Wednesday, April 7, 2010

General Hospital I Need Tums.

OLTL Broke my heart!!  Poor Sky!! Roxy was so good with him. I was wishing Starr would punch the sheeze out of Ford. She needed to go all Todd on his ass...The montage at the end was great.

GH: Sets are dark this week, Derk C reminded me. Lexi Ainsworth was in Canada snow boarding and Laura Wright was on vacation too (after shipping out a ton of her Standing Sun wine!) Carolyn Hennesy was gardening and vacuuming her ATTIC..(yes, weird, but can't you totally see her doing it?!)

THE SHOW: What is up with Ethan not telling about the Maya accident? She could help him. uhhhh. Hmmm.
"Jason doesn't run people over, he just makes them disappear"-- says Sage Molly. Kristina's therapy is going to be interesting. She still thinks Keifer was ok to do this. Wasn't the MOM on there great? Nice acting...NLG was fab as always. ALL of the Davis girls were amazing!

Johnny at his tire-joint, with a guy that looks JUST like DA FONZ, trying to steal Sonny's biz. LOL.
JJY and NLG were great. They are neighbors in real life!! Did you kow that?

Keifer's parents doing a press conference 2 minutes after he's dead??! AND FIVE Million??! Heck! I'd turn in my own grandma for that lettuce!! LOL.
LOVE the Lulu abortion thing, nice they are revisiting that a bit. Usually abortion is just swept away...or not dealt with at all.
And did that PIZZA look disgusting? that's no NY pizza! And no self-respecting Sicilian would make a round one..sooooo, hmmmmm. (being picky)

Now comes the NEVERENDING "who hit Keifer" story. zzzzzzzz.

Ronnie Marmo (Ronnie) is starring in a one man show at the Theater 68 about Lenny Bruce. It's directed by Robert Guza!! Goodness. For those of you too young to know, Lenny was a stand up in the '60's who got arrested for swearing and disorderly conduct several times. Ronnie looks a LO like him in that photo!

OMG, Big BROTHER is auditioning tomorrow at the mall!! should the WUBQUEEN go? I was thinking of taking my stuffed lobster and waiting in line. I could pull in a whole new demographic! LOL. Nah, couldn't live without the net, GH and twitter that long!!


  1. Lulu big purse. Actress pregnant?

  2. lmao Carolyn Hennessy is vacuuming her attick because she is having new insulation put in!

  3. I do NOT like Maya Ward. Why may I ask did they hire another boring newbie?

  4. You should def go! I would love to be on big brother audition for me!

  5. The Davis girls were excellent today...haven't cried like that in a while...

  6. I loved today episode it was really good
    The Davis girls scenes were out of the park, I was in tears with them.....
    Jason needs to stop with the enforcer and be therapist
    The man is a good listener, I Loved that part in Jason's character, always there when you need him
    the all Krisi and Jason scene was amazing by both actors....
    Really good episode

  7. On OLTL does anyone know why Mitch was a match for Shane if they are not related? Did I miss something?

  8. Hi Michele - They haven't come up with a story yet on why Mitch was a match for Shane. Only Gigi questioned it at the time Rex told her that Mitch wasn't his father and so far it's been dropped. I hope we will get an answer eventually ;)

  9. I also don't understand why Ethan or Luke did not mention his accident with Maya. But didn't he hit her car? How could that make a dent consistent with hitting someone? Wouldn't there be paint scrapes from the other car?

    And wouldn't Skye be able to say what time Ethan was talking to her, to prove he couldn't be the one as well?

    The hit and run could have been an interesting whodunit, since so many people would have had motive, once Keifer's abuse became public. I keep getting the feeling we might be being misled with the Alexis "vision". She could have hallucinated it, since she was so distraught. Maybe Keifer's dad did it and he is setting her up. They already did that story with the Mayor's wife, but when has that stopped them, LOL?

  10. WHAT,Dante and Lulu finally have scenes together today,damnit!
    Oh god,I hope he doesn't turn out to be a freaky self rightous catholic.
    I hope he can just respect that it was her choice,her body!

    Good grief,its only been almost two weeks since they had a scene together,what the hell is up with that?

  11. Karen, glad I'm not your grandma.

    In yesterday's post you were remembering famous hit-and-runs on GH. Let's not forget Tracy running down Jenny Eckart back in the early 90s.

  12. I have to say I enjoyed the Dante and Lulu scenes at his apartment. Lulu used to be annoying, but her romance with Dante has helped mellow her out a bit. I could see the internal struggle Lulu felt while hearing Dante go on and on about his mom not being selfish or doing the easy thing when pregnant with him. If there is one thing Lulu knows is that abortion is not easy. It was a decision she struggled with and has since learned to live with. During those brief seconds during his speech, I saw her go from being happy to downright uncomfortable and tense. I could tell she had wanted to run out of there. Julie Berman knocked it out of the park and she didn't even have to say anything. Her body language portrayed it all. For a brief moment, it truly did not feel like an actor playing a part. I can't wait to see what happens next.

  13. soooo pissed off. OLTL was preempted in Boston because of a 9 alarm fire. I didn't know 9 alarms was even possible.

  14. Show was ok today. Jason was the first to tell Krissy that she was wrong for accusing Ethan and he did it in a subtle way. Alexis, take note!
    Still really ticked that Ethan can't catch a break and that Lucky seems to be the only cop out there that can arrest his brother? Conflict of interest much?? Luke was exactly right when he told Mac that he has a person size dent in his car too, along with many people in PC I am sure.
    Why would Ethan have motive? At the time Kiefer was hit, Ethan was still the accused of Kristina's murder. Wouldn't he want to keep Kiefer alive to clear his name?
    Also, the "person sized dent" If you hit a car, wouldnt paint or other objects from that hit car be on yours? Like, if you hit a person, blood or cloth or any DNA would be on that car too?
    sorry about the ramblings, but I am over the Ethan getting dumped on bit.
    I am more interested in Lulu and Dante. I can't wait to see what he does when he finds out Lulu had an abortion. That should be some good scenes there.

  15. I don't think Ethan and Maya actually hit each other's cars. She accused him of running her off the road, that doesn't mean an impact took place. In fact, she went off the road and he didn't from the dialogue.But he parks in a parking lot at a bar/casino. Any drunk could have hit the car. I have quite the dent on my car from my office parking lot and no person was injured (unless they threw themselves at my parked car) and I would say the dent is person-sized. Thank goodness I don't live in Port Chuck, although maybe I could share a cell with Ethan.

  16. What - JMB is preggo . . . and BH is preggo and JJ's wife is preggo . . . what's in the water at GH?!



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