Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Surgery: "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"

Nancy Lee Grahn's Charity Event

Oh, I had trouble thinking about what to write this Sunday. So I sat, and I sat...I went over clips and photos. And I sat.
How was GH for you this week? I didn't think it was bad--or all that boring but I'm finding it hard to be excited or add anything new to the conversation.
Luke tried to burn himself out of the roaps.
Anna's solving the Heather mess
Heather's running all over like a chicken with her head cut off
Steven Lars is an idiot
Pat sees "Robin"
Starr Sings
ConKate's bug eyed.  
And... Blair's in town.

That's it. 
JaSam was off all was McBain. Sonny seemed to be standing in the warehouse for days while people came and went to Atlantic City. I do find it hard to care about the Joe Jr. and Trey back story. 
The promo on Friday gave away just about everything that's happening on Monday so there's that.  Not a lot happening if you ask me. 
I had an interesting talk with my hairdresser last week. She is a big GH fan and so's her BF,  Krissy. They loved OLTL as well. She was like: anything happening I should know about?


We know eventually the baby will be back...that Jason will find out the truth-- yada yada. Robin's alive and some contrived story will be brought into play. Word is Jerry Jacks will be back and Ewan tied to it all. NLG even tweeted she's kissing an "old Flame"--presumed to be Mr. Jacks.

SCENE Not SCENE of the WEEK: For the first time the best scene of the week for me was also the worst. How can that be? Well... here goes my explanation:  Jason Patrick is stellar in his scenes as always. Kimberly brought her single tear and was awesome. I loved it..and I also hated it. I told you that day it was so reminiscent of the Ghost Gigi and Rex story I could have gagged on my iced tea.  I am NOT into that. I am in dire need of new material. If Delphina comes out I'm running the other way! 

Kudos for the Todd Blair scene as was brilliant. IF you know them from OLTL. If not---then. Sorry. 

So the discussion remains about watching GH. Of COURSE I'm going to keep watching the show. Everyday dialog is hilarious--and it's MY SHOW.  The cast, crew, production team et al are fantastic. We have our 50th anniversary coming up. (note I said WE lol--) Yes, I want more of this and less of that. The show is a so much better than last year, I can't even tell you.  We need to watch or DVR as much now as ever. I can see that Lara Spencer all chipper and ready to be in OUR time slot. All I can say to that is BACK UP!

Scuttlebutt: SID is saying Jen Lilley is out and Kirsten Storms will be back filming soon.  Glad Kirsten's back, sad Jen is leaving.

Frank V said something like he loves Nurses and Loves Singing so...that may be a fine thing for the Nurses' Ball return at some point!! They still keep promising "returns" and I hear Sebastian Roche is coming as Jerry. See the spoilers on WUBS NET.

Another BIG Rumor? Someone from FCW said Steve Burton sold his LA home and is moving to Nashville for good (contract is up in Sept).  Now this is TOTAL unconfirmed gossip but I'm feeling all TMZ right now 'cause I need some fun.
On a more sober note, it doesn't look like John Ingle will be back as Edward anytime soon.

Ratings:( — Ratings Report for the Week of July 9-13, 2012
Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,402,000 (-103,000/-212,000)
2. B&B 3,065,000 (-50,000/+121,000)
3. GH 2,318,000 (+76,000/-124,000)
4. DAYS 2.230,000 (-179,000/-201,000
 Only show to gain viewers last's not a lot but it's a gain.  See all the stats on Soap Opera Network.

 In the New York Times Crossword:
Now, how cool is that!!

About Fan Club weekend:

Hearing Michael Easton has the longest line; received loudest applause at fan club weekend.


  1. I don't see SB leaving GH. If anything his time will be shorter. Which is fine. I hope MB moves with him so we see less Sonny too!!

    Could you be more specific on JE??
    Sadly he is going thru a difficult time in his life with his health problems and his wife recently passing.

