Friday, July 6, 2012

The Revolution is DEAD!

How fitting...only 2 days after the 4th of July and our own Revolution. THIS one is cancelled. Idiot ABC good going.
Go to Get Glue and get your fireworks sticker today!! They are doing up the GH stickers!! woot!!

McBam is busy getting loaded (which is a carryover from OLTL) -- and Sam's boobies are hanging out!! WOOT!

Starr and Michael and THE VITAMIN water placement--did you see it??! They were dresses so weird too. For Tennis? Where WAS MONICA?!! She could have brought them more vitamin water. He takes off his shirt..she takes off her's...well, her TOP shirt.  She did have a bikini top on.

I would have rather Lulu swallowed that pill to see what happened!! BUT NOooooooo they look on the net. 

Spinelli is helping Anna out just like Huggy Bear would LOL.

I tweeted today that Luke must stink--- headwriter tweeted back: "Luke is Self-cleaning"!  heh. But, seriously, he'd reek.  

You know Mr. Guza was crying with the fireworks. MaRR kiss... and so does MCBAM and it was HOT.  :thud: Next up? Liason kiss--
Oh they know how to stir it up!


  1. OMG mcBam!!!!!!!! so HOT!!!

    Karen, you forgot to mention supercouple Sonny/Jason.... :) I actually thought they were gonna kiss when the fireworks started LOL

  2. Best line was in the previews...
    Sorry, just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
    Ya gotta luv Todd!!!

    Oh yes, WooHoo Liason!!!!

  3. Jason and Sonny: Sonny gives him an update about Joe Jr! UGH! Jason says he can relate to McBain blaming himself over his sister's death, because he blames himself for Sam losing the baby!! UGH! Zzzzzzzz. Oh look they leave the coffee warehouse, and watch the fireworks. Awww! Now kiss. :) Come on you two! :)

    Sam and McBain: They talk and drink. The fireworks start, and then they KISS! HUBBA HUBBA!!!!! Chemistry overload! :)

    Starr and Michael: They have fun! Swimming, and playing rock the boat. Water is cold! IN JULY?!!?!?! They eat food!!! WOW FOOD!!!! :) And yes Karen I saw the vitamin water! :) Hey where the hell are the Q's?!?!!? :( They kiss!!!!!!!!!!! Now I want Starr and Trey to kiss. :) Wait Karen, a bikini top? I thought Starr was wearing a sports bra. :)

    Patrick's home: Oh I love Maxie's dress!!! I WANT IT!! :) WHERE CAN I GET IT?! :) Maxie and Lulu talk Patrick and the pills. They go online to figure out what kind of pill it is. And Karen I thought Lulu was going to swallow the pill! :) It's a pill to help people with ADD and obesity!!!! And it is addictive!!!

    Spinny and Anna: They talk about Heather! They are working together. YAY! :) Spinny shows Anna the woods that he was just at!!!WOOT WOOT!

    The cabin: Heather sees Luke! Great hat Heather! ROFL! Heather talks about Anna, and if he has forgotten her yet. And she says, what woman with her self respect chase a man who doesn't want her?

    Me: KRISTINA!!!!! :)

    Anyway, Heather has food and drink for Luke, who doesn't want it, because he says she will drug the drink ROFL! Heather says, she hasn't drugged any drink for a couple of months! ROFL! Heather has that DNA test with her! Luke wants to know what it is, but she don't trust him! She wants Luke to write a letter to Anna telling her he don't want her anymore. THEN she will trust him. He writes the note and she reads it. Heather says how stupid do you think I am?! She knows there is a code telling Anna, that Heather is keeping me in the woods! ROFL! Heather is good! :) Heather is upset!!! She puts the gag on him, and leaves. Meanwhile Spinny and Anna show up to look around the woods. The police dogs will show up soon. And when they do, Luke hears the dogs!!! And tries to call out but it's hard with the gag on his mouth!

    Karen! Luke is self cleaning?! ROFLMAOPMP! Is he a dog or cat? ROFL! Oh Ron! ROFL!

  4. Okay I don't watch everyday but is Mcbain still with Natalie? Was wondering if I missed something. Thanks!

  5. Funnist line today:

    Michael telling Starr 'Cook' makes his special sauce for him.

    When did Michael start making visits to the Q's for dinner??
    What am i missing?

  6. Starting Monday Good Afternoon America is going to run for 9 weeks until 9-13. At that time GH will move into that time slot. ABC will be monitoring ratings on GAA so if they are better than GH then that show could cause GH to be cancelled next year. Please everyone BOYCOTT GAA. Do not watch it EVER. If the rating are good just remember that GH could be gone by next year.

  7. Yes, supposedly McBain and Nat are still together although who knows how long that will last. Rumors abound about her
    I TOTALLY FORGOT SASON! I made a big joke on twitter and forgot here! lol

  8. Wow. McBam chem is completely off the charts. Love it! Nice to some "love in the afternoon" again instead of all the dreary boring angst that Jasam is.

    Anna and Spinelli cracked me up. Loved their scenes!

    I love Heather but I'm getting real tired of her constant airtime. They are way overdoing the "cray-cray" thing.

    Lara - LMAO!! I thought the same thing about Sonny and Jason!

    Mybelle18 - John and Natalie are "together" but now she is in London with their son. Some of their phone convos have been strained.

    Bring on Liason kiss, I'm ready and waiting for some more couple chemistry!! It's been too long! Yay!!!


  10. Luke is self-cleaning, like an oven?

  11. McBAm was HOT! Wow! They Smoke!! It will be a shame if they let that slip by. That chemistry does not come along too often.

  12. Bring back Jake and I'll be happy.

  13. Thanks for the info regarding John & Natalie! Sam & John are good but I was such a Natalie & John fan I hate to see them implode!

  14. I thought the Sam/McBain kiss was hot also! They both were in pain and needed each other. Best scene on Friday, even though I thought Michael and Starr were cute.



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