Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve!! GOOD-Bye 2010!!

I'd say I'm sorry to see it go, GH wise...but I'm not. This year was NOT one of my faves for this show. Chock full of starts, stops, dropped stories and frustrations. We got ourselves a Franco and a Mama Walton. A bald meanie named "The Balkan" and a 70's sitcom icon to play Suzanne. CO77x!! NuMichael..NuMorgan-- and a whole lotta recycled scripts. Claire came on board, only to be shoved aside because The Face was back. FINALLY the Soap Mags could put that headline to rest!! 

The Soaps are starting to do reruns once or twice a month (this month, 4 times) and Soap Net will be in it's last year.  Ratings? HA! So depressing... 

January 19th will be another repeat, but I'm not sure what. ABC will be rolling them out to save some money.

And YET....HERE WE ARE!! Wubbers banding together to save the 3pm time-slot from making us crazy!! If I couldn't blog or tweet with you all, I'd just be in a black hole of TV waves. LOL. If the show doesn't get much better soon, I am going to take some time off. 

The repeat today reminded me that Alexis had lung cancer, and how stupidly that was "wrapped up" ...meaning it wasn't. She just suddenly didn't have it!! WOO!! I did like Epiphany yelling at Luke. Good Part. 

We ended 2010 with a BOOM!! Guza-Style. Metro Court blows to bits. Mr. Craig becomes Jerry Jacks and half the cast will be dead/missing/gone in the next 3 years. Woo hoo!

Hope you all have a GREAT NEW YEAR'S EVE!! I tend to have quiet ones. The weather here is amazing, it's really warm. Strange...I think we hit 48 today!! Come and check for Sunday Surgery.
NEW SCOOPS are up on the site.  Enjoy!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Metro Court --ReDux

Well, here we are again, watching the dead people parade across our screens. Alan--Cooper, Emily, Georgie, Alkazar--  the missing: Bobbie, Priest Manny, Dillon...Monica. OFF: Skye,  Ric


Remember that stupid briefcase? The entire reason for the Metro Court stuff? ugh. 

Jane Elliot did a fab job again, made me tear up.

Just think, "Jerry Jacks" bounced back so to speak after this Metro Court slaughter because Frons-Guza loved Sebastian Roche and wanted to keep him.  Did they think FIRST? NO...had "Mr. Craig" kill Alan..wound Robin, be a sociopath then decide to keep him as Jerry. Idiots. Painted into a corner, it never made sense. 

Tomorrow is also the Metro Court repeat. zzzzzzzzzzzz. I mean, I dig seeing all these characters but it's just a time waster, imo.

Another great installment of the Lisa LoCicero in the Knoxville Tinseltown Blog.  She thinks Olivia could be a super villain! 


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BUS Crash Day!! Skid Marks Galore!!

OLTL ended on a WOO WORTHY note!! Martus-Interruptus!! heh...loved it.

GH: Started out so slow. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I so love Lisa LoCicero,  I've missed her on GH. She's fun and a great actress and Olivia is wasted. I know she's going to be hurt on the bus but why hasn't she been in any Brenda scenes? I have MY ideas, but I shall keep them to myself. giggle. 
I just want Jolivia back. *sigh*

Someone on Twitter asked who's MOLLY'S FATHER IS! That's GH for you, they never use history so new people have no idea what's going on.

Alexis running in "Don't forget  your long underwear" to Molly!! ahahahaa. Love NLG too. 

We see Abby once since this summer and she's going be on the know what that means. 

Steve sings  "Hallelujah" --a song about orgasm. hahahahhahaaaa!! 

Carly bought Jason a pool table-- LOL... "our pool table"--

And there they lay, twisted and broken in the snow--thrown from the bus-- HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 
Now,  how the hell did that bus break apart so they all flew out? If they fell THAT far, they'd all be dead. LOL. 
Well....remember, repeats tomorrow and Friday!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Brenda's a Disaster" Says Carly

Wonder if the ABC Brass thinks so too? After all, ratings didn't exactly shoot up, now did they?!! LOL. I can only stay a bit today, I have my Aunt's calling hours to go to. She was a great lady and ran her restaurant until she was 84!! I'll miss her meatballs.

Can Theo BE more of a clique bad-guy? Good lord. "Hellooooooooo MIzzzzzzzz Barrettt"!!
Goodness. He still needs a cat to pet. This whole lawsuit is kinda stupid but whatever.

Carly's off yelling at Sonny today-- she needs someone to yell at, because if she didn't YELL she'd have NOTHING TO SAY!!

Dante has a dream and can't shake his Brenda. He's lying to Lulu so much. wowza.

Lisa drugs Johnny, who has on a Turtle NECK.  boo..he needs NO shirt.

Spinelli and Diane..heh..Diane is saying her fantasies out loud heh.

TOMORROW is the BUS CRASH! Be there or be Square!!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day! Hope your holiday was Merry and Bright! I am thinking about the East Coasters of course, getting pounded with the snow. We are getting some as well, but we are used to it by now!

This week has GH's "Epic Bus Crash" coming...tune in the 29th for that CGI experience!! Did you see Steve singing on the bus? Well, that won't last long. Broken Bones, blood loss--bandages. Bedside angst as Dante prays his Mama lives long enough to make him another lasagna-- Maxie tells Lisa to stay away from a wounded Matt. I do know Mac Daddy's on some during this time too. 

Scoops are up on the WUBS NET!! PLEASE hit a google for me. It helps keep things going. You'll see we were right about Suzanne knowing Theo!! WOOT!! I think Guza read my tweets/blog and put that in there just because he loves me. Don't you!!?? 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some GH Notes...

                                                     Ronnie is a personal friend of Bertas!

First off, it's Ronnie Marmo's birthday January 2nd, and his fan group, The Ronniacs are holding a fund raiser for his Theater 68. Find out more info and see a fun Jib Jab on the Project Happy Birthday Ronnie site.


Also, Carolyn Hennesy  will be appearing at 7:25 p.m. on Sunday, January 2, 2011, as part of the Celebrity Holiday Readings of Universal Studios' limited Grinchmas Attraction/Promotion for exclusive readings in the Park.  We are getting more details about the event, but wanted you all to have this information in case you are going to be in the Universal Studios, CA area on that date!
And speaking of reading .... Carolyn's books are available at  All books are personalized and signed by Carolyn, and shipped directly to you or your loved one.

