Monday, April 5, 2010

Keifer Buys the Dirt!

OLTL pisses me off to no end with the whole "Sky" write off. :/ idiots!! AND just when we find out who he is!! Scott Clifton did a great job-- but that's a given. Just get him back on GH asap!!

GH: Big day! You'd think Maxie could have Skyped her testimony in-- it IS 2010. And she finally finds out about Michael being the killer o' Claudia.

Sonny: " Frankly, I don't think he could have pulled it off"....refering to Lucky trying to take over the mob. LOL. Carly and Sonny's talk, I guess was just to reinforce their "bond" correct?

Alexis hitting Keifer. She had a bit of a psychotic break there, didn't she? BUH-BYE! BOOM! It will be a psychotic break, you wait. And Lucky and Dante just stand there. :whistling:

Edward Q needs a bratty grandkid, one that appreciates bribes and money. LOL. Maya is just Emily all over again.
New stuff should be coming soon as far as spoilers go. This weekend is Rock the Soap Cruise. Lucky ALBERTA WUBs is going!! Not me though boo.

Anyone get the iPad?  Geesh, I heard more about that thing than I ever want to.


  1. Edward has a bratty great grandkid - Micheal!
    I am liking Maya thus far but saw more chemistry between her and Steven then between her and Lucky or Ethan.
    Was that a faberge egg Ethan was lifting from the Q's? I was so expecting a "feta" comment from Karen in the blog!
    What ever happened to the Ethan/Johnny mob partners storyline?
    I am no law expert (but then again netiher are the GH writers!) but couldn't Ethan sue Kristina for false accusation, defemation of character, emotional suffering, etc.? Since she has both Cassadine and Corinthos bank accounts to draw upon it seems like a great way for a con man like Ethan to legitimately get his hands on some big bucks.
    All this build up to Carly being the only one whose testimony can save Sonny has me wondering if she does something shocking on the stand!
    I wonder if we will get to see the Jury while they are now sequestered? I'd love to see how they are interacting back in their hotel or wherever they are being kept. I'm hoping for a Coleman / Big Alice friendship to emerge from this. Imagine in Big Alice invited Coleman to the Q's 4th of July picnic or Thanksgiving, haha!

  2. I LOL when Sonny said that about Lucky - it was too funny.
    Maxie held her own with that prosecutor - finally. Glad Jason stood up for her with Sonny and Carly. Man - Alexis rocked today - she was totally the best. This is Emmy material for her - and Kristina.
    OLTL - Scott Clifton has to go back to GH - i was thinking watching his performance today that Tracy needs one of her kids back. Poor Roxi - I felt bad for her. Crazy Alison is over the top - she is quite the good loony tunes!

  3. I also loved Maxi scenes today
    how she did held her own with Claire, Not like Robin..
    I liked that Jason defend her to Carly and Sonny..
    I am really enjoying this friendship between Jason and Maxie this is one of the things that makes me root for Spixie....

    I actually thought Sonny meant for Dante in destroying the Org not Lucky LOL

    I am so happy that truth is out BUT WHY DID WE NEED ANOTHER WHO DID IT STORY??

  4. Maxie was fantastic today giving that pain in the rear Claire a big ole dose of crap right back... I loved it!

    Lexi and Nancy hit it out of the park with their performances. It was all I could do not to cry with them. And finally the pay off as Kristina admits the truth and Sonny hears it all. Awesome!

    A rock solid show leading into some great events to come. I am shocked at the quality of shows coming at us these days with May Sweeps still a month away!

  5. Ok, in a really rare mood today, so if this gets slammed, I am sorry.

    Did it look like Carly was wearing a wig today? That is not a knock to the actress. It really looked like a wig with her natural hair sticking out in the back underneath. Take a look.

    Over the weekend, I was playing around on youtube and watching old episodes. And it dawned on me. What a shame it is that some people have only been watching the past 10 yrs or so and never got to see Robin Mattson as Heather Webber or Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe. 2 great characters and really exceptional actresses

    Epiphany today was really nice and friendly to Maya. Last week she was really nasty to Nicholas and Tracy. I'm not going to say the "R" word, but I was thinking it.

