Friday, April 30, 2010

Cliffhanger Friday on Daytime Soapies

AMC: Janet, ready to pounce!

OLTL: Handsome stranger, Marty ready to pinch Todd's IV?

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ugh...ok, let's see. I am so happy they have the cops to even out the mobular stuff. But the Dante telling the truth about what happened, just broke my heart. I knew it was coming and thought I'd be ok with it but I'm not. ;/ It's all designed to make us hate those police, people. LOL. This could have been done so much better. I wish Dante would have SAVED the day somehow. For everyone. Just once. JUST ONCE!! LET THE COPS WIN!  Maybe him him telling Mac about Michael and they find a way to make it self-defense and get the charges dropped on Sonny and close the case. I don't know. Guza, you burn my butt.

They should have made the judge Eddie Q's brother..wouldn't that have been cool? He could have come back-- and Edward could have hated his "Hay-Seed half-brother off the turnip truck". 

Even for a soap, this "court case" is a huge, huge farce. It's beyond cartoon. Now,  I love a good trial but why is it that shows like Law and Order, the Practice et al can do a great trial i n ONE HOUR and soaps just throw all reality to the wind? Back in the early days, it might have been ok but we are jaded. Too many great TV trial dramaz on now! Having Carly take the stand again and Dante? All hearsay..and duhhh. Forget it, I have a headache. I think you all recognize just how bad this is. 

Mayor Floyd even yelled at Dante for telling the truth because it meant Sonny not going to jail. LOL. Johnny yells at him too...

Lucky pulls a gun on St.Jasus.  LOL...:eyeroll: 
Carly rips into Lulu--- and Sonny goes after Dante. 

They reshot the whole Claudia murder scene with NuMichael...with good editing and a body double,  it works. 

  GH'S big cliffhanger? Sonny yelling at Dante and Carly yelling at Lulu. Will Michael confess?

Chrissie Fit's (Mercedes) Subpranos series OUT DOES itself this Friday. A HILARIOUS Video of D&G auditioning for GLEE. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

General Hospital: Lisa Caves! Ronnie Lies! Carly wears same Fugly Dress!

OMG..that dress Carly has on is SO UGLY! My eyes! My eyes!! 

There are a few new sets on GH, aren't there? Johnny's abode, decorated in BoHo Navajo-- Dante's "Franco-left-over-loft".. neither with Big Screen TVs we need to see. 

Lisa Caved on the whole trial thing, paving the way for Dante's big OUTBURST in the courtroom. BTW, it is totally going to come out that Vince Pauletti wasn't killed by Sonny, you wait. I can smell it. Shouldn't Lulu and Dante have been doing it instead of talking about baseball? LOL. That will happen May 5th. 

BoathouseBoy Michael is TEN TIMES taller than Morgan. LOL. Glad old Morgan is still on...also happy they have jackets on. Spring here is chilly. GOD, all of Sonny's kids show up at once?! heh.

Stupid Sonny HAD to say that "your sister was a psychotic bitch and she deserved everything she got to Johnny"...WHY. WHY did he have to say that!???
Loved the look on Everyone's faces when Dante spilled. LOL. EVERYONE. @@

BTW, Alberta Wubs The Lobster is walking with Fansgiving Back in the NYC AIDS WALK in May!! She'll be with a lot of soapy NYC stars. Would you like to donate? Even a DOLLAR is great. Here's her link: AIDS DONATION.  You can also just click on ads when you visit the WUBS NET.. just click and I'll donate proceeds for you. THANK YOU! xxxoo.

I loved Happy Town by the way. I thought it was kind of like "Norther Exposure meets Twin Peaks meets Stephen King meets Xfiles fun.." I loved the merry widows! 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wed Soaps and Happy Town Twitter Party Tonight!

Here it is! The show I've been waiting to see for about a month now. I thought it might be a great primetime creepy-soapy to start watching. People are going to twitter together, so if you're on, join us at 10pm/est!! Remember to follow @wubsnet and hashtag #happytown. Also @happytowntv is on there as well. 

AMC bored me to tears. So, let's talk about OLTL! Geesh, Todd got quite a beat-down or what!? Lord! I am NOT digging Kelly's story about the murder. LOVE Gina T but her coming back to the show has been such a drag. She needs a kick ass story. Where has Jessica been? Do I even care who Rex's mama is? It has to be someone that slept with Bo long ago. Didi? Connie? hmmmm. Don't tell me if you know!! Some saloon gal?

GENERAL HOSPITAL: HA!! HELENA talking to Spencer about the Cassadine history!! Heh. It's perfect. It's about time they let her get to know her great-grandson!! WOOT! Thank you to whomever finally got on the HELLS train. She gives Spencer a dagger. Heh. Way to start my GH day. *sigh* LOVED the whole "Gramma Hella" and Corn dog conversation. So delicious.

Hate Claire. Goodbye. She's going to mess up the whole trial by talking to Johnny Z?? stupid story. Now they are having her look at a baby on her screen saver? UGH. whatever..Better not be Sonny's HAHAHAHHAA. Seriously, what's her big "Secret"?? :eyeroll:

I am really loving that they are balancing the cop/mobular stuff for once on GH. Having Dante and Lucky working the case makes me feel better. I think it's WAY more of a story to have both sides. ---------->  GET THIS TRIAL OVER WITH!
Lisa and Alice working out...and Alice says her Mom was a wrestler. Nice touch. 

Scrubs in the Park, very cute. Emma is a doll. 
Mayor Floyd waltzes in...for 2 seconds. Kinda like Agent Raynor. Why do they bother with them? And You know, showing Keifer's father and mother would do some good as well. They don't build the ALL. ;/ 
Michael learned NOTHING being a mobster's kid, he just walks through the park. LOL D'oh!
Dante: LOCK UP.
I love Mama Walton/Shirley-- if Audrey and Leslie were around more, we'd have MORE wise talks. We need that generation on more. 
OMG, Carly's dress was SO UGLY today, I thought she had a nursing bra on! LOL AND I think Lulu was wearing Maxie's dress !! Really! The black lace cocktail one? Anybody catch that?!

Did you see the Spoilers yet? HIT an ad!! It's AIDS WALK NY and Alberta has her own page!! There are 4 Wubbers walking May 16th as well. We need BUCKS!

