Friday, April 9, 2010

Helena Gets a New Boy-Toy! Other SOAPIE fun

Branton Box is coming to GH To stand in as Helena's BOY TOY! Who remembers Landon Wine as the great Andreas? This guy is A LOOKER! woo...his name will be (ready?) THOR. ahahhahaaa.  He could be Jax's brother, couldn't he? Good news for Helena lovers as it means she'll be on longer!! MORE NEW SPOILERS are up!

There is a HILARIOUS Viral video going around that's a MUST SEE. It was posted on SoapZone and even though I know how it was done, it's still awesome!! Take a GANDER. It takes a bit to load but so worth it.  

BYE to Scott Clifton on OLTL., sucks!! The ONLY way Frons can make it up to me is by hiring him to be on GH! 

The show today:  First of all, I ate too many Red Vines and I think I'm going to throw up so if I leave, that's why. Dang Red Vines. My Vice. ; /
Old Face Morgan walkin'!! His headmistress looks scary!!
Sonny gets his sexy dimples in Claire's face! I so don't want them together...I don't like her. Too milktoastie.
Maya Ward meets'd think she'd take a day off after coming back from Shadybrook. Or work parttime just doing bedpans? LOL. 
YEAH Tracy and Carly! Nice.
Er...Ethan needed to wash his face. Gross.  LUKE CALLED DANTE A PIG!! wow!! When Luke gets mad, watch the hey out!!
Great acting week for everyone on Nancy Lee Grahn especially. Loved her the whole way through. 
OMG, Ronnie taking Morgan like that is totally illegal! I don't care if they DO have a social worker there. Uh, can't happen. Diane is totally right on this. And can Sonny really approach the prosecutor like that? LOL 
I do think Dante was sitting on some animal print chair at the PCPD today!?
OMG --:LULU and Luke are PRICELESS-- "family"?? take "Family" out of those quotes. She brings up Lucky being a cop, he says he's only a cop to piss him off.  Heh. Loved Tracy's face after Luke yelled at her. JMB can hold her own with TG, that's for sure.
Did I tell you I just found out Franco is in DATE NIGHT? ;/ grrr. Glad I found out first before I started throwing stuff at the screen! LOL. he's HAUNTING ME!!

Kelly Monaco attended the premire of Skateland in TX with Heath Freeman. 
He tweeted all about it!  She looks faboosh.

WOOT! New Subpranos video on youtube. Chrissie Fit (Mercedes) is hilarious. Please take a gander!.

See you later this weekend. I should do another NuFace Wub if the spirit moves. I am also going to Daytime Confidential's' podcast! I'll record this weekend and let you know when you can listen to me!! DON'T forget that ALberta WUBS is on the ROCK the Soap Cruise, so I'll be getting her photos up when they come in!!


  1. "OMG, Ronnie taking Morgan like that is totally illegal! I don't care if they DO have a social worker there. Uh, can't happen."

    Having worked in a county juvenile court, this happens every day. It's not every day, but it is SOP for cases like the Corinthos one, where it's clear justice is subverted, and with a judge signing off on it, it's perfectly legal.

  2. Karen,

    What are Red Vines?

  3. it is Cosmo??!!Without a lawyer there or parental consent? Wow. had no idea.

    Ant Joan, red vines are licorice whips.

  4. Love the Thank you video. I did my baby River and my hubby and I were laughing so hard. :-) Thanks for sharing that one!

  5. KD:

    Imagine that your mom or dad is a crack addict/dealer, or your dad is a loan shark or crook, and your testimony is needed to get the evidence.

    If they DID NOT do that, what addict/dealer/crooked parent WOULD give permission?

    Or, if the child is abused? What abuser wd willingly let their kid testify?

    In the world of GH, Sonny is a known crook and killer, and Carly, recall, has a criminal history, shot Tony Jones in court, and has spent several stays in a mental institution.

  6. In regards to day to day things, a local county judge or state judge has FAR more power over the lives of Citizens than even Prez Obama.

  7. I still think the judge reminds me of Larry the Cable Guy's Dad.

    I can see Larry walking in and saying "hey pop, we goin' fishin' when you are done here?"

    The voice, the mannerisms. They are all there.

  8. To my mind one and all must go through this.



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