Tuesday, December 7, 2010


                                                     Mr. Squirrel outside my window

There's NOTHING canceled!! LOL... I even have to go get Jack when his "driving seminar" is over at the Hight School. It's about safe driving IN THE SHOW...gee, around here you should hold those in September!! We are due for another foot or so. Wahhhh.

                                                  My Grill on the deck at 9am this mornin'!

I do love where I live, you can't beat it usually but we do get our share of weather. (understatement). We are in another Lake Effect Warning until 5 am tomorrow. That's why soaps kill me when they only show snow during a "Storm" and no one wears much in the way of coats.  

I guess I should just hunker down and enjoy the soaps. Poor Gus will have to wait to pee.

AMC: Newbie on...that chick from "Passions"-- 

OLTL: OMG...the first 3minutes of this show had more fun stuff happen in it than the whole last MONTH of GH!! Ford knows Aubrey, Kelly thinks Joey's proposing to her...Dorian tells Vicky she saw Charlie kiss Echo...Rex finds out that Brody is Nat's baby daddy!! 

GH: Molly and Edward-- the interview was nice. Reminded me of Emily interviewing him for Black History Month. She sure was cheeky. LOL "Most of your family doesn't seem to like you very much"!! 

Abbey is totally Coutney in her "Daisy" phase. "When I'm stripping I'm Candy"...blah blah... I know people LIKE ABBEY -- more than Court but same damn story again. I guess what Michael said today about his prison time is about all we gonna get in that area.

Aw, and look at that. Dante buys shoes for Brender from a street walker. Yes, I actually just typed that. @@

GIANT RUMOR: Supposedly there's a bus accident. Looking at all the cast tweets, it's obvious something is coming up because they all worked together. Lisa LoCicero had blood on her face. LOL...after the false "Ball" and "Twister/Storm" scoops though, who knows. We know some cast might be exiting in the new year, is this how it happens!!? I like how Lisa LoCicero said she wished the "newest tragedy was a beached whale" instead of what is happening. HEH..gotta love that. 
I also saw Steve B say he had some scenes coming up with Becky -- I'm wondering if it's during the "event".


  1. Does Jason even remember who Liz is and that there is a small clone out there of him and his name is Jake

    Thx for your updates , I haven't watched this show in about 3mts and I guess i still won't watch

    Can't wait to get home to watch OLTL, that show is fantastic

  2. I assume Jake will get hurt...again...if there is a bus accident. I would rather Cameron get hurt than Jake, only because the poor kid has had more happen to him than Cameron. Caught in a fire, kidnapped twice,including jumping out of the window of an exploding building, had a gun held on him, caught under a circus tent. Please not another thing!

  3. I have not watched in 2 years since they ended liason. I continue to read your blog in hopes of a liason reunion.

  4. I still fear for Jake in light of some of those JaSam rumors. I mean who really wouldn't put it past Guza to totally destroy the last true connection of Liason. I mean Liz did lose all the money Jason gave her, I mean how else could TIIC explain that JaSam can raise their own but not Jake is if Jake gets gone this forcing Jason to realize that he was much better off with his child than without because anything could happen whether he was in the mob or not

  5. Knowing how unoriginal Guza is, and how terrible the writing is, will the bus story involve a young girls death and a heart transplant for one of the babies?

  6. Any word on just which of the actors is leaving the show in the new year? Maybe Nik will head to Europe and Tyler will exit the show to devote more time to his new venture. Is there anything new for Johnny coming down the pike? He seems pretty useless now, especially since he and Olivia have called it quits and he has thrown his hat in with the baddies. That pretty much spells the end of Johnny, so BB will exit too. Liz is pretty superfluous too. Will Bradford Anderson pick up and leave too? His character has turned has turned into a buffoon, and its really too bad because Spinelli shows more compassion and humanity than any of the characters. Matt, Mac, and Steven Lars need a story that dominates the show for a while.

    These days it seems like Sonny, Brenda, Carly, Jason and Dante get ALL the exposure to the detriment of the more interesting and entertaining characters. The Big 4 haven't done, said, or felt anything new in 20 years, and Dante has been given far too much airtime. We all know that when push comes to shove Dante is going to save Sonny. Yuck!

  7. I just wish Guza kills off Jake. Then I will be done with the show forever. I still DVR it, but I FF, because I too wait for scenes with Liz and Jason. I may be missing something, but from this blog, it doesn't seem so.

  8. I am a huge Liason fan, and I can't believe how 'off the scene' Liz and Jake are now. It is such a shame. I actually like Dante/Brenda/Sonny storyline, but I don't see why it has to monopolize the show each and every day. Why can't it be a piece woven into the fabric of the show?