It's NANCY LEE GRAHN'S BIRTHDAY today! Happy day to my fave lawyer and gutsy lady.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guza Shoots his mouth off about Genie Coming Back?

From SID:
In the next issue of Digest, Head Writer Bob Guza talks about bringing fan fave Genie Francis (Laura) back to PC. "We've said before: If ever there were a need for Laura on this canvas, it is now," he says. "It is very much a part of our thinking now. We are not currently in negotiations, but I can easily see that from a story standpoint. I am not confirming this. I don't know this, but I would not be at all surprised if we brought her back this summer, assuming we can work it out with Genie’s very busy schedule."

Geesh, reallly? Wasn't this due about a month ago?? What about his announcements about Vanessa? Will they get both!?? :thud: You knew I was waiting for them to say she was back awhile ago. Oh well. The DANCE OF THE PR!!! That's all I'm saying about that sheeze. If she's back for the summer great. Maybe she and Brender can take a plane in together.

In the meantime, here's BRENDER on the cover of SID for the 88,999 time. Does she get paid everytime her mug's on there??! And it's hysterical that Greens can get PG after all the trauma she went through with with Spike/Kendall and Ryan!! I called it yesterday (without seeing this) after she was laying on the floor when David left. So predictable.

OLTL: Nelson Branco is basically saying OLTL is going the way of ATWT. Days are numbered. Which, you know I'd HATE. There's scuttlebutt out there that Tori Spelling may have a talk show going into the slot. I hope not, I really like Tori and don't want to be bad at her for taking their spot. LOL.
 I love how they show kitchens on this soap. Vicky making flower pots and talking with Gigi, so realistic! Nora and Marty all giddy about her ring. Oh, and we are calling Hannah "HEINY Hannah"! Cause she is. dang her, Todd doesn't need anyone else hating him. :/

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Why would Michael just confess to some chick he doesn't know?? Do they know they are related? I don't think so. Cousins, three times removed.
Alexis, little late for the sex talk. ;/ Nice scene between NLG and LA, as usual!!
OMG, Cameron and Jake and Mama Walton!! wow...sweetness factor. I loved it!

How huge is Emma now? And Poor Spencer looks such a dork. I'm glad he's on, but he needs some play clothes. Heh.
SUPAH new Scoops up. Tell me how much you love the Prison Breakphoto!! :) I call 'em as I see them! Heh. Jason might not be breaking him OUT per-se...but I love the idea none the same. Plus, Michael has to go to jail to make Dante look bad, right!!?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Afternoon Soapalicious!


Oh, there are more rumors coming up about Helena kidnapping Tracy (We can only HOPE!), Michael meeting Zoe, and Skye being in danger. Hmmmm, will keep you posted. If you ask me they ALL SOUND so boring. I mean...really.

OLTL: I'm trying to get into the whole teeniebopper play thing. They are kind of doing something different, so I'll give them props. POOR TEA, and I love me some Florencia. Susan Haskell was amazing today. I've always loved her.

Dear Bob Guza: Please make Anthony Z an old boyfriend of Helena's..she will go visit him in prison. He gets out and they "rekindle" their romance. WOOT! Can you imagine!!? He'd be A PERFECT guy to be skulking aroung Wyndemere. PLUS, Johnny could come stay there too...Oh, please listen to me. I have such delicious ideas!! Or, hell, make him Skye's real father.

Also, are there other soaps that totally DROP things the way GH does? Like the birth certificate Hells was looking for? The total fact no one is asking her why she was so freaked out (and almost dying) the last time she was on? We can go on and on... GH really REALLY drops balls. Toxic Balls. heh.

OMG, how many DAYS are they going to say "The Role of Michael Corinthos is now being played by...." it's been over a week! Old Morgan is still on so far. He'll be switching soon too. Weird to see Kristina with NuMichael wasn't it? I really loved their scene together. About 10 people on Twitter also said they liked Chad. That's doesn't mean we don't miss Drew, but I have to say, Chad is doing ok.

The many things have happened THERE?? Great place to hide: NOT!

CarJax: same fight, different day.

Luke, Skye and Tracy were hilarious as always. Like Mama Walton...but today was pretty much filler. I so hate Lisa. She drives me nuts.
Maxie finally blurts out she knows where Michael is!

You have no idea how I wish I could travel all over to these GH events and meet you all! More than even meeting the actors!! Just getting to NYC is a trip and a half. Too bad I'm not rich, young and single. Heh, I'd be all over the place with Alberta, whoopin' it up!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Alberta/Autism Walk, Stagecoach, May Sweeps

Berta being assisted by Terrell Randsom Jr. of DOOL

Alberta the Wubs Lobster walked in LA Saturday with Karla and her hubby in the Autism Speaks Walk. How cute is that picture?? This leads into the NYC Aids Walk that Alberta will be doing in May. Here's her own DONATION page!!

Fave Moment from this week? LOOK at Luke LOOK at Skye's...boobalations!! LOL. If you saw it, you know what I mean. Here's a nice screen cap:

He just lingered there--and lingered there. IT was something to behold and I bet he's glad Tracy didn't walk in. LOL

Stagecoach is going on and Steve Burton is tweeting gorgeous pics all over. Here he is with Brandon Barash backstage. HELLO!

May Sweeps scoops are up. Looks like we're facing a "PRISON BREAK" type thing. Michael will be sent to the Big House and Jason will have to swoop in and save the boy. I can see it now.  Zzzzzzzzz. Sorry, did I fall asleep? LOL. Go see all the scoops on the WUBS NET. Since I think the Franco Gallery Opening was scrapped, and that was due to be a big part of the May story, there may be some holes to fill.  Just sayin'

This Wed the Wubbers on Twitter are having a Happy Town Twitter Party!! That's the primetime show that has advertised ALL OVER GH's spots. Looks like Twin Peaks meets Harper's Island. Come join us! We need a fun nightime show to share, yes??

I asked people on twitter this week how many watched GH at work 'via' my tweets. OMG, it was so funny. I got about 40 replies, most from people at work, some from students at college AND HS!! and also ONE teacher!! LOL. One reads my tweets on the train home and decides if they should watch on SoapNet later. I think I need some BUCKS from ABC with all this!

