Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Alberta/Autism Walk, Stagecoach, May Sweeps

Berta being assisted by Terrell Randsom Jr. of DOOL

Alberta the Wubs Lobster walked in LA Saturday with Karla and her hubby in the Autism Speaks Walk. How cute is that picture?? This leads into the NYC Aids Walk that Alberta will be doing in May. Here's her own DONATION page!!

Fave Moment from this week? LOOK at Luke LOOK at Skye's...boobalations!! LOL. If you saw it, you know what I mean. Here's a nice screen cap:

He just lingered there--and lingered there. IT was something to behold and I bet he's glad Tracy didn't walk in. LOL

Stagecoach is going on and Steve Burton is tweeting gorgeous pics all over. Here he is with Brandon Barash backstage. HELLO!

May Sweeps scoops are up. Looks like we're facing a "PRISON BREAK" type thing. Michael will be sent to the Big House and Jason will have to swoop in and save the boy. I can see it now.  Zzzzzzzzz. Sorry, did I fall asleep? LOL. Go see all the scoops on the WUBS NET. Since I think the Franco Gallery Opening was scrapped, and that was due to be a big part of the May story, there may be some holes to fill.  Just sayin'

This Wed the Wubbers on Twitter are having a Happy Town Twitter Party!! That's the primetime show that has advertised ALL OVER GH's spots. Looks like Twin Peaks meets Harper's Island. Come join us! We need a fun nightime show to share, yes??

I asked people on twitter this week how many watched GH at work 'via' my tweets. OMG, it was so funny. I got about 40 replies, most from people at work, some from students at college AND HS!! and also ONE teacher!! LOL. One reads my tweets on the train home and decides if they should watch on SoapNet later. I think I need some BUCKS from ABC with all this!

You saw that the Daytime Emmys will be in Vegas this year on June 27th and shown on CBS. That's great news. Although, CBS? Uh...aren't you cutting all your soaps?!

Should I mention the name that shall NOT BE MENTIONED? Vanessa Marcil's name is ALL OVER due to Guza's interview in one of the mags. I think it might be closer than ever to happening this time. Why? They need someone for Sonny and two..she needs some work. So, we'll see. I'll never say yeah or nay before it breaks again, you all know I got burned 2x on her and once on Kim McCollough! I'm still stunned Genie Francis didn't come back--and Robin Christopher is here instead. Don't get me wrong, LOVE RC...but I really thought it would be Genie.

So, go...check out those dang spoilers, and hit an ad. Think about contributing to Alberta's NYC Walk for AIDS.


  1. Just let the kid do the time, here we go again teaching them no matter what you'll get away with it. I have to admit nu Michael turned me off big time until fridays eppy. He wasn't shouting the way drew always did.. my first pick is still Drew but I am excited to see him in scenes with Carly & I have hope that this will work out. Can't beleive the spoilers suggest Carly is out for revenge against Lulu. She can do anything to everyone but heaven forbid someone not be 100% loyal to HER. She is such a bitch! Having said that I am pretty dang excited that Brenda may return. Man a good triangle with Jax, Carly & Brenda would tickle my fancy. Then again I assume they would bring her back for Sonny since he's currently unattached. I myself am a little lost about Skye's return.. Like why the hell is she here? Love me some Blaze but there just aren't enough people she's connected to now that she isn't a Q.

  2. I wouldn't mind Brenda coming back with a child. Jax's child. ;)
    See, I was the biggest Brenda/Sonny fan, but I dislike the character of Sonny so much now, that I don't mind Brenda and Jax back together.

  3. Maya was abuse oh my nothing new there. She will blame Ethan, cry alot, beat him up and have him killed by Sonny.

  4. And beat up by Sam.

  5. I don't understand why Michael would go to jail. He was a minor at the time, and he tried to confess and was sent home.

    Ok, so they want to play Prison Break, but if jason breaks him out of jail he'd be out of the show as he'd be on the run forever.

  6. Please! There would be some loophole Jason could wiggle his way through and he wouldn't have to be on the run forever. This just goes to show that Sonny, Jason and Carly have no respect for the law or for teaching HER children how to accept the consequences of their actions. Michael may have gotten off scott-free if they had all told the truth in the beginning, but because of the months of lying, Michael will be off to jail. It's too bad that Dante and Lulu who were actually upholding the law as best they could are the ones who will end up being the town pariahs. Sonny will end up being victimized, Jason will somehow end up the hero and Carly will be the loving mother willing to do anything to protect her child. Ugh! I have no use for this show anymore.


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