Today's ReRun: General Hospital Before The Slaughter's show brought up all sorts of fun stuff!! THE QUARTERMAINES were alive!!! and in the same house!! wowza. Alice had HAIR! So did Tracy!! 

Lisaon was on, Sam finds out she can't have a baby (foreshadowing to upcoming events). Jerry Jax is Mr. Craig... Greg Vaughn is Lucky...Scott Clifton is on as Dillion. :twirling:

This eppy caused me all sorts of feelings. I'm not a huge "event" lover--ie: contriving a story out of thin air for the sheer hooplah of it all. BUT, watching it in retrospect? I can pick out all the things I am missing now.  *sigh*

Scrubbies arguing about HIV, in the OLD HOSPITAL setting

Sexis talking about her smoking pot. LOL That's when Alexis had LUNG CANCER--'member that?! NO? Guza doesn't either. 

Nikolas talking to Laura in the crazy-place and SCOTTY SHOWS UP. Emily's there too. THREE people in that scene not even on canvas anymore. LOL. 

Lulu looks so young and even mentions BOBBIE. Remember her? Guza doesn't. Bobbie was talking to Carly!! JZ looked great. 
Noah was on too! Talking to Patrick. Geesh :thud: 

Ted King was on too..hell, let's count the characters gone/forgotten from #GH in 3 years: Alkazar, Ric, Emily, Laura, Scotty, Dillon, Alan, Monica, Bobbie...Noah...Cooper... Sky

The end: "THIS IS A ROBBERY" is such an ode to Pulp Fiction... 

Actor notes: Kelly Monaco is in Philly, Ingo is in Italy at the moment. Both tweeted today.

30 New Year Predictions for General Hospital --2011 edition

What will the New Year bring to GH? I consulted with my Guza Magic 8 Ball and found these answers:

1.  Someone will be in danger, possibly a female
2.  The phrase "The Balkan" will be said aprox. 3,400 times in the month of January alone
3.  Someone might be pregnant, probably a female
4.  Sonny will throw at least one piece of bar ware during the spring months
5.  Dante's first day off will not be until 2012
6.  Explosives will be used
7.  The docks will have tulips in the spring
8.  Guns will make an appearance
9.  If the budget allows, "Mad World" will be played at least once during Franco's return
10. Monica will not be mentioned
11. Someone will be kidnapped, possibly a female or a child
12. The Haunted Star will be host to about 3 customers that aren't "regulars" but they won't talk
13. Spinelli will use the words "glorious manifestation" before September
14. Dante will eat 2 lasagnas and one meatball sub
15. Mac will NOT catch the bad guy.
16. The bubble lamp will be used 22 times
17. Franco will be obsessed by "THE FACE"
18. Dante will be obsessed by 'THE FACE" 
19. Spinelli wil be obsessed by "THE FACE"
20. Laura may or may not return, but we'll talk about it anyway. 
21. Lisa will inject Patrick with a "love drug" and he won't remember their night together
22. Carly will yell at someone at least once weekly
23. At least 4-5 different accents will be used, most not understood
24. Jason might remember he has a son.....might. 
25. Lucky might find out he has a son...might
26. Helena might come back...might 
27. Valentin will not come at all...that we know of
28. Brenda's sleeves will grow so long, they'll harbor kittens
29. Lucky will not shave

and 30. At least once a month, something will happen that will "Change Everything" !! 

most used words month of January: Bus Crash, Balkan 
most used words month of February:  "my wedding," Franco, Fronkey
most used words month of March: BOOM, traitor
most used words month of April: Russia , loyalty
most used words month of May: objection, cigar
most used words month of June: No, cabin
most used words month of July: Milan, firebomb
most used words month of August: foreshadow, hospital
most used words month of September: school, "my son"
most used words month of October: gun, missing
most used words month of November: feta, malfunction
most used words month of December: innocent, betray

There may be more predictions coming, depending on Guza's mind melding with Gedstern. It does happen. What do YOU predict?!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soap Opera Digest Issues Statement From Vanessa Marcil

SOD has a "breaking news" article where Vanessa is dispelling pregnancy rumors. WHO started those?? @@
I want to say I'm honestly sorry because I had seen spec on Holly Baby and again on The NY Daily News this morning via Google Press. I guess until she calls me herself I shall remain MUM on all things speculated!!

More LUNACY wedding without Bobbie or Monica....

Boooooooo, and yes,  I did notice that!!
By the way, the BIG Vanessa NEWS? Well, that site is now saying not 100% SURE now so I Give UP! We'll just have to wait I guess. It was a done deal this morning.

OLTL was  fun. Loved it. Lots of extras, everyone in the cast around to celebrate. Echo locked out with just a Santa Suit. Heh..I love Vicky and Dorian working together!! And...she fell down the chimney! heh!!

Many people aren't happy with the Busload of kids plunging down a cliff for the holiday season. LOL, what did you expect? An explosion in the rec center?? IT's GUZA! He loves the stuff.

LOOK what Wubber Pooki sent me for Christmas!! A LOBSTER HAT and a FRONKEY!! Sniff I love them so. I am sitting here in the lobster hat watching the wedding. heh.

IS THIS FUN OR WHAT?? Ahhhhhhhhhhh, a LOBSTER hat and it's warm!! I am wearing it all the time. My neighbors will be so jealous.  THANK you to POOKI!!

Today's show was fun--but I wish all the cast was on. Mike, Bobbie...Monica. You know, EVERYONE.

I think Molly might be bilpolar? That's her strange behavior?? There's a rumor that Sonny talks to her about it, she could have gotten it from Ric, who's Sonny's 1/2 brother, right? Hmmm, interesting, having a kid with that would be a first?

Tracy looked so happy today!! Lucky's speech was so nice, although on Laura's bday--ouch, even to me that loves Lunacy. (but was a HUGE, LONGTIME L&L fan). Lulu's speech was so nice, and she and Tracy hugged. LUKE's speech was wonderful too... "I'm interested again". Their cake was so pretty!! Like and Big Alice dancing hee hee. Mac was all "did you marry Alice"?? LOL

Carly checks her texts. Brenda tries to make nice with Carly. LMAO...Uh, that's NOT happenin'!!

Who likes M&M?? I'm still not sure yet. He's just not been on enough for me to know. Seriously.

At least Edward is on air with Ethan...whatever it takes!! Give Ethan ELQ!!

Emma was darling but their Christmas Tree was really HOT PINK! LOL.

