Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Ask The Wubqueen

A turn of events here!! I am answering questions send in by you...on any subject you wish. We'll get to those before I get to discussing this week's show... First question up: 


Over the past month or so, your WUBRUMORS/WUBSPOILERS have  
consistently eluded to returning vets. However, there are no concrete  
names of the characters/actors. We all know that it is your policy not  
to portray things as fact unless you know they are fact. We ALSO know  
that there have been times when you have told us to "take things with  
a grain of salt" due to changes and reschedules. As we all sit here on  
a Sunday, grains of salt in our hand, can you PLEASE give us a few  
actual names that may be teased around behind the scenes of vets who  
have been mentioned as possibly returning? (GH staff only, please). We  
know about Constance Towers. You rumored Richard Dean Anderson. How  
about a few names (and storylines?) that might SHOCK us in regards to  
our beloved vets?

Great..the hardest one FIRST!! Scrub UP and let's get crackin, shall we?  

The biggest one I've heard of is Stuart Damon as Alan. Supposedly, Robin's being alive also has connections with others being alive as well. There's long been a rumor that Jake is toddling around being held somewhere. Richard Dean Anderson was approached, I know that for a fact and took a meeting. Obviously it didn't happen or he declined to come back.  Now that Y&R is falling into the hands of GH's Ex-Producer, Genie Francis and Tristan Rogers are being mentioned again. I have to say however, Cartini is excellent at keeping things under wraps and I honestly, honestly don't have anything but vague rumors. Anders Hove has been mentioned as well and a few OLTLers too. One you may not have heard of is AJ--Billy Warlock is friends with Frank Valenti and was on OLTL as a fill in for an actor that couldn't come back to finish out his storyline. 

Two questions:
1) Is Kimberly back long-term?
2) I know Todd told Carly he had three children  (I didn't watch OLTL and I'm keeping notes) but he and Blair talked about their two children.  I thought from what he said that the sons lived with Blair.  What is the story ? 
(related: MeMe Ratliff has Kim Mc mentioned any willingness to come back for any longer length of time?)
Kimberly is not back long term--NOW. She filmed for a bit and will be back in the "closet" until they decided to finish out this story-arc. Some say November Sweeps. Whether or not she stays 'full time' after her 'real return' is a mystery that only she can answer.  (or if her directorial career takes off). 
Todd has three children: Jack and Starr, both of whom live with Blair and Danielle who is Tea's daughter. Todd didn't know about her as she was conceived on an island and everyone thought Todd was dead, then he came back and..oh never mind. LOL 
On a side note Blair is also caring for another kid, Sam who is Todd's twin's (Victor) child with Crazy Margaret (think Heather). I think she adopted him.  
As you can see Todd and Blair and Todd and Tea have a huge history. When his twin brother Victor took over his life, they all had sex too. LOL. (although not at the same time)  

Hey Karen!

Been reading your blog for a few years now.  I don't often comment, but do very much enjoy reading.  I am curious about how you got started writing this blog and how you started watching GH?

In other words, my life story! LOL.. I started watching GH in 1978ish-- (now you know I'm older than most of you wubbers) because it was the only show I could see after school.  I got into Laura VINING when she first came on-- and was all excited for her to marry Scotty Baldwin. Then, Luke showed up and the rest is history. I didn't think a soap could get that good! I started writing on the net for Gedstern on her site in about 1998-- I wrote parody scripts called "WUBS" (sarcastic little ditties about the show). I then got into finding scoops and interviewing the actors. I have a lot of archives  on both the Wubs and Interviews if you're interested! I also ran Connie Towers' (Helena) website and fan club for 9 years.
Another useful page is Introduction to the Wubs...  

Bruce Smith: WubQueen's favorite Bill!
 How do you think your Bills will do this year?--Carrie

Oh Carrie.. I gave up on my team after the third Super Bowl loss... after the FORTH-- well, I was never going to get involved again. LOL. Their training camp is 3 miles down the road from me this summer at St. John Fisher. We always have hope...we always have hope. On another note, my brother is teaching Thurman Thomas' kid next year!! 

That's all there is room for today! That was fun...maybe more next time?? Now for the:

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Tracy and Luke in the hospital. I thought she had some awesome lines and so did he. It seemed playful yet sad and just held my attention the entire time. I wish the whole hour was dedicated to these two! Tracy also had a twinkle in her angry eye for her "Luke" and the door is open! 

NOT the SCENE OF THE WEEK: every scene where he opened his mouth to say ANYTHING. UGH. 

NICEST SURPRISE:   Ghost Anthony back!

Looks like ratings went up last week again (a little bit). GH also had great press: Kelly Monaco on DWTS All Stars and the panel at the Critic's association. Good week for the show.


  1. Some of the questions asked have been answered on my blog.
    Especially about Robert and Laura.
    Coming from Ron......

    I did NOT hear about Jake, but it doesn't surprise me. I hope they bring that child back. And soon!

    SCENE of the week?? You are RIGHT! Tracey in Lukes room, EXCELLENT dialog!!!

    'Supposingly' things pick up and there is alot to come. Lets hope!

  2. I'm a Lions girl so I know that feeling haha

    Also it would be a dream come true if they brought Alan, AJ etc back. They can be zombies all I care.

  3. Karen,
    I'm another longtime lurker/reader who hardly comments, but just wanted to say that I also saw GH for the first time in 1978 when home sick from school, then started watching seriously again in the early 80s, so you're not the only well-seasoned watcher, LOL.Really enjoy the blog.

