Friday, August 31, 2012

Steve Burton Talks Leaving GH: Television Interview

Link to ABC affiliate Steve Burton Interview 

"I've grappled with the decision for a long time," Burton said. "It's hard to even really talk about it because I've been there for 21 years, and it's been such a blessing to be able to have a job that long."
Burton says "General Hospital" has been like home. But home for his family is now an old farmhouse on 17 acres in Nashville, Tenn., a city he got to know while filming the 2001 film "The Last Castle."

A must see!! It's really good. 

Sam, Jax, The Dead Man's Hand and ....

Look who gets them in the end..Luke pretending to be a homeless guy...thx to Andrea for this clip!

Friday Fever (For GH Characters!)


Spinelli:  "Jason will turn to him [for help] in the unraveling of the baby mystery.  He is more open to softening toward Maxie, but he is very gun-shy when it comes to her.  It will be interesting to see if Maxie realizes that Spinelli is the guy for her - and if it will be too late by the time she figures it out."

Spinelli will be involved with that cute nursing student. 

Spinelli SKYPed with Jason from Alaska!! NICE... LOL  Ewan was treating John Jacks in the hospital. Here's the rest:
Ewan says John Jacks left his family with nothing-- He blames John for his father's death. The Jacks family got the "Dead Man's Hand" cards (real ones) and used it for the luck.  Ewan thinks his family's ruin was due to John Jack's winning the cards from his father in  a card game. 

 Ewan treated John for his depression in Alaska and then in again in Arizona. Bent on Revenge.
Do you get that? LMAO..OMG!! 

There was even a fake John Jacks flashback with Ewan and Jax!! NICE!! Ok, so Jax tells John he can find the cards, then tells Ewan to tell his Dad to hold on. Ewan goes in to kill John and Jerry sees him. Jerry won't report the murder so he could use Ewan for all sorts of mayhem. 
AJ Quartermaine helped Jerry steal the cards. 
We think Luke has the dead man's hand now..anyone know? John thinks Sam has them. 

"You passed me in the hall, you didn't know it was me because I already had my new face" Jerry to Jax
ahahahaaa. OMG Only on a soap!! 

Luke/Anna..Anna has on Brenda sleeves!! HELENA mention.  Luke thinks she's following Ethan around. That was a WEIRD JUMP to them, btw. Luke says he's going to find Robert Anna says go yourself. 

Jason breaks into the shed where Ewan has Liz..end show.

HELL IT WAS a dang confusion of sheeeze today!! LOL 

GO TO Lexi Ainsworth's blog for a Watermelon/FETA salad recipe for Labor day! 


Location SHOOT with a SPEED BOAT. LOL.. you know me and my speed boats!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Contract Role at General Hospital

Teresa Castillo has been contracted to play a newbie nursing student, Sabrina. She'll set her sights on Spinelli and then Patrick. Source SOD. Ron C said she's a nursing student, not med student as SOD said. 

"We're Toast"!

Today was about panic. Note: McBain is made head of it all--not someone that's been there forever. LOL. Geeze.
They found some extras to act sick and panicked! 

I would have done it!

"Are you man enough to follow in your wife's footsteps??"
says Epiphany to Paddy. He doesn't even DO research but they have him do it on here. I guess for the drama. Seriously, he's a surgeon. That's just lazy.

Luke and Anna were such a buzz kill today, NOT THE DAY for this!! Snooze

All those poor people walking around sick with hideous gold colored blankets. LOL And the fluffy robes from the Toxic Ball incident. 

Tracy and Joe Jr. sweaty on the couch..eek.... Alice is going to get the Febreeze out.  

Luke told Anna about the Ethan Lie.
Jerry asked for a date for money 81100 million.  A date?

Dead man's hand? Aces and 8s?  YEP..Jax confirms it.  Whatever.  Spoilers should be up later when I wake up a bit lol.

"I thought you were damaged, but salvageable. I didn't know that there was nothing inside, and nothing to salvage," Alexis to Jerry

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chad Duell Presents: "Leave"

As posted by Kris Alderson LOL:

So, what do you think of Jagger back. I think we could use a hottie..but why would ASJ go tweeting? LOL 

Note the shaky-germ-cam at the PCPD ...good gravy, Lulu's face was HUGE!!  

