Thursday, April 29, 2010

General Hospital: Lisa Caves! Ronnie Lies! Carly wears same Fugly Dress!

OMG..that dress Carly has on is SO UGLY! My eyes! My eyes!! 

There are a few new sets on GH, aren't there? Johnny's abode, decorated in BoHo Navajo-- Dante's "Franco-left-over-loft".. neither with Big Screen TVs we need to see. 

Lisa Caved on the whole trial thing, paving the way for Dante's big OUTBURST in the courtroom. BTW, it is totally going to come out that Vince Pauletti wasn't killed by Sonny, you wait. I can smell it. Shouldn't Lulu and Dante have been doing it instead of talking about baseball? LOL. That will happen May 5th. 

BoathouseBoy Michael is TEN TIMES taller than Morgan. LOL. Glad old Morgan is still on...also happy they have jackets on. Spring here is chilly. GOD, all of Sonny's kids show up at once?! heh.

Stupid Sonny HAD to say that "your sister was a psychotic bitch and she deserved everything she got to Johnny"...WHY. WHY did he have to say that!???
Loved the look on Everyone's faces when Dante spilled. LOL. EVERYONE. @@

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I loved Happy Town by the way. I thought it was kind of like "Norther Exposure meets Twin Peaks meets Stephen King meets Xfiles fun.." I loved the merry widows! 


  1. I see they re-did Claudia's killing with NuMicheal!

  2. According to the ratings were not good for "Happy Town"...

    "drew a 1.7 rating/5 share among adults 18-49 and 5.2 million viewers overall at 10 PM, slipping 16% from the first to the second half-hour, barely edging out a repeat of CBS’ CSI: NY (1.6/5, 7.7 million) in the demo and finishing last in total viewers (NBC’s Law & Order: SVU was tops with a 2.9/8 in 18-49 and 9.4 million viewers). This was ABC’s lowest-rated series premiere of the season, down 43% from the fall debut of Eastwick in the same time slot."

  3. I don't think that Lisa caved, I think that the rest of them changed their minds after hearing Lisa that final time, causing Dante to have ruined everything when they were just about to return a "not guilty" verdict.

    Otherwise, it's not so dramatic. Unless, Karen, you know something I don't . . .

  4. AntJoan I'm so with you, I think Lisa will have convinced everyone to vote 'not guilty' and Dante will have caused an 'Alfred Hitchcock' moment with his declaration that Michael killed Claudia. Sonny will "beat his chest" because he has caused Michael harm, and Johnny and Jax will vow revenge against Sonny because he once again did not have to pay for his crimes.

  5. That dress Carly had on looks like she raided Sam's wordrobe. Laura Wright just doesn't have the chest for it. Kudo's to her though for not having paid for abnormally size D's and being a normal curvy woman! She normally looks fabby fab.

    Still waiting for Sam to apologize to Ethan...

    Why doesn't lulu just say I don't know where Michael is instead of saying I can't tell you?



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