Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Coco Chanel Rule

Anna tells Emma to always "take off one accessory", they are both so cute!

BLAIR IS HERE!! Todd is not happy she's next door..whoops. Todd doesn't like to have Blair and her "man whore" next door !ahahaa. Although Tomas isn't here so that's awesome for those two. Todd can't contain himself. He even said "Blairbonics"!!! eeee!!

Oh Maxie's chartreuse dress was just killin' me. I hate that color. Spinelli finally grew a pair and told her off again! yeah!! 
CARLY'S BOOB-SLING of a dress was awful too!!

Anna and Patrick had a nice chat... although she didn't like the Maxie - Factor very much.  "Thank you Grandma Anna"..awww.

Luke ate that BLT like porn!! LOL... and his letter to "Lulu"? Ummmm okay

Luke's letters were pretty cool. The handwriting thing was genius.

"Part of me wants to send you a strip-o-gram just to get a rise out of him," says Johnny to Lulu


  1. Dante: He went to the haunted Star and saw Johnny and Lulu getting it on!! Oh wait it was just a dream of Dante's! :)

    Haunted star: Dante didn't like that Johnny sent Lulu flowers!!! You tell him Dante! :)

    Todd's place: Todd's phone rings again!! And it says crazy is calling! ROFL! And when they show Heather, the way she looks with that disguise ROFL! Todd is all upset after he sees Blair! The way he was moving around when he was talking to Carly on the phone hahaha! He is still in love with Blair! Always has and always will! But the way he is acting, it's like they have been dating for 6 months awww! :)

    The shed: Heather feeds Luke! When Luke talks, some tiny food partical comes out of his mouth ROFL! Ewww! :) Heather wrote some goodbye letters in Luke's handwriting to Anna and Lulu. Heather hired a forger!!

    Kelly's: Oh look! Maxie looks like a 50's housewife ROFL! Spinny gave Maxie a piece of his mind again! ALRIGHT SPINNY! He says he don't like how he is when he is around her. Olivia shows up. Spinny tries to give back the money for the job, because he failed, but Olivia wants him to keep going. The guy she saw at Steve's building, she got his license plate and Spinny looked it up! It's the same guy who faked that suicide note. Maxie is trying to make Spinny jealous by talking to Patrick on the phone and wanting to get together! Oh Maxie grow up! Just tell Spinny you love him!!!

    Luke and Anna's place: Emma and Patrick show up! Grandma Anna awww! :) Emma gets to play with Anna's jewelary. Anna says keep it, but Patrick says no we borrow.

  2. Actually i liked Carly's suspender like dress. if sh ehad bigger boobs it would not have worked.
    It always bothers me when some Laura haters claim she needs a bra. she has ver tiny boobs. some of these female haters needs to take a dang seat already!

    Team Dante today! ahahahahahahahahahahah and Lulu is AN IDIOT 411. If you know the flowers are not from your hubby don;t act casual and say it was nice of you to send me flowers but next time please don't do that.
    And please refrain from pissing my husband off in anyway necessary.
    IMO Lulu is the one causing the problems btn her and dante NOT Johnny. she's def giving him lee way to mess with her hubby and it has worked...stupid girl. Then she wonders why Dante gets pissed off.
    I am so glad Dante had no problem telling Johnny off.

    If i were Dante i would totally send Carly flowers, double the dozen and see what Johnny says LOL!

    Lulu was so skeeved out by the stripo-gram thing, so was i.

    Um What kind of a business woman decides that because she just got a huge check from her business partner she should spend it all in one day? smh

    Luke and Heather were fun

    Todd/Carly and Blair were fun fun fun i had to rewind. Blair and Carly discussing Johnny was so hilarious and Todd's face was priceless!!
    He called Tomas man whore ROTFLMAO!!!

    Spinelli handing Maxie her ass on a silver platter in a matter of a few weeks was LOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    then she proceeds to talk loudly on the phone pulling the Matt stunt to make Spinelli feel bad? another stupid girl.

    YEah Anna not so giddy over the Maxie mmmmm

    Emma and Anna was so cute. Loved the Coco Chanel Reference!

    YAY Liv and Spin gave Ann tips on Heather and the forger!!! Let the games begin! ;)

    LOL @ Johnny letting Dante know that if he wants to be a sputz it will not be because of him. adly Lulu is still in dumbsville *sigh*

  3. just curious, but when someone is immobile for an extended period of time, dont they get bed sores and muscle atrophy? Or is Luke going to just break free one day and stand up and walk around with all his muscle strength intact?

    PS. Dont know who Blair is, so dont care.

  4. I've found GH so campy That for the first time in over 30 years I have not been watching regularly today. I forced myself to watch the full episode today and what did I find:
    - seconds into GH it morphs into OLTL again. There's Todd and the chick who looks like an older Carly. Oh, and they are talking about other OLTL characters that us GH only viewers have zero connection to. Sorry, I am a GH fan, I don't give a flying frig about the OLTLers.
    - Heather was entertaining at first but holy over exposed. Amazing actress but the character is way to campy to be consuming this much screen time.
    - Is Maxie trying to use Patrick to make Spinelli jealous? Eeeewww. Put Maxie back in Johnny's orbit...a Maxie and Carly showdown could be epic.
    - I was glad to see the pair Spinelli grew a few weeks back have not shrank. I love having him out of Maxie and Jason's orbit and I enjoy having him interact with Anna. Why not have Spinelli become a police cadet!
    - Dante is as boring as cold white rice. Pair Lulu with Patrick, if for no other reason then to keep Maxie away from Patrick. Pair Dante with Steve, they can't have any less chemistry then Steve and Olivia.
    - Anna is the best thing to happen to GH in a long time. I wish she had moved in with Patrick and Emma. Emma is a real scene stealer.
    - Missed seeing Mac, Felicia, Alexis, Tracy, Monica or Edward today but on the plus side I did not have to see Starr, Sonny, Christina, Trey, Jason or Kate!!!

