Friday, July 13, 2012

Luke's having all sorts of hallucinations in that shed. He should be hallucinating about a urinal.  LOL!! Poor guy. Instead we get Lulu and Tracy and Anna. Which was fun.

Todd and COMEON-- TODD would just kill Heather. This back and forth? Um, no.

Michael goes all the way to the Lake House to ask Starr what to wear!!? And he's so cute with the flowers. awwww.

How did Kate know where Sonny was? In the middle of the coffee beans? Then Kristina and Trey?  I know it's the warehouse but it looks like the depths of the basement.

Trey finds a medal in the warehouse..and knows it's his father. Even though about 700 million Catholics wear the same thing.  :)

No one on Twitter liked my idea of a Starr Brook Lyn sing off! LOL 


  1. Michael goes all the way to the Lake House to ask Starr what to wear!!?


    You mean Krissy.

  2. Heather and Todd: Heather wants Todd to help Luke or he will die!!! Yeah Luke does need food and water! :) OH! Todd and Luke will meet!!! YAY! I can't wait for them to meet!!! Two actors who love to adlib!!!!!!!!!!! :) He left and was thinking today is Friday the 13th! Now I'm thinking is he going to wear a costume? Is he going to look like the grim reaper? :)

    The shed: Luke is seeing things! hallucination Lulu is so rude!!! She won't untie him!!! Sure she gave him water which she so happened to have in her purse! But she isn't going to untie him!! Oh and there is hallucination Tracy and Anna who won't untie him either, HOW RUDE! Now Todd is on his way. He opens the door and he has a Friday the 13th Jason mask on!!!! ROFL! The look on Luke's face! Hahahaha!

    Krissy and Michael: Michael tells her about his date with Starr. Krissy is jealous. Krissy is such a whiner!!! Come on Krissy! Go buy the book he is just not that into you, and then you won't be confused anymore!! Michael says the date is a picnic under the stars! ROFL! A picnic under the stars with Starr ROFL!

    the coffee warehouse: Sonny tells Kate about how Joe Jr was here but not anymore. She wants to see him! Krissy and Trey show up with the camera. Hmmm is Trey, Joe Jr Jr, or is he Joe Jr's other son? Hmmm.

    Trey and Starr: Trey is all snarky to her ROFL! And he is shirtless. :) He is worried that he hasn't heard from his father in awhile. Awww! :)

    Michael and Starr: Michael is so funny! He rehearses what wants to say to her before he knocks on the door.

    Michael: Good evening.

    ROFL! He is so nervous! And so is Starr! So cute!! :)

  3. Oops!! I forgot to mention that Starr was talking to Langston on the phone!!! YAY!!!! :) Karen I am surprised you didn't bring Langston up! :) Starr was talking to Lang about her date with Michael and how nervous she is, and she doesn't think Michael is nervous hahaha!

  4. I am sooooo loving the show lately and I am becoming more intrigued to actually writing for GH..i just don't know how to go about it.

    I love the fact the RC is playing with fire and keeping it interesting. If I had my way I would do some interesting shake up that would give great storyline material for a while.


    I would let Ewen turn out to be Jerry Jax and Bobbi Spencer's son, raised by Helena, and mentored by Heather when he began interning. So Carly has a brother on air who she will actually bond a lot with.

    I would let Sam and John find her son but her not find out about the paternity until its too late. By the time she is ready to tell Jason she thinks Jason has moved on and decides to let John adopt her son. De-ja vu for Jason who took Michael away from AJ. His son will now be raised by McBain the way Michael was raised by Sonny.

    I would bring Blair and Tomas over permanently. Tomas will turn out to be very dangerous and Sam's real father. Alexis will reveal she killed Louis years ago because she thought it was the boy who she got pregnant by when she was a teen, Tomas. She didnt know he was apart of identical triplets. Carly would be going ape shit too because its like Lorenzo is back in town.

  5. I would let Ewen brainwash Liz into this dark romance where Liz thinks she is this dark queen and Ewen is her dark king. Ewen brings Liz back to Wyndamere to rule over Port Charles while they raise their son "the real Jake" who Helena kidnapped just for this purpose of keeping Liz under the spell.

    Jason will save Liz from Ewen and reclaim Jake. Carly will plea with Jason not to kill her brother. This puts her at odds with Jason. She begs Todd to help her.

    Ewen is the one who kidnapped Robin and Alan because of Heather's and Helena's request. Helena has been dying all these years so needed Alan and his medical expertise to keep her alive. And Heather needed Robin to restore a not so dead Franco. When Robin returns to Port Charles she will be catatonic.

