Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mac's a Bartender!

Hey, if you can't be police chief, go for the booze!! 
Sonny made the trip to Atlantic City. 

I can't stay long, I have company coming!!
So, will Krissy and Trey be the ROMEO and JULIET of Port Chuck? Dueling Families with their kids IN WUB??? I want Trey to really be gay. Afraid to tell his daddy. 

NEW SPOILERS are up!! Not a lot of earth-shattering news. August is usually pretty plodding until swinging into September.
RUMORS: TJ recast, JOSSLYN aging, a little appearance by John Ingle...Ewan may die.


  1. I was happy to see Mac today even if it was behind the bar. I think he should buy it.

    I personally don't see any chemistry between Alexis and Shawn. He's handsome, well built, and very likeable but IMHO there's just no spark there. There was more chemistry between Alexis and Mac today when he showed up behind that bar, and he's involved with Felicia. Their eyes just lit up when they saw each other.

    I also don't see any chemistry between Trey and Krissie. ( Her acting was terrible today.IMHO) And he must have no backbone at all if he's going to go through with his father's plan. ( Is it evil of me to hope that Joe Jr. kills her? Can you imagine the reaction to that. That would make for some great telly.)

    And was anyone else upset by Joe Jr.'s revelations about the priest today? The entire premise of 'I Confess' is that a Catholic priest cannot break the sanctity of confessional under any circumstances, not even to to save his own life. And we're to believe the priest broke it to tell a young punk about his pregnant girlfriend? And even told him where she was. I don't think so.

  2. Joe Jr and Sonny: Threats and lies!!!! Joe Jr threatens Sonny's kids, and lies about Kate and his son died. I knew he was going to lie about the baby died!

    Joe Jr Jr and Krissy: Project marry Krissy has started! He says he is interested in her and they kiss.

    Alexis and Mac: Alexis is looking for something. Mac is behind the bar and says is this yours? It's a thong ROFL! It's not hers. She is looking for her phone. Mac works as a bartender at the floating rib now! I would rather him own the floating rib or own another bar!!!! He teases her about Shawn cus Coleman told him ALL about the strip pool that happened hahaha! She can't stop thinking about Shawn. :) Oh and 2cents, yes I see chemistry between Shawn and Alexis. :)

    Shawn and TJ: Shawn is acting strange. He keeps thinking about Alexis. TJ notices Shawn acting strange. He asks if Alexis has got to him. Oh she got to him alright! :) But it's not what you think. :)

    Liz and Steve: They talk about Ewen and Jason. Liz says she is interested in Ewen, but I think she is still interested in Jason.

    Ewen and Patrick: Patrick is asleep. Ewen says he had no choice, he had to take Robin away from him. Who is blackmailing you Ewen?!!?! Lulu heard him say that, and Ewen got her out of the room and yelled at her. Later Ewen and Patrick talk. Patrick is going through withdrawls. Ewen understands because it has happened in his life. He says he had something going through that. Later Ewen gets a phone call. His boss!!!!

    Dante and Lulu: Going around the hallway in the hospital ROFL! Then they went home and talked about the letter that Heather wrote and pretended it was Luke. The letter really got to her.

  3. Di you were the one on my blog who predicted he would own the bar.
    I thought of you immediately today.

    I don't see any chemistry with anyone with Krissy!

    LOVED Joe jr scenes. I took nothing he said seriously.

    Karen I LOVE that photo you have posted!!!!!!!!

  4. Maybe Mac could buy back the Outback.

  5. My2Cents2, will you please stop using this blog to advertise your own? It's getting very irritating!

  6. My2Cents2, will you please stop using this blog to advertise your own? It's getting very irritating!

  7. ZAK. When this blog becomes yours, you have the right to tell me what to do. Until then...STFU.

    Jealous?? lol

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. What did happen to the Outback? Maybe if/when Johnny gets killed. Mac can take over The Haunted Star.
    I'm not a fan of NuKrissy, I gave her a chance but she has zero chemistry with everyone she's in a scene with, so not just Trey. They have to recast again STAT! Hmmm, maybe Jen Lilley with some appearance tweaking? We know that girl can act.

  10. ScreamingEagle and others.....I will post my website here just this once. Out of respect for Karen.
    I still come here and post as I LOVE Karen's thoughts. I am not blogging to make money, but more for a hobby.
    We play nice over there!!

  11. Another day, another not so great episode imo. Very dull.

    Di - I'm with you about Shawn/Alexis. Not feeling it but def feeling it with Mac. He's such a cutie with Alexis...both their faces light up when they have scenes together.

    Oh and I see My2Cents is back to being rude and disrespectful again. Thought we were done with that childishness. *sigh

  12. No Matchbox, when I am attacked, I attack back.

    Nobody can say I don't have me a BACKBONE!!!!!!

    Besides..mind your own business.

  13. My2Cents - It is my business as it's everyone else's business who reads and participates in this blog.

    ZAK did not "attack you". Your response in telling ZAK to STFU was completely uncalled for and out of line. You should be ashamed of yourself for using that kind of language.

  14. You should be ashammed of yourself MATCHBOX. This is NONE of your business. It isn't your blog.


  15. and you should remember that it isn't your blog would you kindly STFU!



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