Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Afternoon Soapalicious!


Oh, there are more rumors coming up about Helena kidnapping Tracy (We can only HOPE!), Michael meeting Zoe, and Skye being in danger. Hmmmm, will keep you posted. If you ask me they ALL SOUND so boring. I mean...really.

OLTL: I'm trying to get into the whole teeniebopper play thing. They are kind of doing something different, so I'll give them props. POOR TEA, and I love me some Florencia. Susan Haskell was amazing today. I've always loved her.

Dear Bob Guza: Please make Anthony Z an old boyfriend of Helena's..she will go visit him in prison. He gets out and they "rekindle" their romance. WOOT! Can you imagine!!? He'd be A PERFECT guy to be skulking aroung Wyndemere. PLUS, Johnny could come stay there too...Oh, please listen to me. I have such delicious ideas!! Or, hell, make him Skye's real father.

Also, are there other soaps that totally DROP things the way GH does? Like the birth certificate Hells was looking for? The total fact no one is asking her why she was so freaked out (and almost dying) the last time she was on? We can go on and on... GH really REALLY drops balls. Toxic Balls. heh.

OMG, how many DAYS are they going to say "The Role of Michael Corinthos is now being played by...." it's been over a week! Old Morgan is still on so far. He'll be switching soon too. Weird to see Kristina with NuMichael wasn't it? I really loved their scene together. About 10 people on Twitter also said they liked Chad. That's doesn't mean we don't miss Drew, but I have to say, Chad is doing ok.

The many things have happened THERE?? Great place to hide: NOT!

CarJax: same fight, different day.

Luke, Skye and Tracy were hilarious as always. Like Mama Walton...but today was pretty much filler. I so hate Lisa. She drives me nuts.
Maxie finally blurts out she knows where Michael is!

You have no idea how I wish I could travel all over to these GH events and meet you all! More than even meeting the actors!! Just getting to NYC is a trip and a half. Too bad I'm not rich, young and single. Heh, I'd be all over the place with Alberta, whoopin' it up!!


  1. I second having Anthony Z be Helena's old flame. She needs a new storyline instead of the same stuff all the time about baby switching and Cassadine heirs.

  2. 'GH really REALLY drops balls. Toxic Balls. heh.'

    No kidding. The bigger problem is often they're King Kong sized balls.

  3. I GOTTA VENT about what is going to happen this may!
    I am not going to unleash spoilers but I did read whats going to happen this may over at
    and I just really have to say that Sonny,Jason,and Carly are the biggest idiots. They are so fricken delusional and lost in they're own criminal world that they have no clue about what could be the best for Micheal. The kid would at most get probation and have to do community service. He was a fricken minor. But they are so blind to the law. Didn't they even bother to consult Diane before about what Micheal did?

    Its going to get bad and nasty for poor Dante and Lulu because of her support for him.
    This is going to make me hate Carly even more as well as Jason and Sonny. I already hate Sonny,so no loss there.

    Carly,Sonny,Jason the biggest hypicrits in Port Chuck! Somebody PLEASE bring them down already!!

  4. Monday's show for me? Sam's boobalations HANGING OUT all over! While Luke was staring at Skye's, I couldn't keep my eyes off of Sam's--they were sooo distracting during her scenes with Kristina, I was waiting for them to fall out of her shirt.

    Other than that, I thought Krissy and NuNuMichael looked more alike than Krissy and NuMichael. I also think NuNu Michael is a good actor--he has to be, to fit into a story where, after a year or so, everything is coming out, and he is the center of all the action.

    I think the way they are exploring Krissy's "battered woman" thinking is quite insightful, including tying it in to her dynamics with her father. I just hope that they're able to "cure" her of this wrong thinking, as it will be very instructive to millions of women out there. It would be good to show Lainy help her with this in their sessions.

    Do I dare to hope that my Brenda will return to my Sonny, so that they can live happily ever after? I've been waiting for this for over a decade, I deserve my happy ending!!

  5. Antjoan wouldn't it be poetic justice though to make carly squirm if it were a sonny/brender/jax triangle again? Not even including Carly in the equation would be fab!

  6. I am really sick of Carly blaming Jax for Michael's situation. Yes, if Jax hadn't hired Claire, this trial would probably be over and Sonny set free and Michael at home. But, lets not forget why Michael is in trouble in the first place. IT wasn't Jax's fault that Michael was shot, or Carly was kidnapped or Michael is a mess.

    I can't wait for Carly to yell at Lulu, and since they are from the same blood, I HOPE AND PRAY Lulu gives it right back like I know she can. (We all see how mean she was to Liz). And I hope Lulu goes off on Maxie as well, though Maxie is a lost cause.
    Can't Carly like anyone besides Jason and Sonny?

    I want this Michael mess to be over with. I am sick of it being on my tv ALL THE TIME, putting every other storyline on the back burner.

  7. RitaP: Your idea is priceless, it would be MY DREAM!! I would LOVE to see Sonny/Brender/Jax again and Carly left out to dry! She is such trailer trash, I never knew what everyone saw in her. Of course this only would work for me if Brenda ends up with Sonny!!

    As for Carly fighting with Lulu, that is horrible, they are cousins and have such a good, longstanding relationship, another reason to hate Carly, whom I already detest.

    I do like Maxie, though.

  8. With nuMichael they have gone from angry yelling Michael to soft spoken pouty Michael. I hate when they change the characters with the actors.

    And Maxie is an airhead but I do like

  9. YES! Love the idea of Helena and Anthony Zacchara as a couple. A definite Woot. Why aren't you writing this soap?

  10. Micheal is already a killer he killed AJ when he was little putting a pillow over his face so I think the writers should take refresher course on the character every 2 years especially when they squeeze 10 years in a few months



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