Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Leading up to May Sweeps...

Ah...General Hospital. It seems like we are always looking for the next sweeps... May is coming and although there are plenty of things out there, I'm not real excited yet. LOL.
Of course, we have the trial ending soon (one hopes)-- and the whole "12 Angry Men" jury--NuFace Michael hanging out in Port Chuck, ready to be "outed"...the coming of Brooke Lynn. Yada, yada.
Alexis is going to face some "Gaslighting" of her own at the hands of Warren. If done well, it could be nice and creepy. Scoops are up on WUBSNET with hopefully more to come tonight.

Tyler Christopher will be filming a movie in May (Korinna Sehringer film "Shouting Secrets) he's off to Arizona--meaning block taping is taking place now. . Ah, the wonders of the edit/insert! Supposedly we won't even realize he's gone. Tyler's contract is also coming up with a one year option. Will keep you posted.

I was due for a bit of a break this week but my son is sick so it's on hold for a bit. Gedstern will be blogging when I'm not able.

Lexi Ainsworth recently told Wubs: I think it's hard for people who aren't actors to imagine themselves being able to bring up those emotions in front of a camera..You do have to be emotinally available and that can be hard for some people even in real life.
People have been marveling at Lexi's ability to play Kristina so well day after day. Must be exhausting.

Over on the OLTL front, fans of TnT gave Trevor and Flo a cake-- it's Flo's last days on the show, which is terribly sad for her fans (like me)!! Join her facebook page HERE

The Turner Classic Film Fest will be in Hollywood for a week Starting April 22nd. Constance Towers and husband will attend as John's movie "Imitation of Life" is screened.

TODAY is Lisa LoCicero's BIRTHDAY !! It's a biggie and that's all I'm saying. LOL. Send your wishes on twitter (@lisalocicerogh). I for one am so happy she joined the cast of GH. Great stuff.

She was recently on the Rock the Soap Cruise with many Wubber Fans!! That looked like a fun shin-dig. Maybe I'll make it next year.

GH this week is full of the trial... Warren going all out to get Alexis. Shirley Smith (mama Walton) continues to have an effect on Elizabeth. We also see NuFace Michael starting Monday. Give the guy a chance, not his fault all that sheeze went down, right?

Please support the site by hitting an ad now and again. Alberta's walking in the POZ event in CA and then will be in NYC for the Aids Walk as well. She's got a lot of charity to support!
I also have family stranded in Mexico at the moment, waiting to fly back to England! WHAT A MESS! eek... maybe we'll have guests if it doesn't clear up.

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  1. Been a while since I posted Karen how the hell are ya my sweet lady?
    Have been sucked back into GH by my college aged daughter & let's not forget Mrs. B herself the beloved most GH watcher. Loved Kristina & Alexis but wanted more scenes with her & Sonny can't help but love them. Why the hell do the spoilers again let Sam punch someone? WTF? She's all of what, 90lbs esp now that the jugs have been dumped of milk? Maybe we're supposed to forget this. Disgusted by what they're doing to Robin, again making her high and mighty and jealous and petticoatjunction on us. Not to mention that Jasam are still, well Jasam. Liz has been made in to a pathetic mess that easily gets swallowed up and spit out by Maxie of all people. Love me some Maxie but please move her on from the idiot Spinelli. Was believable for their non wedding and past that it hasn't worked. Back to Liz I do see what the hype is with her and Jonathon Jackson's Lucky. Mrs. B and I rooted for Liason for years but now we're being pulled the other way. Thank goodness Hells returned but I for one hope Lucky finds out before the baby is born that it's his. Becky herbst is too good to waste. BTW Karen, Mrs. B can no longer post since she doesn't have a google acct, not sure what's with the site but I may have to let her sign in on my acct to give her two cents worth. I cannot believe they're getting rid of Drew as Michael. Wow what a mistake. Same with Morgan although I see it wasn't their choice this time. Loved seeing hottie Olivia on my screen this week. She can grace it every day as far as I'm concerned but please for the love of the big man, bring Kate on with Livie. Love the banter b/w these two. Give Liv more fam than Dante. And is it just me or does that man have a scarecrow haircut? Guess I'm old fashioned (maybe that's why I actually like Lulu's clothes, lol). Ok so months later that sums up my feeling. Peace out, Billo.

  2. Who cares of another abusive storyline. They are bashing men again,they killed Kiefer off, now his father Warren will be killed off. They probably killed Mays's attacker not seen, or will bring him on and kill him off very predictable storyline. Enough of the male bashing.

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