Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday on GH: Ask The Wubqueen

Here's an idea sent in by one of the wubbers out there: Ask me any question about GH or life-- fun stuff WHATEVER and I'll try to answer it in Sunday Surgery! You can email me at maskedrumors@aol.com  Just put SUNDAY QUESTIONS. Keep them clean because I'm delicate.  LOL
Not really.

TODAY I need a BREAK from GH. That's the truth. Even after yesterday's hooey, I just need a little break! I trust you understand...  :) I will be looking for spoilers however so check THE WUBS NET tonight.


  1. How do you think your Bills will do this year?

  2. The shack: Heather shot Luke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    The hospital: Luke flatlined! But he is okay now. :) I love that Anna saved Luke's life in the shack! Lulu is so upset when he flatlined. :( Steven Lars blames himself for his mother.

    Police station: Heather is all cocky. She thinks she will get off. She called Todd and left him a message!

    Todd and Carly: Todd is breaking things in his hotel room! ROFL! Carly comes in and wants to know what is going on. She tells him that Blair said no when he purposed! Todd wants Carly to have the ring. She is tempted. When Heather called Todd, Crazy is calling!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL! It still makes me laugh!

    Patrick's home: Maxie and Mac!!! Maxie loves that she takes care of Emma! I want her to have a child of her own!!!

    Patrick and Lulu: Yesterday I was waiting for him to hit her!! Today she still won't give up! She wants to help him! :)

    Blair and Starr: Blair brings out ice cream! They aren't eating it!!! Geez with them talking and not eating, the ice cream probably has melted by now!!!

  3. Todays show rocked LOVED all of it but the BEST parts of GH for me was the Todd and Carly’s scenes . Now I’m a Carly fan first and I like Carly had to laugh at Todd thinking Carly hadn’t done her share of wrong doings. But regardless of Carly’s faults I love that she doesn’t sugar coat things and she does truly regret a lot of the stuff she has done in her past. I’m really enjoying their friendship but there is a big black cloud hanging over their heads because we all know Todd’s secret involves Carly’s BFF Jason. I’m not sure how Carly will get past it or if she will but I hope with a lot of good writing she will because I really do enjoy Todd and Carly scenes they always make me LOL

    I also like that GH had Carly tell Todd she was going to check in on Olivia since GH had seemed to drop the ball on that friendship.

    I hope when Carly goes to see Olivia she will bump into Lulu and be there for her as moral support and to make sure her uncle Luke is okay

    Loved the Lulu scenes of todays show. I liked how she wouldn’t let Patrick off the hook. I also felt really bad for her when she found out her father was shot. It was so sad to watch.

    Happy that Dante and Lulu aren’t fighting and were there for each other in todays show. The hug was soooooooooooo nice to see

    Love Dante but IMO today he left Steve off the hook too fast for allowing Heather to get away with all her crimes since HE was supposed to keep his eyes on her and for not believing Olivia

  4. So YET another day of Todd bemoaning about Blair, this time to Carly. At least it seems that today Blair is leaving, she said goodbye to Starr. OK, I watched OLTL I know the whole Todd/Blair saga but devoting 3 days to this on GH is VERY excessive, 15 minutes on one show would have been enough.

    MAC was on today!!!! Only with Maxie and without Felicia, but she was mentioned. John York tweeted today that he was on set taping, so we should be seeing him soon.

    Lulu was on Patrick today about getting help, she kept mentioning her dad and his addictions. I would think it would have been more effective if she talked about HIS dad and how Noah's drinking affected Paddy and Matt after their mom died. But he may have gotten the point when he went home and Emma told him she was scared because she couldn't find him.

    Luke was shot jumping in front of Anna, He coded but is now in surgery.

    Olivia was mentioned, but not shown - still wacky with LSD.

    Steve is still sorry.

    Heather was arrested, called Todd for help (Crazy calling Ringtone)- she left a threatening voicemail telling Todd to help her. She told Anna that Robin was alive that was at the end, so we will how that goes tomorrow.

    The sneak peaks showed Robin,with Patrick saying your alive, but I'm sure that is a dream/hallucination. Con/Kate in bed with Sonny is also on tomorrow.

    The show is mush better paced than it used to be - a lot more people interacting with each other, better dialogue. But the problem is I just don't feel the need to watch everyday.

