Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today was ASK GH with Kris Alderson ...this is her tweet about Maxi's outfit:

's outfit 😍 it's a shirt and a shirt! They're separates! Can you believe it? Props to our Emmy winning wardrobe team.

You know I love the wardrobe stuff. And Prop Stuff..and set stuff.  

LSD for LUKE!! YEAH! WE all NEED SOME!! Heather is going to give it to Anna? Huh? Oh to make her cray-cray.
As a baby, it was Steven Lars (then known as P.J.) who caused Heather to ingest the crazy-making LSD. Just and FYI...speaking of I HATE the Steven Larz and Olivia story. She is too good of a character to waste on this nonsense. Let her run Kelly's..or marry a cop-- I don't know. 

RJ should have walked in that club because it has Indigo's lighting!! Anyway, I like KA's singing. It's bland but I've heard worse. LOVED her dress very unexpected for her age.Just looked nice.

I think Trey is gay...he's not even looking at Krissy's tah tahs. it would be a nice touch, we need a gay character, imo--and he's a MOBULAR's son. 

Anna caught the forger guy-- and Dante looked like a Men in Black. They also found out about the Memphis connection and Maggie's murder!  AND Heather goes after Olivia with the tea LOL.

Patrick takes about 9 pills  GEEzee no wonder he's seeing things. OMG

Robin says "Save Me"...
SHE'S GIGI and if you know What I'm talking about back me up. WHAT LAZY WRITING IS THIS? first the DID stuff NOW the REX/GIGI sheeze??

I love Ron you all know that but this?
Not cool.


  1. Enough with the reused OLTL storylines!!!!! OK, this isn't even old OLTL. This was one of the last stories that was on OLTL.

    All we need now is Patrick to bump into Madam Delphina now so she can cryptically tell him something ridiculous about Gigi - I mean Robin- to lead him on some wild goose chase. Maybe he will hire Rex as a PI to help him.

    I don't get why Ron is repeating all these storylines. Having the OLTL characters is more than enough. All we want is a well written story that moves along. Witty dialogue that is entertaining.

    If you want to shake up GH. try this:

    Break up the longest standing couple on the show. Sonny and Jason. That is the story I want to see.

  2. The haunted star: Starr sang. I really want Blair to sing. She has a beautiful voice. Starr and Michael kiss and now both their families know they are dating. Todd don't like it haha! Maxie is wearing an outfit that you can see her ta ta's! But she did a very good job at hiding it! Patrick is taking pills!!! He took one right behind Maxie's back! He was behind her. Patrick leaves and takes another one. He sees ROBIN!!!

    Steve and Olivia: Olivia talks to him about Heather and the forger! He breaks up with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T BE A FOOL STEVE!!! Sure I can understand wanting to stand by your mother, but breaking up with Olivia?! Stupid!!!!

    Heather and Luke: She has a bottle of LSD! She is going to give it to Anna! Luke says they both can have some and then he will make love to her all night! :) She is tempted but no she won't do that. She thinks he is tricking her. And besides she says, he stinks ROFL!

    The police station: The forger is there! He admits writing those notes given to Anna and Lulu! And then he admits he forged the suicide letter from Maggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY! HEATHER IS GOING DOWN! Anna and Dante know the truth!!!!

  3. Be nice to see Heather actually get caught for something--but she is so wily and smart she can probably figure out ways to get out of Ferncliff when she wants. You remember, like the old days when she used to dress as a nurse and take off most weekends to wander PC!

  4. I always said GH should do a gay story but they need to do a true gay story and not the cliche "Im gay I dont want to come out" story cause thats not how it all is.

    I would love for them to say Trey is gay but he doesnt want to come out cause he does not typically like the "gay" lifestyle or scene. He prefers the way "straight" guys are viewed.

    Michael is bi-sexual and doesnt realize it till he starts to get feelings for Trey which tears him apart cause he has true feelings for Starr. One day something leads Michael to tell Trey about being raped. Trey asks him if being raped gave him any interest in guys and Michael gets defensive, unaware that Trey really likes guys. Michael continues to beat himself about his sudden feelings for Trey.

  5. Trey plans to come out to Starr telling her his preference but he takes back his decision when Starr begins to question his feelings toward Kristina.

    Johnny runs into an upset Michael, when Michael tells him how much he can't stand Trey and he told Trey about the rape because Kristina brought it up too him. Johnny tells Michael that even though he was raped he shouldnt let that get to him especially now that he has found love twice since the incident. Michael then shocks Johnny by asking him what if the rape gave him interest in guys. Johnny then confides in Michael that his first true love was a boy in his grade growing up that was shot and killed before he graduated high school. He tells Michael he considers himself a straight man cause he never loved a man since but he considers his heart open since he knows he is capable of loving a man.