Lila's rose garden. Sonny pops the question. They are certainly rushing this along given how long it took her just to get back in town!

FAVE PART: "Merry Christmas Grandfather"!!! sniff.... Michael and Jason how nice.

by the way: Dante is NOT the baby's father. It was Alesander.

BY THE WAY, GH should still have the Christmas story in SOME Way...even if it's Epiphany reading it to the patients. Dang it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

General Hospital: All About The Lunacy!!

  Look,  Siobhan, here come the blankets to keep us warm!!

So, last night was Winter Solstice, a full lunar eclipse and today is the LUNacy wedding!! Was it planned  this way?? Knowing Guza, no, but I'm thinking what the hey---go with it!! This is about the only thing I've been looking forward to in a long time.

Lulu: "You're not even Dressed YET"!!
Tracy: "Well, I'm not UNdressed"!!  

Why did they straighten Maya's hair? She looks like Krissy and Brenda and...I like her natural look!!

LOL....and Luke with his boyz!!  Loved  it. TG looked like he was having so much fun in those scenes. I wish he'd make those guys SHAVE their scraggly stubble.

Jerry's body was not found, but his DNA was. OKAY, we know he's not dead yet. And NO BODY just "floats around" in the winter. LOL

Sonny tells Dante he's having a Christmas brunch for all his kids. Dante doesn't look like he wants to go does he? 

JaSam...little Christmas lovin'..

BIG ALICE was a riot today!! "She'll cut his hooha's off"... all dressed in black.  Edward telling Luke hands off of his smoking jacket, his scotch and Alice's time! LOL LOVED ALexis doing the whole Pre-Nup!! 

Brenda and Brook Lyn reconnect. Interesting. Maybe Brenda didn't send yearly God Mother presents. LOL 

JANE ELLIOT LOOKED AMAZING!! loved that gown!! I am a L&L fan but this is good GROWING storytelling. I can see it happening at this stage in Luke's life. I don't know why, but I really LIKE IT. Especially with Genie off the show for so long. Lunacy is fun.

 BIGGEST MISS: No Monica!! :/ and NO Mention of Laura, I thought Luke called her. Damn.

 If we were all together, I'd make:
LUNACY Cocktail= 1 shot burbon 1 shot Amaretto 1 shot Meyers Dark Rum and OJ. Shake, not stir

Lisa LoCicero Ponders Who Olivia Might End Up With!

Knoxville's Telebuddy interviewed Lisa LoCicero about her character's love life. What does she think about Jason? (it's pretty funny).  Check it out on Tinseltown  Tales.  

Soon we see Olivia struggling to remain alive after  the giant Bus Crash next week!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Is Vanny Pregnant?

There were rumors on the DL board and -- here it is on a more 'major site' not associated with #GH. So... we'll have to wait and see if we can spot any baby bump. IF She is PG, it might be very interesting for the storyline/show. 

Full  Story on: HOLLY BABY


Maurice's Holiday Wish To You...MONDAY #GH

Here's a nice message Maurice filmed for his fans: Maurice Benard TV ENJOY !!!

Just a little card I made from one of Brandon Barash's tweets of him in London!! Nice or what??

 When I saw this photo I thought that was Kristina!!  LOL It's Brenda! 

 Love  how Carly continues to wear SLEEVLESS sheeze in the dead of winter! LOL. Get a shrug! 

There are so many rumors flying around about JaSam and Liason.  Heh. It's wonderful to see all this interest in baby Jake  (Will he be Lucky's? Does Liz need cord blood??!) As of right now, I think they could all be false. More details will be coming out soon enough, so people need to chill out. LOL. I think the rumor that has more legs is the Genie one.  I'm hearing rumblings about that on my end. And yes, still waiting for Connie Towers to get back. Not sure what's going on there. Another awesome rumor has Carly finding out Brenda had twins and only one died, Brenda didn't know the other survived!! This seems far-fetched but totally soapy!! 

TODAY'S SHOW: Interesting...Jax and Brenda both say "I love you"...lest we forget that whole S&B and J&B sheeze.  LMAO 

Carly's big "reveal" to Sonny was a NOTHING To Sonny.  He didn't care!! Carly is such a harpie lately, much more than usual.  Which, ok...doesn't say much. She needs to go to a good Lord &Taylor sale to get her meanies out.

Luke and  Lucky are so good jabbin' together. I don't care what they talk about. Siobhan is going to be a goodie in the end. Even if it takes saving Lucky's ass to prove it. You wait. 

THE BALKAN is actually FROM NJ?! His accent changed when he talked to Jerry. LOL. People on Twitter told me it was Brooklyn-ese. OKAyyyyyyyy. Mobsters do need to be from somewhere around NYC, right? Jerry just signed his own death warrant talking to The Balkan so mean. I so wish that Jerry wasn't painted into a corner on this show. I love him and want him to be on the show. At least he fell into the water...that means he could be alive. People seemed  shocked on Twitter, didn't anyone read my spoilers? I SAID BANG...but who shot him?!

Maya looked  awesome today....I want that top. She is dressed for winter. thank you.

SEXIS is on!! And I'm so glad she went to Sonny about Theo. That's good. The whole "wrongful death" thing is weird. Contrived but that's know!!? Maybe it will get more characters together. 

Lante --drinking SonnyRitas at the end.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun Photos!

Oh, those wacky GHers...caught on camera!! Now, with the miracle of Twitter we can enjoy some of their most fun moments.

Here's one from Kim McCollough:
No, I have no idea why/what this is about! LOL She just tweeted it!!

Maurice and Vanessa out at Simon Restaurant at Palms Place LA

Jason Thompson with BF Brian Smith at his book signing.
"Men and women of Marc Jacobs by Brian Bowen Smith"

                          Ingo and son Peanut waiting for his parents at the Munich Train Station. 

The GH set will be dark 2 weeks as the cast is off for the holidays and for budget savings!! They've filmed for shows into January already. See you tomorrow...only three days of GH this week!!

Sunday Surgery: Balkan Reveal Leaves Fans Lethargic

It happened. FINALLY! Were you surprised? Not if you read this blog or the wubs net or any other site on the net . LOL. I think it was pretty well known that Daniel B was hired to play the part. With his bald head, round glasses and "accent" he's straight out of a Bond film. GH did do a good job of trying to keep the lid on. Vanessa Marcil said she was "blown away" by the identity.  I personally think she was going by her script which had  Jerry as the Balkan...half the cast probably didn't even know for sure. Now that we know he's the baddie, I can see a lot of air going out of GH's sails in the next few weeks. Sure, they have the bus crash coming. It looks great in the promo, doesn't it?? Let's hope it's that exciting when we watch it.  That's what our show does best, these "events". I just wish it could carry over on a consistent basis.

