Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yes, I bailed today

Yep, just straight up didn't want to watch. I was thinking yesterday how much the Webber sister aspect would have been interesting if they'd done ANYTHING about it. ME and RoHo play off each other well, they could have gotten the 4 together but, nah. I'm sure they'll so something in a few months about it. Although I won't care!! 

Oh, question David had... now that Steve Burton is off YR, would you like to see him back on GH? There have been some sites suggesting this may happen. I personally don't think he wants anything to do with soaps for a long while. 

If he didn't come back as Jason, do you think he could come back as another character ala Sarah Brown as Claudia? I say no because it's too soon and too many fans are nuts about Jason. 


  1. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Alexis and Julian: Yesterday I forgot to mention that Alexis should throw that drink at Julian! So Alexis throw that drink at Julian!!!! Alexis you are working on getting drunk? You ARE already drunk!!

    Carly and Julian: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Slap him again Carly!!!! Glad she is making a huge scene! And glad the extras are there watching! :)

    Carly and Alexis: HUH?! Now Alexis isn't all drunk anymore! Hahahahaha!

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Pinocchio's room:

    Griffy and Anna: Oh Griffy stop whining baby!!!! :( Snap out of it and be a father!!!! Don't be skeeered!!! You got people who can help you! Anna, Nathan, me. :)

    The haunted star:


    Ava and Scotty: Awwww Ava is protecting Scotty! And herself! ROFL!

    Ava: Oh!?!!!? Who is calling?!!?! Nik? Morgan?! Tammy Faye Bakker back from the grave to talk to her about make up tips? (since Ava has a lot of eyeliner on)

    Sonny's office:

    Sonny and Jason: Awwwww Sonny is so full of guilt and sadness that he broke up with Jason! The bromance is over.. :'( Well, until dumb dumb shows up alive! Oh oh I did it again! Calling him dumb dumb! OH THE GUILT I FEEEEEEEL! :'(

    Curtis: RA RO! BUSTED!!!!

    Police station:

    Jordan and Curtis:

    Jordan: You are working for Sonny! Nooooo you are working for Julian!!!

    Oh Jordan hush and just kiss him! You know you want to! :)

    Curtis: If I am up under your skin, It is either you have a problem letting me win, or you like it.

    She LIKES IT! :) Hot scene! :) Come on now you two! Let's get some kissing going on! :)
    The bridge:

    Michael and Nelle: Awwwww poor Michael! :( Wait what? He can't forgive Sonny?! I thought he already did..

    Sonny: Oh no!!! Sonny has a gun! Is he gonna kill himself?!!?!?!?! :0

  2. You picked a great day not to watch. Honestly, I am once again fast forwarding thru most of the show again. Only reason I have a smidgin of interest in the Claudette story is because I like Maxie so much. The rest of it? Ehhh. (Although I did enjoy watching Carly dope slap Julian,)

  3. As others have said, WHY DOESN'T Griffy get Charlotte DNA tested, WHY would he believe she is his daughter? I'm sure it's traumatic for the child to keep having different fathers, and now to be left behind by her mother--beyond stupid.

    Curtis, where is Valerie? Is she still on the show?

    OK, I haven't finished watching today's show yet, but I am adding to my ever-expanding list: Now JASON is guilty of killing Morgan. I swear, soon it will be the ENTIRE cast on the list--plus Sonya, of course!

  4. Oh, and I totally think that Nelle will go after Michael, which is always what I thought. They look to be the same age, and look good together.

  5. "AntJoan said... OK, I haven't finished watching today's show yet, but I am adding to my ever-expanding list: Now JASON is guilty of killing Morgan. I swear, soon it will be the ENTIRE cast on the list--plus Sonya, of course!"

    So much guilt I feel!!!!!

    I'm sorry! So sorry!!

  6. I haven't watched yet either, and normally it's the first thing I do when I come home from work. Oh well....I might watch..

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  8. I believe GH has re-signed Billy Miller for another year.

  9. Scotty and Anna were definitely the high points today. That is kind of a given, though.

    Once again, I have to wonder how the hell Jordan is allowed to keep her job. She is a horrible cop. Hell, even Sloane was better than she is.

    Unfortunately, as tantalizing as the end was, we all know Sonny won't go through with it.

    As far as SB coming back? Never gonna happen. He does NOT like FV at all. The primary reason he joined Y&R after leaving GH was JFP. They're pretty close. When he left GH, he hadn't planned on doing anymore soap stuff. Then JFP got him to do Y&R. Now that she got fired, and his contract is up, he's out the door too. As much as some people want it, and such, I just can't see him coming back to GH at all. He was VERY close with JFP, and the same to with Pratt, but not to to th4 extent as JFP. Whrn FV snd RC csme in at GH, he lrft since they pretty much wouldn't let himm do whatever he wanted,


  10. Just realized while watching yesterday, that I don't like Maxie anymore. She gets on my nerves. Since she came back after that problem with her skin, she not only looks different, but somehow the character seems different. Love Kristen, but don't care much for Maxie anymore.

  11. I think the problem with Maxie is that they have placed her in storylines with the most dull or annoying characters that currently inhabit GH. She needs to escape Nathan, Claudette, and Nina.

    Have Maxie resume her friendship with Sam, and her friendemy relationship with Liz. Remember Maxie has a past with Franco...use this.

    Show Maxie sharing some family scenes with Mac and Felicia. Her scenes with Mac have always been amazing. Mac and Felicia should have been the ones to find her, not Nathan.

    Play up the Maxie and Lulu friendship. Have them go on some adventures that reflect their Scorpio and Spencer routes. OR go the opposite direction and have Lulu and Maxie become enemies after Lulu and Dante split, and Maxie hooks up with Dante. Picture her in scenes with Olivia, Sonny, etc. She can be a big sister influence on Jocelyn when she starts acting out against Carly.

    Or have Maxie hook up with Dillon so she can share scenes with the Quartermaines.

    Send Nina back to the looney bin and have Maxie and Lucy run Crimson.

    Open the Brownstone and have Bobbie ask Maxie to be the live in supervisor.

    Maxie is a legacy character, portrayed by an amazing actress with along history with the show. Relegating her to scenes with Nathan, Claudette, and Nina is a crime.

  12. I echo the lack of interest and glad to see I am not the only one. I watched so little of it that I was through in about 15 minutes. I can't believe Griffin just accepts C as his daughter and even Anna doesn't question it or maybe she doesn't know the details of his new fatherhood. Looks like Val might be going the way of Mulva - disappearing eventually. No great loss either since she was never really incorporated into her family other than sleeping with her cousin's husband. And the mystery of Rosalie's disappearance is solved - she is on a T-Mobile commercial!

  13. Sonny said to Jason today talking about Morgan

    "I have nothing left to lose".

    Are you kidding me? So the rest of his kids mean zero to him? This show is so pathetic. I wish they would just kill Sonny off for good or send him to prison.

  14. Haha! In an hr and a half GH will be on...and I still haven't watched Weds episode and probably won't watch today.



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