Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday and General Hospital

Wow...get this!!  This was just reported on Soaps In Depth. Anthony Geary is stuck in Amsterdam because of the volcanic ash!!! Wonder what that means for the "TreasureStory"!!??

Today's show...Carly lied so well on the stand I totally couldn't remember at which point Sam did ACTUALLY get to the cabin! LOL... There were Claudia flashbacks as well. Today was the last day with Michael as played by Drew.  Tomorrow is NuFace.
Sonny and Carly kissed after Diane rested her case!! A big smackah!!

Molly went to Jason to put a hit out on Warren. LOL... Just went by herself to the restaurant (how she got there is anyone's guess) and wanted him to 'take care of it'. heh I loved her with Conan. he looked HUGE!

Sam decked Warren right in the PCPD....uh..not a good place to slug someone.

This is short and sweet...I was actually supposed to be on vaykay this week but my son got sick so we are home instead of livin' it up in Tennessee. ;/ At least it's gorgeous outside.


  1. Today was ridiculous. Any decent prosecutor would have ripped Carly to shreds- hello? She shot Tony Jones in an open courtroom. Any good lawyer would have asked her if Claudia used the same type pistol as she shot Tony with?

    And Sam hitting Warren? In real life, she's in jail, and up on assault charges. The suspension of disbelief is too much.

    Only good thing was Molly. Maybe now Jason will realize he's a scumbag and bad for children.

  2. I haven't seen the show yet today, but I can already tell that I may get a little disgusted. First of all, Friday's ending with Carly bringing her daughter in??? Way to keep your daughter away from the mob. That is putting her smack dab into Sonny business. And if Carly kisses Sonny, doesn't that show her as more of a (S-word) since she is married to someone else? That wouldn't look good to me if I were a juror!!
    Second, Molly putting a hit out on a person? All these mob kids are F*D UP (Excuse my french). I know that Warren is being a tool to Kristina, but to have Molly (who we are supposed to love) go to Jason to ask him to take care of Warren. Total Sonny move.
    Sam hitting someone else. Even though he probably deserves it, I am sick of her taking things in her own hands. Has she even apologized to Ethan yet??

  3. No Andrea, Sam still has yet to apologize to ethan. And now to me it seems as if they are trying to make Ethan a bit of an ass so the viewers feel differently. Too late losers! We already like Ethan and hate the way everyone treated him. And hello, do you think they would really still leave Kristina alone at the house? I think that would be traumatizing alone wiht the memories of not one but two attacks. And how about a little lesson in don't answer the door when mamma isn't home? geepers! Hate that they had Molly ask jason that. Warren may be an idiot but you can't blame him for thinking krissy lied about Keifer. I'm on ehr side so I'm not a Kristina basher, but from his point of view you have to see that he would protect his sons memory. I mean he did just DIE! As for Carly & Sonny, I have one word: PUKE. And I'm sure somehow that Kiss will be Jax's fault.

  4. patTodays show was horribly done.Makes me like Carly even more.Sam yuck.....Molly was a great actress today look what she has to work with.

  5. Ethan needs a BIG PUBLIC apology!! That's for sure!!!!

  6. Molly is so Much Like Rick and Alexis that is funny....
    she is also A Cassadine....
    That request had nothing to do with Jason and Sonny.....
    Alexis needs to have long talks with the girls..

    Ps Dante is always saying eh wants to help his brothers but when Molly and Morgan ask him he refuse....
    Maybe Jason has a point

    Karen I hope your son will feel better soon

  7. This is why I am taking a break from the show until the trial is over and just tuning in to the great Wubs blog for my updates. (Love Karen!) I cannot deal with the suspension of disbelief. I realize soaps go overboard sometimes, such as alians, possession, back from the dead, etc. But when they are putting out serious storylines that are linked to PSAs at the end of the shows, and they pull such crap as they are lately, it is time to take a breather and come back when it is engaging for me. (not sure when that will be). These particular story lines should be encased in a little more reality for the teen women out there watching the show. (IMO) I am so glad however that I am not the only one disgusted with the writing.

    ps. still waiting for the ethan apologies. as is everyone else. maybe they can just have a PSA tacked on the end of the show? They're good at that.

