Monday, July 30, 2012

Cameron Recast?

Hey..could happen!!
Only Foolin'


  1. I say he should be the Morgan recast!

  2. Morgan recast would be good!

  3. Hey, a Morgan recast would be good! Eddie is such a good actor he should be working!

  4. I got a voice mail from WKBW in Buffalo saying the article in the newspaper was wrong and that GH will air at 2 followed by Ricki Lake at 3. Which leaves out Katie? Who knows?

    It is odd that the News would print a completely eroneous story.

  5. I think they should do a Morgan recast but not him. He looks too pouty. We have enough pouty kids.

    And if he's an actor who's already associated with a role, say from OLTL, definitely not. Morgan has to be his own man.


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