You saw that the Daytime Emmys will be in Vegas this year on June 27th and shown on CBS. That's great news. Although, CBS? Uh...aren't you cutting all your soaps?!

Should I mention the name that shall NOT BE MENTIONED? Vanessa Marcil's name is ALL OVER due to Guza's interview in one of the mags. I think it might be closer than ever to happening this time. Why? They need someone for Sonny and two..she needs some work. So, we'll see. I'll never say yeah or nay before it breaks again, you all know I got burned 2x on her and once on Kim McCollough! I'm still stunned Genie Francis didn't come back--and Robin Christopher is here instead. Don't get me wrong, LOVE RC...but I really thought it would be Genie.

So, go...check out those dang spoilers, and hit an ad. Think about contributing to Alberta's NYC Walk for AIDS.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Daytime EMMYS are back!! June 27th on CBS

June 27th, in VEGAS BABY!! That's right...and they are being shown on CBS! WOOT! That's awesome. Last year was a fiasco. I'm so happy they are on a major network during primetime.  They deserve it. I have to see if I can get Alberta there! Can you imagine!?
Read the Press Release on Daytime Confidential.

OLTL. Oh, Starr just BEAT DOWN Hannah!! Thank you. I think Hannah pushed Marty. Just sayin' I don't know because I am spoiler free, so DON'T TELL ME! That guy with Kelly sounded just like Kevin from The Office last night! How stupid is Langston for falling for Ford's lines?! What a box o' cheese.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason pulls a gun on Claire.  Bajeebus. This is getting so stupid.
Loved Livvy hiding on CarJax..heh. I'm so SICK of them fighting!! So sick of it. I also liked them saying they could be friends again.
How many times are we going to hear the name Claudia!! Does Sarah Brown get any bucks from that? I sure hope so! LOL..she could retire.
Sonny looked so dark when Dante was saying he had the shirt Michael wore. ;/ Kinda like Pacino.
Loved Big Alice calling Lisa Twiggy.
Maxie and Lulu yelling about who's keeping more secrets because of Mob or Cop boyfriends!
Sonny finally tells Dante the truth..the one they SHOULD have told in the first place!! Jason finally GETS it.
Guess Lila Rae is not going to be around, eh? Did Skye say she left her back "home"?? Think she'll all of a sudden be 16? LOL. Geesh, Luke sure stared at her boobies long enough, didn't he? This had better be a fun treasure hunt!!
See ya later, gators!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soap Opera Hump that even Necessary?

OLTL. Cuckold...that's what Marco is..even though he and Lang aren't even married. He's just looking SO dorky!! Where DID she get that outfit? PINK from VS? Shouldn't she be..I don't know, IN SCHOOL, Studying?? Getting her driving license? And Cole and Starr make teen parenting look so easy. I guess when  your baby is invisible, you have all the time in the world. I am starting to wonder if Stacey Pee Pee pushed Marty down the stairs with her missing Snow Boots!! ahahaha.
Lots of teen sex on OLTL. Just sayin'. "Secret Life of the American Teen"? I am happy that Vicky and Charley got back together. 

Dominic Zamprogna HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Love that Johnny is looking at Sonny's old PH across from  Jason.  Heh. The second one looked like his old place with the door at the opposite end. It was across the it. "You can wave, or shoot each other from your balconies!" Anyway, Olivia said she couldn't ever live with Johnny and ran out.
Loved Max/Milo in the jail as "Drunk Tourists". 
Dr. Matt with a feather boa on the show! :thud: wow...lookie there. I am so enjoying ML as Shirley Smith. She's just so comfortable; a natural. Well, Dr. Matt was on for a SPLIT second. I mean A NANO-second.
Maya and Luke..good history to share there. Liked her asking if she could trust Edward: HELL NO! says Luke
Maxie and Jason talk started out fun "Who used to live here, Molly Ringwald"?? (Like Jason knows who Molly Ringwald is!!) She told Jason that she wants someone edgy and dangerous and challenging. Jason just sat there like @@. Wonder who she'll fall in bed with first. Oh, her eyeshadow on the show? Urban Decay's beautiful for blue-eyed blondes like myself!!
What a hard thing for this newbie guy to jump into. It's not like "Michael" didn't have a little lull of a part. It's full ON. I do miss Drew, but Chad is doing a nice job, imo. I really call the acting like I see no offense to anyone, he is giving a decent turn right now. 
Please don't put Patrick near Claire. Thank you.
SKYEJAX! Looking Fab!

Real Andrews (Tagger)  broke is Patella --will he need surgery? That's his question on Facebook.  

Kate's finally off DWTS!! Niecy Nash is safe! Good night last night for me. heh.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

James Franco Art --Deitch Project Happening?

 This is Franco's 2006-7 work featured in LA's Glu Galley This piece is called "Waz Up"

According to the NY Times, (Jan 2010)   Franco was supposedly booked into the Deitch Projects  in May to showcase his work and also to direct an eppy of GH that's happening on location. There's nothing on the gallery page to suggest his show is opening and it's further reported that The gallery is closing in June.
So...the question is: Will we get our BIG HUGE Sweeps Franco story??  Haven't heard many rumblings, have we? Jeffery Deitch is going back to LA to take  position as director of The Museum of Contemporary Arts.
Will they move the show? Will we get another Franco storyline that doesn't involve a NYC Gallery? What! WUBS wants to know!!
Hmmm, mystery!!

IT's NuMichael-- even in the NuOpening!!

Can you See Tony Geary waving? heh

WOW...don't ever believe it when they tell you those openings take so much time and cost SO MUCH money. They certainly got NuMichael in there like, in a second!! First impression: Deep Voice! But he did do well on the phone, I wasn't like "ewww" or anything. I mean, sometimes, like when they've had a million Colby's on AMC, I can spot the duds a mile away, KWIM??!

Jason and Molly. Goodness. It's hard to explain her "Please take care of Mr. Bauer"--and his whole explaination of his killing spree life. It sounds actually...noble. Quaint. You know, a bit God-Like. LOL. It is a must see as I can't do it justice in this blog.

