Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maxie: Where's Crimson!?

ahahaha. She didn't know it left. OMG. How funny. And a Maxie Sam scene.Nice. I like. Sam: You are living with Patrick??! And Sam, you couldn't check out Heather's purse WHILE talking to Maxie? Geeze. Todd takes the purse and finds the DNA test.

Olivia and Steve. I wish she'd give him a brain infusion. He's such a dope.

Lulu and Dante were on. Yeah. Bickering.

Molly's mouth is getting her in trouble!! She tells Alexis she has no life heh. TJ and Shawn were on. Yeah, Shawn is still around. TJ asks Alexis if she doesn't like him  because he's BLACK. :eyeroll: At least that was squished.  Shawn is going to talk her into letting TJ date Molly.

Epiphany is blaming some poor orderly for stealing drugs. Of course Patrick won't tell  her. 

Heather wants her lipstick at the PCPD! LOL  Her Purse had 2 candles,  cooking oil and smoked oysters! 

 Here's Franco in the OZ movie: 



  1. Thought today's show was dull as dirt. SAM'S BORING SAGA should be the name of this show. ONLY GOOD THING WAS TODD.

  2. Manning enterprises: Todd is talking to Heather and he says about a casting call and the avengers ROFL! Heather tells him she has someone who looks like Papa Z!!! :) His number is in her purse! Maxie finally comes in and she talks to Sam. Sam REALLY wants to go through Heather's purse! Sam you can't do it while talking to Maxie? ROFL! Maxie hates that purse! Todd gets the purse and sees the DNA TEST! Maxie tried talking to Todd twice! But he is ignoring her ROFL!

    The hospital: Piffy knows someone is stealing the drugs! She thinks it's this orderly Santiago who took them! Patrick says he didn't do it! And did Santiago thank him? NO! He just walked away! What the hell?!! Oh later he thanks him!!! And then says he knows Patrick stole the pills and has his back! DOH! :)

    Police station: Dante and Lulu have an argument over his jealously over Johnny and Lulu! But the kicker is, he can't admit it ROFL! There is Todd and Dante doesn't want Todd to visit Heather. Todd threatened Danta that he would put something in the paper about him and his wife trysting in the squad room! ROFL! Todd confronts Heather with the DNA TEST!! Heather says isn't it delicious?

    Me: YES!!!! :)

    Todd completely flips out! ROFL!

    Alexis and Molly: Molly is so rude to Alexis!!! The way she talks to her mother!! About since she doesn't have a love life, she can't have one. Alexis GROUND HER!!! Tell her not to talk to you like that!!!

    Kelly's: Alexis talks to Shawn about Molly and TJ. Shawn sticks up for TJ and doesn't have a problem with Molly and TJ dating. Alexis gives in and inforces rules on them. She is going to make a contract for them to sign! ROFL! Well she IS a lawyer! I love Alexis. :)

    Olivia and Steve: Oh come on Karen!!! Steve wants to be there for his mother no matter what!!!! Well, she IS his mother!!! I can understand!

  3. I just love how oblivious Shawn is. "I've been keeping an eye on TJ." Oh, really? Then, how has he been sneaking around with Molly for the last few months? I'm really starting to wonder how he survived in Iraq being this blind.

    Speaking of oblivious: what the hell is wrong with Steve. Dude, your mother SOLD YOU WHEN YOU WERE A BABY!!! Why the hell do you trust her?

    Todd is the best thing about this show right now. He is absolutely hilarious with just about everyone.

    Is it just me or did Dante get a haircut while he was away? His hair looks much neater.

  4. I thought todays show was one of the best in a long time.

    Nice to see Shawn is still alive.
    As is Olivia. Maxie after a month goes back to work dress to the hilt.

    Todd is AMAZING. There are no words.

    And Patrick couldn't they find a better storyline for you??

    Heather will be missed when she leaves. As disturbed as she is, she is funny.

  5. Steven Larrs needs to be slapped. Such a blind idiot. Like Heather was EVER a good mom. She didn't even raise him. Why such devotion?

    Todd feels guilty? This is not even the worse thing he has done. When did he get a conscience?

    I just wish this Sam/ baby story line would end. I'm really really bored watching her everyday. She has to be the worst PI ever.

    I almosst didn't recognize Shawn. haven't seen him in so long.

    Maxie was a riot today going on and on about Crimson and that ugly purse to Sam.

    Lulu and Dante were boring and ridiculous. Lets get on with this. Let her have an affair with Johnny and start a decent storyline.

  6. Johnny is getting stale for me. Why would Carly want him when she could have Jax?? And why the sudden interest in her from Todd?

    Loving Todd & Heather. I know they are naughty.

    In Steven Laaaaaars defense, maybe he wanted a mother for so many years that he has blinders on when it comes to her??

    This baby story has to end. I don't care who ends up with who, I just want the truth out already. Please let the rumors be wrong and we don't have to wait until the Fall.

  7. I love the show right now, I just wish they could find a better storyline for Patrick. There have been so many addiction story lines on GH the past few years I'm really bored with it all.

  8. Loved today's show but am looking forward to tomorrow even more!
    Well, they couldn't let Sam find out YET, could they? It's a soap, after all. She was sooo near.

    Love Maxie's cute hairdo with the braids, but it looks so complicated to do.

    Dante was looking mighty fine today. Where did he go that he just got back from? Can hardly blame him for worrying about Johnny--he knows JZ and Lulu had a fling a few years ago. AND he knows Johnny has been in a heap of trouble with criminal activities since....

    Heather is almost too much. I want Anna to GET her, as in 'Gotcha!' I gave up on Steve an age ago.

    Alexis making a 'contract' reminds me of many years ago when my teen was acting out and I made a 'contract'--and I'm not a lawyer--some counselor advised it. Lot of good it did!

    Piff is going to catch on to nervous shaky Patrick.

    The show just gets better and better...

  9. It's been such a long time, but I can finally say that I'm excited to watch GH again. I am LOVING Todd & Heather, Anna/PCPD, Johnny/Lulu, and (gasp) Sam/John. I was a huge Olivia/Caleb fan during PC. Their chemistry is palpable. Patrick...that dude can make me cry so fast. I really feel his grief, unlike so many other character/grief story lines...

  10. Andrea said...
    Todd feels guilty? This is not even the worse thing he has done. When did he get a conscience?

    Well, Todd did say it was a new emotion.


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