Monday, April 12, 2010


Alberta, with ANOTHER Cassadine!! I  just have to get her to Connie next for a HELENA photo.

HEY! Get To Daytime Confidential and hear me dish with Luke and Regan about ABC soaps!! We had a blast. Too fun. I probably sound like a lunatic. But heck, you know me.

GH today: OMG, is this trial a FARCE or WHAT?????? Geesh!! Carly's yellin'...Dante's yellin' everyone's yelling. Whatever. It's taking forever for it to end, Sonny's trials are ALWAYS long.

Why didn't they show Laine with Kristina? I mean, come on. She had therapy in the hall with Maya and

Yeah for Mac Daddy!! I love him...he could take care of the girls if he had to, he's done it before. I'm so happy Alexis got it all out there in the open already.

Lulu's dress made me dizzy...looks all bedazzled.
Sonny seriously thinks Dante would quit being a cop and join the mob?? The arrest that Dante had was to keep the peace in court. Oh, Sonny. You don't get it!!
Well, whatever.
MORE Alberta Wubs Pics to follow!!

Today was pretty snooze worthy, imo. I needs a nap.


  1. First - WTF is TC wearing in that photo?
    Second - Karen, what lead you to name the lobster Alberta?

  2. i'm old and dating myself but my guess is his flashdance outfit!!

  3. he borrowed the shirt from KeMo?

  4. Ok I think it is a really bad thing that both times Keifer's mom was on screen today I thought she was the bimbo prosecutor chick. (Note that neither one is important enough that I can remember their names right now lmao)

    Speaking of bimbos... Now I love Lulu (and Dante) but she looked like a hoochie when she came into the jail to see Dante and OH those hooka heels! I don't know how she didn't break an ankle in those things. With that being said they are still such a cute couple, I am thrilled that Guza hasn't screwed them up yet :D

  5. Frisco, ITA Did he just pull that top out of the bottom of the gym bag? And are those shorts/pants pink? I don't think I'd even wear that to the garden store, and we get very 'casual' at the garden store around here.

  6. Dante to Lulu: "I hope you have a file in your cleavage!" LMAO, thought someone else would comment on it.

    Can't believe Alexis confessed so quickly, I expected this to be dragged out like every other similar SL on GH. Then, when Lucky got the call about it, and was told to handle the matter with discretion, he turned right around and told Luke and Ethan that Alexis did it. Very discreet, Lucky . . .

  7. Luke was exactly right when he said that everyone owe's Ethan an apology. It sure better happen too, but it doesn't look like it will.
    I would be pretty ticked at Kristina too, if I were him. Yeah, he does need to calm down a little bit. Kristina was traumatized, but he has every right to be upset.
    That courtroom scene was crap. Carly should have been arrested too and if using Morgan to get the truth about what happened is what needs to be done, go for it!! Get this dang trial over with.
    If they turn Dante into a mini Sonny, I am seriously going to consider taking GH off my DVR. I know he is protecting his brothers, but Lucky has known his just as long, and doesnt have any trouble arresting him 3 times!!
    Yes, Morgan is a kid, but he isn't that stupid...

  8. P.S. When Dante said the the quote about the file in the cleavage, Lulu sure stuck her chest out a little more...

  9. I'm personally going to be miffed too if people don't start apologizing to Ethan soon, especially Sam. She actually assaulted him. And Sonny should be apologizing to him and Luke. he didn't even acknowledge that he almost had the wrong man killed. Another example of why being so quick on the trigger finger is wrong, Mr. Daddy of the Year!

    I'm glad they've at least stopped telling K that she did nothing wrong. They acknowledge that it was wrong for her to lie. She did nothing to deserve getting beat up and Keifer was very wrong and definitely had problems but K needs therapy to deal with her lying too. She's got quite a history of copping out with a lie. It's sad.



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