 'goes up to the room' but leaves basically. BYE!! SEE YA!! Oh crap Nathan sees her in the hall making the plane reservation. Damn it.  They go into the room. He finds something of Maxie's. 

Meanwhile Maxie is with Bearded Dude.  In a basement. He wants info from her---she says make me and egg white omelet and I'll talk. Yes, she said that. He went up to do it and she's getting out of her duct tape. She almost escapes. He's going to kill her. She pleads for her life. He leaves the gas on. 

END OF THE SHOW: Dante walks into Carly's and says he came from the crash site, 'we found something". 

OMG IT's raining so hard here--and has been since yesterday! I mean soaking. I'm cold. wah.. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

1/2 day show

Sonny was dreaming that Carly was forgiving him. She hasn't.  Nell catches Ava..but Ava talks her way out of it AND gets the pills before Sonny or she catch her. 

Poor Charlotte kid--Here's your Daddy! Nope, wait, here's your Daddy! Meanwhile, Maxie is being held by Bearded-Bro. :eyeroll:  He thinks she's Claudette and she can tell him where Claudette is. 

Carly is trying to figure out what happened to Morgan the night of the crash. She asks Maddox over to talk.  She thinks there was something "different" about Morgan. She doesn't think he could have lied. WHY? Hmmmmmm. Because he never lied before? 

Oh! People 'coming back' to #GH For short stints (very short) Kim McCollough (Robin), Parry (Brad) and Ingo (Jax). Valentin is coming back as well. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pill Drop

"It was the failure of his medications that killed him"  Dr. O to Ava. 

Ava later goes to Sonny.  She tells Sonny to get back with Carly for "Avery's sake"? WTH? She said that... Very weird dialog there. Ava HAS CUSTODY OF AVERY!! 

Hayden went upstairs with Slimy Guy. Finn is mad about it.  Hayden takes the medical deal and then has to sleep with him but..will Finn get up there in time!?  He goes up and kicks in the door.  The drunk guy is on the floor, passed out.

Nathan goes to talk to Griffin about the "Charlotte Problem" (ie; she's not his). Claudette admits Charlotte is Griffin's (Ha, who knows?) He wonders why she just didn't tell him since she said she really did want her to be his (I didn't make that up).

Later, Maxie goes to Claudette's room and gets in with a bootleg key-- and there's some rough looking guy. He grabs Maxie. :eyeroll: 

Maxie talks to Dr. O about watching Charlotte but tells her that she's not her granddaughter. 

END: Ava goes up to see Avery but goes into Morgan's room to get his meds. She drops one on the floor and Nell catches her. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hi Mom!

OMG Heather is the reason for everything. Bobbie/Lucas ?? HEATHER DID IT"! We can just say that for the Brownstone, Clinic...half the cast that's never on. LOL "Heather's Fault"!! 

Anna's all cryin' again. I'm tired of her guilt trip. Why didn't she go to Planet Fitness instead of Sonny's gym?? Griff is all pissy too. He hits the bag. Punch Punch. 

Finn and Greens...same old crap about his medication. Some guy named Keith is on--I think he and Hayden are going on a date? He does medical grants. He's slimy. 

Franco goes to see Heather. She admits she tried to kill Bobbie and then Lucas came in instead. Franco wants her to tell the police so GH could open again. 

Laura sees Liz when she's coming out of Kelly's. She says she's gonna sell Wyndemere.  She needs cash to keep the other estates running. 
Laura gives Liz a Franco Pep-Talk. Kinda because everyone hated Luke back in the day. 

Franco got Heather on tape saying she was the Bobbie Lucas person. 

Again, NO ONE CARES about Charlotte. No one. So...go away story.  It's so bad-- Claudette wants Griffin now and may be leaving Charlotte with Maxie and Nathan because....not really because of Valentin, more about her not being a good mother. 

The new DNA test says Charlotte isn't Nate's.  Charlotte gets Griffin to kiss her. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Rochester Mention

Best part of the show!? Yep.. you got it! Liz mentions that she might GO TO ROCHESTER TO WORK!! YEAH!! 