  8. I LOVED Molly telling Conan not to call her "sweetie."

    Molly first asked Dante for help, and then went to Jason when he refused due to being a cop. I think the show is trying to justify why Sonny and Jason are the heroes of the show, showing why people go outside the law for justice. Not a great message.

  9. I actually thought Molly asking Jason to take care of Warren would make sense. This is what she lives with. This is what she sees. I would love to see Jason explaining to her why it is wrong. But Jason asked her if she was asking him to kill Warren, and then the show ended. My guess is, she will say no today.

  10. Dana, Dante has to refuse hello he's a cop! Jason is a criminal. Carly is a liar. All 3 are good at it.

  11. I cannot believe that Claire didn't try to discredit Carly up there on the stand. She is a known liar who has shot people, been institutionalized, had affairs. USE THAT!!
    Why would a judge allow a baby to come up on the stand, even for a little bit? No matter what the circumstances, he should have shut Carly up right away. Unless you are really stupid, the jury (and judge) should have know exactly what Carly was trying to do.
    Can't wait til Jax finds out about the Carly/Sonny kiss.
    Starting to not like Dante. Protecting kids by breaking the law is what Sonny does. Next Dante will become the next killer...oh, but did it for his family. Sound familiar?
    I stick by what I said before about Jason/Sonny rubbing off on kids like Molly. At least Dante said that to Jason's face yesterday. Not like it ever does any good though.

  12. I wonder is Warren Bauer is Sam father..But wouldn't Alexis no that is one of her ex lovers!

    Love Sam today!..the haters can hate..Far as Molly it is kina o creepy ofher to ask Jason to do that!...

    Jasam Mariage in 2010

  13. Ithink Sam did the right thing if it was Liz everbody would be applauding!...Loved Kelly Monaco scene!

  14. Since I am a Liz fan, I can say that "Anonomous, that is the most absurd thing to say." You don't know what you are talking about. using violence to punish violence is stupid, no matter who you are. The main thing I am ticked about is how Sam can punch Ethan, but not apologize afterwards.
    I assume the two anonomous' are the same person since they were written 2 minutes apart about the exact same subject.

  15. Sam's use of violence is the ultimate in is okay for a woman to beat up on a man if it is "justified" but not okay for a man to beat up on a woman for any reason? Sorry- violence is violence. As far as a JaSam wedding in 2010...God help us! I was so hoping she would throw Jason's assets out when he came back after not being sent to prison- then we could all be put out of our misery and not have to FF through anymore JaSam scenes. Instead she was planning a prison break! TPTB really need to get a clue! Also can't wait for the farce of a trial to be over with...suspending belief is one thing, but who is writing this crap?

  16. Right. Sam should have been upset that Jason, yet again, chose Carly, Sonny and their kids over her when he voluntered to go to prison. Sucks being 7th best, isn't it Sam because Jason will choose Jake, and probably Liz over her too!!

  17. I actually LOL'd when Carly said Sonny would have never shot Claudia because of what happened to Michael! He didn't seem to have any problem when he shot Dante point blank.

    Also way to go Carly bringing the baby to court to help Sonny. You just put a target on her for his enemies. Isn't it enough your two boys were kidnapped as toddlers? It seems inevitable Josslyn will be caught up in some violence, so let's see how Carly changes her mind then. She sure forgot her anger with Sonny's lifestyle from Michael's shooting fast. Guess that slipped her mind.

    Sam has to realize Jason would have taken the deal to protect Sonny, because Sonny's life comes first to everyone that surrounds him, and Sonny always puts himself first too. And Jason will put Carly before her too, just like Carly puts Sonny and Jason before her husband.



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