Thursday, December 9, 2010

Writer's Guild Noms Announced and Watching Thursday!

GH, OLTL and ATWT all got Writer's Guild Noms. Go to Daytime Confidential to get the whole story. You know who I want to win!! GO OLTL!!

OLTL was good, creepy with Ford Daddy pawing Nora!! EEK! I wish Inez would just lie about sleeping with Bo.  Just tell Clint you did. Natalie socking Marty in the mouth. heh. Shirtless men at the gym!!

SEE:  NO PINK accessories yesterday!! 

GH: Now, I know that pink stuff was NOT in the PH when Dante/Brenda were in there. WTF.  Now it's all back. The props department needs to be smacked.
Geesh, Jason talking to Steven Lars. Hmmm. Is that the first time? Weird scene.

Sonny's giving Brenda a ROBE? least it's not a dress. 
Carly comes back in just to pick some more at Sonny about Brenda. God, is that her story now? First she picked at Jax...then at Dante/Lulu now Sonny and Brenda. How about she gets her own story. THEN, she goes and follows poor Jason home again! LOL Yells some more about  Sonny and Brenda. He has a headache. I hear ya buddy.

Siobhan ARE YOU a baddie or a super-double agent? Do I care? You're still talkin' in dat P'ierate accent, arn't cha? Her sister's name is Fiona. LOL. Figures. Did you note that she and Lucky were going into a Bank in NYC and there were NO OTHER people on the streets at all but the Balkan's henchmen. WTH. I hate this show sometimes.

Are you liking Theo? All he needs is a white cat. 

Nikolas has nothing to do so he's pretending to be interested in the hospital stuff. Steven and he have meetings IN THE HALLWAY. @@ so stupid. If they are making Nikolas into such a part of the hospital, give him an office.

Today's show WAS ALL sorts of stupid....


  1. Not enjoying Theo @ all, what a waste of a hospital bed. He needs to be discharged there is nothing wrong with him, except his attitude.

  2. Theo throws egg at Patrick ROFL! The line of the day goes to Theo! When he says to Lisa.

    Theo: Are you clean?

    ROFLMAOPMP! This guy cracks me up! :)

  3. How on earth did GH getting a writing nomination?!?! Are they pulling names from a hat now?

  4. Have to admit, the actor playing Theo is doing a superb job! Really olde school acting, but so effective and yes, I like him. He is an interesting character for the docs to tangle with and I understand Robin's patience with him (if you'll pardon the expression).
    We've all known characters like him (well, some of us) and they push your tolerance, but they are amusing as well. He's just looking for some meaty conversation. I don't imagine a real hospital would give him a bed, but it makes for a heartening bit for Robin.

  5. Lisa isn't clean. Her knees are dirty.

  6. So basically another day, another episode and still no point watching the show!!!
    Thanks for the heads up.

    Karen, I don't know if you realize this, but if I may, your blog is so appreciated as it is and has been far more entertaining than the coma enducing dribble GH has been putting it's few remaining devout viewers through. Your blog along with the comments have been filling the void that GH has left.

    Oh, how I miss the days when this show was actually watchable. A decade has passed, and still no change. That should tell them something about the dire straights this beloved show is in. 10 years!! 520 weeks!! 3650 odd days!! 87660 hours!!! Viewers continue to drop like flies, numbers are down, ratings are down and still no change??...
    Question is WHY?!?!?

  7. Anonymous said...

    Lisa isn't clean. Her knees are dirty.
    ROFL ROFL! Good one. :)

  8. thank you watchintele!! I appreciate it!!

    I do like Theo...but GH is just so "PLOP" the characters in there. I don't know...just bugs me. AND the fact that Nikolas is always hanging around now like he owns GH!

  9. Can someone explain what happened with Siobhan? Did she double cross Lucky or not? I can't figure it out.

  10. Haven't watched the show, with the exception of the Thanksgiving episode, in a month. I dvr every day and then just delete every weekend because I just can't bring myself to watch. When I heard about the four repeat episodes at the end of the month, at first I wondered what justifies repeats on the 23rd and the 30th? Then I realized that I would much rather watch reruns of the Metro Court stuff (flaws and all) than watch this crap fest that we are subjected with daily now. At least the Metro Court episodes will have some beloved characters that are no longer around. That should be a game- name all the characters (or actors) in the Metro Court episodes that are no longer around- either because they are dead or they left (or they were replaced by another actor).

  11. Let's count the ex-GLers on OLTL: Kim Zimmer (ex-Reva/Echo), Jerry VonDorn (ex-Ross/nuClint), John Wesley Shipp (ex-Kelly Nelson/Eddie Ford) . . . there may be more but just the ones I noticed in a brief look at OLTL.

  12. Barb: Gina Tognoni is just off a stint on GL.

  13. Theo is so annoying, and such a cliche character. I did, however, enjoy the references to Kant and Karl Marx. I, for one, knew that Theo's quote was from Karl Marx, and I thought that the writers were just being stupid, until Steven Webber said it was Marx!! Someone who writes that show has some education in lefty politics, once in a blue moon they throw in something like this, one of the many things that keep me watching despite the show's many flaws under Guza.

  14. As long and Guza has any imput on what goes on with our beloved show we can expect to be disappointed as we watch the ratings drop and drop. When Guza/Frons complete their destruction of the show to the point of cancellation I will no reason to watch ABC at all. I will even forego watching Grey's Anatomy, a show I have followed since season 1. But I cannot in all conscience continue to watch a network which allows these two men to disregard and insult the faithful viewers.

  15. Starling: I'm an old school GL-watcher -- Gina T. joined after I stopped -- but I knew there was more than the 3 old-timers I mentioned. Who did Gina T. play?


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