Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Showdown at Kellys!

No idea why I put Daniel Craig popcicle up! But there you go!!

 Johnny throws stuff all over the place and Todd watches! Lulu comes in and tells him she KNOWS he didn't kill AZ.  Carly just rubbed it in over and over to him.

CoDD I kinda like them..until Blair gets back. ;) hee hee 
OMG, Todd's Ring Tone for Heather is "Crazy Calling, Crazy Calling"!! ahahahaa.

The Kelly's Sam/Liz/Jason dance, interesting. Sam got so caught! SNAP! Whoops, yep. Jason saw you kissing McBamalamaah! You could tell she was way jealous of Liz though.  I wouldn't be too jealous of that fugly shirt she had on. ugh.

LOVED Anna creepily watching Heather.

Did you see the NEW PROMO for the summer that includes ROBIN?? Well, a vision of a crying Paddy. Hit that link BABY! 



  1. The "Crazy Calling" ringtone made me laugh out loud. They have to get Todd and Luke in a few scenes together. IT would just be awsome.

    Steven Larrs is an idiot. How can someone that stupid become a doctor.

    Sam's face when Jason called her out was priceless. Oops, get off your high horse.

    Paddy has some serious problems. Lets hope they play this out well and Maxie doesn't stick her head in the sand.

    I'm liking bad Johnny. He is not boring anymore.

  2. Daniel Craig is popsicle man!!! :) WOAH THANKS FOR THAT PROMO KAREN! Okay on to the show today!

    Todd's crimson: The line and scene of the day goes to Todd!!! He rigged his phone to say crazy is calling, so he knows when Heather calls! ROFLMAOPMP! I was laughing so hard! And the voice who says crazy is calling, IS HIS OWN! ROFL! Todd is watching Johnny in his office. Oh there IS audio. Good! Carly walks in and Todd is flirting with her and giving her compliments ROFL! He warns her again about Johnny. :) Todd watches as Johnny and Lulu hug.

    The hospital: I LOVE Maxie's outfit!!! She is so worried about Patrick!! She wants him to call Ewen! Patrick is busy tho. That is what he said. He has rounds. Patrick has a pill in his pocket!!! I KNEW HE WOULD HAVE A PILL SOMEWHERE! He is going through withdrawl and is shaky.

    Kelly's: Sam is all upset over Liason's kiss!! Uh Sam? You have no room to judge! And Jason even says that! He confronts her about the McBam kiss!

    Police station: Heather is all upset and boo hooing because she says she is innocent! ROFL! Well, it IS true tho she didn't kill Papa Z! She calls her son who she thinks is not on her side! ROFL! Heather makes me laugh!!! :)

    Lulu and Johnny: Johnny looks awful! Lulu comes in and she says she knows he wouldn't kill his father, and she is sorry for keeping a secret from him about knowing Papa Z is dead! ROFL! She asks for forgiveness! ROFL! Oh don't worry Lulu! Johnny will forgive you ROFL! Meanwhile Todd is watching them. :)

  3. Loved that Carly has faith in her uncle Luke and knows he didn’t kill AZ and wouldn’t let Tracy take the fall for it either. Carly is a smart woman and she knows that Luke is being set up I just wonder how long it will take for her to find out or figure out that Johnny is the one who set up Luke and he was the one to kill AZ.

    I just LOVED the Todd and Carly scenes they are great together. They always make me laugh and want more. I know Todd has a BIG secret involving Jason’s baby and if Carly finds out what he did she will be angry at him since everyone knows you don’t mess with the people Carly loves but I can’t help but enjoy their scenes together.

    I also LMAO at Todd’s phone ring tone for Heather…too funny.

    I’m not a Jasam fan and I’m indifferent to Liason (as a couple) but I was cheering Jason on for turning the tables on Sam when she was acting all high and mighty over a kiss Liz and Jason had when SHE was kissing John not once but twice on the same night.

    Oh and how Johnny was behaving towards Lulu was lower than scum since he was acting all offended that Lulu kept a secret from him when HE is the guy setting her father up. I love BB but I hate the writing for him as late even if he is an amazing actor.

  4. Another great epi!

    Seriously, Todd's ringtone for Heather was the best!! I like him so much better on GH! Plus his chemistry with Carly is fantastic!

    Jason/Liz/Sam. Oh poor Sam. She got caught. hahahahaha. Obviously no sympathy from me. But, I also do prefer her with John McBain. The chemistry is way hotter and ME and KeMo actually look like they enjoy working with other, unlike her and SB. imo.

    Thought everything was good today!! The only thing I disliked was Maxie's hair! ha! Loved Liz's shirt. *wink *wink Karen lol ))

  5. He is dilusional from the pills!

    I almost peed in my pants laughing when the phone went off and it said 'Crazy Calling'.

    I am getting bored with John & Carly. Real bored.

    And Sam, REALLY???

    And Liz, go to Ewan or your children. Enough with you.

  6. Sam got burned by Jason! Ha ha ha!!! Right in front of Liz too! :)

  7. GINNY YOU LIKED Liz' shirt.
    OY I wanted to set it on fire. lol

  8. Could you have died laughing when Steven Laarrzzz said to Jason the last time him and Sam got into an argument, Liz got pregnant!


  9. Awesome show!!! I'm just happy Carly is not with Jason butting into his business all of the time. I like her more now....with Todd!! Crazy calling LOL!

  10. I also laughed at the ringtone today. And I'd love to see some scenes with Todd and Luke. I think they'd be a hoot.

    And Sam definnitely got outed today as a colossal HYPOCRITE.

    And they are tantalizing the life out of me with that darn DNA report. I couldn't believe Carly didn't have a look in that bag. That was so out of character for her.

  11. Great promo! So when are they going to start showing the promos during primetime tv? I see the other networks promos at night, but never GH. If they did that, I think it would really get the word out to the folks that gave up on it. Maybe they'd give it another chance....but they won't know if they don't see it.

  12. Sam had no intention of telling Jason what she did with McBain. Jason didn't even see the second kiss, if he had, he may toss his ring in the garbage. Liz had every opportunity to push that kiss with Jason further but she did not and she could have. Trust me , Jason would not have turned Liz down if she had, so Liz, I commend you.Sam on the other hand , did everything she could to try to destroy liz/jason's relationship when they were officially together, so I have no sympathy for Sam. Please everyone is still a jasam prop , trying to sell this boring couple. Just put their boring selves back together as per their contracts so they can continue to hog air time.

  13. love2chat

    But I thought Liz was 'just friends' with Jason??
    Which is it??

    YES Sam was a hypocrite yesterday and Jason called her bluff!
    Liz had no business being there.
    If Jason wants Liz, let him get a divorce and go for her.

    Like Steve said, 'last time they got into an argument, Liz got pregnant'.
    Is that only Jason's fault??

  14. Liz has been very suportive of her friend Jason, but McBain has really been supportive and touchy/feely with Sam, maybe unintentional but pretty sexy. The kiss was really no surprise. Loved the line of the day from Steve. Love seeing Anna as we remember her - these writers are really good with dialogue!


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