    When Carly was talking to Todd today, she was saying how a lot of people don't like her because of the things that she had done in the past. It made me think, I used to HATE Carly, but tuned in everyday to see what she would do next. I miss having a character like that.

  5. oh Carrie! I shall include that in the Sunday Surgery!! thx!

  6. With the horrible killings on the news, along with lots of murderous behaviors on GH, I want to comment on some mental health matters. (I am a licensed psychotherapist, practicing for over 12 years.)

    I realize that not everyone is as fascinated by mental health issues as I am, so, if this doesn't interest you, please feel free to ignore this post.

    There are 3 broad categories of mental health issues: neurotic, psychotic and personality disordered. Neurotic, we know, is anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. The confusion that I see on shows like GH is between psychotic and personality disordered.

    Psychotics have delusions, hallucinations, etc.--they hear voices, see people who aren't there, etc. These folks are really "sick," and most need meds for life, as the medical community really doesn't know the cause of, or cure for these disorders.

    Personality disorders, on the other hand, do not involve such symtptoms--individuals are, to some degree, selfish, manipulative, narcissistic, etc., but not actually "crazy." In fact, insurance companies will not cover personality disorders, because they have more to do with evil and selfishness than with craziness.

    Most of our "cray-cray" characters on GH are, in fact, not crazy, but evil. Lisa Niles, Heather, et al., do not suffer from delusions or hallucinations but rather are sociopaths (technically called "anti-social personality disorder,"--used to be called psychopath and then sociopath). These characters are selfish, evil and manipulative, but not crazy.

    One of the main legal issues in the horrible CO killings is whether in fact the killer is mentally ill (likely paranoid schizophrenic), or just plain evil.

    Again, Lisa and Heather both have a huge sense of entitlement, and are grandiose and narcissistic--and evil--but I wouldn't call either of them crazy. (Of course I call them that here, but, technically speaking, they are severely personality disordered.

    In these "politically correct" times, it has become "politically incorrect" to call a spade a spade, so everyone is "sick," which kind of implies they are not responsible for what they do. In my profession, they do not want to use terms such as "evil," which I think is a huge mistake.

  7. AntJoan, thanks for sharing your profession insights into this interesting and very timely topic. I assume DID falls under the "psychotic" category since it's an illness involving blackouts and other personalities taking control. Therefore Con/Kate is truly sick, in a physical way. Heather and Lisa, on the other hand, are simply "sick" in a mental way. Their brains can not distinguish right from wrong according to societal norms. They are sociopaths, and, I agree with you--they are evil. Some people just are evil. Who knows why or how they got that way, but there have always been people who do terrible things for reasons that, altho they might make sense to the person doing it, make NO sense to the majority of the human population.

    Again, thanks for posting about this. Fascinating!

  8. Dear CaryN: Thanks for your interest. Yes, DID is a psychotic disorder, ConKate is truly "sick." As a cognitive-behavioral therapist, I have studied the thinking of evil people, and, if you understand their thinking, it is very logical TO THEM why they do what they do. I do believe some people are born evil--in fact, having worked with populations from infancy to old age, I have come to believe we are born "good-" or "bad-hearted," much as we are born right- or left-handed.

  9. Another seat grabber today and really good. I wonder if Luke will disappear from the hospital--and turn up with Robin. Seems like Helena is likely behind all this--she considers Luke the enemy and also Robert, Robin's father. Can't see how she is connected to Heather. Ewan could easily be a Cassadine, but I'd like him to be a good one, like Nikolas. We have enough baddies on the show.
    Really wanted to see Felicia with Mac today. Wonder if she is off the show already. Drat.

    Will Olivia and Heather both wind up together at Ferncliff? Yikes. With Johnny maybe showing up too?

  10. AntJoan:

    Given what I know of MPD or DID, Connie's rape at 17, if it occurred, would not have caused the split. It had to be an earlier trauma. Thereby she likely was not raped, and merely claimed it.

    I ask because Joe's version of events seems more plausible, and likely Connie just cried rape as an excuse to get away from Sonny.

    Usually DIDs, if they exist, split off under the age of 10, no?

  11. My late papa was from Buffalo, and LOVED the Bills. Of course, he stayed here in Florida after he retired until he died, but I still have family in NY and cheer for the Bills!



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