Things that are still hanging-- where did  Lady Jane go? Why only use her for one scene? Where's Sam been-- after all, Jerry's last obsession was with her and no one even seemed to care where she might be when he was running around town.  While I'm glad all the kids will be on this bus trip, it's so sad they are hardly ever seen at other times.  Trot them out for a catastrophic thing...then put them back in the storage closet. Maybe Jason will remember he has Jake? Gee, there you go.  Brooke Lyn and Nikolas might intrigue me--if they were on more than 1x a month. And  contract for her to be his "companion"?? Tyler Christopher has to be dying thinking Nikolas would have to pay for someone to accompany him! There are plenty of debs to choose from in the circuit I'm sure that would LOVE to go out with a prince!  
Monica's absence is a huge hole.  Jason will take Michael to see Edward--but Monica is gone. She's also not around for the bus crash OR the Luke/Tracy wedding!! Monica=the NuAudrey. MIA.
We'd probably care more about Tyler (that's him up there)  if the last time we saw him wasn't in like AUGUST. Same with "Bryce" the kid yelling at Michael  in Kelly's. I have NO clue how they expect newbies to know anything that's going on.

They are bringing on another new Doc...pediatrician Tyrell... and a wedding planner, Carol. Great, more newbies in an already crowded canvas. Where has Suzanne been? I tell you what, she'd better be revealed to be Theo's "ex" and Alex's Mom or her existence is wasted. I was thinking we lived through how many months of Brenda in Rome-- with Monty, for what? Zzzzzzzzzz. More characters thrown in not related to anyone: Abby...Siobhan...Claire...Suzanne...yada yada.

Lethargy is the word for today. Lazy writing--Lazy Fans...Lazy, Lazy. S&Bers did get their night o' love --and a new house. Soon they'll get a proposal--things look good on that end. The Genie Francis rumor is coming up again. Maybe she'll return to cause angst for the newlyweds? 

Since I'm here every week I'm going to give the Golden Scalpel to the performer I think gave 110% this past week for Sunday Surgery. This week's GS goes to: Sebastian Roche who classes up the joint no matter what he has to say. I only wish he and Connie Towers (Helena) could share many scenes, and I'd be in heaven!! 

A few new Spoilers are as of this morning, mainly about the BUS CRASH and upcoming trial--  Have a great one! Also: GH Is in repeats (Metro Court) Thurs/Friday this week. 

Friday, December 17, 2010


Here's the NEW PROMO for the BUS CRASH! Looks pretty good-- better than the real thing?! I just WISH they'd use the correct interstate numbers. That's all.  LOL,  I'm picky. When I saw Steve Singin on his guitar, I thought of  the movie "Airplane"!! ahahahaa.

ALBERTA'S HOME for the Holidays!!

Today was promised to be THE BALKAN REVEAL DAY!!
The whole show was stupidly confusing. First of all,  Siobhan thinks Jerry is The Balkan...everyone assumes he is. I'm still holding out. The baby thing hasn't even come up yet. It's a distraction, I'm telling you. See below. I KNEW Jerry would make a phone call at the end.

Carly's head almost exploded when Brenda told her she killed "Balkan's Son"--- ahhahah and DANTE KNEW! Oh,  Carly another reason to LOATHE Dante.

Brooke and Nik..."Nookie".... whatever.. " Paid companion" WTH is that sheeze?  Liz and Steve go out and see them at the Metro Court's horribly decorated restaurant. Brooke Lyn did bring up the fact that Liz has three kids with three different fathers. Liz didn't even bat an eye.

So...Alexis and Diane hire Theo who was sent from the "NYC Office" .........WHAT. Okay... makes no sense but what the hell. We'll roll with it. Did Diane have on red carpet make up or what?? It was WAY overdone!!
ALKAZAR mention-- and Alexis' involvement in that whole thing.

Jax wants to shoot Jerry and Carly won't let him?? She's always trying to get people to kill other people. LOL Then Jax goes to talk to Brenda about killing Jerry. I am falling asleep.

Lulu and Lucky ....good scene but randomly inserted. Siobhan's sister, Fiona calls breaking her 'cover' and not knowing she did so. Another Oyrish accent to deal  with. LOL

Another thing, isn't anyone wondering about Sam? Wasn't she the last of Jerry's obsessive women?'d think they'd be all over protecting her.

Major reveal today!!! Brenda likes PALE Pink!


General Hospital: NEW Spoilers are UP!

Take a gander and hit a google for me!! WUBS NET
Looks like Lisa's still on the road to crazy-town...and although Carly will think Brenda and Dante had a baby together, they did not.
Remember GH is in repeats Dec 23rd, 24th and again the 30th and 31st.

Biggest thing? Guess who goes to visit Edward?

When asked who they'd most like at their wedding, Lunacy answered "Alberta Wubs, of course"!! Hopefully NOT to eat her!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday: Should I Watch General Hospital??

Well, I DVR'd today--- what do you think? Worth a watch? I really only want to see Jerry Jacks!! I love Mr. Roche...his voice makes me swooooooooooon!!

Tomorrow we find out WHO THE BALKAN IS...or who Guza may have decided to make the Balkan at the last minute after word about Theo got out. LOL. We know DB was hired for the part so whatever. At least I'm intrigued about seeing how they play this out. I'm still aghast at Brenda's non-reaction to the possibility that it could have been Jerry. I so want it to be Suzanne, I've said that for about a month at least!!

Someone said Nikolas was wearing the same outfit as the lurker outside Sonny's door today! Hey, there you go! Maybe Tyler Christopher is leaving with a boom/bang. Although, come on, he can't have a son as old as Alexander.
Well, this has been the most fun I've had with GH for a LONG time.

Ok, on to other things...

There's a gal here in Rochester at NTID (National Techinical Insitute for the Deaf) that has written a book about her heart transplant and deafness. Lauren Aggen has been featured on our local news and on RIT's site.  Her story is REALLY amazing.
This is her book which is ready for Pre-Order (Dec. 20th launch date)

WHO DO YOU think THE BALKAN is!!?? DO YOU CARE!!????????

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's HUMP Day Already!!! General Hospital Drives a BUS!

