Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony!

You know I wanted to see THESE ladies at the ceremony!!! WOOT! Get the STOLI OUT!! British Wub Hub and I were loving it. Well, I more than he-- Come on--MARY POPPINS! PRODIGY!! Frankie Goes to Hollywood! Mr. Bean!! What!! Too fun.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH Bond and The Queen..and THE CORGIS!!

If only stupid Meredith and Matt didn't TALK OVER half the music!! Geesh. I could have lived without NBC's stuff. Ryan Seacrest included. Just show the opening! 

All those little British boys singing...National Health Care (and started by JM Barrie)!  Nightmares! And my fave was the Industrial Revolution's set. WOWZA

All in all it was pretty glorious! Yeah for London home of Hubby-- and of course my kid is 1/2 British!! I will be Team USA. heh.
Yes, Even the Uniforms.

Now...who but a cool country would play Pet Shop Boys while the athletes were coming in!!??

Hey Jude.



  1. Riveting television last night. Loved the Bond/Queen stuff, Mr. Bean in Chariots of Fire, the Mary Poppins army, Sir Paul, just everything. The way the cauldron lifted up after it was lit was beautiful.

    Also loved your pic of Nurse Ratched on the post below!

  2. Ryan Seacrest. Good grief. I'm glad I didn't have to watch on that channel.

    I loved the opening. And how cool was the James Bond and the Queen ( and the Corgies.)

  3. Overall, I enjoyed the opening ceremony, but i wish we could have seen the whole, unedited version that aired on the BBC. They edited out an entire section of the Frankie and June story, including a bunch of stuff by the Sex Pistols, and apparently, NBC decided we didn't need to see a memorial for victims of terrorism, but that we needed to listen to Matt and Meredith talk endlessly about how little chance the other countries have of winning the gold. Talk about being undiplomatic. Between them and Mitt the Twit (thank you, England for that one), we came off looking like tactless buffoons.

  4. Don't you get the Canadian channels in Rochester? It was on from 4 to 7:50 live with few commercial breaks. Much better.

  5. NO we don't get Canadian channels here, BUFFALO does but not us. :sniffing:
    I thought NBC's coverage was TERRIBLE.

  6. at least we get the #NBCFail out of all this. it is much more entertaining than the tape delayed coverage.


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