Lucy and Tracy talk. The hospital can't open due to the fact that Paul didn't try to kill Bobbie and Lucas and ergo, someone else is running around I guess. You know it was Heather that did it. She said she tried to help Franco because she though he was doing the killing. I know it was her. This story is just so bad LOL 

Carly still has her house!! Geesh louise. How weird. She's talking to Jason about Morgan-- and he says go back to Sonny 

Julian and Sonny having the same convo for the 900th time. NELLE is going to stay at Sonny's house to take care of Baby Avery. She over heard the conversation and saw Sonny throw the Fruit basket. 
Sonny goes up into the bedroom. Nelle comes in with Tea. OMG I totally thought they were going to do it LOL. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Faces of Death

It's another quickie for me this week! I'm on a mini-vacation in Skaneateles this weekend so I'm not even sure when this will come out. (Publishing on my phone sucks).

This week was a bit dramatic, no? Good stuff for all the actors, that's for damn sure. This is all about Morgan's Death. 

So, have some funeral food and sit on down. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Everybody Sad

Everybody is so, so sad about Morgan.

Jason and Michael are sad. 

Maxie is sad...Lulu is sad.

Kiki is sad with Franco...

Nina is sad, she bought a fruit basket. Dillon's sad. But he's sad because Kiki won't be with him now

Jordan and TJ are on. In case you forgot, she's his mother. 

That's about it. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cry Me a River

Sonny tells Jason it was "an accident"... nothing else.  Sonny wants to go to the PCPD to see if there's news. 

Dante tells Michael that "our bother is gone".... Good acting from those two. Oh here we go.. Sonny comes into the police station and Michael's going to rip him one. Time for Michael Q 2.0? Michael  "DID you plant that bomb? Did you kill Morgan'?? 

Carly's dreaming and Bobbie wakes her up.  Carly won't believe it until Bobbie talks her through it.  Good scenes.  Later Dante comes in to tell her it was a bomb..meant for Julian. She loses it again.

Laura is talking with Lulu at the Metro. Laura says Kevin is a "good friend".  Then, Olivia comes in so Laura can talk about Kevin to her! Weird. Kinda out of place today. 

Ava tells Kiki... Kiki thinks Morgan's meds were off. Ava is all @@!!!  Kiki then tells Dillon they can't be together because Morgan 'saw them'? 

Monica's on. Tracy's barred from the meeting of the hospital board. They want to sell GH. They are both going to the meeting together!!  Then, Jason and Michael come in and tell Tracy and Monica that Morgan is dead.  Tracy goes off on the mob..Monica stops her. Damn WHY? 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Down By the River

His body lies over the River..

There's your song for the day. 

Franco trying to get his food from Nellie was the highlight of the day!! 

I love Siz.. ;) Sam and Liz should move in together and spurn all PC MEN!! YES!! Anyway, Sam tries to make good but Liz says they have to accept Franco in her life.  Sam's like, no way-- and then Franco walks in  Everything goes south from there. Jake comes in and wonders why Sam hates Franco. Ut oh...He offers him a story about being a bad man and there was something in his head doing it...but it's fixed now. He tearfully apologizes. 

Sonny goes to the cliff..he's all upset, breathing hard. He finally jumps down to see if he can find him.  Nope. Then Dante says they found some remains 'enough to DNA them". Sonny won't accept it. 
THEN! Dante tells him they found remains, enough to DNA and they'll find out Soon. Sonny goes home to tell Carly. 

Julian tells Ava about Morgan. She loses it... big time.  She flashes back to messing with the meds.  Cries. HOT MOVA flashbacks. You can tell she loved him. I think all along she didn't want Kiki with him because SHE wanted him. 

I can't explain all the stuff that happened when people were told about Morgan. Carly's reaction was the best, imo. That's me. Last time I had awful news I couldn't accept, I totally backed away and said Stop it about 5x. The last shot was really good through the window as well. 

Kudos to the actors! 

Monday, October 10, 2016


Morgan..hey, what bomb goes off after you get out of the car??  
OH My GOD, what he went OVER THE CLIFF? Nope.. that's a cop out. I want a body damn it. Burned. Charred. DNA do-able. 

OMG they are going to make him 'presumed dead' I take it?  UGH  I get it, they'll find that stupid Jade necklace, then the NuJason will come on when they are ready.

I FF thru most of the show today

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Holy Smoke

Um, is it hot out here? 

