Friday, July 6, 2012

Alexis: Not Raped?

Who's My Daddy?
 That's what people are telling me.  I don't know why I thought that...I remember some discussion with Helena about the circumstances-- but that's not it. What little we know he was older (and somehow my memory is thinking a teacher/professor??) and she was 16. So, maybe I'm thinking of statutory rape? Anyway, Mekkos made her give the baby away. 

Sorry for the confusion. When Molly said that, it triggered something in me. LOL.

Maybe SOMEDAY when they decide to tell Sam's Daddy's story, we'll find out! 

HERE'S the YOU TUBE clip of Jason/Alexis talking about it: 


  1. It was sex w an older man, as I recall- sort of like Sonny-Brenda.

    To me, the worst thing yester was not Molly but Sonny's raging hypocrisy. He DID rape Karen Wexler- by drugging and getting her drunk then taking her virginity, and he is a mass murderer, even in onscreen bits.

    I think you're right about Joe, Jr. I felt Kate's 'recall' of the rape was a Connie playacting to sucker dumb Ewen. I hope they make Kate the alter.

  2. Oh Sonny drove me insane too. I couldn't even comment on it. LOL He's SUCH a hypocrite.

    They needed to give Kate's "Alters" different names. I feel like there's Kate 1...2, Connie, 3, 4...

  3. Please...Sam getting a daddy storyline would never happen. They would have to give Alexis a storyline then!!

  4. They finally need to turn Jason on Sonny since they are Untouchable to cops and other mobsters. Jason needs to take Sonny out and then go to jail.

    I hate Sonny more than any other bad guy in soap history cuz he's a monster they refuse to confirm as a monster. He's a rapist and mass murderer.

    Luke was a rapist and killer and they admit it. Jason they at least admit is a killer.Ryan Chamberlain, Kevin O'Connor, Grant Putnam, Cesar Faison, Helena, Mitch laurence- all killers and sickos but admittedly so BUT Sonny is the perpetual victim.

    Make him having killed Adela and set up deke then covered it with the abusive lies- that's what Taggart claimed. Make his version canon. Stop with this Sonny fetish. Destroy Sonny, sen him to jail, then rebuild him better, like the Bionic Man- the Bionic Gangster!

  5. I don't care about Sam's Dad story especially if they make it about Sam instead of Alexis. They did tell the story of Helena taking away Alexis' baby before. Tell the story of Alexis' falling in love and getting pregnant. Reveal why Alexis truly runs away from love. Have Alexis have a real love story like she did with Ned or reunite Ned and Alexis! They were fun.


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