    I wasn't impressed last week with much. Not sure if it was due to me having to watch late at night on soapnet or it was a stupid week.

    I hope next week moves faster and makes a little more sense!

  2. It was only 1 person who tweeted that SBu would be leaving. EVERYONE else said that he did not say that. It figures that it was a JaSam fan. They have a habit of skewing numbers as well as what comes out of people's mouths. Yes, he sold his home in LA and buying in TN but with the way GH is taping these days, 2-3 weeks on and about 2 weeks off, he can commute.

  3. I tried to watch GH a couple of days this week but just couldn't because there was absolutely nothing to hold my attention. the only passable scenes were Patrick/Robin and Todd/Blair-though I have to say Heather getting Olivia wasn't a bad idea.
    Good dialogue helps but really the s/l are crap--none of the ppl I tune in for were on-EW nor her children + I like Ewen, I like ME but they have him so limited it's not all that interesting. I want to love Anna but this whole Luke thing turns me completely off and I FF all his scenes-except with crazy heather.
    SBu leaving GH--not hardly.
    I liked JL as Maxie don't care of KS comes back.
    SR back now that will-I hope-be worthwhile and I hope he goes after Carly for her treatment of Jax.

  4. Susan...why would a JaSam fan tweet he is leaving when there is no confirmation?
    Wouldn't a JaSam fan want him to stay??

    ALso, aren't we past the JaSam and Liason fans yet??
    Clearly Jason is hurting and he is going to use Liz again. That is so wrong on so many levels. Poo on the writing!! Liz should want a man who really wants her for who she is.

  5. So/so week for me too. At times the writing is slow and still too repetitive for my liking. I just want them to tell a story and have it moving forward. Stop with the flashbacks, stop with the rehashing of what's already happened. The Luke/Heather stuff in the shed would have come off better if they didn't take so long to tell it which would have made Anna's investigation be more compelling, imo.

    And what was with the Haunted Star Grand Opening party? It was so boring. Not as boring as the boat ride to nowhere for Robin's birthday but still....nothing happened.

    I still have zero interest in Joe Jr. and Trey. They are nobodies to me. I have no reason to invest in their backstory or want to see them in future stories. I really was hoping for Spinelli to be Kate's son but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Now I'm becoming repetitive as I know I say this every week about Spin/Kate. lol.

    The Todd/Blair scenes were enjoyable for me but I definitely didn't think they needed to be the front/main story for the episode. Far too many of my GH vets are still sitting around collecting dust.

  6. The HS opening party was GREAT because: LOTS of extras; and no big explosion, fighting with Sonny or people getting shot. This is back to how GH used to be, and I, for one, am glad.

  7. HS opening (or reopening or re-reopening? Hell, I dunno I have lost count) was pretty ok - I too am glad nothing exploded or that it wasn't all about Sonny.
    That said, things are still hit and miss for me with GH. They have some pieces in and large the actors are talented and likeable (well, Krissy and Ewan and a few others aside) and things are positioned that they could really take off...BUT...they...don't. Still can't put my finger on it, you know?

    STILL, this is a lot better than if that SOB Guza was running the show...Let's get real here - he was terrible and wrote the thing like he hated it and all the history and characters.

  8. I liked the shows this week. I don't care for Joe Jr either.

  9. I think Jason likes Liz for who she is. It is just that these two characters have leaned on each other for so many years now and have the habit to do it when they shouldn't. I just wish the writers would make Liz stronger to make sure she was there for Jason as a friend, and not go through the crap she has with him before. I am a true Liason fan, but when my girl Liz gets crapped on over and over again, it gets tiring.
    I am not even a Sam fan and I feel bad for her doing the same thing with Jason too.
    Jason can't have it both ways. He can't have Sam who is just like him externally and Liz, who is like him internally.

    Last week was a bore to watch. I am hoping this week picks up.

  10. Even the Ron C's bad weeks are better than Guza's best weeks.


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