Thursday, July 26, 2012

GIANT GH Trending Today!

It was the critics' panel for #GH, and they were trending on twitter!! Which was a nice surprise. I had taken a LITTLE nap because twitter was down and when I got up-- there they were! NICE! I think Jason Thompson was trending at one point as well. THIS Is why:

 BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 26: Actress Kelly Monaco and actor Michael Easton speak onstage at the 'General Hospital' panel during day 6 of the Disney ABCTelevision Group portion of the 2012 Summer TCA Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 26, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) 

It was the critics panel! GH isn't usually a part of that. 

TODAY'S SHOW: Ghost Anthony is back!! WOOT!! I'm so happy. I only wish Claudia was back as well.

Robin's trying to get out of being shocked and Lulu's trying to get Patrick to rehab. Poor Robin gets a a bite plate while her brain is being washed. wahhhhh She's in Ferncliff..where Ewan worked. You know it's him. (well, ONE of them)He examines her.

EWWWWWWWWWWan is back. Wonder why? Hmmmm. Liz says he's the best psychiatrist ever. yeah..he was on a COT looking at the ceiling with you! ! He runs into Liz.

Todd tells ConKate Crimson is "a magazine about playing dress up".
another gem:
"The world needs another magazine like it needs another daytime TV chat show!"
Kate matched Todd's office perfectly in her turquoise dress.  Todd knows Johnny did it!! he's gonna kill him!

Anna would make a wonderful vampire..those teeth are perfect!


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  2. This is getting very 1980s like. And that's a good thing.


    Ewan = baddy who screws with main character.

    Very 80s.

  3. Todd crack about daytime chat shows LOL!

    Johnny's gonna get it! Bout time.

    Ewan is the bad guy. Now who is pulling the strings? Helena? - Faison?- Ryan Chamberlain? Grant Putman?

    Although I loved David Hayward on AMC. GH does NOT need anymore people from other soaps. GH has plenty of its own Phychos that can be brought back. I would love for it to be Ryan - because that would bring Mac and Felicia into the story.

    Karen - I got confused between Ferncliff and Shady brook too? But I guess with so many people in Port Charles who need phychiatric help they need 2 facilities.

  4. The difference between Shady Brook and Ferncliff is that Ferncliff is for the criminally insane--its where you go if you're found NGIR (Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity). Shady Brooke is for normal crazy people. lol


    Robin's room: That nurse gave her shock treatment!!! The camera pans to where Robin is! AT FERNCLIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder Heather knows where Robin is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nurse calls someone doctor. I'm thinking Ewen? OH MY GOD IT IS EWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE HAS HER!!!!! Who is this guy?!!?!?! Is he a Cassadine?!!?! Oh please let him be a Cassadine!!!

    The hospital: Liz runs into Ewen and he says to her he is still interested in her. She doesn't say a word!!! Lulu brings Patrick to Ewen so Ewen can help him. Olivia is under anesthesia, and it looks like she is smiling ROFL! Kate, Lulu, Dante, and Steve is there and Kate does the hail Mary full of grace prayer. I like that.

    Todd's office: Kate confronts Todd about her magazine! Todd won't give in! He says The world needs another magazine like it needs another daytime TV chat show! ROFL! That made me laugh so hard. Yes Todd you preach it! :) Kate gives him a look at walks away. Todd says so serious. ROFL! Todd sees the video of Connie and Johnny talking. Todd knows the truth about Johnny shooting Papa Z's tires and killing his grand daughter and Cole!! Todd is FURIOUS! No he is LIVID! He wants to kill Johnny! Get him Todd get him!!!!

    Johnny and ghost Grandpapa Z. Ghost Grandpapa Z visits his grandson. Johnny throws his drink and out pops the camera! He is worried! Someone is spying on him!!!! Todd shows up and asks if he is okay ROFL!

    Anna and Heather: Heather wants immunity and then she will tell Anna where Robin is!!! Anna grabs her gun and points it at her. Heather says Robin is at Ferncliff.and this nurse has her and she is getting her orders from someone and the nurse calls him doctor!!! I was thinking is it Ewen? IT IS!!!

    The edit between Todd, and Johnny and Grandpapa Z when they went back and forth, was brilliant!

  6. "The world needs another magazine like it needs another daytime TV chat show!"

    BEST LINE of the week!

    yup John is gonna get it for sure from Todd.. Todd has been good for too long...he is due to get nasty!