Did you see all the juicy BUS Scoops that are up?? On December 29th, we have to buckle up for the crash. Of course the show isn't on for about 5 days after that (3 off, 2 repeats) so we'll have to wait for the really big fun to start. I'm wondering if Matt is the one to go...I don't know for sure-- but it would fit. We'll just have to wait for the spoiler to hit my inbox!!

LukeSon on the docks!! Yipee, thank you for small  miracles.  Luke giving sage advice. Sonny thinks Carly knows him better than anyone--and the twitter feed went nuts. LOL

I have to tell you when Dante walked into Brenda's bedroom/house the entire Twitter line blew up with Dante-hate. was amazing. Now, when Dante said Jerry might be the Balkan, wouldn't Brenda have been all over that? That would mean Alexander was his SON...Jax's nephew. This entire Balkan STORY (and I use that term loosely) has been so terribly thought out, it's scary. Some of the worst writing since the stupid Text Message Killer.
Brenda could be Dante's StepMama. hah
OMG, Dante having to spew that crap to Jason about how bad it was for Sonny to buy that cabin. Dumb, Dumb. I LOVE DZ you know that. I totally liked Dante.  This just makes me pissed off. That whole scene was just painful.

If Theo and Spinelli talked it would be a thesaurus blow-up. 

GET Michael OUT OF KELLY'S! He's just sitting EVERYWHERE...geesh. And "Bryce" pops up again after MONTHS.  You need to put people ON MORE THAN A NANO SECOND now and again-- got it? THANK YOU. It's kinda how you trot out Mayor Floyd 3x a year. WE DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!

Jerry Jacks is at CarJax house, being a mouth. Where's Lady Jane? He did mention MERCEDES!! YEAH! I miss  Chrissie Fit!! Although now that "Mercedes" let him in, she's probably fired. heh. Poor Mercedes.

Here is a nice wintry song for you!! Just to perk things up:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday snow Covered and LAKE-EFFECT

I so WISH I could be the weather-consultant for GH. Dang...people would be walking around in UGGS and we'd get to see what it really feels like around here.  You can be ol' Nikolas wouldn't be going off to the Island and the "Haunted Star" would be closed for the winter!!
Did you see the
spoilers? The cast goes on a BUS TRIP because Steve plans a ski get-away for family/staff of GH as a "morale booster"!! WHOOPS! Not a great plan. heh. Lisa's really hurt and may end up in a coma after surgery. More details coming of course. HIT SPOILERS for more. CGI effects are planned. (good gravy!!)

Today's Twubber Challenge? Bring two characters from other ABC soaps to GH. My pics are David Vickers from OLTL  and Opal from AMC to marry Edward. As you can see,  a certain SOMEONE was already on GH in 1997 as Monica's love interest!! But I'd have him come as Vickers.

@jennifer6973 says  #TwubberChallenge Tad from AMC and Blair from OLTL

Karen S Said: Rex from OLTL and Annie from AMC but now-Annie, not crazy 2 yrs ago Annie. #TwubberChallenge #GH

YOU? I am  loving these challenges because they give me something to do besides hate on GH!!

Love in the Daytime!

I was thinking about the show today and thought: What the HELL happened to Lady Jane? They leave SUCH holes in this show!! Even if she does show back up, it's a gap!! Also, all the spoilers had Steven and Olivia sleeping together already. Did they cut that? Move it? What!? Not that I want them  too--but  ??????? They also hauled out Brooke Lyn out of the storage bin. Choppy Choppy. Oh sooooooooooo choppy!

Jerry Jacks--whatever. He wants that body..and he knew that Jason was there at the morgue. heh. He says "Come out Jasie-Poo !! Terrible dialog between Jason/Jerry-- wow..stinky. Sebastian's delivery was spot-on but the words? EEsssssssssh. Well, at least Sebastian Roche was on, I love him. 

Johnny says he was working for a "Major European Player" --okay, got it. In case you didn't HE was the sniper.  D'oh. Like we didn't know that at the time. Ethan calls Lisa "barking mad"?!! or "boinking mad" depending on your ear.

Lisa is so crazy, even I believed her "drugs for the illegal maid" story! LOL..that's good right there. She's still on double secret probation. I'm glad Patrick said he loved Robin!!

OMG, SO NOW Sam says Michael shouldn't go out with Abby. Good Lord. And Carly has to fight with her too because she can't have a storyline if it's not yelling at someone. That's all she does, I swear!!!

Today was all over the place in so many ways. heh...that's  GH for you lately.

I won't tell you how all kinds of good OLTL is today. *Sigh* but IT IS! IT IS!! I still don't know where Matthew or Nora are!!

Maurice to Telebuddy: The END Of GH....??

Oh wow! In the last installment of  his interview with Maurice Benard, Terry Morrow of Knoxville asked when the actor thought GH might end. His answer may surprise you!!

He says ABC Daytime President Brian Frons is "trying to figure out what the future of this (genre) is, and he's doing a good job of trying to make a future out of what we have."

Read the whole interview at the link!!

General Hospital's James Franco Gets a Golden Globe Nod!!

Ahahaha, like that?  "General Hospital's James Franco"--- I think the PR department should TOTALLY USE IT!!!
As expected he nabs a nomination for his turn in "127 Hours". The film itself didn't snag a Best Picture nod however. Interesting... however, it did get it for adapted screenplay.
The most surprising thing in today's announcements is that "The Tourist" is up for so many--As a COMEDY OR MUSICAL!! WTF is up with that? Who paid for that sheeze?? Johnny Depp is even competing against himself with "Alice in Wonderland" for best actor in a comedy or musical.

On the TV side, I'm happy for "Mad Men" and "The Walking Dead"... Modern Family, Tina Fey...yada yada. I'm also glad Jennifer Love Hewitt got it for "The Client List" because I so like her in "The Ghost Whisperer" (never should have been canned, imo)

Trent Reznor for music in "The Social Network"!! NICE....

MOST BIZARRE: Get this, Angie Jolie for "The Tourist" is up against Emma Stone for "Easy A" what universe would this happen? LOL.

All Noms on USA Today.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Twubber Challenge!! PICK FIVE Characters to remain on GH in 2011

I did this on twitter abobut 11:25 this morning and got a TON of answers!! They were diverse and great--some leaning towards the mob-- some leaning towards the couples. I chose five as a number because it would give people 2 couples and a spare if that's which way they'd go.  Some people saved kids like Cam, others saved people like Max and Diane.