I was sick all week, and watched here and there. Ergo, the blog is going to be brief and self-indulgent.  Burnt Toast is on the menu. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Church On Time

I'm not telling you much about today..mainly because I haven't seen it yet. I'm still sick and was sleeping. I was however told about the episode. 

Will look forward to your thoughts. Mine will come on Sunday. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Throwback Thursday

I LOVE RKK's inflections in this scene. I LOVE his creepy nature!! 

Bye Chloe. I can't stop looking at her bust line on her dress. It's so strangely off-center. Also note how grand that Cassadine room used to be. I think it's Bat's office? 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pass the Puffs

Ugh, sick for day #2 now. Not sure if I can watch the show. I'm also seeing promos with guns, shooting..yada yada. Can GH go like 2 weeks without some violent stuff going down? 
I guess that's a nope. 

Today is Gilmore Day and Rochester had 2 Pop-Up Luke's! I didn't make it as they are on the other side of town for me and well, I'm sick. I love this show and will be so grateful when it's on and can distract me from all the crappy news going on! Just think of how great this show was with not one gun! 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday I gotta HEAD COLD


Hayden still has her cherry shirt on, ergo..still same day. Finn has to 'break into" GH to get some equipment. Hays's going with him.  Once there, they see Lucy and a board member walking around taking photos. GH is for sale.  They went to put Luxury Condos there. 

Ava talking about Morgan acting weird "he's just like Sonny off his meds" !! Franco interrupts and Ava leaves. Ah, too bad, I like FrAva convos! Franco tries to tell Kiki that Morgan will be ok. They talk about Morgan's behaviors. 

Scotty goes to Ava's later.  He's giving her money back that he owed her. HE also made up a jingle for his law firm. Scott tells her that Paul is the lead suspect in the murders. She's NOT Happy people know! 

Morgan goes to see Dr. Maddox at some office somewhere since GH is shut down. He can't figure out why he's acting like this. He really should take blood levels. AH HA! it happens! Dr. Maddox told him he needed his lab work done in the morning. GOOD JOB!! 

Ok, then Morgan tries to call Kiki, and she has to finish her shift. Morgan then calls to find a poker game. 

Dillon pleads with Paul to let Tracy go. Very stilted dialog. Paul confesses to everyone in the room he did all the killings.  He finally lets Tracy go ..then tries to stab himself with the needle but Dillon stops him. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

An Afternoon With Roger Howarth

Syracuse was all excited for the arrival of Mr. Howarth! People came from Rochester, Utica, Pottsdam and as far and Kentucky. You know he doesn't get out too often to events so of course I had to go with Alberta to get my elusive photo. 

The venue was an old theater which was pretty cool. I've been to about 5 actor events and not one has been this intimate; only 40 some of us and Roger. Ergo, we had a lot of time to mix/mingle and about 2 hours of Q&A~ !! 

Roger himself is very gracious and down to earth. He joked at one point about being snobby when he was younger to fans and how he's learned to appreciate and even come to like events. He drove from NYC in his own car, by himself.  Not sure what I was expecting but seeing "Todd" pull up next to me in the parking lot in and SUV was surreal to say the least. 

Don't I look happy!!? I was!! Roger autographed whatever people brought-- and took photos with everyone. Multiple photos. Bless him because I don't know if I could deal with that. Most of the crowd was 45+ and there were maybe 2 people under the age of 30. One guy had on a cool Llandview Tshirt. Everyone loved it.  We had drinks and then went into the auditorium for our Q&A session. 

Sunday Surgery: Off Screen Revenge.

Bless me GH For I have sinned. I watched the serial killer story thinking maybe...just maybe you had some sort of reasonable answer for how this all happened. You know, a story to tidy things up. Bring stuff together. 

Wow, was I wrong. Just WRONG-O! 

This is was just the most frustrating week in the history of weeks.  In a story that rivals the writer's strike written "Text Message Killer" we got: Serial Killer: Off screen Revenge. 

Grab something that will take awhile to eat because it's a long one today !!  On a another note, I saw Roger Howarth yesterday!! He was awesome and so nice. It was a small venue so we got a lot of time with him. And yes, I got photo with Alberta! So look for my write up here soon. 

Sunday Surgery: Soaked

  Whopper of a week in many respects, especially for Liz fans!! We've got Liason, Tequila, baby-wars, hips and violins to discuss.  Grad...