Sonny and Junior.  AHAHHAAAA. "I pacifcally TOLD YOU NOTS to go in DARE"!! Says Sonny.  PFfffffffffffft! Joe uses his son as leverage. Sonny should have put tap water down his throat. Someone on twitter thought of that. It would have been great. 

I so would have rather seen a Bridezilla Krissy plan her "wedding" than this Vegas Stuff. UGH. It's just so awful. It's ruining the tempo of the whole show. UGH I HATE THIS JUNIOR MINT STUFF! 

I JUST found out that Liz' kids are in DISNEY WITH AUDREY.  They said this on the show? LMAO. Poor GRAN! Geesh!! She's only like 90. Bahahhaaaaaa. Did they get Fast Passes? Would she go on Space Mountain??! LMAO 

OK, today's show was just so hilarious in so many ways, you have to see it. 


On Twitter today: 

 Do it 4 the fans bring JAGGER back & will lets take it where it should be Give me 2 weeks I'll even do it 4 FREE 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The End of the Morgan Era...

He was born a Quatermaine but became a Morgan by the dashboard light. (is that in poor taste? Sorry). We've lived with Jason for 21 years now and it's time for SBu to fly away. With this regime change you could kind of hear that door creaking open... then his house sold. What say you? Happy? Sad? Won't tune in? Good riddance? St. Jasus has been SUCH a part of GH it's amazing he'll be leaving. Think of all the air time with a giant hole to fill. No more Liason/JaSam fights (that would be relevant, we know you'll always have arguments LOL). Carly's going to hurl. I told you in Sunday Surgery if he goes I want him going gruesome, final and ironic.  A little Fronkey twist? 

From TV Guide:

TV Guide Magazine: There's buzz that you and James Franco and [former GH exec producer] Jill Farren Phelps have teamed on a TV project.
Burton: Yeah, and it's looking great. Jill went off and did that telenovela Hollywood Heights [at Nickelodeon] and James did a day's work there. Suddenly he decides he wants to make one of his own novellas through his production company and we're like, "Huh?" So the three of us collaborated on an idea and came up with a really good one. Jill will EP it, I'll produce and star in it and so will James. We'll be able to get a lot of great cameos and guest stars because of James' connections. It'll be a fun show to do.
TV Guide Magazine: So then it's sold? It's a done deal?
Burton: [Laughs] Uh...actually I'm not supposed to be talking about it.
TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of Jill, she's now over at The Young and the Restless. Would you do a role there?
Burton: Listen, Jill is one of my dearest friends. [Laughs] I'm never going to say never because , as soon as I do, I'll be popping up over there! Here's the thing: As cool as it was to know I had a nice, cushy place to go every day with GH, I think it's going to be just as cool to not have a nice, cushy place to go every day. I like not knowing what's next for a change. I'm jumping off a cliff in a total leap of faith.

Steve on Twitter:
Morning.Just wanted to thank all of you for your support over the years.You are amazing.It's been an incredible 21 yrs of my life.THANK YOU
Thanks for all the luv.I know it's difficult for some.It is difficult for me.I luv the cast and has been home. Hoping to tweet ltr

So there it is. 

TV Guide/SID confirms Steve Burton OUT

Twitter this am is buzzing with the news that Steve Burton will NOT be renewing his contract at GH and will be out. Details to come.. I'm in the middle of a workshop but thought this was important!!

go to for details

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Duke

Duke and Anna were married in a LAVISH Scottish ceremony in 1987. Ian Buchanan played Duke from 1986-89, then was recast with a different face (he said it was witness protection surgery). Duke owned "Duke's Club" which was a money laundering place for--the mob. She fell for the mob guy while being co-police chief. He worked for Victor Jerome. There's a lot more on Wikipedia, just search "Duke Lavery" 

From an interview excerpt from We Love it all! 
We Love Soaps: Why do you think Duke and Anna were such a huge phenomenon?
Ian Buchanan:
I  think we are very similar, which is kind of weird.  We trusted each other immediately.  We worked really well together.  We were there for each other, which was great.  She was very supportive of me, she wanted me to get the job.  She was pretty amazing.  We were instantly, and still are, the closest of friends.  I think people related to that.  And we were British.  They liked the dark hair, the unibrow.  Finola always said, “If Duke and Anna ever had a child, it would have been an eyebrow.”  