Here are some from Twitter:

@lovepirate9: #twubberchallenge @WubsNet Sonny, Carly, Jason, Sam, Lucky.#GH

@palsmy05: @WubsNet Easy. I would save Robin, Patrick, Emma, Spinelli, Maxie #GH lol

@jflowu: Tracy, Edward, Luke, Lucky, Lulu (I don't count Helena b/c she isn't on, right now. But if I have to pick she stays over Eddie Q.)

@kleigh82: @WubsNet Jason, Liz, Steven, Sonny, Carly #GH #twubberchallenge

@loveTVshows: Sonny, Jason, Carly, Maxie, Diane... #GH #Twubberchallenge :D

@tracy1176: #GH #twubberchallenge 5 characters Elizabeth, Jason, Helena, Luke, Sonny! 5 different families with Legacy on the show!

@thescrubshub: my 5 are Robin, Patrick, Emma, Maxie, Matt #twubberchallenge

@chriznasty: sonny brenda robin luke lucky

@angel_Halo: Jason, Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Sam. That was a challenge.

@hannahdjh: @WubsNet #GH Emma Jake Molly Michael Robin

@RunRunaway13: Alexis, Diane, Kate, Luke, and Tracy #GH #TwubberChallenge

I then threw in a ZOMBIE choice...someone back from the dead!!
@Bridgett912 @WubsNet Claudia Z gets my zombie vote! She was on crazy biatch.

@AnnabelleRogue Oh, if we're going for zombies, I want Alan Q back #twubberchallenge

@Jabbercrombie2: @WubsNet That's a gamechanger. Georgie!

@pookisama: @WubsNet lmao ok my zombie is Faith Roscoe ;)

SO, who do YOU pick?? I didn't put mine on Twitter this morning but did say I'd put them on the blog. It is HARD! LOL...I would want to build a whole new show with the people I have left, not necessarily my fave characters... so I think I'd go for:

TAH-DAH!!  Robin, Lucky, Alexis, Michael and Tracy.  ZOMBIE Choice: Claudia

These were hard for me to pick..I think keeping Robin would help the hospital (plus she grew up on the show) , we have a Cassadine lawyer and a Spencer cop--(who has long legacy to the show)...Michael keeps up the Corinthos line and Tracy for a baddie Q influence. Sorry Luke. Lucky's taking over for your family!!


AMC: Boring..yada yada. Jake was having Dante-esque flashbacks with the danger and Cara

OLTL: Matthew finding BO!! eeeeeeeeeeeee!! I was dying!!  Bo thinks Inez is NORA!! Rex found Nora thank god-- phew, I couldn't deal with Eddie raping her. NO WAY. The numb Hillary B acting was so great.
Clint is so evil!!! He's like the '80's Asa!!
Natalie and John...nice except for the secret....!! We don't even really know which "daughter" Clint switched, btw! Or if Marty switched it!! So, John could still be the father, but will find out he's not...but he is! LOL
John might have had Natalie squealing yes if he had a giant ring. Get with it!!
I so want Eddie Ford to go to Port Charles and kick some asses.
<3 the time jump.

GH:  Lisa/Johnny... I'm just having a hard time with this.
Brenda and Sonny, I'm glad S&Bers are happy. They had their moment today!
Yeah, Abby meets Carly. AND THAT SAM introduced them! LOL Carly is gonna kill Sam! heehee

Tracy looked fabulous. She and Tony are so enjoying this.
Abby even SOUNDS like a man. LOL.
Jason and Dante sounded like a country and western song..."I done wrong.... I loved her but can't have her......." And good Laws but the Liason peeps are going to go NUTS after today's dialog!! eeek!!! :hiding: WOW. just WOW. I'm ending this here eek.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Cafeteria Food--Leftovers

Well, the best part of GH this week was Theo throwing his eggs at the doctors. That's about it. The docks are decorated all festive-like and everyone and their MOTHERS are chatting on them. Nevermind that here, in the "real" Port Chuck, we are freezing out butts off --and by the lake? Come on. Please. No one sits "on the docks' unless they are dressed in down and thermal-tech.

Ingo Rademacher was nice enough to tweet a photo from the Lunacy Wedding. Doesn't Jane look lovely? I really like that dress! I swear, the actor's tweets are better than the show. Laura Wright is getting her hair cut a bit, Carolyn Hennesy was in the Hollywood Christmas parade--Nancy Lee Grahn is all Huffington Posting and Derk and Steve are trying to shill that soap cookbook. Lisa LoCicero is all giddy Tristan Rogers is on Y&R, Ingo's wife loved Laura Wright's Standing Sun Wine, and everyone was going to the Christmas party Friday Night.

GH will be dark again at the end of the month, giving actors some time off. There are reruns of the Metro Court scheduled for Dec 23, 24 and 30, 31st. I personally think this is the wrong choice-- it's a time of year when people have off work and would like to watch. I understand the budget reasons but it's still re-warmed episodes that contain Alan Q dying-something I don't want to see again. I guess we can be happy it's not the whole "Text Message" killer crap, right? 

The biggest rumor going around now is that Vanessa Marcil might be leaving early. Reason's given are "health reasons"...her sister's "health", lower than expected ratings, you name it. I'm going to say they are all false--and if she does take a little time off after Feb Sweeps, it was built in and she'll be back. 

We have the bus crash coming up-- a bunch of people are hurt, it's another train wreck all over again. Remember when Helena pulled out Emily's IV in that mess? ahahahah. Fave part. Where IS  Helena? I thought she'd be back by now, but alas...nothing. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Hope you have a great Sunday without cafeteria food. If you're in the North you could tray-sled if you want. Who remembers when the cafeteria was the HUB of GH?  *sigh* have a cup o' joe!

Check for spoilers on the Wubs Net. Some new Rumors will be up as well.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A New WUB Up and Looking for Brender!

There's a new WUB UP! It's a fun holiday Irish-SPIN one! Let me know how you like it!! Stop over to the WubsNet for new Spoilers too.

All I'm saying about OLTL today is it KICKED ASS. I was dying!! Can't wait for Monday!! eeee!!

Lisa LoCicero tweeted and I added holly stuff!!

Told you Lulu didn't hear about Dante and Brender.

Dante and Sonny took forever to chew the "fat" in Sonny's house. Dante says:  "I actually DO CARE about her...she's a special woman,be mindful, keep her happy, leave me out of it" the promo for that scene was so misleading. "Dante tells Sonny the truth"...uh,  NOT!

