Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wed Soaps and Happy Town Twitter Party Tonight!

Here it is! The show I've been waiting to see for about a month now. I thought it might be a great primetime creepy-soapy to start watching. People are going to twitter together, so if you're on, join us at 10pm/est!! Remember to follow @wubsnet and hashtag #happytown. Also @happytowntv is on there as well. 

AMC bored me to tears. So, let's talk about OLTL! Geesh, Todd got quite a beat-down or what!? Lord! I am NOT digging Kelly's story about the murder. LOVE Gina T but her coming back to the show has been such a drag. She needs a kick ass story. Where has Jessica been? Do I even care who Rex's mama is? It has to be someone that slept with Bo long ago. Didi? Connie? hmmmm. Don't tell me if you know!! Some saloon gal?

GENERAL HOSPITAL: HA!! HELENA talking to Spencer about the Cassadine history!! Heh. It's perfect. It's about time they let her get to know her great-grandson!! WOOT! Thank you to whomever finally got on the HELLS train. She gives Spencer a dagger. Heh. Way to start my GH day. *sigh* LOVED the whole "Gramma Hella" and Corn dog conversation. So delicious.

Hate Claire. Goodbye. She's going to mess up the whole trial by talking to Johnny Z?? stupid story. Now they are having her look at a baby on her screen saver? UGH. whatever..Better not be Sonny's HAHAHAHHAA. Seriously, what's her big "Secret"?? :eyeroll:

I am really loving that they are balancing the cop/mobular stuff for once on GH. Having Dante and Lucky working the case makes me feel better. I think it's WAY more of a story to have both sides. ---------->  GET THIS TRIAL OVER WITH!
Lisa and Alice working out...and Alice says her Mom was a wrestler. Nice touch. 

Scrubs in the Park, very cute. Emma is a doll. 
Mayor Floyd waltzes in...for 2 seconds. Kinda like Agent Raynor. Why do they bother with them? And You know, showing Keifer's father and mother would do some good as well. They don't build the ALL. ;/ 
Michael learned NOTHING being a mobster's kid, he just walks through the park. LOL D'oh!
Dante: LOCK UP.
I love Mama Walton/Shirley-- if Audrey and Leslie were around more, we'd have MORE wise talks. We need that generation on more. 
OMG, Carly's dress was SO UGLY today, I thought she had a nursing bra on! LOL AND I think Lulu was wearing Maxie's dress !! Really! The black lace cocktail one? Anybody catch that?!

Did you see the Spoilers yet? HIT an ad!! It's AIDS WALK NY and Alberta has her own page!! There are 4 Wubbers walking May 16th as well. We need BUCKS!

It's NANCY LEE GRAHN'S BIRTHDAY today! Happy day to my fave lawyer and gutsy lady.



  1. I completely understand why Patrick hates Sonny but, Damn! he was quick to pull out that cell phone wasn't he! lol (sorry about the language)

  2. I loved ALL of the Lulu & Dante scenes but why doesn't he have a lock on his door.He is a cop for god sakes can't he lock his apartment? I also LOVED the Carl/Clair scene! I loved Clair for calling Carly a bad mother! She spoke the truth and called Carly on all of her BS!! I am Team Clair and Team Lulu/Dante!

  3. I find it odd too that anyone can ride on up to Dante's loft. Loved the Helena/Spencer scene and Lisa/Alice scene. Kinda zoned out during the rest of the show.

    Anyone notice Jasam's song playing while Charlie and Dorian were in the diner on OLTL?

  4. Call me morbid, but I was kinda hoping Spencer took the daggar and started stabbing Helena and would shout "Die Granny Hells. Die".

    Kinda like the young evil kids in old, bad horror movies.

    And then she would open her eyes and it would all be a dream.

  5. Karen,LMAO, Claire having Sonny's baby, hehehehe, although, you're right, it probably is his!

    GIANT Emma! So cute, and the kid was SO responsive, with that "high five" with Daddy! So sorry for her, though, she is so verbal and active, and her "parents" mostly ignored her to have the same discussion about Sonny for the one millionth time. But, we know, EVERYTHING must be about, and revolve around, Sonny!

    Carly's dress, also LMAO about your comment.

  6. Karen - The minute Carly came on in that ugly dress I came out here to see what you were going to say about it! She's usually got a great wardrobe, but that was awful.

  7. Yeah, Michael hides out really well.

    Who are you?
    I'm Michael Corinthos the 3rd.


    And why is he Michael Corinthos the third. Sonny's dad isn't Mike Corinthos!

  8. Emma is the best actor on the show right now. She said "grapes" like, three times!

  9. Just wanted to say that I love your blog and read it every day!

  10. Hahaha, loved Emma! She was into her own world. She kept talking to someone off camera, and Robin kept kissing her fingers and hands. Soo cute! I actually like seeing the kids around. Spencer and Gramma Hella... cute!

    I gotta admit, I don't hate Claire, and now this baby on her screen, what's the deal with that?? ! Hope they don't drop it like the dang Hells birth certificate. {although I think the birth certificate has got to do with Valentin, who as we know, now has other commitments)

    And I am liking the chemistry between Ethan and Maya..



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