  7. Rebecca Herbst had a recent event with Steve burton attending and it was great. Lots of pics online. She was asked if Liz will be in danger from Ewan and who would she like to save her. She said she doesn't know about the danger but if Liz was in danger she would like her to save herself. Steve burton said you know " that's not going to happen as someone with spiky hair will save her." Steve said he loves working with Becky because it's so easy and , about the "kiss" , nothing is coincidence.
    Kelly monaco had a fan event at the same time with michael Easton , and said he's good to work with but she wanted jasam to have more time together ( no surprise there ). She knocked the baby stealing storyline but made sure to say she thinks RC and FV are doing a good job.
    Michael Easton looks like he's staring directly at Kelly Monaco's cleavage in the Pic Karen posted, LOL!Kelly always looks like she's falling out of her dresses.Like the black dress but it's falling off of her.
    Glad the Robin storyline is moving along. I can't wait for Anna to hunt them down. Patrick's anguish is so palpable! Jason Thompson is doing a great job of portraying Patrick's pain! Glad to see Liz today but sad that Ewan is involved in the Robin abduction!
    Glad Anna got the truth from Heather and didn't appear weak.
    Todd is the only OLTL character I like, but it's predictable that he found out Johnny is behind the deaths. I hope his revenge is portrayed sweet. Liked the Valentini comment and then the correction by kate to Valentino.

  8. where is Bobbie?

    Luke had an intervention last year and his sister was AWOL.

    Now, he is kidnapped and shot and again, Bobbie is AWOL.

    not cool.

    (yeah, I know about the plastic surgery. Its not an excuse anymore)

  9. Look what I found:

    I love that TVLine always puts up GH information.

  10. I loved how Todd slipped in a couple of inside jokes today, like with the "chat show" comment and calling Valentino "Valentini".

    Ewen has worked for Helena before (being "Cassandra"/Irina's shrink) so maybe she's behind all this. She's never gone after Robin before, but doesn't she have a history with Robert? Might be wishful thinking on my part because I want Connie Towers back on the show, but the connection is intriguing.

  11. Aaahahaha! I loved when I saw that pic of Michael Easton looking as if he wants to bury his head in Kelly Monaco's boobalicious dress. LOL! McBam!!

    Loved today's ep. Had a classic soap feeling to it. Loved the reveal of Ewan...I think we all saw it coming but it brought that element of soapy goodness GH has been missing.

    Ohhhhh my Johnny going up against cray-cray Todd. This is going to be good! Yay!!

    Great scenes with Heather and Anna about Robin. You know somehow, Heather is going to try to make some sort of deal with Anna. Maybe when Heather is recommitted she'll work for police to get info on Robin for Anna...

    Elizabeth - you are spot on about Ferncliff and Shadybrook!

  12. FORGOT THE VALENTINI comment!! Thx Kristin!

  13. And just like that GH knocks one out of the park! Past vets making GREAT guest appearances, great use of ALL the actors (standout scenes in particular were Anna/Heather - both those ladies can freaking OWN the daytime screen. Absolutely electric! Patrick's stuff was great...loved the Todd stuff...God I loved it ALL today!), an awesome surprise cliffhanger, and funny in-jokes (Nurse Fletcher = Louise Fletcher = One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest).
    THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR and it was only a Thursday episode. At the end, I felt like I had been watching a classic golden 80's Friday episode when all bets were off and you couldn't wait to see what came next.
    Great job - MORE OF THIS PLEASE

  14. Last comment for the day:
    @RedSox: Robert foiled Mikos Cassadines original plan (along with Luke, Laura, and Tiffany) and currently is trying to pursue Helena thinking she has taken "his son" Ethan.
    To my knowledge though, they have never had the personal war between them that Luke and Helena have had.

  15. LOVED today's show. I agree, just like the good old days! This is GH!!! Who says soaps are dying? Dallas is back with a vengeance and looks like GH is not far behind! Funny how the episode was called "The Future"

  16. Great show yesterday - looking forward to today's. Everything was done right, great lines, great acting, and great variety of players. Loved the unexpected, especially with Anthony and Ewen. Did Todd always talk to himself all the time - rather weird? Anna is so cool!!!

  17. Speaking of Valentini/Valentino....What was the name of the really evil Cassadine we didn't get to see? Valentin?? The one that scared Helena... What if THAT is really Ewan???

  18. One more thing - watching Robin being tortured was quite frightful and brutal. Could have done without it and the mind control options could have been less severe. Really disturbing.

  19. @Anon Thanks for the info on Robert/Helena.



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