Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Bye to Dixie, What's Next For GH and the implosion of OLTL

Good bye Ms. Fierce...

Ah, dang. Sugarbaker...gone! She was someone I would have loved to have met and now she's gone. So sad. She was so fabulous on Designing Women and it was a joy to watch her deliver her lines. She'll be missed. I've said that I really wished she was playing the role of "Claire" on GH as Diane's sister or mother. Can you imagine??!

GH: What's coming? Well, rumors go from Sam searching for her father (that's only the 99th time that's come up) to Ted King coming back to Patrick cheating on Robin. Warren is murdered. Who done it? Franco? His wife? Supposedly, Dr. Matt gets a story in May. What could it be? He's really Patrick's imaginary brother?
Zoe's coming... better get her cast soon. After all, NuMichael is coming and needs a lady-friend, right??!
Carly and Sonny will kiss, thinking he's going to jail. ;/
The whole Keifer/abuse story has been played out wonderfully. A few flaws: we really needed to see more of Keifer's home life, imo-- it's hard to attach to the Bauer's grief in any way shape or form based on the 2 or 3x we saw them. IT's the style of GH...plop characters in...they are on, disappear- and then are in a huge story and are gone again. Martha Bryne anyone? Helena's another. She should be on a LOT more to get the momentum going. Having her skulk now and then is just a waste of time, imo. At least she's getting a new boytoy/henchman!! I heard her story picks up but I've had my hopes up before and nothing.
Can't argue with the ratings though! They are up...! I don't think it's due to Sonny Trial #33 though. I give the kudos to Lexi Ainsworth on this one.

The implosion of OLTL. ;/ You know I love that show. Heck, I wanted to watch that more than any other soap!! Now? NOT SO MUCH. :Stomping foot:. Scott Clifton's leaving right when his identity was found out? Stupid. Kish being shoved into obscurity? double stupid. Because of the Gigi/Rex propping, I'm starting to hate those two, which makes me mad. Langston being such a loose hootchie at 18 is interesting. Usually we wait until college for that. She's gotta choose between "safe and nice" and "Sexy and bad"... I loathe the newbie Hannah. Kelly and Todd? FORCED and come on, every woman falling for him? SO SONNY on GH!! Lol. Kim was just gone. They did do a great job on the realistic Bo-bloodbath. I for once, liked Dr. Greg in the role. Put him in the hospital and don't do anything else with him but have him operate. Soon, the HS musical will be coming. Here's hoping that I can take it. (not a Glee lover)

The Rock the Soap Cruise is going've seen a photo of Alerta with Scott Clifton. I'm hoping more are coming. Wish I was there!!!
Doing a Podcast today with Daytime Confidential that should be up next Wed or so.
See ya later! We have two NuFaces coming..will we like them or no?


  1. I agree, Dixie would have been perfect as Diane's mother. Dang it, 70 is still too young:-(

    You know, I'm actually getting into the Alexis/Kristina/Kiefer storyline. Nancy has been awesome and Lexi reminds me of a younger Amber Tamblyn, both in looks and acting ability.

    Can't wait to see more Hells now that she has a new boytoy/minion. I think she has a scene w/ Tracy this week. I'd love to see her in a non-Nikolas-baby storyline, but, like you, I don't want to get my hopes up.

  2. Dixie Carter was Republican. This makes her all the more amazing actress, because most of her best monologues on Designing Women were strongly liberal. Regardless of your political affiliation, can you imagine performing these beautifully written, passionate speeches that sometimes went against her own beliefs? And she never did it in a winking way that belied what she herself might have felt. She was a true talent.

  3. I personally like the way OLTL is going. I guess since I am not a huge Scott Cliffton fan, that makes it easier for me....

  4. I haven't been consistently watching OLTL lately, but I catch it now and then. I agree - can't believe they got rid of Scott Clifton NOW of all times! And I have to say that I never liked Langston. I think she's a brat. :) But it's really not because of her cheating on her boyfriend because I don't really like him either. I just don't like the character.

  5. RIP Dixie. She was one of the good ones...

    She would have made a great sister to Helena, no?

  6. As long as they keep finding ways to make Brody take his shirt off, I'm loving OLTL!



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