I think Ewan looks just like Duke, btw! That's an observation--not a promise.  Look at Anna's HAIR UP THERE!! LMAO! 

THERE'S AN ANNA AND DUKE site on the net! click that link! 

By the way..we don't know yet if Duke saved Robin by taking her-- or is the ultimate villain in this. He could just be a part of a bigger arc. Just saying hang on-- ! 

Panic at the PORT CHARLES!

OMG.. I raced home and got behind a TRAIN that never  ended and then a 99 year old driving about 20!!!! PANIC!! 

Finola did that recognition so well--and she doesn't have a ton of botox so it was priceless. She was so good at conveying that sorrow. 

DAMN IT! The patient wasn't even anyone!! It was the doppelganger scenario! ;/ She did have black nail polish on-- Anna was so devistated. "You stole a jet"?? NO, Tracy gave it to me. 

Jerry talked enough.  LOL... it went on forever. Then, he just turned it off. Then on again..then off... then on to say You'll be DEAD. BOOM! 

Carly and Jax chug water while trying to figure out how they could poison the entire town. Actually everyone is drinking the water. Jerry wants MONEY for the antidote--it's all about the money. 

Liz is so stupid.  Ha... GOD RUN Liz!! duh. Don't just stand there talking to Satan-Ewan. 

JOHN catches him in the garage!! and then ST. JASUS has to come  in too? COME ON... ugh. WHY always  WHY does he have to save the day--and with a bigger gun? LOL. 

Olivia is wondering if Jerry was a hallucination or real..LOL. Steven Lars is quoting FEDERAL Law about what Jerry did. WTF... Like he'd know about any laws. He can't tie his own shoes! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Straight Jacket Suspense

That's right...I said Suspense. (Which I don't think I've said in conjunction with GH for eons!!!) You all know I was out of town last week so this surgery will be short and sweet. If you don't want to know the rumors of the "mystery patient" don't read the next part ok? 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Back in the Saddle

HUGE Rumor flying around that Steve Burton is leaving GH. Daytime Confidential were the ones to get it out there. Steve had sold his LA home awhile ago and speculation had been he may be done with the show. Steve was a huge fave of Mr. Guza and JFP-- and who knows what the golden ones all think of the new regime. Time will tell. He does have a lot of side businesses going so-- ??? What say you? You sad to see him go if he does? If he DOES go his death needs to be gruesome and ironic. That's my wish.

OMG--THEY MENTIONED CHLOE and the music box yestderday!! This is stuff from 2000-2001 during the whole Endgame years!!! If you remember, it was stalled and then stopped because off 9/11. Stavvros and  Helena were going to poison the town.
YEAH THAT Ingo is back!! He's a GHer dang it-- we need him on the show!! 

Three shirtless men in about a minute on GH! LOL...Jax, Todd and Ewan! Now that's Cartini for ya!!
Luke as Dr. VonVorGenVonstein...see a catatonic Anna but I bet she's faking it. TOLD YA! she was You did note that although she was in an institution and in a straightjacket, she did have lipstick on and eye liner.

Jason and Liz and Ewan. Jason then tells  Liz (after Ewan) that Ewan was in Alaska. He connects Jerry to Nikolas injection. AND he mentions that Patrick/Robin were involved AND there was a Siobhan mention. So, we have some history going here. 

Todd and Carly are great friends, like them. 

Joe and Tracy just may be very interesting. Tracy looked glowing.  There's always something about a man in a new crisp shirt!! Tracy's acting all zexy  and sleeps with him day one. 

Jerry introduces himself to Todd as James Craig-- hmmm.  He wants some of Todd's cable company. He's going to GO ON THE AIRWAVES!! 
AND ANNA FINDS SOMEONE that looks like Robin...who will it BE?????????!! EMILY Q? Hmmmm. wonder--Brenda? Some other chick? 