    Todd steps up for Carly and Ewen, preaching to understand the misunderstood. This leads to a Carly and Todd romance.

  6. Victor shows up in Port Charles looking to get revenge on Todd but not in the way you would expect. Victor figures out that Irene had two daughters which she left behind to live out her vindictive life. Basically living a double life. Victor finds out that his mother Irene is also the mother of Liz Webber and Sarah Webber.

    Victor is very protective over Liz, to the point he kills Steven after discovering Steven was involved with Ewen and Helena covering up Jakes death.

    Tracy reveals that Johnny is her real son with Gino, and that is the real blackmail Anthony had over her into keeping her into that marriage. Johnny is very warm hearted toward Tracy unexpectedly. Tracy tries to help Johnny clear his name however she can leading to huge riffs with Anna.

    Sarah Webber takes a huge liking to Jason, Ewen and Patrick. Jason pushes her away because he loves Liz. Ewen pushes her away because he is trying to get back Liz and Patrick hounds after her like a predator. She falls hard for Patrick, the good guy.

    Heather kills Olivia. Dante is distraught and mishears actions going on with Lulu and Johnny making him believe they had sex but he never confronts Lulu. Lulu finds out she is pregnant and Dante begins to shun her because he thinks the baby could be his or Johnny's. When he confronts Lulu about sleeping with Johnny and the paternity of the baby Lulu is beyond hurt and devastated.


  7. Sarah Webber will be a major problem for Liz and Sam, while Blair will be a major problem for Carly and Alexis.

    Maxie will start to fall for Patrick but when Robin turns up in her impaired mental state, Maxie shuts down again and turns to one person who she thinks can bring Robin out of her psychosis, Ewen.

    Michael shoots Johnny after he thinks Johnny got off too easy with killing Starrs family. Tracy will step up to Sonny in a very unexpected way, mob queen to mob king. Kristina will step in as Johnny's savior.

    Kate will stand strong by Sonny no matter what he endures but things may change for her when she meets Victor. Love at first sight would be an understatement.

    Tomas wants Sam far away from John McBain, his enemy. John understands her "fathers" concerns but doesnt understand when Sam begins to cozy up to him so fast.

    Couples needed before the major story arch:

    Maxie& Ewen
    Sarah Webber & Patrick

    Major Story Arch:

    *Persuaded by her agent father, Tomas, Sam decides to snitch on Jason's organization hoping it would keep Jason away from her son and the truth that he is actually her son. She ultimately wants to prove that Jason is dangerous.

    *Sam actions causes the government to freeze all of Sonny's accounts including Jason's leaving Sonny and Jason virtually poor.

    *Carly offer to step in and help Sonny but her genrousity is a thorn in Todd's side. Todd, Sonny, Tracy and Carly are keeping the fact that Michael shot Johnny and are trying to deal with it through a series of blackmails.

    *With no where to go, Jason takes up Monica's offer to move into the Quartermaine mansion. He doesnt want to move in with Liz because he doesnt want to seem like a burden to her and her boys.

    *Liz sells her home for money for a life with her and Jason hoping he could use the funds to start over something new. Victor finds out about her deeds and opens an art gallery so Liz can run it.

    *Sonny threatens Sam and advises she joins witness protection, which doesnt irritate Sam as much until she discusses it with her mother who blows it off. Sam realizes Alexis may be falling back in love with Sonny.

    *Even though Sonny lost Kate to Victor, Sonny takes him up on his offer for Victor to step in where Sonny left off in the business while Sonny runs things from behind. Victor plots to bring the business to life by fusing the Soleito organization and the Corinthos fallen empire via Tracy. This leave Victor and Tracy as the new king pins in town.

    *To counter his enemies, Tomas ressurects Lorenzo's fallen empire.

    *Jason, Victor and Liz move into the Quartermaine mansion.

    I could keep going lo

  8. WOW TAJ! ROFL! That is awesome! :) You got some great stories there. :)

  9. Love it Taj!! :))

    I was a little bored with today's episode. Once again, I'm having problems with the repetitive dialogue or dialogue that is going nowhere. Seems like filler and all I want is storylines that progress. But overall, it's getting much better.

    Michael and Starr getting ready for their date was just adorable. So cute, funny, carefree...something that's been missing on GH for a long time.

    Sonny telling his mentally unstable girlfriend about Joe was too much for me. Typical insensitive Sonny. Yeah. We get it.

