Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IT's NuMichael-- even in the NuOpening!!

Can you See Tony Geary waving? heh

WOW...don't ever believe it when they tell you those openings take so much time and cost SO MUCH money. They certainly got NuMichael in there like, in a second!! First impression: Deep Voice! But he did do well on the phone, I wasn't like "ewww" or anything. I mean, sometimes, like when they've had a million Colby's on AMC, I can spot the duds a mile away, KWIM??!

Jason and Molly. Goodness. It's hard to explain her "Please take care of Mr. Bauer"--and his whole explaination of his killing spree life. It sounds actually...noble. Quaint. You know, a bit God-Like. LOL. It is a must see as I can't do it justice in this blog.

LOVE Skye telling Krissy she "took care of her" when she was a few months old.  YEAH--like BECAUSE YOU TOOK HER! LMAO. Ah, good use of reverse history kind of...I liked it! Then Skye takes Kristina to apologize to Ethan. Wow...insert random Skye scenes. Whatever!! I liked it.

Morgan just TOLD Dante where Michael was? Just spit it out?? LOL...ahahahaha. Morgan, you so failed Mob-Son 101~!! They sell fudge on Sonny's island, btw.. heh.

NEW SCOOPS UP--- WUBSNET Poor Carly will have to testify again! LOL.

HOW SCARY is the Gene Wilder/Lost promo spot!? EEK! That bit in Willy Wonka scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.  LOL


  1. rebecca budig of All My Children and Bachelor star bob guiney are divorcing according to People Magazine!

  2. I thought that NuMichael had a lot of chemistry with the telephone today. Isnt that why they hired him? For chemistry?

  3. i think he looks too much like spinelli

  4. At least old michael looked like Jason.

  5. I dont get why his hair is standing up in the front. he looks like Cameron Diaz. You know, from the one particular scene in Something About Mary...

    (ok, you can go back to eating dinner...)

  6. Morgan really needs to watch Kick Ass, and take some tips from the mob-son in that movie; dude's awesome!

  7. I knew about Rebecca and Bob G. ;( sad I think....

  8. I really thought the Jason and Molly scenes were well done. Jason did not know WHAT to say to her, and he did a good job explaining it to her. And the look on Alexis' face when Molly tolde her what she did...priceless. NLG rocks!! I guess i have to get used to Nu-Michael, but today I did not like him. Gonna miss Morgan. Liked the Ethan/Kristina scenes today. She is one hell of an actress.

  9. Karen, didn't you tell us about Rebecca and Bob? That is sad, they seemed so happy :(

    If Lexi doesn't get an Emmy...she is just knocking it out of the park in every scene! Although I do agree K needs to stop opening the door when she's home alone ;)

  10. I didn't like Sam's face when Molly told her and Alexis what she had asked Jason to do. Sam just started smiling. Shouldn't you be a little alarmed that your little sister is asking your mobster boyfriend to off people?

    Sonny talking to Clair just wouldn't ever happen in real life. Can't she plant a tape recorder and use what he says as evidence against him?

    Jason, Carly and then Sonny celebrating their "victory" made me sick. Yeah, we fought the law and won!!

    I hope Jax dumps Carly. Go back to Skye. She will at least be loyal to you.

  11. The best part of the day was actually the tribute to Palmer on AMC.


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