    In my opinion GH has improved drastically but still has a ways to go. Get rid of the camp and OLTL intruders, bring back hospital drama and core GH families/vets.

  5. Maxie looked horrible. The hair, The dress - Yuck. Isn't she still married to Matt, or did they annul that already? Why is she trying to make Spin jealous?

    Looks like we get another dose of head in the sand Steve tomorrow. Can't wait for that - FF

    The stories seemed to be stalled. Nothing is happeneing, I wish they would just get on with something - anything. It is very slow - GH of the past.

    This is where I just don't get the soaps writing. MOVE the story along. People will tune in everyday if they are afraid they are going to miss something. I do not need to see scenes that say the same thing over and over again. Stop with the flashbacks - the world has access to the internet and if they miss something or are confused they can look it up.

    It very easy to skip a few days or a week of GH and pick it right up without missing a beat. Luke is doing to be in the darn chair for another month.

  6. A Lulu and Patrick pairing sounds interesting, but I still like Lulu and Johnny...

  7. friscogh, great comment. i agree 100%

  8. Best Part of todays show was the Todd/Blair scenes and the Todd/Carly scenes. I was LMAO at how Todd was pacing the room while telling Carly that Olivia had messed up and didn’t get her message. I just love the vibe between Todd and Blair but I have a feeling his feelings will be hurt since somehow I don’t think Blair wants him back even if I enjoy seeing them in scenes together. I did LOL when Carly told Todd that his friend Carly doesn’t like to be blackmailed and to ask her nicely to help him with Blair. I also loved the look across Todd’s face when Carly told him she would help him not because she wanted something out of him but because they are friendish. And I really love that GH seems to want to keep Carly and Blair on good terms and I hope that continues and they get to become friends even if its off screen. Carly needs a female friend in her life and I sooooooooo hope they get to have drinks together again.

  9. I can understand while folks are getting overdosed on Heather, but dang the actress is so good and brings back such good memories of the early 80's GH, that I like having her around. Rumor says she will be off the canvas come late Fall, so I am enjoying her while I can.

    Did anyone catch little Emma saying she was going to play with Aunt Felicia's Aztec jewels? Another 80's reference - I love it! Wish we could get a big family group scene with Anna, Patrick, Emma, Mac, Felicia, and Maxie. Would be fun! Throw in Luke and Lulu too and it would be a ton of nostalgia.

    Todd slays me - he is such a great addition to the show. Really, GH should have just added him and McBain and that would have been enough. Love the snark about Senator Dorian Lord and Heather locked up in a room together!


  10. frisco I hear you only I do like some of the OLTL infusion, you know that.
    Finola is ABSOLUTELY the best thing to happen to GH in YEARS. I totally agree.

  11. LOVED Carly's outfit.

    WTF was Maxie wearing and doing with that hair?? Oyy that hurt to watch that yellow dress and puffy hair.

    Blair is here. So what? Other than Todd, so far I see nothing from OLTL that is good for gh.

    I enjoyed the show. I didn't ff'd thru much.
    We know Mac & Felicia are still alive as they were mentioned.
    Patty is nervous and sweating and driving a car with baby Emma in it.

    Those letters, sounde to me like Lukes way of thinking.

    Good bye Lulu & Dante. You were happy too long on this show. Time to end you too.
    Besides, Lulu has a mind of her own, she shouldn't be married.

    A+ to Roger for his body gestures and his brilliant witt he bringd to the show.

  12. friscogh said..In my opinion GH has improved drastically but still has a ways to go. Get rid of the camp and OLTL intruders, bring back hospital drama and core GH families/vets.
    No they shouldn't get rid of the camp!! I love campy! It should all be a balance tho. Hospital drama, core GH families and vets, and campy! :) Just like the good ol days. :)

  13. I agree that Finola Hughes is the best thing to happen to this show in years. She is just always so interesting to watch. Love Todd but Roger H. stutters too much for such a good actor, and I hate to say it, but too much OLTL still for me. I also liked Carly's white abd black dress. Finally Olivia got rid of her red dress, as did Carly. Love love love little Emma - JT is so perfect as her dad. Liked when he kissed Anna goodbye, which is so like real life but these little touches are rarely seen. Gee, Luke must stink to high hell.

  14. Linda V....Not only does Luke stink from peeing and pooping in his pants, but his breath!!!!!!

    You are correct, Anna is a brilliant addition to the show, but I also think Todd is as well.

    The writing, though better, is far from good. Unless something changes soon, I see this soap leaving in the spring. jmo

    What about Maxies hair and dress?? Oyyy is this the new Maxie look??

  15. Not crazy about Maxie's look. I still think she looks best with litle makeup - too clownish. And kudos to them for having Dante question the price of Lulu's dress. Lulu and Maxie have had expensive otfits for years without working half the time. I agree the writing is better, but mainly for dialogue. Storylines are still not well thought out.

  16. Todd and Heather are the best thing on the show....BY A MILE! But you know Blair didn't bring Tomas cuz she's gonna break it to Todd that they are marrying.

    And friscogh, where were you during the 80s? It was ALL CAMP! Ice Princess, David Gray, Heather and Scotty, Aztec Treasure, Casey the alien (early 90s carryover), DVX tales, etc. That was GH's Golden Era BECAUSE of the camp!

    I love Finola Hughes and she needs to be on more. BUT, she needs to take down Sonny. No more of this Teflon Don stuff. If Anna can outthink Heather she can bust a 2 bit punk like Sonny.

  17. I'll take more (less) of Dante in a towel please ;-)



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