Siobhan and Lucky are on my last nerve today. I just want Siobhan to out herself and get rid of that 'accent' if possible. Please!!!

The only way I'll like Abbey is if she turns out to be a man. A "Crying Game" for Michael. She looks like she could be a guy. Just sayin' ...Dirty Sexy Money anyone?? First they are boring me on the docks with their talk---then they bored me in Kelly's!!

Olivia and Johnny. Her comment about "I had a drink with Steve" was so random.  WTH. Just to  get those two chem tested. I am NOT HAPPY, it's out of thin air. 

Michael trying to talk  Sonny out of Brender-lovin to his Dad! hahahahaaa.

Brooke Lyn walks in. Geesh. Random.

I swear,  Tyler Christopher and Dom Z both got haircuts since yesterday's show. LOL I think Lisa did too!!

Sonny spent the episode looking for Brender!! And everyone told him how  BAD they are for each other!! Then, they finally meet. S&Bers Bliss-out.  I don't like all the "honey" stuff she's saying. And he bought her a house. Wow.

SPOILERS are UP!! Guess Where Claire's GOING?

Claire tells Sonny she's off to somewhere very cold!! LOL... Check out all the spoilers on The Wubs Net!!  Who calms Tracy's nerves? What's Theo's next job  going to be!! Find out!! Of course, Jerry Jacks is back causing trouble.
Hit an ad please to help keep the net going!! Thank you so much. Write your thoughts below!! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Writer's Guild Noms Announced and Watching Thursday!

GH, OLTL and ATWT all got Writer's Guild Noms. Go to Daytime Confidential to get the whole story. You know who I want to win!! GO OLTL!!

OLTL was good, creepy with Ford Daddy pawing Nora!! EEK! I wish Inez would just lie about sleeping with Bo.  Just tell Clint you did. Natalie socking Marty in the mouth. heh. Shirtless men at the gym!!

SEE:  NO PINK accessories yesterday!! 

GH: Now, I know that pink stuff was NOT in the PH when Dante/Brenda were in there. WTF.  Now it's all back. The props department needs to be smacked.
Geesh, Jason talking to Steven Lars. Hmmm. Is that the first time? Weird scene.

Sonny's giving Brenda a ROBE? least it's not a dress. 
Carly comes back in just to pick some more at Sonny about Brenda. God, is that her story now? First she picked at Jax...then at Dante/Lulu now Sonny and Brenda. How about she gets her own story. THEN, she goes and follows poor Jason home again! LOL Yells some more about  Sonny and Brenda. He has a headache. I hear ya buddy.

Siobhan ARE YOU a baddie or a super-double agent? Do I care? You're still talkin' in dat P'ierate accent, arn't cha? Her sister's name is Fiona. LOL. Figures. Did you note that she and Lucky were going into a Bank in NYC and there were NO OTHER people on the streets at all but the Balkan's henchmen. WTH. I hate this show sometimes.

Are you liking Theo? All he needs is a white cat. 

Nikolas has nothing to do so he's pretending to be interested in the hospital stuff. Steven and he have meetings IN THE HALLWAY. @@ so stupid. If they are making Nikolas into such a part of the hospital, give him an office.

Today's show WAS ALL sorts of stupid....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New "Kiddie Doc" To Come to Port Charles!

CASTING NEWS:  New pediatrician "Terrel" will join the staff at #GH . Khary Payton begins his recurring role on Jan 3rd. Will he be involved with a sick "Webber"Kid? After all, we still have the baby-reveal to go with Aidan.

Franco Back in Early 2011

TV Guide is reporting that my favorite Fronkey THE FRANCO is back in Port Chuck this new year. The date seems to be 2/25-ish.  (Corresponding to the Oscars) He's said he's directing the next time he's on, so I wonder what Franco touches we'll see. Balkan connections?? Will he still have his 'stash??! Will THE FRANCO come for THE FACE!?!!!

What can I say? It's almost given he's getting an Oscar Nod-- and we KNOW he's hosting the show.  Great PR or what? They were wondering when he'd make it back, I guess there is a break at Yale.  

Alberta is all happy...Everyone dust off their Fronkey-Gear and start spraying CO77x everywhere! 

Lazy Hump Day

Ok, so you caught me....I watched some of the soaps today, but not all ....and none of them in total. I caught Zack's funeral on AMC and the boys kissing his picture. All  I wanted Ryan to say when he was taking was "Remember when everyone thought I was dead? And you like, took care of Kendal"??? Then Greenlee could have said...and remember when everyone thought I was dead?
You get the point. heh

OLTL was great as usual!! Nat knows Marty knows!! And we still aren't 100% sure WHICH "daughter"  DNA report Clint had fixed,  right?? Because in reality,  Natalie is his bio "daughter" so it could be her, right?! Cause he hates McBain. 

                                                        Yes, I tried the Prune Salad. 

GH: What. WHAT!!? I saw Brenda on the chair and Dante googlie-eyballing her-- ;/ Where did all the pink stuff go in the PH?? Did I miss Spin taking it down?? Michael and Krissy--blah, blah. Siobhan chomping on some dang food, making her speech MORE unintelligible (didn't think that was possible but Oooooooooo yah!!)  And I saw--Luke and Edward.  Oh, and The Balkan  Theo going on and on about horseflies. LOL NEW RUMOR Patrol: Siobhan is his daughter. If that's so, they changed her from being another agent. Hmmm, what WILL it be?? Will she end up having a fake British accent instead of her Oyerish one?? 
There will be more things coming in on the Bus Accident soon I think.  Rumors all over about characters dying...but nothing for sure.  
See you tomorrow.  Yes, we have more snow. MORE MORE.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


                                                     Mr. Squirrel outside my window

There's NOTHING canceled!! LOL... I even have to go get Jack when his "driving seminar" is over at the Hight School. It's about safe driving IN THE SHOW...gee, around here you should hold those in September!! We are due for another foot or so. Wahhhh.

                                                  My Grill on the deck at 9am this mornin'!

I do love where I live, you can't beat it usually but we do get our share of weather. (understatement). We are in another Lake Effect Warning until 5 am tomorrow. That's why soaps kill me when they only show snow during a "Storm" and no one wears much in the way of coats.  

I guess I should just hunker down and enjoy the soaps. Poor Gus will have to wait to pee.