LOVE Skye telling Krissy she "took care of her" when she was a few months old.  YEAH--like BECAUSE YOU TOOK HER! LMAO. Ah, good use of reverse history kind of...I liked it! Then Skye takes Kristina to apologize to Ethan. Wow...insert random Skye scenes. Whatever!! I liked it.

Morgan just TOLD Dante where Michael was? Just spit it out?? LOL...ahahahaha. Morgan, you so failed Mob-Son 101~!! They sell fudge on Sonny's island, btw.. heh.

NEW SCOOPS UP--- WUBSNET Poor Carly will have to testify again! LOL.

HOW SCARY is the Gene Wilder/Lost promo spot!? EEK! That bit in Willy Wonka scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.  LOL

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday and General Hospital

Wow...get this!!  This was just reported on Soaps In Depth. Anthony Geary is stuck in Amsterdam because of the volcanic ash!!! Wonder what that means for the "TreasureStory"!!??

Today's show...Carly lied so well on the stand I totally couldn't remember at which point Sam did ACTUALLY get to the cabin! LOL... There were Claudia flashbacks as well. Today was the last day with Michael as played by Drew.  Tomorrow is NuFace.
Sonny and Carly kissed after Diane rested her case!! A big smackah!!

Molly went to Jason to put a hit out on Warren. LOL... Just went by herself to the restaurant (how she got there is anyone's guess) and wanted him to 'take care of it'. heh I loved her with Conan. he looked HUGE!

Sam decked Warren right in the PCPD....uh..not a good place to slug someone.

This is short and sweet...I was actually supposed to be on vaykay this week but my son got sick so we are home instead of livin' it up in Tennessee. ;/ At least it's gorgeous outside.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Leading up to May Sweeps...

Ah...General Hospital. It seems like we are always looking for the next sweeps... May is coming and although there are plenty of things out there, I'm not real excited yet. LOL.
Of course, we have the trial ending soon (one hopes)-- and the whole "12 Angry Men" jury--NuFace Michael hanging out in Port Chuck, ready to be "outed"...the coming of Brooke Lynn. Yada, yada.
Alexis is going to face some "Gaslighting" of her own at the hands of Warren. If done well, it could be nice and creepy. Scoops are up on WUBSNET with hopefully more to come tonight.

Tyler Christopher will be filming a movie in May (Korinna Sehringer film "Shouting Secrets) he's off to Arizona--meaning block taping is taking place now. . Ah, the wonders of the edit/insert! Supposedly we won't even realize he's gone. Tyler's contract is also coming up with a one year option. Will keep you posted.

I was due for a bit of a break this week but my son is sick so it's on hold for a bit. Gedstern will be blogging when I'm not able.

Lexi Ainsworth recently told Wubs: I think it's hard for people who aren't actors to imagine themselves being able to bring up those emotions in front of a camera..You do have to be emotinally available and that can be hard for some people even in real life.
People have been marveling at Lexi's ability to play Kristina so well day after day. Must be exhausting.

Over on the OLTL front, fans of TnT gave Trevor and Flo a cake-- it's Flo's last days on the show, which is terribly sad for her fans (like me)!! Join her facebook page HERE

The Turner Classic Film Fest will be in Hollywood for a week Starting April 22nd. Constance Towers and husband will attend as John's movie "Imitation of Life" is screened.

TODAY is Lisa LoCicero's BIRTHDAY !! It's a biggie and that's all I'm saying. LOL. Send your wishes on twitter (@lisalocicerogh). I for one am so happy she joined the cast of GH. Great stuff.

She was recently on the Rock the Soap Cruise with many Wubber Fans!! That looked like a fun shin-dig. Maybe I'll make it next year.

GH this week is full of the trial... Warren going all out to get Alexis. Shirley Smith (mama Walton) continues to have an effect on Elizabeth. We also see NuFace Michael starting Monday. Give the guy a chance, not his fault all that sheeze went down, right?

Please support the site by hitting an ad now and again. Alberta's walking in the POZ event in CA and then will be in NYC for the Aids Walk as well. She's got a lot of charity to support!
I also have family stranded in Mexico at the moment, waiting to fly back to England! WHAT A MESS! eek... maybe we'll have guests if it doesn't clear up.

Have a great one..follow me on Twitter: @wubsnet and facebook: WubsNet

Thursday, April 15, 2010

That DANG LAMP!! General Hospital Today

OLTL: God, Viper Natalie came out!! EEShh. Someone HIT Jessica in the head with a frying pan. Thank you. Smack her hard. Enough. And the HS musical??? Inappropriate enough? LOL...Oh well. 

New  Spoilers are AOHELL mail won't load at the moment, I do have a lot of May sweeps stuff coming, I swear. It's taking FOREVER pulling teeth. I'm not too jazze about them, actually. 
WHO LOVED HELLS today! ME! Me!! You know Tyler and Nancy love working with her...heh. LOVED it when she compared Alexis to Liz: "Three Bastard children by three different men"!! snap! CONNIE's outfit is dreamy, isn't it? A nice chocolate satin. "I am going to raise the next generation of Cassadines'!!! 

Maxie zinged Liz too: "And what's your excuse for nailing his brother??"!! aahahaha.  GET RID OF THE LAMP!! god!! they've moved it around for two dang days!
Spinelli reminds me of Dwight from The Office. Heh...He's so fun..Sonny's hair even looked like Michael's!
I want Mama Walton to stay in Port Charles forever!! She's so good and natural. She did say "rack" and "Slut" though! OLIVIA WALTON! LOL 
Patrick/Steven Lars/Livvy at Jake's..a bit random? Nice, yes..but random. Some hot chick was eyeballing Steven from the bar. heh. And Jolivia is always welcome.
This Sonny trial is so wrong in SO many ways. I'm telling you what...they really REALLY need a consultant. I actually could do it better than whomever is writing this. It's so unbelievable it's distracting from the story, imo. 
Morgan won't die from telling the truth!  Just sayin'

Hit an ad for me ...we are going to be contributing to the May AIDS WALK NY...and Alberta Lobster will be there too!!

My son is participating in the National Day of Silence tomorrow. I am so PROUD of him.  I had no idea this was even happening. What a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HELENA is in RARE form today!!

