Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Promise I Won't Touch Your Little Johnny

So, what's this? Says Carly holding the hockey mask!! heh... He tells Carly it's Jack. "Jack hates me, he gets that from his Mom"... Todd told her the whole Victor story too. Carly tells Todd Blair is coming.

Sonny has been in the coffee bean bag room for 3 days now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  GEESH at least go get something to eat. There is NO WAY Kate is Trey's mother. I mean Olivia and Dante are bad enough but Kelly Sullivan is 34 and looks it!

Poor Dante...even his Mama brings Cannoli's... which everyone knows makes Italians amorous! Olivia has a beer with Dante...

Johnny and Lulu discuss Heather. She listens i n on her computer.

I did some investigation and it looks like Kelly Sullivan is 34 and Erik V (Trey) may be 32!! ahahahahaaa.
They look EXACTLY the same age which is why I went on a hunt for their ages. 



  1. I can't watch until soapnet airs tonight, but those cannoli's look Mama Mia!!!!!!

    I just made my dutiful phone call to the hotline asking for silly scenes to be cut and bring in Felicia & Mac instead. If they aren't going to use them, then let us viewers know they left town.

    Lets see how far I get. lol

  2. **To all Dr. Noah Drake/Rick Springfield fans**

    He's doing a 30-minute online concert next Tuesday at 6:00 pm pacific time. Go to Stageit.com for more info. There were less than 55 "tickets" left when I got mine (for the minimum cost of $5) this afternoon. I watched JJ's band, Enation, on Stageit.com last month for $5 and it was awesome. They played a 30-minute live, acoustic set from their home studio. JJ even read some original poetry. Sounds like Noah, I mean Rick, will be jamming in a similar setting.

  3. Today was so dreadfully boring. A real FF day.

    If you are going to keep a character in the same place for DAYS at a time put him be in Kelly's.

    I just couldn't care less about Dante and Lulu and Johnny.

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  5. Coffee warehouse: Yeah Karen! Sonny and Kate are stuck at the warehouse! :)

    Haunted Starr: Johnny and Lulu are all work work work! When Lulu talked about how she isn't gonna sleep with Johnny like Kate/Connie did, I'm thinking oh oh that means she will sleep with Johnny!

    Jail: Joe Jr is lying to his son!!!! He puts everything on Sonny!!

    Todd and Carly: Todd mocks Carly's clearing her throat! ROFL! He makes it louder! Carly tells him about the Haunted Star opening and that Starr is going to sing. Todd didn't know that and is happy! She tells him that Blair will be there too. Todd is so HAPPY! ROFL! Carly made Todd promise to leave Johnny alone, or she will let Blair come with her boyfriend Tomas who Todd hates! He promises that he won't touch your little Johnny. ROFL! She made him even pinky swear!

    Lulu and Dante's home: Dante and his ma talk about Lulu. Later Lulu came home and apologizes. Dante makes her some food with an accent ROFL! She laughs. Eventually when he is done cooking, he turns around and she is asleep. I had a feeling she would be.

  6. "Kelly Sullivan is 34 and Erik V (Trey) may be 32!!"

    Well that would make Dante and Trey about the same age...lol Dominic (Dante) is 33 and Lisa(Olivia) is 42.

    It just shows you how ridiculous it is to have all the actresses around their 30's even if they have grown children.

    Maurice is 49. Kate and Olivia should be around the same age. That would make their 30 year old kids reasonable as olivia was pregnant at 15.

    But they'd never hire an actress in her 40's. We all know women are all "over the hill" at that age, unlike men. *Insert eyeroll and sarcastic tone.*

    On a positive note i enjoyed the acting today between Carly and Todd and Joe Jr. and Trey. Trey is easier to take in that role. maybe it's just nuKrissie that has sucked the life out of him.

    I did snort out loud when Carly said Todd never talked about his son. *insert another eye roll* because we'll all been positively innundated with talk of Morgan the last few months.

  7. wish we had soap net-cancelled on comcast.

  8. I wish I had ABC. TWC took them off our line up!!!!!

  9. The Todd and Carly scenes were the BEST part of todays show. Love the vibe between them. I was LMAO when Carly made Todd cross his heart and then did the pinky swear that he wouldn’t hurt Johnny.


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