OMG Olivia and Dr. Ewan...OMG...I'm not telling you but Well-- WELL: 

Kelly Sullivan in UK Mail Online!

To play her character of fierce editor-in-chief of Crimson magazine in General Hospital, Kelly Sullivan is usually seen in an array of designer dresses and power suits.
But the 34-year-old actress shed her sharp clothing and slipped on a string bikini to enjoy a day at the beach in Santa Monica today.
The daytime star looked trim and toned in her white and green swimsuit as she strolled along the sand and frolicked in the water with her equally buff boyfriend, Eric Schneider. Read it all and see way more PHOTOS on the UK Mail Online

Marshall Hilliard joining GH

A new copper's comin' to town...  Marshall Hilliard is joing the PCPD soon. Hilliard is known for his acting on Days of Our Lives as Dylan and the TV Movie "Burn". He's due to tape at the end of the month. 

General Hospital: On Location

Thud. Frank just tweeted this photo. NLG hinted she was on a location with several "hunks" when she got back from vacation.
Looks like it's on the water! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Here I am!! ;) How was today's show? I hear good--Jax connection steps into play. I am so hoping this is getting exciting and not going to LET ME DOWN as per GH's M.O. With the new regime, dare we hope!!? I see in the spoiler photos that Luke acts like Dr. Humpdinkle again in his dang bow tie. I should be on here tomorrow at THREE for once, ready to get my snark on. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22nd in Vacation Land!

So how is GH? I saw a bit via twitter that Lante were the ones to watch! The false positive is a stretch--I mean in this day and age?? Maybe Jerry is spiking the water with hormones to turn men to women in PC. :Giggle: Anyway, it seemed their dialog was written well and heartfelt.

Sad news...TMZ reported earlier this morning that Vanessa Marcil filed for divorce from her husband Carmine Giovinazzo of barely 2 years. Wishing her all the best. There have been rumors of her return on GH lately. We shall see.

See you around-- I should be back to 'normal' next week, although I have work seminars I must attend. Good Lord, everything is INTERFERING with my GH STUFF!! The worst one will be when it moves to 2pm. wahh.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cheatin' Post

While I have one of THESE can post away about today's GH. Was it Fascinating? Frustrating? Foolish?

See ya later!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Incubation

So, Jerry Jack's evil plan was exposed! Told you he was saving Joss and Alexis. They sure woke up pretty quick after flat lining, didn't they? Geesh!  Friday's show was a good cut/edit of Jerry vs the people in the hospital.

One glitch? Joe Jr. and Trey. I just don't get them.  Especially Trey--with his "marry me for my TV show stuff". Whatever. I suppose Junior knowing Jerry from the Metrocourt is a "Tie In" for him. again-- Whatever.

You know the drill-- I have a new scrub shirt with lobsters on it How about YOU!?  Here's the week:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Systemic Inflammatory Response

Well,  Jerry finally said what it is-- which could mean Jerry is incubating a virus or creating an antibobdy.  or it has to do with the autoimmune disorders--which Robin has. 

Now, Ewan told Jerry yesterday McBain and Jason were at Wyndemere. Why the hell would he go there with Junior now? Makes no sense. 

Johnny in the chapel..all guilty and Starr hears him. Whoops, people have to not talk out loud to themselves on soaps lol. 

Carly had a good moment with NuJoss... although come on, the kid didn't even have an ice or alcohol bath or an IV bag. Why didn't Dr. SteveStupid call a specialist? 

I TOLD YOU it would happen just like it did.

Nice editing today.
I could have lived without the prayer circle. 

Ricky Martin on Jimmy Fallon

and they bust on GH....LMAO

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Greg Rikaart in the Huffington Post. Brilliant column and Kudos to him for having the stuff to publish it in such a public manner. 

On to the SHOW!! BTW, my hairdresser today was so NEGATIVE about GH. Wow, she hates it right now. She and her girlfriend watch all the time and are not even bothering much any more. I was surprised. She said "I only like Todd and I don't even know who the hell he is" LOL 

The only things that really happened was that Carly and Liz shared a nice moment, Mac was on and there's a new TJ.  Which, you may not have noticed because he's never really on. LOL 

Jerry and Joe...ugh..just SAY SOMETHING. Jerry's still hacking up blood. When he's BY HIMSELF only. 

