Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Don't go all Full Frontal on me Man"!

And Alexis in a hot pink dress? WOW...  NLG did say she wore spanks that day lol. At least Shawn took his shirt off. Coleman was like Leave the PANTS ON!
Um, those coffee bags as a 'set' is getting old. I mean--why do they stand around in there? I get Sonny took Joe in to scare him but now? What!? Go into your office!

Sam and Jason. zzzzzzzzz snoozah. Todd realizes his safe was opened. Sam of course, didn't see the paternity results.

Carly wacked Todd with her purse!! LOL and forced him to apologize to Johnny.  And she gets a call from Josslyn's camp. CAMP? A three year old is at a CAMP? I'm assuming it's sleepaway because it's night. What. weird. I KNOW Joss is due to be SORA'd but that might make her like seven. geesh.

Trey took the dang time machine from Atlantic City to PC again!! LOL..his Dad's just pimping that BOY OUT!! 

Today was just boring again..maybe it's the heat. Not sure.



  1. I didn't hear that Josslyn was set to be recast as older. So, is everyones kids recast as older but Liz's? Don't get me wrong. I don't want Cameron to be recast and it isn't like him and Aidan are on that much anyway. I watched about 10 minutes of GH today. I was bored.

  2. When, oh when, will you take down Sonny's picture! It doesn't help that the character is loathsome. How about posting some eye candy like Dante for a nice change!

  3. I agree about the picture, you should change the picture to Dante.Yes the show was boring today.

  4. BORING you say? How could looking at Shaun be boring??
    How freakin' FINE is this man?? One would have to be blind to not have the image of him in his underwear painted in their brain. Yikes...did you all see chemistry with Alexis?? I did! More than Carly. I thought Alexis looked so pretty in pink. This couple is definately the GOOD of the day!!
    Cutsey is Molly & TJ. BTW..I find it hard to believe the new African American coming to GH is a replacement. Would they bring him on so close to scenes with the old TJ?? I don't think so.

    So Jossie is a camp?? I can't wait to see the "NEW' Josolyn!!! Where is Morgan again?

    How funny was Todd in that scene?? Carly:Apologize to Johnny!!! Todd: But I don't like him!!!
    A Coleman sighting!!!!!! I thought he sold his bar when the 'floating rib' took over. Nice the writers are remembering him monthly! As in the previews tomorrow we see Uncle Mac. Another haircut. Another NO Felicia day.

    I can't help but comment that it seemed (to me) very natural and nice to see Jason & Sam in a scene together.
    Or is just nice to see Sam with a backbone??

    Sonny in the warehouse with Krissy for hours??? How did Trey get to point B from point A soo fast? EDITING!!

    YES Brender, Jos is being recast to around age 4.

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  6. I'm glad they're not recasting Joss to older than 4. But even if they had SORA'd her to 6, who sends a 6 year old to sleep away camp? But hey, we all know that Carly is a great mother. *insert eye roll*

    I for one didn't mind them giving Shawn an excuse to get his shirt off. That is one fine looking bod.

    The role of TJ, currently played by Krys Meyer, is being recast because he is leaving for another project. Actor Tequan Richmond will be replacing him. I'd say if Krys is leaving TPTB have no control over it and fans will just have to adjust and hope for the best.

  7. Joe Jr and Joe Jr jr jr: Joe Jr wants his son to marry Krissy!! To use her to get close to Sonny, so that they can get back their inheretence!!!! (sp)Oh my! :)

    Sonny and Krissy: They talk about Trey. Blah blah blah. She says he might be right about him. Oh Trey shows up and wants to cancel mob princess. Poor unsuspecting Krissy.

    Metrocourt: Double date between Molly and TJ, and Alexis and Shawn, but Molly gives attitude so no double date. it's just Molly and TJ. Molly and TJ keep giving each other eye sex ROFL! They are so cute together. First love awww! :) Molly wants TJ to order for her. No Molly don't do that! Order your own food!

    The floating rib: THERE IS COLEMAN YAY! Shawn says Alexis is uptight. She says she isn't uptight and that she played strip poker before. He don't believe it, so Coleman says she did. To prove that she isn't uptight she and Shawn play strip poker! She likes his barechest! :) He is about to take off his underwear, when Coleman says there is no full frontal nudity in his establishment! ROFL!

    Haunted Star: Todd and Johnny have a nice little chat ROFL! Carly comes in and wants to know what Todd did. Todd says he saw her and Johnny have sex! ROFL! Todd says Something about meat on a grill or something ROFL! It cracked me up. I wonder if he adlibbed that. :) Carly hits him with her purse ROFL! Carly makes Todd apologize to Johnny! Gee is Todd 5 years old? ROFL! Oh Carly has a phone call from camp, cus Joss is at camp. HUH?!

    Manning Enterprises: Jason shows up and he and Sam talk. She tells him how she is investigating Todd and that she tried to get into his safe but she keeps getting interupted. He wants to help. Oh they are a team zzzzzzzzz. She had to shut the safe because she heard Todd's voice. She says Jason what are you doing here? Todd goes into his office and sees the picture that is covering his safe is crocked!! Oh dear! The look on his face!

  8. Di is that what my post said yesterday and I read it wrong? The original TJ was leaving for another project??

    I am having 'senior moments' more frequently these days! lol

  9. I can't remember. I had read an article to that effect. I don't know if I posted that one to your site or not.I thought the article just came out today though. I can look for it again.

  10. I did see your post on my site Di.
    I also read it on SOD. I just don't understand if this TJ is coming back or not.

  11. Idk, I have to say I found yesterday's show and today's show boring :( but, can't have excitement all of the time. I could care less about Alexis and Syawn. Or Molly and TJ for that matter. Maybe in time but, as of now, meh.

  12. @my2cents, it's nice to see Sam with a backbone! This is the Sam I personally like to see. IMO she tends to lose that when she's one half JaSam.

  13. Yes, Karen, I also thought: Joss at camp? She is an infant!! Even if they SORA her to 4, that is not an age for sleepaway camp!

    And, yes, that "wormhole" in space that allows instant trips between PC and AC--Star Trek alert!

  14. I had to fast fwd. through all of Sonny/Krissie (she looks old and hard enough to be a love interest)and all of Trey and dad. Nice to see Coleman, and of course, Alexis was fabulous, as was Shawn's shirtlessness. Too bad he has no personality. I also liked seeing Sam with Jason for some reason. Tired of Todd everyday - where is McBain?

  15. Best part about Tuesday's episode? Coleman!!

    Worst...everything else.

    I really wanted to like the Alexis/Shawn scenes but the strip pool thing has been overdone. Also, I didn't really see any chemistry between them, actually saw more chemistry between Alexis and Coleman...the pink skirt set looked very pretty on Alexis.

    So so boring lately. Once again was that damn repetitive dialogue like we're 6 and have to be reminded about what previously happened. We know dammit, move on already! lol!

  16. Hey Karen,

    I know that Sam is supposed to get her baby back in the fall..but it's August now so it's getting closer but there aren't any new spoilers about when Sam is going to find Stonecold JR, do you know anything more concrete timewise? I'm ready for Sam to get her baby!!!

  17. Karen, PLEASE don't take away Sonny's picture!!

  18. you mean Maurice's photo with ALBERTA THE LOBSTER on my site?? Well, maybe I'll switch it soon.

  19. I agree that Sam needs to get her baby back. I know this isn't real life, but to have her miss the first few months of her baby's life is heartless.

  20. Sonny's at the bottom of the page now with Robin and Robert!


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