Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bed Pan in the Head!

Robin really looks like she might be escaping her "prison" least she beaned the nurse lady in the noggin and ran!! 
Then she's caught again!
Patrick is talking to her...through his brain. 

Robin is going to get mind-shocked with some big machine.

Starr and  Todd...classic Todd and Starr. He's going to send that photo of McBam to Natalie.

Anna tells Luke Robin could be alive. She knows, she was dead a long time after Faison "Blew her up".  Luke says Heather is just being crazy and mean to Anna.

Johnny should just kill Connie because she's he one that knows his secret. (that's my reason lol) 

Starr, Michael, Sonny and ConKate at brunch together!!

Jason wasn't on...I think day 8. Steve Burton must have had his first real vacay in YEARS. 

What's more FUN in a POP Culture diva's day? The Jackson Family dramaz or the Kristen Stewart apology? ahahhahhahaaha. She's such a bad actress AND a (fill in the blank). The director is scum too. What idiots.


  1. The two most obvious are Faison and David Heyward. Faison cuz of his hatred of the Scorpios and Heyward cuz he's Anna X and the Orpheus Project.

    With Faison, that could bring back Helena, but it would be cool to see Faison unleash past GH baddies like Grant Putnam, Kevin O'Connor, Ryan Chamberlain, et al.

  2. Heather and Steve: Steve turned on her!!! And Heather's jaw dropped!!! :)

    Patrick and Robin: He took another pill and is seeing Robin!!!! Great scene!!! :(

    Robin: OH! She is at her prison!!! She escaped!!! But she got caught and now they are going to electro shock treat her!! Oh no!!!!

    Lulu and Patrick: Patrick thinks Robin is alive!!! Lulu is trying to help him! She is taking him to the hospital for treatment. Great scene!!!

    Anna and Luke: Luke was trying to tell her about his lie about Ethan and Robert, when Anna says that Heather told her Robin is alive!!!! How does Heather know?!!?! Now Anna thinks Robin is alive but Luke is trying to get her off the ceiling.

    Starr, Michael, Kate, and Sonny: They had brunch and Michael tells his father, that he and Starr are together now! Sonny isn't happy about it, and Kate is trying to calm Sonny down. He is on the ceiling too! :)

    Todd: Mcbain revenge!!!! :) Time for Natalie to dump McBain!!!! :)

  3. Love the McBain revenge.

    Luke is coming clean about Robert/Ethan now???

    I'm sorry I need a few days off from Heather.

    Why is Sonny so up in arms about the Michael/Starr thing? SO she tried to kill him. Hasn't a good portion of the town tried to kill him? She is over that now, and seems to have forgiven ConKate. I know she is annoying, but who cares.

  4. Kristen Stewart is foolish. Sleeping with a director is never cool unless you are married to him. The apology was ridiculous and I, I feel, made because she has "Breaking Dawn 2"( next twighlight installment) coming out.Rob will find himself a new girlfriend.I just found it horrible that she was friends with the Director's wife who also appeared in snow white, all the while, she was betraying her. SAD.
    Hadn't been watching Gh for days except online. Glad that some secrets are revealed. Just wish Anna and Robert would have the chance to kick ass, especially if Jerry Jacks is involved. Remember , Jerry shot Robin at the metro court and I had always wished he would meet up with Anna and she would take her revenge.

  5. I have to say that Finola Hughes is doing a phenomenal job and is just a joy to watch. And, Anna is being written so well. Almost makes up for too much Todd, too much Heather and too much Starr. So happy to see Robin, too!


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