Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday is for Foolin' Around.

This photo is on GH's FB page today and I have to say, this is the worst sweater/shirt thing for Finola EVER. ugh, I hated it when I saw it!! There, that's my shallow post for today.

Not really in the mood to blog about GH-- seems not really important.I actually watched a rerun of "The Hills" today because I needed mindless TV. Speidi got married. There is mindless for you. 
Son had a flat while leaving for work so I'm trapped in the house. bah. 

Luke is going to kill his voice. 

Olivia is WAY to smart to be pushing Heather like his...come on. AND then she wouldn't let her leave?

Sonny tells Kate "he'll wait" if she's "not up to it" ummm, I seriously doubt that's ALL "Kate".  They were kinda porno today..didn't like it. 

Patrick kisses LULU thinking she's ROBIN! whoops!

"only person in the world who can calm me  down" says Todd to Blair... What great scenes for OLTL fans...not so much for GH fans. Sorry.  POOR TODD!

TOLD YOU CONKATE was still a nutter. 



  1. The shed: Luke is trying to get out by burning his ropes!!! Go Luke go!!! The candle fell oops!!! He wants to go to plan b ROFL! Or was it c? Oh oh fire is starting!!! Luke says oops! ROFL!

    Olivia and Heather: Olivia! Don't be stupid!!! She calls Heather crazy! Olivia is talking way too much!!! Olivia is on the phone with her son! Heather has a needle full of LSD!!!

    Patrick and Lulu: Patrick sees Robin and then poof she is gone. Patrick sees Robin but this time it's Lulu! Patrick kisses Lulu thinking she is Robin!!! Lulu knows he is high on drugs and that is why he sees Robin! She finds the drugs in his pocket! I ment to mention yesterday, that the haunted Star looks like the boat of hell from the night Maggie died. And I also forgot to mention about Lulu and Dante's scene the other day when they talked about her expensive dress, so very REAL!!! :)

    The police station: Dante and Anna are figuring out the letters!! The letter from Luke, had the hidden message and Anna is remembering about the shed!!!

    Kate and Sonny: They talk too much!!!! Just make love already!! Oh they do. They are sleeping and she dreams about her and Johnny and Johnny tells her that maybe she should tell people SHE is the one who shot out the tires! She is remembering!!!

    Connie and Johnny: Hmmm. Is it really Kate pretending to be Connie to get Johnny to confess the truth?

    Todd and Blair: He purposes to her, and she says no because she is engaged to Tomas!!!! STUPID BLAIR! Come on you love Todd!!!

    The police station/Olivia and Heather/Luke: The editing there was PERFECT!!! THAT is how you do it!!! :) And that whole scene with all of them, SOAPY GOODNESS! :)

  2. Karen: Kate is pretending to be Connie to get Johnny to confess. Blair likely married Tomas. And since when is Olivia smart? She has a thing for self-destructive killers: Sonny, Johnny, Steve....

  3. Ok, I realize kate MAY be "Playing" Connie for Johnny but that makes her really not stable, imo--and I really REALLY THINK we are going to find out Connie is still lurking. YOu see the way she attacked Sonny in bed? Hmmmmmmmmmm

    I know olivia like danger men but she's street smart and imo would have gone out into the hall running as soon as she saw the iced tea lol

  4. Blair is stupid because she turns down Todd to marry Tomas???

    You've seen Ted King's Tomas--good grief, Karen. THAT is one yummy guy and her history with Todd is Calamity City!

    (And Blair isn't moving to PC anyway.) I've always said Todd needs a good shrink before he needs a girlfriend; otherwise, the girlfriend would have to be crazy.

  5. You know, after watching Dante and Anna today, they could be a cute due together. :)
    Guess I am wanting more lovin' in the afternoon and less of everything else, so I think of what people could be paired up.
    I really think Olivia could have ran to a room and shut the door and called Dante back to come get her. You would think Dante would go that way anyways to make sure his Ma is ok.
    Felt bad for Lulu, when Dante didn't show up at all. I really wasn't feeling the Lulu/Patrick connection.

  6. Yes, I also noticed that the HS is the same set as that ill-fated boat. And, yes, Lulu's fight w/Dante about the dress WAS very real.

    This has become the Todd/Heather show, Heather is a vet, so that is good, but we need MORE VETS PLEASE.

  7. Oops! I ment the boat from hell when LISA died!! Not Maggie. :)


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