Friday, July 27, 2012

Great Day for Dialog!

I'm not even going to snark on the show--fancy that!! Just watch it.  I found it to be very good and honest. Patrick and Liz....Tracy and Luke... Anna Looking for Robin and Johnny and Todd. 
Even Ewan had some good lines! Jane Elliot was on FIRE today.

"Mom" said Robin when she heard Anna in the hall.... The puzzle is: Why pretend Robin is dead and not just kill her? Why keep her alive?? Hmmmm. 
Tick Tock. 



  1. Karen said:

    Why pretend Robin is dead and not just kill her? Why keep her alive??

    Answer: So you will watch!

  2. Ferncliff: So Ewen can't have Robin with her family!! What's going on Ewen? Is someone blackmailing you? He has a pamphlet of Switzerland! He is going to take her there! Oh here is Anna! Yesterday that nurse said to Robin that if Anna shows up, they have it under control. I was thinking they do?!! :) The nurse lies to Anna, and Anna is very loud! Loud enough for Ewen and Robin to hear it!!! Robin even says mom quietly. Ewen is on the phone with someone! He asks the person what should he do because Anna is there. Ewen! Who is your boss?!!?! Faison?!!?! Helena?!!?! TELL US!!!! Ewen takes Robin out of the room! Liz calls Ewen and says she wants to go on a date with him! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    The hospital: Liz sees Patrick and they talk about his drug addiction. She had no idea. They talk about Robin. Poor Patrick! :( They talk about Ewen, and how a good guy he is! NO HE ISN'T! Tracy is there to talk to Luke. She isn't happy. She wants him to admit that he was going to dump her, to go with Anna. He says yes. But wait Tracy!!! How could he dump you when you two weren't even a couple?!!?! She says they are not over and will never be over. She thinks Anna and Luke will be over and she might take him back. Later Anna shows up, and shows Luke the pamphlet of Switerland she found on the floor in the empty room! She is going to Switzerland!!!! YEAH ANNA! Listen to your instincts!!!! :)

    Todd and Johnny: Get him Todd get him!!!! Todd is choking him! Johnny has a red face! Johnny grabs a bat, and is about to play baseball on Todd's face!!! Great scene. :) Todd wants to call Carly and tell him the truth! And he does, but then Johnny says if Todd tells her about what Johnny did, HE will tell Sam about Sam's baby!!!!!

    Jason and Carly: Hey did Steve Burton have a hair cut for the summer? :) It looks nice. They talk about Jason needing a lawyer, and about Sam.

    Spinny and Sam: Sam is at Manning Enterprises and she is snooping. She has a feeling Todd is hiding something and it's about her! Spinny is trying to talk her out of it! She won't listen. She wants his help to crack open the safe, but he won't do it so he leaves while she is going to do it!

  3. I thought todays show was one of the best in a long time.

    We finally see progress. Once Anna returns, the RObin storyline will really heat up!!

    Loved Loved Tracey & Luke scenes.

    Loved Patrick telling Liz to move on with her life. Jason doesn't love her. Now, WE know Ewan is EVIL, but Liz fans, you will now see Liz humanized in a story where doesn't look like an idiot!! Looking forward to her when it involves anything but Jason.

    Now I have??
    How did Johnny know about Todd's knowledge of Sams baby? Am I forgetting something or was everyone else as surprised??

  4. where doesn't look like an idiot!!

    'where she doesn't look like an idiot'

    BEFORE THE GRAMMER POLICE get busy with me.

  5. Watched online, Love that Anna is so smart and close to finding the truth. Sam and Spinelli bore me and I just want jason to divorce her. Carly pulling for Sam makes me laugh especially because Carly used to call Sam a shrew. The fact that Carly doesn't even acknowledge her daughter being alive because she received Jake's kidney is classic ungrateful Carly still disrespectful when speaking Liz's name.
    Liz/Patrick scenes were good but sad that both are walking into traps with no good Ewan. Glad Patrick said both Jason and Lucky are not there for Liz. Glad Liz said she doesn't have to justify her feelings to anyone because she doesn't. She and Jason have known each other almost as long as she's known Lucky, something many fail to understand. Like Robin, Liz has loved jason for years, and they had romance well before he met Sam.
    Todd/Johnny faceoff was good but I want both secrets out.

    Olympics games open!!! I started swimming for part of my own personal fitness and have much respect for athletes swimming lengths so fast. I was so tired and slow in the pool, LOL :). I look forward to watching many sports.

  6. I must admit I really enjoyed today's show too. So many great interactions.

    I was also surprised that Johnny knew about Todd and his involvement with Sam's baby. Are we to assume that Heather told him, because who else knows? And why would Heather tell him? That was very baffling.

    I found the brochure about the Swiss mental hospital very interesting. Didn't the Cassidines hold Laura in such a place in Switzerland? I got the impression they want us to think the Cassadines are involved at least.

    And I'm wondering how old Jerry Jax would be? Is he old enough to be Ewan's father?

    Ewan is obviously a very sick puppy regardless of who's pulling his strings. I hate to see Liz get involved with him.

    And talk about back to good old afternoon soap drama. Was anyone else on pins and needles when it looked like Anna was walking out without seeing that brochure. If I'd been alone in the room I think I would have been yelling at the tv. lol


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