    The car crash today was realistic. And I was glad for that. So many times, car crashes are poorly shot and ridiculous. But todays was believable. Good job. (OMG have there been that many car crashes in time that I referred to them as "so many")

    If you ever have any doubt about the acting of Sarah Brown, check out the old scenes of her as Carly when she told Bobbie she was her daughter. Man. GH was amazing once.

  6. does anyone remember that Alexis used the temporary insanity thing when she killed Luis Alcazar? She claimed that she had DID, and that was how she got involved with Zander's father, the psychiatrist. Does anyone remember her dressing like a man to be a servant at the Q's, and that Alice had a crush on her?

    I haven't seen today's show yet, so i will probably catch it on hulu. My mom said it was really good, though.

  7. Liz - I do remember those stories with Alexis! She researched Viki on OLTL when she faked the DID. Her being involved with Zander's father was so Julia/Mason from SB could be reunited, but it worked, they were great together on GH, too. Maybe Nancy will finally get her emmy, she's been amazing throughout this storyline.

  8. All the abuse storyline is doing, is bashing men.They are killing kiefer off cause he is a man, and they are blaming Ethan cause he is a man.Look at Logan,Cooper, Jessie and AJ, they killed them off cause they are men. That is the message they are sending.

  9. To Anonymous:

    I agree this is a man-bashing storyline.

    Notice that Sam got to physically assault Ethan and she wasnt arrested?

    And I bet that Kristina wont be held liable for falsely accusing Ethan.

    I checked the list of previews for upcoming dates as to what is going to happen, and nowhere was there a preview that said "Sam and Alexia apologize to Ethan for presuming him to be guilty". I wont hold my breath.

  10. I bet Sam and Kristina won't be arrested either Anonymous. Neither will Alexis for running down Kiefer and covering it up. And none of them will oh Ethan an apology.Skye forgave him for jumping to the wrong conclusions,that was good she did. Even tho Sonny is a man I wish someone would hang him on a meathook,or put him in a padded cell and beat him up, like he did to Johnny which is abuse.

  11. Just for once, I'd like someone to pay for something they did as opposed to say, getting hit by a car? Seriously, but a trial against Kiefer would compete against Sonny's and no one wants that right? And who wonders where Kristina learned to lie?

    FINALLY Sonny can stop parading around, acting like he knows everything. I hope he eats crow!

    Frisco- they did touch on why Johnny and Ethan aren't doing anything anymore. A few weeks ago, Claire Walsh (I think) asked Johnny to stop raiding on Sonny so that he wouldn't go to jail and not look credible onthe stand. Also, I don't think Ethan would WANT to raid Sonny right now. LOL

  12. There should be one of their famous Public Service Announcements:

    (Kristina) Lying about who beat you up is wrong. It can get an innocent man killed. If you are going to get your mobster father to go around town killing people, you should always tell the truth and he should kill the right people. That's one to grow on.

  13. I am liking Clair. All she is doing is trying to get Sonny locked up, which he deserves.
    I didn't like Maxie's antics at all yesterday. I thought they were annoying and had me rolling my eyes on multiple occasions...
    I liked when Epiphany said she is a firm believer in doing the right thing. Really? Is that why you treated Ethan so rudely the other day in the hospital...while you were working??
    Why did they have Steven tell Epiphany to call the police and that the police need to pick up Ethan? Dr's need to keep to themselves in that situation. Yes, call the police, but hold your two cents!!
    They took FOREVER to have Kristina tell Alexis and Dante that Keifer was the culprit. Geez
    I know they are all worried about Kristina right now, but I would love for someone to say Ethan's name, followed by an apology afterwards!
    And for the record. PC likes to paint both men and women as very stereotypical sexes. Women, as baby machines that lose their mind and follow their men around.
    Men as enforcers and death traps.
    OF course Sonny and Jason are in their own category or God and Jesus...

  14. Epiphany is nasty and vile to white people and all sweetness and kindness to Maya.

    Racism on GH. Uncle Walt would be so proud considering his track record. Time for a Public Service Announcement!

    I feel like writing en masse to the actors and writers and asking what day we can expect Ethans apologies to start rolling in.

    I wonder if the actors are affected by negative letters about their characters

  15. Laura Wright's hair DID look odd to me too!!! I agree!

  16. What Andrea said...!



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