AMC: Newbie on...that chick from "Passions"-- 

OLTL: OMG...the first 3minutes of this show had more fun stuff happen in it than the whole last MONTH of GH!! Ford knows Aubrey, Kelly thinks Joey's proposing to her...Dorian tells Vicky she saw Charlie kiss Echo...Rex finds out that Brody is Nat's baby daddy!! 

GH: Molly and Edward-- the interview was nice. Reminded me of Emily interviewing him for Black History Month. She sure was cheeky. LOL "Most of your family doesn't seem to like you very much"!! 

Abbey is totally Coutney in her "Daisy" phase. "When I'm stripping I'm Candy"...blah blah... I know people LIKE ABBEY -- more than Court but same damn story again. I guess what Michael said today about his prison time is about all we gonna get in that area.

Aw, and look at that. Dante buys shoes for Brender from a street walker. Yes, I actually just typed that. @@

GIANT RUMOR: Supposedly there's a bus accident. Looking at all the cast tweets, it's obvious something is coming up because they all worked together. Lisa LoCicero had blood on her face. LOL...after the false "Ball" and "Twister/Storm" scoops though, who knows. We know some cast might be exiting in the new year, is this how it happens!!? I like how Lisa LoCicero said she wished the "newest tragedy was a beached whale" instead of what is happening. HEH..gotta love that. 
I also saw Steve B say he had some scenes coming up with Becky -- I'm wondering if it's during the "event".

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's the 2010 Wub Awards!!

That's right! Find out who got the best, worst, least last year!! 2010 Award Link
Agree? Disagree? It can't be worse that Soap Opera Digest  giving GH the "soap of the year"...(they are on crack, I swear). Both NLG and Kristen Storms tweeted how honored they were to win them some WUB!!  woot!!

Today's OLTL showcases why I love the show. 50-somethings making out--The Entire cast being used--no matter what their age!! Plus the history that's dredged up! I know some people say they are changing history, but I disagree. They at least use it for GOOD. Joey was proposing today!!? Come on. Inspired. Dorian telling Vicky about Charlie .heh 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Johnny...shot again. LOL. Why doesn't he just offer Lisa something like sex or money? She's crazy!! 

S&Bers must hate Carly and Spin for interrupting.

Abbey and Michael=NO comment. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Dear Lord. His face after he slammed that guy's head into the wall was like D'OH!!

Theo showed up!! He's my new Crudgemuddgen. LOVED when he asked Dante if he was 'left to die'!! Don Giovanni mention. (which totally fits in with the Guza motif)

OMG, this Balkan crap is SO STUPID I am so sick of it. IT's like the "Franco" mentions on speed. Dear GOD. If Theo isn't the Balkan then Guza decided at the last minute to change it...cause that's who it's supposed to be.

Olivia finds Johnny laying on the couch and Lisa is kneeling. heh There is NO WAY Olivia wouldn't realize he's been shot. And she didn't!! She KNEW he'd been hurt. That was a good scene. I love Jolivia and I don't want to see her with Steven but at least they are still on the show. AND come on, Jolivia can always have hot sex now and again. 

So, Steve says it's OK to do another autopsy. need an exhumation order for that, anyone knows that!! @@ They say he's in the morgue because NO ONE claimed the body? He's been dead for 3 years!! So, even if they just fished him out of the river or wherever, he has to be bones right? :throwinguphands: whatever.

I'm sorry but I like Suzanne-- wow-- she's so fun AND stands up to Sonny. She went Bea Arthur on Sonny's ass today! hee hee... if they wrote for her better she'd be perfect.

Other stuff: We have about a foot and 1/2 of dang SNOW! Stupid Lake Ontario is dumping on us. Boooooooooooo. Walking the dog on my hill is such torture. sniff.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Red Cross

How our stars love to give back!! This Saturday was the 2nd annual "Habitat  for Humanity LA House that GH Built"!! Fans from all over bid on the chance to do some carpentry with the stars of their fave soap! Here's a video posted on You Tube of Lisa LoCicero and Brandon Barash welcoming all to the build:

 Of course, our favorite Lobster, ALBERTA went again this year!! Here she is on Ghubby's back listening to the above speech: 

I'm so proud she can go be a part of this great adventure. Thanks to Karla and Paul for taking her with them. She is a cutie!! Maybe I'll make it out someday!! LOOK who she met: 

                                                    I think Alberta is an honorary Q now!!

Guess who? That's Ronnie Marmo who actually met Alberta in Toronto this year too. He must be in LOVE with the fact he got to hold her twice!!! Can't say enough about all the fans that go out and actually build with everyone. It's a big job and some flew from the East Coast on their own dime to contribute. As I've said in the past, Daytime Fans are THE BEST out there. You can't beat them for their awesome hearts. 

                                                          "Krissy" Loves Berta!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fish Fry and Soapy Suds!

POPSUGAR caught Franco in a swanky hat!! I think he's listening to The Monkees...don't you!?

OLTL --Man, they use SO much of this cast every single day!! One of the best things they do is have Nora, Vicky, Echo and Dorian front and center. They have huge history on the show and just because the are 'older' they aren't shoved back into a closet somewhere. Monica Q needs to move to Llandview so she can get some dang airtime. The new Eddie Ford villain is just awesome as well. today's eppy had a ton of cliff hangers!   Sigh, l love that show!!

Yesterday I was making fun of Lady Jane's hair yesterday and what? She has it CUT TODAY. It's totally different!! WTF. ugh!! No one on this show cares about anything. 

I loved Max and Milo...they were so funny. "AH-JEW" sauce. Truffle oil. You could tell Maurice was loving it too.  Spinelli covering his eyes when Sonny glared at him. The PINK room was hot for the S&Bers.

Another music box!! LOL..who remembers Chloe and the dropped music box story!! I do! I do!! 

Ok, when that guy got shot and Jason was in front of him, that bullet would have exited his skull and brains would have been all over Mr. Morgan. JUST SAYIN!! Johnny is the shooter ...and you know he'll need antibiotics from LISA (spoilers)

Nikolas needs to STFU, what the hell is he doing talking about Lisa to Robin?? Ethan goes to get Lisa-- to take her to Johnny. Maya will be jealous. It's the first twist I didn't know about. I knew about the Lisa and the Maya switch up -- but not about Johnny taking a bullet. 
DID YOU LIKE today's show?

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP!! Get over there! The only good one involves Carly finding out about Abbey, imo.


  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...