Jason and McBain are going to get the Center for Diseases to Wyndemere. Hells is going to have a fit. 

Stupid Kristina called Trey and not Molly? LOL..duhhhhhhhhh. She's so useless. Oh wait, she did leave a message.  Trey tells her 'My producers want me to marry you'...ooooooo, smooth.  LOL 

Well. Today was. A. show.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Children of the Damned. 

NuJosslyn looks a bit Children O' The Corn. Sorry..but tow headed blondes can  freak me out! LOL Other people said the movie above. I don't remember it! There was a Star Trek eppy like that. Creepy. 

Alexis is down... When Jason and McBain were figuring out stuff at GH it was hysterical to see their faces. 

Jerry Jacks knows JUNIOR and goes to Atlantic  City.. and he talks about making Robin's 'body' disappear in Feb. It's all connected. Somehow. They both worked the Metro Court job. 

Epiphany knows Paddy stole the drugs. She's pissed! But she won't tell Monica. She loves her some Patrick!! That was an AWESOME scene!! So wonderful. sniff. Then little Emma came in and was a doll.. awww.

Starr and Trey: Don't care.

Jason and McBain race to Wyndemere!! Here we go...the adventure will start. I HOPE!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anyone That Wants to Row a Boat To Wyndemere

Says Alexis "They can do anything..." LOL Alexis is going to take Sam's divorce case on. Yeah for the Alexis and Sam talk. 
 Jason tells Carly about the break up . Carly's got a weird look on her face--and says "I have to go talk to Sam"!!! 

So, the drug she was injected with is retro-amnesia-- and yes Joss will be ill and so will Alexis but that's a good thing. I'm telling you. They will be safe... it's all part of the plan. 

Dante can be angsty about the baby now. Awww...they are going to the doctors! 

"Nothing says I love you like tying someone up in a shack" says Todd to Heather.  She's trying to have him get her out of the mental hospital. Lots of great dialog.  They were hysterical.  Todd was picturing Olivia running naked through the woods LMAO. Todd tells Heather to keep quiet, stay at Ferncliff and he will make sure no one knows that Steven Lars killed a patient in Memphis!!

Luke tells Steven Lars that Jason is Heather's accomplice? What? where did he get that idea? OH From the MASK!! Friday the 13th!!! "He had a machete which he used to open a pineapple with". LOL Took me awhile to get the reference. 

They take Joss to the hospital because of the pin prick-- and they remembered she's on anti rejection meds!! wow. 


Great GH Events Coming to Chicago and Detroit!!

You know you've been waiting for them!  

Lisa LoCicero and Kelly Sullivan!! Those wacky Falconeri cousins are coming to Chicago (October 13th) and Detroit (October 14th)--get your pasta and straight jackets ready!! 

I've been to one of Lisa's events in Toronto and it really was a great's the LINK to find out MORE!! 

SEE WHO ELSE is coming to these venues as well at Elite Fan Events. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sarah Brown Dies Again--On Days Of Our Lives

TWEET: @sarahjoybrown R.I.P Madison James. Shot this on my last day @ DAYS. Thank you for watching, those of you who do. Love U. 

Man! She can't catch a Break!!! Blood all over, just like Claudia. Here's wishing our Sarah the best.  You know she'll be acting again soon.

Maybe Claudia is still alive somewhere! 

Lulu's carrying around that PEE STICK which is a tradition on GH lately! LOL A Lante baby would be adorable. 

Kate and Sonny in his TINY little restaurant. I wish ConKate would have smashed a cake.  LOL LOVED Max in his outfit. 

Jerry is saving Alexis thank goodness. I wish that was a tattoo gun not a needle lol. I saw Joss' hands moving when she was "out" LOL. Johnny and Carly are oblivious during their sexcapades and Joss is gone! He's saving Joss too---I believe that is either a vaccine or an antidote so they don't get whatever he's unleashing. Or someone else is unleashing. 

OMG... JaSam is cryin' AGAIN. That's all they have done since FOREVER. blah blah wah wah. The writers need to just stop with their angst already. NOW IT'S "Should we divorce"?? 