    Loved the Heather/Anna scenes! Fantastic!

    And Todd. LMAO. Simply love him!

    Thanks to Karen and her twitter comment about how Luke should be hallucinating about a GIANT URINAL, that's all I could picture throughout the show. LOLOLOL!!!

  10. Why do we need a who's the daddy storyline for Dante and Lulu. Why can't we have a normal pregnancy on GH. Plus the show just did a whose the Daddy storyline with Jason and Sam, So we need another whose the Daddy stoyline when they just did one.Why people want Lulu with Johnny a murderer is beyond me.I know these are just ideas, but I hope they don't go there.

  11. Weren't there supposed to be any John and Joe's scenes? I haven't watched yet.

  12. John and Joe were on, I just didn't mention it. I was REALLY REALLY tired (didn't sleep last night at all) and wasn't a great recapper today.
    Totally forgot about Langston!!

  13. Loved it Taj!! Read every word and it was very entertaining. You have some great ideas. I'd LOVE for Ewan to be a Jax!

  14. Thanks for liking my ideas. I have alot more where those come from, and I am happy with the direction RC is taking the show so far.

  15. I thought the entire show was a bore.
    I woke up at 2am to watch it on soapnet, and was it worth seeing Krissy slam the door in Michaels face? Or Starr giddy with joy for going out with Michael?

    I thought McNostrils was gone?
    Now he is in NO with Joe jr??

    Luke's scenes were a joke.
    NOT a good day again imo

  16. I thought it was a very boring day. This Luke thing is getting tiring. Isn't TG on one of his extended vacations.?Are we going to see Luke tied up like tis until October?

    Todd as always is the highlight of the show.

  17. Taj: some interesting ideas, but I'd rather see Sonny brought down and sent to prison. Then we could do some prison stories, too. Also, reveal Sonny as beign a major sicko, who killed Deke because Deke was gonna expose Sonny's abuse of his mother.

    Also, Luke's background needs to be explored. Make Tim Spencer very much alive, and possibly have a male sibling for Luke.

    Ewen is too much of a stiff to work as a bad gut, and they'd be better off bringing Faison back, or Grant Putnam.

    Or Ryan Chamberlain or Kevin O'Connor. They need to reach back a few decades, not just years, and really sew the core families up.

    A way to do that is to bring back Victor Cassadine, or one of the original Cassadine brothers.

    Joe Jr. is a good addition so far. They need to make him be RIGHT. Let Kate be shown as a liar with the rape claim, and then have to deal with Trey. Make Joe Jr. be the one who send sSonny to prison.

    Make it that Sonny killed McBain's sister to cover up his own past as a stripper, for a gay nightclub.

    But they'd never push the envelope that far.

  18. RUMOR: There are soon to be 2 new couples on GH.

    Liz & Jason
    Sam & John

    Don't SHOOT me, I am only the messenger....more on my blog.

  19. I saw some where Tony G pretaped the scenes we are seeing right now.

  20. Why were Anna and Tracy wearing the same clothes in Luke's hallucination that they were wearing at the PCPD? Even the same jewelry!! Gee, he must really be psychic!!

  21. Grant Putnam may come back? He had kidknapped Anna when she was married to duke Lavery.
    Liason and MCBam would make me happy only if Jason treated Liz right but the baby daddy reveal will have sam running back to jason.

  22. I agree about Liz and Jason, only of Jason treats her properly. Sam I was never a fan of only because I hated how she goes from strong to weak with Jason. I love her with McBain!! So, if the rumors are true I'll be a happy fan.

  23. The show wasn't the least boring and it made me smile to read above that it was and then the same poster all happy about things on the show!

    I realize there must be Sonny fans somewhere, but he has dominated GH far too long and they need to use him a couple times a week only. Maurice needs a rest and we need a rest from Sonny. For years Maurice never seemed to take vacation--they just taped over them, as they are finally doing with Luke. I have a feeling they have something worked out where Luke will leave the country soon--either because he is about to be arrested for murder, or he'll be off to find Ethan and Robert. Then the pre-taping will run out until fall. It is working pretty good so far. He is getting good story acting-wise, and we have a story still.

    Please--don't even mention Grant Putnam..NO no nooo. That is certainly one I would NOT want to see returned.

    As for Starr--after the relationships of hers we had to sit thru on OLTL, this new one with Michael is just charming and fine. Cole, then James--winch material So far, so good with Michael. It is making both of them more enjoyable.


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