I'm just going to gush about Connie Towers for a bit. She and Jane Elliot? AWESOME!! She and NLG? Perfection. You know they wrote 1/2 of that themselves:

"Going through menopause still"?? HA!! And she's right, if she knew that Keifer was beating on her kid, she'd run him over SEVERAL times. Well, I am totally LOVING Wyndemere with all the Cassadines there. Just move them all in. Screw the Lake House thing. Can you figure out why they don't detail her spoilers?? Oh, that's the magic of Helena. Just like the one where she was to meet Kristina. Never happened. I think they insert. Excerpt at will!

And Jason going to prison for Sonny? Oh, yeah..that will work. :eyeroll: Loved Carly begging him to stay. Ha. Not enough acai berry juice in there for him.

Geesh, Chem testing JJ and KS enough? I'm hearing they may do that with Dr. Matt yet again.
Loved today's show on Connie and the Lamp moving alone :) 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Note to Lulu: Don't sit on the jail floor! Ewww! #GH

ON OLTL: Tea's doomed. :/ I am NOT happy! And Langston! YOU MINX!! Always hot to sneak behind someone's back for s-e-x, right?? EESh. I totally thought that was The Calling playing but it was Lifehouse.
Det. we have a Wojohowicz...where are they FROM? BARNEY MILLER! Ron must be a Miller lover!! 

GH: Lulu and Dante were fun...but her sitting on the jail floor. Ewwwww
Ma? You show them my underwear? LOL And the conversation about having her baby so young? POOR LULU..and BTW, don't sit on the jail floor in a dress. eeewww. I feel so badly for her when Olivia goes on and on about it being great to be a mom so young.."hard but worth it". ;/ I asked if people felt bad for Lulu on Twitter and got a giant abortion debate. Please, we don't need that!! 
Liked that Carly was talking to Lulu about it. 

LOVE Jaxis! Good scene--NLG and Ingo are great together. GET KATE IN THERE now, I want Jax and Kate!!

Nice to put Laura Wright in an outfit moms would wear-- Love the sweater. 
Maya Ward is getting  A TON of airtime! More than Dr. Matt has had all year! LMAO.  Goodness. They are also shoving she and Ethan together. 

OMG, Warren going after Krissy in the hospital!! ;/ WOW...great scene tough to watch. He's a good actor. I can also understand the way Krissy misses/loves Keifer. Yeah Jax...see he can do stuff right sometimes.

Jason: ST. Jasus with the "I'm taking the fall"...:eyeroll:


pray for me.

Tomorrow I will be updating the WUBS net...I have loads of 'puter time coming!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Alberta, with ANOTHER Cassadine!! I  just have to get her to Connie next for a HELENA photo.

HEY! Get To Daytime Confidential and hear me dish with Luke and Regan about ABC soaps!! We had a blast. Too fun. I probably sound like a lunatic. But heck, you know me.

GH today: OMG, is this trial a FARCE or WHAT?????? Geesh!! Carly's yellin'...Dante's yellin' everyone's yelling. Whatever. It's taking forever for it to end, Sonny's trials are ALWAYS long.

Why didn't they show Laine with Kristina? I mean, come on. She had therapy in the hall with Maya and

Yeah for Mac Daddy!! I love him...he could take care of the girls if he had to, he's done it before. I'm so happy Alexis got it all out there in the open already.

Lulu's dress made me dizzy...looks all bedazzled.
Sonny seriously thinks Dante would quit being a cop and join the mob?? The arrest that Dante had was to keep the peace in court. Oh, Sonny. You don't get it!!
Well, whatever.
MORE Alberta Wubs Pics to follow!!

Today was pretty snooze worthy, imo. I needs a nap.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Bye to Dixie, What's Next For GH and the implosion of OLTL

Good bye Ms. Fierce...

Ah, dang. Sugarbaker...gone! She was someone I would have loved to have met and now she's gone. So sad. She was so fabulous on Designing Women and it was a joy to watch her deliver her lines. She'll be missed. I've said that I really wished she was playing the role of "Claire" on GH as Diane's sister or mother. Can you imagine??!

GH: What's coming? Well, rumors go from Sam searching for her father (that's only the 99th time that's come up) to Ted King coming back to Patrick cheating on Robin. Warren is murdered. Who done it? Franco? His wife? Supposedly, Dr. Matt gets a story in May. What could it be? He's really Patrick's imaginary brother?
Zoe's coming... better get her cast soon. After all, NuMichael is coming and needs a lady-friend, right??!
Carly and Sonny will kiss, thinking he's going to jail. ;/
The whole Keifer/abuse story has been played out wonderfully. A few flaws: we really needed to see more of Keifer's home life, imo-- it's hard to attach to the Bauer's grief in any way shape or form based on the 2 or 3x we saw them. IT's the style of GH...plop characters in...they are on, disappear- and then are in a huge story and are gone again. Martha Bryne anyone? Helena's another. She should be on a LOT more to get the momentum going. Having her skulk now and then is just a waste of time, imo. At least she's getting a new boytoy/henchman!! I heard her story picks up but I've had my hopes up before and nothing.
Can't argue with the ratings though! They are up...! I don't think it's due to Sonny Trial #33 though. I give the kudos to Lexi Ainsworth on this one.

The implosion of OLTL. ;/ You know I love that show. Heck, I wanted to watch that more than any other soap!! Now? NOT SO MUCH. :Stomping foot:. Scott Clifton's leaving right when his identity was found out? Stupid. Kish being shoved into obscurity? double stupid. Because of the Gigi/Rex propping, I'm starting to hate those two, which makes me mad. Langston being such a loose hootchie at 18 is interesting. Usually we wait until college for that. She's gotta choose between "safe and nice" and "Sexy and bad"... I loathe the newbie Hannah. Kelly and Todd? FORCED and come on, every woman falling for him? SO SONNY on GH!! Lol. Kim was just gone. They did do a great job on the realistic Bo-bloodbath. I for once, liked Dr. Greg in the role. Put him in the hospital and don't do anything else with him but have him operate. Soon, the HS musical will be coming. Here's hoping that I can take it. (not a Glee lover)

The Rock the Soap Cruise is going've seen a photo of Alerta with Scott Clifton. I'm hoping more are coming. Wish I was there!!!
Doing a Podcast today with Daytime Confidential that should be up next Wed or so.
See ya later! We have two NuFaces coming..will we like them or no?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Alberta Wubs LANDS on the Rock the Soap Cruise!