Maurice Benard Gets "Cake Bossed"!

At one of his events in NY this weekend, Maurice and Paula got a cake from none other than the Cake Boss himself!! Happy Anniversary to them!!
PS. Buddy would make a great guest cameo on GH!

I took this from Facebook, Maurice's Fan Page.  If anyone was there, let us know!! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Flat Affect

Oh, Wubbers. Did I ever think there would come a day when I'd struggle with what to say about GH? Not  really but here I am. Struggling. 
Don't get me wrong. GH is way better than it was a year ago in ever way. I enjoy the day to day dialog and feel a rejuvenation coming off the cast. So...what is it?
I think about the things going on (Jerry, Lante PG, Olivia hallucinations, yada yada) and see potential. It's just not jelling for me. I'm  being honest. You know I'm a Cartini cheerleader from day one. But I've been just underwhelmed. I love the Todd addition...but I want more integration. More people at MEnterprises. Why hasn't he taken over ELQ yet and descend on Tracy/Michael?  Anna is MIA at a critical juncture. Felicia disappeared. Mac's got one bar scene. 
GH has a history of isolation and you can feel it now all over again. Sonny's in his back room at the warehouse. Stories that are chopped up. Long lags between things happening.
To be BRUTALLY honest...? This GH makes me miss OLTL more and more. *sigh*
Scrub Up... I'm ready to unload!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Daytime Confidential: ABC's Daytime Shift FAIL!

Take a spin over to Daytime Confidential's awesome article on the absolute FAILURE of ABC's decision to replace it's beloved soaps with a show about food...another one who can remember and it's newest: Good Afternoon America.


Only 1.36 million total viewers tuned in for GAA the week of July 30. The limited-run series was off One Life to Live's numbers among the coveted women 18-49 demo by a devastating 70 percent. Things weren't much better for The Chew. While the foodie fest nearly tied CBS Daytime's The Talk in total viewers (1.89 million vs. 1.86 million), The Chew was off All My Children's W18-49 digits by 41 percent.  Network daytime talk show leader The View was watched by 2.58 million the week in question

Why Josslyn, How you've grown!!

Alberta is going to miss her fave Joss--and the adorable twins that played her.  They LOVED Alberta when she visited the set. Carly was all glittery today-- kinda weird for Mom at Home in Western NY. I still don't get how Johnny could get out of the mob when no one else could. EVER.  His hair looked like low flow shower head ala Kramer today. 
Ewan is taking Josslyn 

Sonny was so cute with NuXtina !! He was all chuckly. Here's the ring giggle. (Still say if Brenda came through that door-- :HOT POTATO KATE:)
And Krissy was all bitchy at McBain in Kelly's. SHUT UP.
Sonny and John's little talk. 'I'm not gonna let dis dirt bag come near  my family'... good LAWS. lol 
Again Shaun and Molly and TJ are just hanging out there in the wind. Such a good way NOT to build a story. 

JaSam-- the angst has been going on with these two since they decided to get married.  No BEFORE they decided to get married. (should we, shouldn't we? well..maybe..ok, no...well, yes. ok. not sure).
"I never wanted that baby to be gone" says Jason. Oh now you say that. He wants forgiveness. 

We need to get a divorce. 

I'm glad  Jen Lilley was on too, I'm going to miss her. I will be happy to see Kirsten though. Both bring something to Maxie. Of course, KS was there before Jen so it will feel like 'home'. 

Jerry and Alexis-- a bit of fun. 'You moved the satellite"?? "I moved the satellite"!! Finally Alexis gets something to do besides worry about her teens or some case! Little bit of danger for Natasha.   Jerry's gonna save her--and Josslyn. 

ConKate--and Ewan (whom I feel no sympathy for) zzzzzzzzzzzz. Ewan is just a pawn. And yes he's 'hot' but hot does not a character make. (Wubs Words O' Wisdom) 

Dante was bringing Olivia gelato....let's hope she doesn't think it's a can of bugs or something. LOL 


Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Jacks!

Sebastian Roche just tweeted this awesome photo! 