  4. I am one who is also hoping they bring Jake back. And Alan would be a close second in my book. He would bring even more life to the Quartermaine mansion again.

    I really want them to start focussing more on the Q's and less on the M's. Having Todd here is fine but I will never consider them a GH dynasty. ( And I'm probably older than you In fact I can remember sending you articles on Ingo years ago under my yahoo name.)So I'm one who hopes Blair doesn''t come back.

    It would be wonderful to have Robert back again. He and Luke were so much fun together. And with Luke now eyeing Anna I can see a lot of potential for storylines there that would involve a lot of humour.

    And let's hope Kimberley comes back full time in November too.

  5. Di...look at the poll on my blog. Why is nobody voting for Bobbie to return?? People would rather have Jax back. (YES we all want Jake back too)

    I just hope for a good week. I need to put my concentration into something other than personal problems!

  6. I feel there are a couple of returns that are really needed now--Robert and Bobbie. Much as I'd love Alan back, it seems too weird when he was already back as a ghost. Of course that was in Tracy's head, but still...
    Guza never knew exactly what to do with Qs--too often had then just bickering instead of having real story. That was tiresome after awhile.

    I do NOT like Tracy for Luke and wish they could find her her own story. She's so good, but they are oil and water as lovers. He can be far more romantic with Anna. She's the closest thing to Genie so far.

    As for long-time watchers, I'm probably the oldest here. I was long past school age when I began watching soaps in 1978. At the time I was looking for noontime diversion, but I had the stereotypical distain for soaps. I recall one day I tuned in to three soaps one after another, and all three had bed scenes going on! It was Judith Light on OLTL that cemented my interest, and when I saw Tony Geary on GH, I was hooked. It was fall and just before the rape stuff. He had a lot of scenes with Genie and their chem heated up the screen. Amazing that two actors of such diverse backgrounds and at least a 15 year gap in ages (she was 17 and he was 32), could generate such powerful magnetism together that they held the soap-watching world enthralled!
    I started taping just their scenes and kept taping till they left in the 80s. A friend laughed that I had tapes of the longest 'B' movie on record! (I was quick to justify my obsession by writing for fan mags, doing interviews, etc.)

    Right now I feel GH has improved enormously and it would seem there is much coming to enjoy!

  7. Yeah they need to resolve the Robert absence in a way that is true to the character. Night Shift 2 and his appearance at Robin's wedding were great in that way, so I am hoping they get back to writing him like that instead of like the week he was back for Robin's death. And really, it's time for Robert and Anna to reunite as a couple...That is WAY overdue!

    I'd like to see Laura back eventually but not romantically with Luke. Have them be friends and let the tension be there, but the whole L/L thing is so over and honestly I think both actors are past it as well.

    But, let's start first with the vets that are supposedly still around. Mac and Felicia anyone??? Where the heck did they go??? I like Jackie Z and back in the day she was a great mix of hellcat and woman struggling with trying to find a guy that would do right by her, but the plastic surgery is a major issue - seeing her on the screen in hi-def would be a jarring experience for most viewers, I think.

    Villians to return? I would take Hells, Faison, or Grant Putnam in a heartbeat. Even a Stavros return (Robert KK was great the last time he was on in that role) would be welcome.


    Where is Mac & Felicia??????

    Bad Bad Ron@

  9. The Buffalo ABC affiliate has decided to drop GH in September for a ricki Lake talk show!

    Does anyone know when Soapnet ends? Since I don't have broadband internet it's the only way I'll be able to see Gh.

  10. Where did you get the info about Buffalo? I cannot find it on their website or in the news.

    I also have been watching a long time. I started in 1979. I love your website and blog. Thank you.

    I, for one, don't want Jake back. Burned beyond all recognition is one thing, taking the kidneys out and transplanting them and having the Doctor who did so know the kid as well as 3 parenTs say goodbye to the dead child is too much for me to overcome.

    I say bring back Cesar, Grant and Hells for villans. Robert, Alan and Lucy for good guys. You can bring back Kevin with Lucy and throw Scotty into the mix. Wonder if Kevin would recognize Sam...maybe he slept with Alexis and is Sam's Dad.

  11. Even a Stavros return (Robert KK was great the last time he was on in that role) would be welcome.

    Surely you jest! I believe he died from overeating after chewing the scenery so much!

  12. Well, I guess a lot of us are in a contest as to who is the oldest one!! Unfortunately, I think I win, as I started in the days of Jessie, Lucille and Phil Brewer!! Can anyone top that?

    Shame on Buffalo for dropping GH, a soap that actually takes place nearby. How many shows are based in upstate NY, if this is true, they need to start some kind of campaign.


  13. Ant Joan...I remember Phil Brewer, Jessie, The Baldwins, Lucille, Amy, Diana, do I have you beat or we the same age?? lol

  14. The info about the Buffalo cancellation was in yesterday's tv topics section of the Buffalo News. I am really upset.

  15. RKK as Stavros was campy and over the top, sure but he was great. Look at this way, the character is the son of a madan who wanted to freeze the world and who was cryogenically frozen himself after breaking his neck to be brought back by his insane mother. The character screams for scenery-chewing, you know?

  16. AntJoan, I am up there with you and 2Cents. Started watching in the summer of 1964 I believe, with my mom. Those early years were really good.



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