Monday, July 2, 2012


first Joe Scully Jr. thx to @dinkologist/twitter

1. Heather Threatens  Olivia--in her mind

2. Jason's on the National Watch List for AirTravel. 

3. Kate and Olivia hug--Sonny tries to explain DID

4. Starr and Michael zzzz they KISSED. Oh, almost. sorry she doesn't want to

5. Might Joe Jr. was on today..working at a place that looks like a french antique store  and he called Trey "SON"

6. Heather called Spinelli a "Hobbit"and Olivia tells Steven Larzzz about Heather's lies.

7. Trey tells Krissy Joe Scully is his Dad and he "has no mother"

8. McBain pulls a gun on Joe Scully and gets knocked out by a body guard. 

9. Trey tells  NuKrissy to cut out the lip action, he doesn't want her. 

10. St. Jasus saves McBain and mows down 2 body guards LMAO

11. Jason leaves and doesn't untie McBain.


  1. That guy in the pic is Joe Scully Sr., who Sonny shot to death when Joe was about to shoot Mike!

  2. Wait. Shouldn't ConKate's kids with Joe Jr. be as old or just a little older than Dante since they were conceived within months of each other? Are we supposed to believe Trey is Dante's age? I always assumed Dante was about 30, making Olivia about 45? Trey seems like he's maybe 22 or 23, since he's in grad school and hanging around kids who aren't old enough to drink. Krissy and Starr are both about 20. Of course, when they re-cast ConKate they seemed to backward SORAS her to be younger than Olivia.

  3. Things I learned from today's GH:

    1. The natural reaction to someone eating your ice cream (not to mention deleting your soaps) is to throw their clothes out a window.

    2. Steve is even more stupid than we originally thought.

    3. Trey is a total douche. (Oh, you knew that already. :p)

    4. It is really easy to integrate personalities--remember a rape, alter disappears.

    5. Even out of town cops become incompetent once they show up in Port Charles.

    6. "There may be something there that wasn't there before."

    7. Joe Jr. is having a bad day, but not as bad as his bodyguards.

    8. The no fly list isn't just for terrorists or babies with unfortunate names.

    9. People can just get off of a plane and immediately get another ticket on a different flight. (cause that's totally plausible)

  4. The age thing is rediculous on GH, especially when it comes to Sonny.
    He reminds me of Erica Kane!

    I remember when Sonny and Jason first met, he was like a father to him, or at least a very older brother.
    Now they act like they are around the same age.
    Before you know it, they will have Sonny younger than Jason!
    It is rediculous.
    Sonny, Kate and Olivia all should be in mid forties.
    And Jason, even though SB is 42, should be in mid to late 30s.

    Well, somewhere around that.

    Originally Sonnys chatacter was younger than me, now they have him younger! Wish that would happen in real life, huh. ;)

    I don't know why the writers do this!
    Especially since 99% of their viewers know the truth.
    It drives me nuts.

  5. Meant originally Sonny was older than me! :p

  6. Olivia, Heather, and Steven LARS: Heather is working on her article, when you can hear her thoughts! ROFL!

    Heather: is anybody really going to miss Maggie Wentworth? Really?

    Me: NO! :)

    Hahahaha! And then Steve shows up, and she tells him that someone is following her! ROFL! That Spinneli was following her! And was hired by Olivia! Olivia shows up and Steve asks her if it's true! Olivia admits it! Heather talks about that storm that night where she met a man online and he wanted to meet her at a hotel! ROFL! And that guy in the car with her, was the drunk man she met online! ROFL! Heather is so funny!!! Great scene! :)

    New Orleans: Jason and McBain are on the plane bonding, and Jason has been stopped. McBain left ROFL! McBain goes to an antique store and hey there is Joe Jr! He denies he is Joe Jr! He plays dumb! And then Mcbain brings up Sonny, and Joe Jr's face changes!!!!! :) One of Joe Jr's men hits McBain on his head and down he goes! McBain and Joe Jr, have a nice little chit chat, when Jason comes in and starts shooting! Wow! He is a really good shot!!! What happened Jason? Take shooting lessons?

    Starr and Trey's home: Starr and Michael show up, and the place is a mess!!! ROFL! Starr goes to get ice cream, but trey already ate it hahaha! Starr is upset and has an idea of what to do with Trey's clothes! She and Michael throws it out the window!! Wow Starr must REALLY like Trey! :) And then they are about to kiss when she stops it! She isn't ready! She feels like she is cheating on her boyfriend. :( Or is that just an excuse hmm.