You all know I'm in AWE at the moment!! Wubbers Chrissy and Gwaddie are ALREADY getting the pictures going!! woot!! Scott is going to be on with his band soon but couldn't resist a LITTLE BERTA!!

Helena Gets a New Boy-Toy! Other SOAPIE fun

Branton Box is coming to GH To stand in as Helena's BOY TOY! Who remembers Landon Wine as the great Andreas? This guy is A LOOKER! woo...his name will be (ready?) THOR. ahahhahaaa.  He could be Jax's brother, couldn't he? Good news for Helena lovers as it means she'll be on longer!! MORE NEW SPOILERS are up!

There is a HILARIOUS Viral video going around that's a MUST SEE. It was posted on SoapZone and even though I know how it was done, it's still awesome!! Take a GANDER. It takes a bit to load but so worth it.  

BYE to Scott Clifton on OLTL., sucks!! The ONLY way Frons can make it up to me is by hiring him to be on GH! 

The show today:  First of all, I ate too many Red Vines and I think I'm going to throw up so if I leave, that's why. Dang Red Vines. My Vice. ; /
Old Face Morgan walkin'!! His headmistress looks scary!!
Sonny gets his sexy dimples in Claire's face! I so don't want them together...I don't like her. Too milktoastie.
Maya Ward meets'd think she'd take a day off after coming back from Shadybrook. Or work parttime just doing bedpans? LOL. 
YEAH Tracy and Carly! Nice.
Er...Ethan needed to wash his face. Gross.  LUKE CALLED DANTE A PIG!! wow!! When Luke gets mad, watch the hey out!!
Great acting week for everyone on Nancy Lee Grahn especially. Loved her the whole way through. 
OMG, Ronnie taking Morgan like that is totally illegal! I don't care if they DO have a social worker there. Uh, can't happen. Diane is totally right on this. And can Sonny really approach the prosecutor like that? LOL 
I do think Dante was sitting on some animal print chair at the PCPD today!?
OMG --:LULU and Luke are PRICELESS-- "family"?? take "Family" out of those quotes. She brings up Lucky being a cop, he says he's only a cop to piss him off.  Heh. Loved Tracy's face after Luke yelled at her. JMB can hold her own with TG, that's for sure.
Did I tell you I just found out Franco is in DATE NIGHT? ;/ grrr. Glad I found out first before I started throwing stuff at the screen! LOL. he's HAUNTING ME!!

Kelly Monaco attended the premire of Skateland in TX with Heath Freeman. 
He tweeted all about it!  She looks faboosh.

WOOT! New Subpranos video on youtube. Chrissie Fit (Mercedes) is hilarious. Please take a gander!.

See you later this weekend. I should do another NuFace Wub if the spirit moves. I am also going to Daytime Confidential's' podcast! I'll record this weekend and let you know when you can listen to me!! DON'T forget that ALberta WUBS is on the ROCK the Soap Cruise, so I'll be getting her photos up when they come in!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog Coalition Thursday, Alberta WUBS on Rock the SOAP Cruise!

Alberta the Lobster is on her way to the Rock the Soap Cruise with wubbers Chrissy and GWaddie. Follow her on twitter @albertawubs or FB: Search Alberta Wubs (fanpage). That's her packin'! She's flying to LA today to join the GHers going. Who WILL she meet??! There's a lobster night on the ship, here's hoping she doesn't get eaten!!

Flat Megan continues her adventures. She visited friends for cake and got a haircut. Flat Megan obviously gets around and needs to convince TPTB that Megan Ward get back on GH full time!! WRITE! Send a postcard. It takes 2 seconds.

SPOILERS are up!! Keifer's Dad will take to the internet to smear the Davis family...Sonny is one step closer to Pentonville--will he share a cell with Anthony Z? I started a rumor on twitter about JMB being PG. I don't know that--I saw the big purse yesterday and could have sworn I read she was somewhere. She was married in 2008-- but I do NOT know if she is having a baby or not. Sorry. My bad.

OLTL: I love that they show people eating in a KITCHEN on this show. Langston is SO in deep with the Bad Boy older Man Great Sex Syndrome. heh. I love that Nora kept her coat on during Bo's whole thing--that's realistic. It's the little things with me. Speaking of..way to show a teen mom, huh? Hope has to be the best most invisible baby ever!

GH: Diane hears the truth! This will be over sooner rather than later, I can only hope. Jason figures it out with his spidey-sense. LOL
HA...Spencer is all dressed to the 9's to play in the sandbox, but we see him! Robin and Nik, nice touch. Remember when he'd read to her on the couch at Wyndemere?
 Loved Cam running all over the place. MAYHEM!
I think I love Carolyn Hennesy and Nancy Lee Grahn more than anyother soap duo. They are simply perfection. Too bad they didn't make them cousins. Diane would have made a hell of a Cassadine.
Jackie Z! Told you Krissy would be in group therapy!! I love how they used Bobbie as a VET WITH HISTORY in this story. JZ might look a but she's still OUR BOBBIE and we love her. Damn it. Get the Brownstone open. People were saying JZ looks like Octomom with the black hair! LOL. I love her a red-head.

Well, I'm going. Have a great one. Check out the Blogs!!

Daytime Confidential's Luke and Jamey visit with All My Children's Walt Willey about his return to Pine Valley and his upcoming sketch comedy performance at ACME Comedy Theater on Friday, April 9. (Daytime Confidential)
One Life to Live new cast video interviews with Melissa Archer, David Fumero, Mark Lawson and Eddie Alderson are featured, as we begin to wind down Michael Fairman On-Air On-Soaps month long feature with Llanview's favorite residents. (Michael Fairman Soaps)
Why is cop a dirty word on General Hospital, unless it's part of the phrase "cop out"? In a related story, Alexis ran over Kiefer, and the Serial Drama girls have opinions. Loud, all-caps, bitter opinions. (Serial Drama
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The Wubqueen has an ode to soap fans..the best people on the planet (and in cyberspace). It's time TPTB stood up and took notice. (Wubs)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

General Hospital I Need Tums.

