Friday, April 30, 2010

Cliffhanger Friday on Daytime Soapies

AMC: Janet, ready to pounce!

OLTL: Handsome stranger, Marty ready to pinch Todd's IV?

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ugh...ok, let's see. I am so happy they have the cops to even out the mobular stuff. But the Dante telling the truth about what happened, just broke my heart. I knew it was coming and thought I'd be ok with it but I'm not. ;/ It's all designed to make us hate those police, people. LOL. This could have been done so much better. I wish Dante would have SAVED the day somehow. For everyone. Just once. JUST ONCE!! LET THE COPS WIN!  Maybe him him telling Mac about Michael and they find a way to make it self-defense and get the charges dropped on Sonny and close the case. I don't know. Guza, you burn my butt.

They should have made the judge Eddie Q's brother..wouldn't that have been cool? He could have come back-- and Edward could have hated his "Hay-Seed half-brother off the turnip truck". 

Even for a soap, this "court case" is a huge, huge farce. It's beyond cartoon. Now,  I love a good trial but why is it that shows like Law and Order, the Practice et al can do a great trial i n ONE HOUR and soaps just throw all reality to the wind? Back in the early days, it might have been ok but we are jaded. Too many great TV trial dramaz on now! Having Carly take the stand again and Dante? All hearsay..and duhhh. Forget it, I have a headache. I think you all recognize just how bad this is. 

Mayor Floyd even yelled at Dante for telling the truth because it meant Sonny not going to jail. LOL. Johnny yells at him too...

Lucky pulls a gun on St.Jasus.  LOL...:eyeroll: 
Carly rips into Lulu--- and Sonny goes after Dante. 

They reshot the whole Claudia murder scene with NuMichael...with good editing and a body double,  it works. 

  GH'S big cliffhanger? Sonny yelling at Dante and Carly yelling at Lulu. Will Michael confess?

Chrissie Fit's (Mercedes) Subpranos series OUT DOES itself this Friday. A HILARIOUS Video of D&G auditioning for GLEE. 


  1. Carly can lie at a drop of a dime can't she? What makes it so bad is even though I know she was lying I still believed her that's how good she was! LOL

  2. I loved Claire stucking it to Carly and I agree with every word she said (Thursdays eppy I believe, sorry still catching up). My heart broke for Lulu.

  3. I really was hoping Carly would got up on the stand and just fell apart and confessed that what Dante said is true! Claire had it right that the writers really have Carly putting Sonny above everyone else. I read elsewhere that jax might sure for custody for Josselyn and Morgan -- he can have Lulu has his witness. The scenes with Lucky and Michael were great. Cousins interacting!

  4. I'm waiting for Lulu to tell Carly that Carly betrayed HER when Carly supported the man who shot her boyfriend in the chest. Why don't these characters give it back when one of the "three" make them feel bad? I am STILL waiting for Olivia to tell Carly keeping Dante from Sonny was no different than Carly and Sonny's choice to keep Michael from the Q's.

    I agree with you Karen. Why isn't there some balance on this show? The "good" guys are never right on GH. It's always the Corinthos mob and their co-horts that do the right thing, and everyone else is wrong.

    I loved when Lucky pulled the gun on Jason. Jason would not hesitate to do it to Lucky!

    Almost fell over when Michael told Lucky about everyone tiptoeing around Carly while she was pregnant. That storyline seemed to be discarded earlier when Carly blamed everyone for not telling her about Claudia shooting Michael. No one ever remembers Jason did know for awhile but Sonny is the one who chose not to believe.

  5. You know what seriously annoys me about GH? I just want to scream that Dante and Micheal are not fricken related! The family trees on this show are so screwed up and it is close to incestous! Next thing we know Micheal and Christina will be hooking up!

    UGH!!!! I hate Sonny,Jason and Carly!



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