Monday, December 20, 2010

Maurice's Holiday Wish To You...MONDAY #GH

Here's a nice message Maurice filmed for his fans: Maurice Benard TV ENJOY !!!

Just a little card I made from one of Brandon Barash's tweets of him in London!! Nice or what??

 When I saw this photo I thought that was Kristina!!  LOL It's Brenda! 

 Love  how Carly continues to wear SLEEVLESS sheeze in the dead of winter! LOL. Get a shrug! 

There are so many rumors flying around about JaSam and Liason.  Heh. It's wonderful to see all this interest in baby Jake  (Will he be Lucky's? Does Liz need cord blood??!) As of right now, I think they could all be false. More details will be coming out soon enough, so people need to chill out. LOL. I think the rumor that has more legs is the Genie one.  I'm hearing rumblings about that on my end. And yes, still waiting for Connie Towers to get back. Not sure what's going on there. Another awesome rumor has Carly finding out Brenda had twins and only one died, Brenda didn't know the other survived!! This seems far-fetched but totally soapy!! 

TODAY'S SHOW: Interesting...Jax and Brenda both say "I love you"...lest we forget that whole S&B and J&B sheeze.  LMAO 

Carly's big "reveal" to Sonny was a NOTHING To Sonny.  He didn't care!! Carly is such a harpie lately, much more than usual.  Which, ok...doesn't say much. She needs to go to a good Lord &Taylor sale to get her meanies out.

Luke and  Lucky are so good jabbin' together. I don't care what they talk about. Siobhan is going to be a goodie in the end. Even if it takes saving Lucky's ass to prove it. You wait. 

THE BALKAN is actually FROM NJ?! His accent changed when he talked to Jerry. LOL. People on Twitter told me it was Brooklyn-ese. OKAyyyyyyyy. Mobsters do need to be from somewhere around NYC, right? Jerry just signed his own death warrant talking to The Balkan so mean. I so wish that Jerry wasn't painted into a corner on this show. I love him and want him to be on the show. At least he fell into the water...that means he could be alive. People seemed  shocked on Twitter, didn't anyone read my spoilers? I SAID BANG...but who shot him?!

Maya looked  awesome today....I want that top. She is dressed for winter. thank you.

SEXIS is on!! And I'm so glad she went to Sonny about Theo. That's good. The whole "wrongful death" thing is weird. Contrived but that's know!!? Maybe it will get more characters together. 

Lante --drinking SonnyRitas at the end.


  1. Jerry was so funny today!!!!!

    Jerry: Nag nag nag. Balky. Bloody hell!

    ROFL! Great scenes! And Jerry waving the gun at Shivon (sp) while he is talking to the Balkin! :) Damn I can never spell her name right!

  2. yay on the Genie rumors! Her returns always got mainstream press coverage(CNN scroll, AP, etc.), so she'll probably give the ratings a bigger bump then Vanessa.

    I hope she's coming back to be in her children's lives and not some lame wacky story with Luke and Tracy. He's made it clear he only wants Tracy now, so don't make Laura chase him.

  3. Another rumor has Carly what karen?

  4. Anonymous said...

    Another rumor has Carly what karen?
    Yeah good question. That is what I want to know too!

  5. OMG, I'm sorry !! I edited the post to put the rumor in. I was live blogging and tweeting and jumped ahead to fill in what was happening and left that off. LOL
    TWINS?? who knows, it soapy enough. Like I said a TON of rumors out there. People need something to do.

  6. Wow I thought Brenda was Krissy too! crazy

    Also in regards to Carly's outfit sometimes it means being cold to be beautiful

    Liaison fans will crash twitter if Jake is Lucky's

  7. Weren't Maya and Ethan supposed to talk about their living arrangements today? Grr. I hope it wasnt cut and they instead talk about it tomorrow or Wednesday.

    For once, I was 100% Team Carly. Dante is a hypocrite. He deserves NOTHING.

  8. So Dante is a hypocrite. He is young and was even younger when Brenda wound him around her much used finger. I would hate to see him locked into youngling he was when he was guarding Brenda a couple of years ago. Why was Dante expected to protect Michael, a brother he didn't know? If you want to talk about a hypocrite, look at Carly. She is the very definition of an adolescent hypocrite who despite having an 18 year old son hasn't matured beyond 16 years old herself. Carly is self-righteous. Dante isn't. He's just boring and over exposed.

  9. Sebastian Roche was so awesome today! Dayum, I miss him already. Can he come back and save Brenda from Balky and be the hero he talked about? Puh-leeeeeze?

  10. Well said Anon #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BB is so damn cute in that photo karen, keep these comin!

    I hope VM is not pg in real life. That's all Sonny needs.



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