    There is so much good in General Hospital. I don't really take issue with any of the individual story lines, but it is just that there no continuity, no interaction, no weaving of the story lines. I simply don't understand how professional writers, producers, directors, and executives just don't see what we all see and write about each and every day.

    They have the potential to have some great story arcs, to tie things together, to show the power of various characters.

    What in the world is going on with Aidan's daddy? What about Helena? What a waste? What about Johnny? He could be the 'young' Sonny. Allow Sonny to mature, develop as a character - to interact with his children about something other than his own selfish mobular needs. They are wasting Diane and Alexis. What amazing actresses and such powerful female characters. Brenda? I was excited about her return - someone with ties to so many different families - but the story line is wasted. How can the writers not see that?

    I keep watching, every day I watch and hope that things will turn around. That storylines will move along and that characters will interact. I get so angry I don't ever want to watch again, but I love GH. Why are they doing this? Who are they writing for?

    Love your blog! Without it I am not sure if I would still watch GH.

  9. **RUMOR: Giant Bus Accident coming to Port Charles. We know many actors have been tweeting about an "Event'...is this it?? Lisa LoCicero called it a "Beached Whale" LOL
    DAMN! How big is this bus?!!? Hmmm is Laura on the bus? Will Luke save his Laura? :) Will their theme song play think of Laura when he saves her? :) Will Tracy be jealous? :)

  10. If Brenda is suppose to be a super model why doesn't she dress like it? Maxie, Tracy, Lulu, Carly, Diane, Claire, hell even single mom of three Liz all dress better.

    I thought the only time people in Port Charles actually take the bus is when they are hoping a border? I guess we can expect to start hearing lots of bus references in the coming days. Lulu is late for work because the bus broke down...Epiphany is in a rush to catch the bus...Diane won't take the bus because waiting on the sidewalk ruins her shoes, etc.
    Maybe they will do a "Speed" knock off...with Jason as Keanu Reeves and Brenda/Sam as Sandra Bullock of course, Guza would have it no other way.

    Does Jerry Jax die?

  11. Oh, and Dante paying a hooker for her shoes.
    1) there seem to be a lot of hookers in Port Charles these days
    2) Dante needs to coordinate with his father. Sonny can buy the dresses, Dante the shoes. Maybe Michael can get into buying purses.
    3) Spinelli is forever accessing video footage survellience cameras that seem to be everywhere in Port Charles. Imagine if he got a still shot of Dante the cop handing a hooker a hand full of cash. Imagine if Spinelli handed that image over to Carly!

  12. Frisco says,

    I guess we can expect to start hearing lots of bus references in the coming days. Lulu is late for work because the bus broke down...Epiphany is in a rush to catch the bus...Diane won't take the bus because waiting on the sidewalk ruins her shoes, etc.
    Oh that is a very good idea! I wonder if Guza is gonna do that. Diane won't take the bus because waiting on the sidewalk ruins her shoes! ROFL! Yeah Dante rather buy a hooker's shoes than arrest her?!! Yeah good idea with Spinelli having a video about it and shows it to Carly! :) You are full of good ideas Frisco! :)

  13. I don't think BB is leaving because i read at DD that TIIC is thinkng about doing a Jolu reunion sometime in the future,after he is done with Lisa.OR they might put him with Brook and put Nick with Lisa.That is why we had the scenes with Johnny & Lulu at The Haunted Star and why they had scenes with Lisa & Nick.They are chemistry testing Lisa with both Johnny & Nick and testing the waters for a possible Jolu reunion in the future.

  14. I just have to comment on the possible upcoming Liz & jason scenes. First, it's about flippin time. Over 10 years ago I watched as these two became friends and then some. They stayed so close over the years and then "the night" happened to produce Jake. I loved the angst it casued. It was good old fashioned soap opera stuff. When they flubbed the story bu having Jason return to Sam and show Jason practically having daily contact with everyone's children but his own, it was just such a slap in the face to Liason fans. Then when JJ came back, I was so hopeful that one of the sweetest love stories would be relived with the actors that started it all. But nooo. They had to have Liz sleep with Nik. They could have ended that story with just fleeting looks but instead they destroyed Liz. One of daytime's sweetest couples are on the same show with barely any scenes together. They bring in a new gal for Lucky, and give Nik Brooke? Really? Becky returns from maternity leave and has to be in 2nd hand scenes at the hospital and that's it? Maybe a sccene or two of trying to bully the irish lad? Really really sad. back to Liason, I am fine with them being platonic. Sam can have him and his life of guns. Having said that, Jason is such a huge character on this show and he has a child. A Quartermaine child. So many possibilities. You can age him and show him with Michael who happens to be cousins with Jake and many other ideas. I still want Jason & Liz to have interaction. Their friendship was special. As for Liz romantically, I would like to see her with JJ's Lucky SOONER rather than later. The irsh lad can be the Helena ordered balkan for all I care.


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