OLTL Broke my heart!!  Poor Sky!! Roxy was so good with him. I was wishing Starr would punch the sheeze out of Ford. She needed to go all Todd on his ass...The montage at the end was great.

GH: Sets are dark this week, Derk C reminded me. Lexi Ainsworth was in Canada snow boarding and Laura Wright was on vacation too (after shipping out a ton of her Standing Sun wine!) Carolyn Hennesy was gardening and vacuuming her ATTIC..(yes, weird, but can't you totally see her doing it?!)

THE SHOW: What is up with Ethan not telling about the Maya accident? She could help him. uhhhh. Hmmm.
"Jason doesn't run people over, he just makes them disappear"-- says Sage Molly. Kristina's therapy is going to be interesting. She still thinks Keifer was ok to do this. Wasn't the MOM on there great? Nice acting...NLG was fab as always. ALL of the Davis girls were amazing!

Johnny at his tire-joint, with a guy that looks JUST like DA FONZ, trying to steal Sonny's biz. LOL.
JJY and NLG were great. They are neighbors in real life!! Did you kow that?

Keifer's parents doing a press conference 2 minutes after he's dead??! AND FIVE Million??! Heck! I'd turn in my own grandma for that lettuce!! LOL.
LOVE the Lulu abortion thing, nice they are revisiting that a bit. Usually abortion is just swept away...or not dealt with at all.
And did that PIZZA look disgusting? that's no NY pizza! And no self-respecting Sicilian would make a round one..sooooo, hmmmmm. (being picky)

Now comes the NEVERENDING "who hit Keifer" story. zzzzzzzz.

Ronnie Marmo (Ronnie) is starring in a one man show at the Theater 68 about Lenny Bruce. It's directed by Robert Guza!! Goodness. For those of you too young to know, Lenny was a stand up in the '60's who got arrested for swearing and disorderly conduct several times. Ronnie looks a LO like him in that photo!

OMG, Big BROTHER is auditioning tomorrow at the mall!! should the WUBQUEEN go? I was thinking of taking my stuffed lobster and waiting in line. I could pull in a whole new demographic! LOL. Nah, couldn't live without the net, GH and twitter that long!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's RUMOR time!! General Hosptial: What have YOU heard?

People coming, going...characters being killed off. Hmmm, must be the May Sweeps in the air!! First of all, the rumors about Nancy Lee Grahn appear to be FALSE FALSE FALSE.  Jason Cook? He's filming a flick right now, but is supposed to have a story in May. Many are afraid it will be his swan song. Who knows? GH has screwed with his character so much, I'm not even going to predict. I haven't gotten May break-downs or my super-secret stuff yet so I am not saying anything until I do. Just being honest.
Screen Cap thx to Wubber Chrissy:

I'm still figuring out why Robin C is I said I LOVE her but of all the characters there were to bring back..hmmmm. Maybe Ted King is following? See, I personally think that Kate/Connie Falconeri should be having some story as well. Just sayin'. Olivia would have a sounding board..she's family. There's the Sonny history. That's just GH though, bring people on, chuck people off, nilly willy.
Speaking of...they really REALLY should have shown more of Keifer's family/homelife before he got hit. That's the core of what makes me NUTS about GH. Put people in there for 2 seconds, leave a hole..bring them back (maybe, don't ask Billy Dee Willliams though). Not the way to weave the tale, imo.

Yesterday's GH was a good one. I agree that Laura Wright's hair looked funky.  The accident was done really well.
Kudos to all the actors on the show surrounding the beating story.
Keifer's Dad was on today...sigh. :eyeroll: whatever. They should have been on long before this. People are saying he was on Friday (I didn't watch it). I would have LOVED to have seen more of Keifer's homelife, maybe got a bit attached to him other than him being a beater.  Just sayin'.
Very strange cut today to the Haunted Star when they were first at the Q mansion?
Remember when Sam was plowed down by Monica (rewritten from Liz?) Didn't Helena mow down Chloe?

GREAT Dante scenes on the roof top! Wow...he really laid into Sonny. That city backdrop is part downtown Rochester. They should make the lights blink to be believable though. It's all purple too.

Scott Reeves (Steven Lars) was tweeting today from Nashville during the show. It was a bit bizarre.

OLTL today: BIG GIANT MIDDLE FINGER to the writers for THE SCHYLER STORY!! :/ I love Scott Clifton and his acting. You could have made him Rex's twin brother and KEPT HIM ON! :stomping foot: Plus they are making me hate Rex in the process. Clifton played it perfectly.

Let's all watch HAPPY TOWN together! It starts April 28th... it looks like a Harper's Island, Twin Peaks thing. I think I'm going to tweet during it!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Keifer Buys the Dirt!

OLTL pisses me off to no end with the whole "Sky" write off. :/ idiots!! AND just when we find out who he is!! Scott Clifton did a great job-- but that's a given. Just get him back on GH asap!!

GH: Big day! You'd think Maxie could have Skyped her testimony in-- it IS 2010. And she finally finds out about Michael being the killer o' Claudia.

Sonny: " Frankly, I don't think he could have pulled it off"....refering to Lucky trying to take over the mob. LOL. Carly and Sonny's talk, I guess was just to reinforce their "bond" correct?

Alexis hitting Keifer. She had a bit of a psychotic break there, didn't she? BUH-BYE! BOOM! It will be a psychotic break, you wait. And Lucky and Dante just stand there. :whistling:

Edward Q needs a bratty grandkid, one that appreciates bribes and money. LOL. Maya is just Emily all over again.
New stuff should be coming soon as far as spoilers go. This weekend is Rock the Soap Cruise. Lucky ALBERTA WUBs is going!! Not me though boo.

Anyone get the iPad?  Geesh, I heard more about that thing than I ever want to.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Daytime TV Fans: Nothin' Like 'Em...

Morning! On this fine Saturday I thought I'd write a little bit about the Soap Fan base and how different we are than most fans out there and why the execs should pay attention.