Guys,  I have a migraine starting today-- I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog later. We'll see. Usually I have to fall asleep to get them to go away. I'll DVR it...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boxing Ring o' Sonny

Oh goodness. Sonny's boxing Trey. "I don't do brunch," says Sonny. MILO was back!

Olivia's going to go a little nutty... which should be fun. She sees Lulu as giant pregnant. So, she's psychic?? HUH? Weird.  Or clairvoyant. Or something.

Starr said HONEY BADGER! She convinces Todd to drop the charges against McBain. 
"Maybe someday in the near future you can make a good decision without me having to blackmail you"..says Starr to Todd

Alexis mentioned John seeing Synchronized Swimming  when he went to London.  LOL She wanted to know why he kissed Sam. He didn't really answer.
Sam and Krissy's talk. I would have liked it with Lexi.. this was just  blah. Sometimes the new girl looks/sounds older than Kelly !! LOL. 

Johnny visits JOEY in Jail...and Joe's trying to talk him into joining forces to get Sonny. Whatever. I don't care.

LULU throws up in some random bin in the hospital.

BIGGEST QUESTION OF THE DAY? Why did TREY keep his shirt on while boxing?? I mean...why? WHY? WHY????????


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Who did  you see? 

I saw someone lookin' at me!

Scoops For Wubbers!

Heather goes to Llanview...Tea's back and Luke and Anna  go abroad!! I'm sure Luke will break out his Swiss doctor accent! LOL 

GO TO The WUBS NET!! Check it all out and report back  here with your thoughts!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Crimson and Clover

Over and Over...that song has clues!! 

So does Jerry Jacks. When I get a minute to go through my mail and get it all together I'll lay the clues out. My favorite clue is that he and Ewwwwwwwan are meeting at Wyndemere!!! Note the Helena mention.

Trey: Ummmmm, looks like he's going to be getting Krissy in bed soon according to the commercials. zzzzzzzzzz. snort. I really could care less about this character. Bad sign as he's on a LOT.

Aiden starts choking. Didn't even see him eating. Oh Liz only THOUGHT she was choking. Ok. Whatever, weird scene. I guess it was to show how over protective Liz is now that Jake is dead.

JERRY is dying...of lung cancer or TB or some lung thing. Maybe a toxic infection. Either way he's on his way out.

LOVED THE TODD AND JOHN Scenes. As a OLTLer they were awesome!! Todd calls the PCPD and had so many one liners today it was great. 

Alexis and Krissy. Whatever. Krissy you dropped out of Yale you aren't working, get a job or move OUT!! How's that.!?

Steve Burton signed his contract so he's staying at GH for now!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vanessa Marcil's Gagoo Launch Party!

Oh what a great time was had on Staten Island last night! This event was very different than any other GH event I've attended (in a good way)! Most of them have the actors come in at a hotel type venue and talk on stage for awhile. This was held at a small jewelry store (Vanessa's uncle) and the outside was set up like a bistro with a little red carpet and everything! They had tables set up to stand around with white linens and little floating sunflowers. Sushi, shrimp, pizza, dessert shots and even a candy bar for the kids kept you happy! (So did the free cocktails!) A DJ had music blasting and valets parked your car. Felt very VIP! 

It was actually refreshing not to have the usual Q&A period. I liked having them just be there without the GH shadow hanging around. Seemed more like a party than anything else. 

Vanessa finally arrived at about 9:00 and just started walking through the crowd outside.  She was shocked  to see the Gagoo mascot that arrived. I mean shocked! I actually told her: "Go over and see him" and she just stood there transfixed. I guess it was a giant surprise. Vanessa took photos with all the kids that were there dressed in the Gagoo Jammie line. They were so cute. Mob Wife Carla Facciolo  was inside the jewelry store to start with and I asked her for a photo with Alberta. Her son loved my lobster! 
Maurice,  Alberta and his wife Paula on the side!

Wub Hub and I had decided to look at some of the auction items inside when all of a sudden I hear "Hello, I'm Maurice Benard". He arrived through the back with his whole family in tow. Pretty fun. He also gave us a photo op with Alberta. 

