Thursday, December 30, 2010

Metro Court --ReDux

Well, here we are again, watching the dead people parade across our screens. Alan--Cooper, Emily, Georgie, Alkazar--  the missing: Bobbie, Priest Manny, Dillon...Monica. OFF: Skye,  Ric


Remember that stupid briefcase? The entire reason for the Metro Court stuff? ugh. 

Jane Elliot did a fab job again, made me tear up.

Just think, "Jerry Jacks" bounced back so to speak after this Metro Court slaughter because Frons-Guza loved Sebastian Roche and wanted to keep him.  Did they think FIRST? NO...had "Mr. Craig" kill Alan..wound Robin, be a sociopath then decide to keep him as Jerry. Idiots. Painted into a corner, it never made sense. 

Tomorrow is also the Metro Court repeat. zzzzzzzzzzzz. I mean, I dig seeing all these characters but it's just a time waster, imo.

Another great installment of the Lisa LoCicero in the Knoxville Tinseltown Blog.  She thinks Olivia could be a super villain! 



  1. Wouldnt i be great if they re-ran the episode when the Quartermaines first came to PC? Or maybe when Bobbie and Luke arrived on the scene? Something really old and nostalgic?

    Instead they need to re-inforce that Jerry is a bad guy since they are re-introducing him as a bad guy.

    Thank God for youtube.

  2. We could all love Sebastian Roche, but not as this re-written Jerry Jax! If they had had him appear after the Metro Court thing, or as one of the henchmen in a mask, but not the Super Psycho, then he could have been redeemed, like they tried with the guy in the vault with Maxie. And Jerry as we knew him, would much likelier be a mere henchman, the bad boy who made a wrong choice and signed on and soon regreted it. Jerry was not that evil--just misguided mostly. Getting into trouble, but nothing that would send him to the funny farm.

    But then, I think that Jerry needed to be played by the original, Julian Stone, whom we all liked just fine, and who is still around doing commercials. Save Sebastian for another day in another role, one that could actually make sense for Alexis! I wanted to like him so much and of course, couldn't after they wrote him into a hole.

  3. I think having Sebastian play Jerry was such an after thought on Guza/Fron's part they just DID it because they 'could'. Sebasitan could have been a Cassadine or something.
    I do miss Julian Stone too

  4. Jerry Jax should get revenge on the Balkan by saving Brenda and the rest of Port Chuck from the Evil Bald One. Jerry could be redeemed in the eyes of all and actually have a regular part on GH.

    Make it so.


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