Loyalty: Has there ever been a group of people that has lasted (as a unit) for over 40-50 years? Newbies are added all the time, but many of us loyalists remain. You may not even watch for a number of years, but then one day you pick the show back up. I still say one of the reasons Kelly Monaco won DWTS is because of all of us GH fans. That was a new show, it wasn't a ratings hit yet--but we, the daytime peeps tuned in to see one of our own on the dance floor. We follow our actors LONG after they leave the show. If you're a fan, you are a fan for life. Even if they go on to movies or writing books. We're there. We don't forget.

Passion: Not one fan base out there can claim our passion. I don't care if you're dressing up to go to the Star Trek convention every year. Can't come close. As a group, we've written more letters, had more petitions, arguments and attened more events than anyone. If a show is canned, we get behind each other (even if you never watched the show) and try to save it. Just read some message boards when it comes to couples, you'll see what I mean about passion!

Spending: Ah...spending. Isn't that every media outlet's dream?? Who buys more t-shirts? We have over 50 events around the country to chooose from. They are usually filled. Daytime Stars could do WAY more, and we'd still come! One of the reasons Super Soap Weekend was canceled at Disney was that the size of the crowds were becoming too large. There are soap cruises. A fan club weekend for GH is sold out every  year. We buy those silly things in the ABC shop because we saw our faves wear them on the show. CD' name it. Daytime still has THREE print magazines. Uh..I think that says something in this day in age.

Ratings: Sorry, I don't buy the numbers that are out there. SoapNet is it's own channel for godsakes. How many peeps DVR or watch their shows later in the day/week? Do they even count online viewing? I think the problem is no one has come close to really counting our numbers. If they did, I do believe they'd be impressed.

Charity: I challenge any prime-time show to match our charity donations across the board. The actors on Daytime are forever giving, appearing and appealing for causes ranging from MS (Brandon Barash), Lung Cancer (Nancy Lee Grahn) to Deaf Awareness (Kassie DePaiva). There are just too many to list here. Broadway Cares is an AIDS movement...the stars walk in LA and NYC's AIDS marathons. Fans give MUCH money to stars' fave charities for birthdays and holidays. I keep waiting for a major news outlet to focus on Daytime's Giving. So far, hasn't happened. ALL the shows across ALL the networks are involved. Homegrown charity at it's best.

This brings me to something that is happening right now that I think is pretty cool. Drew Garrett's fans have started a movement to keep him on the show. Before you say 'oh, that's been done before'...this is a bit different in the attention it's been getting around the net. They've been on three podcasts so far. Now, Drew's hometown news has picked up on it and did an interview with him about  Facebook and Twitter (@keepdrewgarrett) . "Fans Fight for Local Soap Star" . Next up is the West Palm Beach news, which will have an column about it soon. That's rallying the troops!
We all know about  the popular couple "Kish" leaving OLTL so abruptly. They too have a huge following and the fans recently staged a rally at Good Morning America studios. Both stars have done interviews with many online and media outlets about their being let go.

POINT? It's about time the dang "Powers that Be" recognize us way more than they do now. By "us" I mean fans and online websites and bloggers that work tirelessly for their shows. Yes, the ratings have come way down in years but there are still millions of core, loyal viewers that tune in or DVR day in and day out. Advertisers know they have a built in base with us. You can replace the soaps with syndicated talk shows all you want, in the end I still think that's a bad idea. Daytime peeps are some of the most loyal, passionate and great fans out there. It's time they started recognizing that instead of patronizing us. Not showing the Daytime Emmys is one. Cheapening the genre is two. (remember when Franco came on? It was like he was "slumming" it or something.) We know our actors work ten times as hard as anyone else out there. We appreciate it. Do they? Not so sure.
We've taken to the net..look how many indy shows there are now. "Venice" "Gotham" "Imaginary Bitches" all boast a great following. My fave "The Subpranos" is a comedy by one of GH's extras Chrissie Fit. The soon to come "Reality Bytes" will star Tristan Rogers and many soap vets. Watch out TV land..we are biting at your heels.

So, you can cut our shows, reduce budgets, get rid of fan faves...ditch events and recognition like airing the daytime emmys but WE'LL STILL BE HERE. We always were, always will. Pay attention.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

HAPPY 47th Anniversary General Hospital!!

Wow, GH is twice my age (heh). Here's to the Brownstone! Ruby's Chili, Floating Rib... Worm Farms, Jessie, Steve, Lucille....the old Webber Kitchen, and to the NURSE'S BALL!! Here's a clip of an interview about the show on ET.

SKYE and Tracy!! woot! Nice stuff, and Ethan was so cute with her. Skye doesn't have baby Lila with her, who is probably really 17 anyway. Luke "remains forever hopeful for messing with Skye" heh..and TRACY walks in with JAX! woot!

Did the Lucky/Maya CHEM test hit you between the eyes today? Geesh, waste NO time!

Coleman and Kate getting caught by the judge. Heh...Kate is all over Coleman. They could do SO MUCH MORE WITH HER CHARACTER than this??!! WTH?? What's going on with Crimson?

Alice loves being on the jury!! ;) she's beaming. The judge tells everyone that this 'is not a reality show, the one that causes the most trouble will not be voted off the island"...heh.

Lucky and Dante and the NEXT in line in the "It's Keifer" story. Everyone knows but Sonny/Alexis.

Helena looked SMASHING today.. love her suit. But er, using the Spencer baby to "destroy them"?? That baby better grow up quick!!

Carly, Olivia, Kate---yeah!! Wonderful stuff. All catty and nasty. Kate's warning Livvy that Sonny's going to come at her "full dimples" heh. Of course, Kate should have been around EONS AGO to talk about all this. GH is so terrible at this kind of thing. Like having Keifer's parents on once, not showing them again--until when? Ugh...IT'S CALLED BUILDING A STORY!! 

Robin is going to be on the witness stand and you know Claire is planning on using her own testimony against her...heh. 

My choice to play Claire? Julia Duffy ..and she'd be DIANE'S SISTER. :) This Claire does nothing for me. I have the BEST IDEAS!!

HAVE YOU SEEN THE GIANT NEWS? Bob Guza is OUT!! Read all about it HERE! There are also new SPOILERS up. And happy April 1st. Hit an ad you WUBBAHS!

I May or May Not... I MAY!

  Be here today! I'm subbing with 3 year olds and then doing an eval on a 2 year old so... not sure I'll be fit to do ANYTHING at 2p...