We met Missy who flew in from Minnesota for the event! WOW... I think she was the furthest fan that came in. Suzanne Wang did the auction items. Kudos to Ro from SnB and all  for really doing a great job setting this up. I know Lisa helped her and Melissa from MBTV was around taking photos. Wub Hub had a ton of comments to make all night. LOL... I think he couldn't believe the turn out for a soap. 
Vanessa, her Uncle and all the kids dressed in Gagoo Jammies!
 At the end of the night we tried to go to a Burger King but it was shut so we continued on down towards our hotel on the south end of the island. We finally stopped at Mike's Unicorn Diner which was giant and gorgeous for a 24 hour place. We walk in and David says "Look who's here" and there sat Maurice and his entire entourage. Guess they were hungry too! I was not a fan girl and didn't bother them one bit. LOL When we left the waiter told us to take the back door and when I opened it, Vanessa's son Kassius ran in and scared me half to death. Then, I held the door for her crew. Ah, Karma it was nice to me last night! 

Sunday Surgery: The Puppets

This week had GH doing a total DID on itself. Three days  of really mind-numbing nothing-ness and two days of decent dialog with a few twists thrown in. GH can be great and it can be a drag. The stories are still choppy and great pauses seem to fill the air between the goodness.
Get ready and find your scrubs because here we go-go! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Aussie's Galore!

 With the return of  Jasper Jacks, the rumor was a foot of a "return" for his brother Jasper. SOD Has confirmed that Ingo will be back to GH...for how long? Not sure-- and not sure if it's just a cameo or more full time.

Jerry's Back!

McBain is in Llanview and Natalie left the photo of he and Sam and is gone. Whoops.  That house is part of  the old Webber set...that oval window has been at the top of the stairs forever. 

Starr found out about Todd's planting a camera in Johnny's office. Time to bitch at Daddy.

Speaking of bitching, Maxie's all up in Lulu's face about Patrick. I will miss Jen Lilley! Loved her outfit today. Maxie did say she visits Matt every week in jail! He's working in the infirmary.

Todd makes Sam open the safe and a paper says "You're Fired" !!! He knows she was in there.

JERRY IS BACK and basically talked about how they got Robin out of the hospital-- and switched the DNA test during her autopsy. So, there you go.

"Which is worse? To kill someone outright, or to keep them alive while their family grieves them?" asks Jerry.
another great line:"I have fond memories of Elizabeth," Jerry says, "she's a lovely girl. When she was my hostage.."
Some talk about  the Metro Crisis...
Ewan and Jerry=Aussie Mob? LOL...

Jerry Jax trended on twitter, even though it's JERRY JACKS. I won't pick that bone!  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

ID. TV Tries to Make a Killing with Soapy Goodness!

OH my fave cable channel is bringing some daytime people into it's mix!! I stay awake until like 4am watching this network!
 Check this OUT:

On Aug. 20, ID will launch Days of Our Knives, a daily three-hour block (1:00 to 4:00pm, ET/PT) of themed programming hosted by some of the greatest stars of daytime drama, including Kim Zimmer, Robert Newman, Drake Hogestyn, Kristian Alfonso and the queen herself, Susan Lucci.

ID will repackage replays of those shows and some of its other series (Scorned, Stalked, Blood Relatives) into theme weeks, each hosted by soapsters from the past and present. Here's the rundown:
Tainted Love Week (Aug. 20-24) Hosted by Robert Newman (Josh Lewis, Guiding Light) and Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne, Guiding Light)
Wicked Women Week (Aug. 27-31) Hosted by Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe, General Hospital), Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie Spencer, General Hospital), and Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis, Days of our Lives)
Revenge Week (Sept. 3-7) Hosted by Drake Hogestyn (John Black, Days of Our Lives) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady, Days of Our Lives)
Bad Boys Week (Sept. 10-14) Hosted by Matt Ashford (Jack Deveraux, Days of Our Lives) and Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin, General Hospital)
Double Lives (Sept. 17-21) Hosted by Laurence Lau (Greg Nelson, All My Children) and Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart, All My Children)
Family Secrets (Sept. 24-27) Hosted by Austin Peck and Terri Conn (Brad and Katie Snyder, As the World Turns), who are married in real life.

LYNN HERRING!! That's our LUCY COE!! Can't wait for this get all the info on TV 

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...