    Trey overhears Johnny's confession to Michael and feels the same exact way. But now, he takes up interest in Johnny.

  6. Trey tries to get close to Johnny, who isnt having it cause he does not want to have anything to do with Kate or Sonny. Michael begins to get jealous that Trey is hanging around Johnny. While Trey is getting jealous that Johnny is so nurturing and warm toward Michael.

    While giving Michael advice about dealing with his feelings and still loving Starr, Michael leans in a gives Johnny a peck who accepts it.

    Carly sees this kiss and is beyond shocked, thinking Johnny took advantage of Michael. She confronts Johnny who assures her he was only helping Michael. Johnny reveals his past secret love to Carly who accepts him openly. She then begins to plot how to get Michael to tell her but Johnny begs her to leave him alone.

    Trey gives in a kisses Kristina. He decided that he does have a bit of feelings for Kristina and he wants to pursue them to be normal. He goes to Michael to try and end the animosity between the two of them. He finds Michael on the docks upset about his feelings.

    Michael lies and tells Trey he is angry because he was thinking about things in the past. Trey starts to tell Michael that everything happens for a reason and that you can't beat yourself up about it. When Trey sees a tear come from Michael's eyes, he embraces Michael. Michael asks Trey if he thinks its possible to be in love with only one person of the same sex out of the billions. Trey tells him yes, and ask Michael if he is talking about Johnny. Michael lies and says yes.

    Trey promises to keep Michaels secret but he is torn because he also cared about Johnny. He doesnt know Michael is lying and is really talking about him. Trey however thinks he found a friend in Michael because Michael is similar to his feelings but he hasnt told Michael about himself.

    Trey goes to try Johnny one last time and overhears Johnny planning to tell someone he is not interested. Trey assumes he is talking about Michael and goes to see Michael before Johnny tells Michael the news.

    Trey finds Michael really angry again after an argument with Starr. Starr thinks he is acting more reserved and wants to know why. Michael tells Trey that he has to tell the person he has feelings for the truth cause he doesnt want to go through his feelings alone. Trey tells Michael that Johnny is not worth it, then kisses Michael.

  7. Well, I hate to burst all the bubbles. But Trey will not be gay.

    See, gay characters on TV are flambouyant, degrading and humiliating stereotypes. They prance around and yell "sistah" and "girlfriend" and they have to be florists or hairdressers. They are not masculine italian mobster sons. TV doesnt have a gay character who is a rugby player, a bodybuilder, a professional sports star or a construction worker (a real one. not one from the village)

    TV makes gay characters as horrific as possible to the gay community.

    Plus, and this is the saddest part of television's portrayal of gay men, there are 2 requirements (or rituals?) that every gay man must go through in order to be a gay character on TV. First, he must be fag bashed and left for dead only to be found and taken to a hospital. And he has to deny it. Second, he must, and there is no leeway on this one, he must have an AIDS scare.

    Now, it is funny that older males are not required to have a prostrate cancer scare. And every woman on TV doesnt have a breast cancer scare. But every gay man must have an AIDS scare. It is the law of television.

    I could see Trey getting fag bashed by his dad's mobster buddies. And anyone can get an AIDS scare. (Heather can switch results). But until he starts talking with a lisp and changes professions to something more "gay" it is not going to happen.

    Which is sad. Because I, for one, think Trey would make a really great homosexual. Just not on TV.

  8. I missed today's show and I popped in to see what happehed but I'm now getting really confused. ( I guess i shouldn't start with the bottom post.)

    Off to watch the show somewhere.

  9. Dave..Kish weren't flamboyant at all on OLTL
    But I don't think Trey will be gay because he'll have to fall for Kristina so the HOUSES OF MONTIQUE/CAPULATE can crumble!

  10. DOOL now has a new gay character. Well, they have Sonny, who was gay when he came on and he is an ordinary kid. And then Will, who is actually a pretty badass kid, who is now blackmailing a Dimera.

  11. It's clear that Trey actually likes Starr. That's why the flirtation was ocurring initially when they first moved in together and michael was jealous. He is simply not into Kristina, but into Starr. I think he will cause problems for Starr and Michael and may use Kristina even though Trey's father told him to reveal his identity to Sonny or anyone related to him. He sometimes flings insults at Starr just to get under her skin, but it's his way of interacting with her even though I find it juvenile.

  12. Sorry, Trey's father told him not to reveal his identity to Sonny.

  13. There was such a big deal about Starr singing at the HS, and she only sang one song!!! And, I don't know if anyone else noticed, but KA was lipsynching and not very well. Her voice is pretty but not great enough to be spotlighted. I would rather see Johnny play piano. So glad to see Anna has some smarts. Heather really makes my skin crawl and I hope she gets caught already.

  14. Best line of the show- of course from Todd..."Starr Manning, what are you doing?"! Um, I think it was obvious!



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