    Haunted Star: Krissy kisses Trey and he rejects her!!!!!! You better get that book he is just not that into you!!!! I bet Trey wants to kiss Starr. :)

    Sonny's home: Kate tells Olivia everything! Olivia wants to grab a knife and cut his, Kate says OLIVIA! ROFL! Kate thought Olivia was going to say cut his penis hahaha. Olivia says she was going to say throat! :)

  7. I'm with you CareyN. Making Trey Kate's son doesn't make any sense at all age wise. I was really hoping the writers were screwing with us because I really wanted it to be Spinelli (who is more age appropriate). Who knows, maybe they are? Still holding out hope!

    Loved the McJason/Scully stuff and pretty much slept thru the rest. lol! Kind of a boring epi today.

    Looking forward to the McBam kiss and the Liason kiss this week! Yay! Soapy goodness at it's best!!

  8. MatchboxGinny-these writers are notorious for throwing curve balls at the last minute, so odds are Trey is not ConKate's kid, but will end up being half-brother to.....?? Who knows. Maybe Spinelli? Maybe someone new? I agree that Spin would be a good choice.

  9. Good Catch CareyN

    Elizabeth...How stupid is Steve??

    Who does McNostrils think he is walking out of his juridiction to arrest people??

    Krissy......the guy just isn't that INTO YOU!!!!!!!!
    Starr I was hoping you would fall out the window.

  10. I had to laugh at Heather's hobbitt comment The writers are really having a good laugh at Spinelli's expense.

    And yes, the age thing drives me crazy too. Trey is not much older than Kristina who's supposed to be younger than Michael. And Connie would have had her baby at least a decade before that. This trend for soaps to keep all actors between 30 and 40 seems to get a little ridiculous at times. Especially when they keep SORAing the kids.

    And I don't understand how Kate can say Connie is gone now and she's cured. Connie wasn't the first alter; Kate was. She came on the scene right after the rape. If Kate is back to being Kate then she's still not back to herself, unless she's Connie pretending to be Kate??? I'm confused.

  11. General Hospital Promo week 7-2-12 clip is on you tube and Daytime confidential website! Hot! Sam/McBain kiss, sam reveal to jason, and Liz/Jason kiss! You have got to watch!

  12. I have it on my website too. Lots of kissing kissing going on!!!

  13. That's it gone to search for the promo!!!!

  14. My2Cents, Steve is so stupid that he doesn't see through his mother's lies. I'd understand it if she was a normal mother, but she sold Steve when he was a baby. If Steve didn't know that would be one thing, but he knows exactly what she is.

  15. only reasoning for Steve, is that he has wanted his mothers love for so long, he has blinded himself to her.

  16. CareyN: you should write for the show; you have a good feel for soapiness.

  17. Didn't Kate say she was afraid to talk about her pregnancy because of all the trouble Olivia had from her family? Did Kate know that Dante was Sonny's child? Somehow the timing seems off to me. I thought Sonny got Olivia pregnant AFTER being dumped by Kate.

  18. imspncycl--I noticed that too! Didn't Olivia get preggers by Sonny after Connie left for college? I wasn't watching GH at the time Olivia and Dante showed up, so maybe I'm wrong. But I was really, really sure he hooked up with Olivia -after- Kate, not before. But, Olivia never said Sonny was Dante's father. She always pretended to be slutty and say she didn't know who the father was, so maybe she was with him before?

    Cosmoetica--Thanks! I'm a full-time editor and part-time writer. I've also been watching soaps for 30 years. It was once my greatest dream in life to write for OLTL, I just didn't want to move to NY! In high school, I hand-wrote about 10 episodes of a 30-minute soap, xeroxed all the pages, and made my friends come over and act it out one night! HAHA.

  19. CareyN: 30 years? What did you have, a cable hooked into your mother's womb?

  20. LOL! No, but she did get me started early. So sad that tradition is lost now....

  21. Cosmoetica said...

    CareyN: 30 years? What did you have, a cable hooked into your mother's womb?
    ROFL! :)

  22. CareyN...I know what you mean..I used to watch As The World Turns with my mother when I came home from nursery school (that's what preschool used to be called) and it was in black and white!!

  23. Joe Jr. was never on the show before. The previous Joe Scully was Sr. and the current Joe Jr.'s father, and, if I remember correctly, he's dead.

  24. Did Jasus/roid boy really mow down two body guards as in kill them?

    (I missed the last ten minutes on purpose).

  25. Blogger renegade_killerbee said...

    Did Jasus/roid boy really mow down two body guards as in kill them?


    Apparently. Now, major plothole. McBain, an officer of the court, saw this and will have to explain when freed. The guards were not armed and killed in cold blood. In real life, Jason is going to fry.

    But, that's GH logic.


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