Tuesday, December 21, 2010

General Hospital: All About The Lunacy!!

  Look,  Siobhan, here come the blankets to keep us warm!!

So, last night was Winter Solstice, a full lunar eclipse and today is the LUNacy wedding!! Was it planned  this way?? Knowing Guza, no, but I'm thinking what the hey---go with it!! This is about the only thing I've been looking forward to in a long time.

Lulu: "You're not even Dressed YET"!!
Tracy: "Well, I'm not UNdressed"!!  

Why did they straighten Maya's hair? She looks like Krissy and Brenda and...I like her natural look!!

LOL....and Luke with his boyz!!  Loved  it. TG looked like he was having so much fun in those scenes. I wish he'd make those guys SHAVE their scraggly stubble.

Jerry's body was not found, but his DNA was. OKAY, we know he's not dead yet. And NO BODY just "floats around" in the winter. LOL

Sonny tells Dante he's having a Christmas brunch for all his kids. Dante doesn't look like he wants to go does he? 

JaSam...little Christmas lovin'..

BIG ALICE was a riot today!! "She'll cut his hooha's off"... all dressed in black.  Edward telling Luke hands off of his smoking jacket, his scotch and Alice's time! LOL LOVED ALexis doing the whole Pre-Nup!! 

Brenda and Brook Lyn reconnect. Interesting. Maybe Brenda didn't send yearly God Mother presents. LOL 

JANE ELLIOT LOOKED AMAZING!! loved that gown!! I am a L&L fan but this is good GROWING storytelling. I can see it happening at this stage in Luke's life. I don't know why, but I really LIKE IT. Especially with Genie off the show for so long. Lunacy is fun.

 BIGGEST MISS: No Monica!! :/ and NO Mention of Laura, I thought Luke called her. Damn.

 If we were all together, I'd make:
LUNACY Cocktail= 1 shot burbon 1 shot Amaretto 1 shot Meyers Dark Rum and OJ. Shake, not stir


  1. I lost a bet (mocha frappe at McDonalds). I was SURE that today's headline was going to be "Where was Bobbie?"

    I did enjoy today's show. Very much. I thought the wedding was well done, and I am willing to bet that Tony and Jane helped write some of it based on how well they knew the characters.

    Cringed when I saw Lisa and Robin. OMG drop this already.

    I guess Ned and Dillon were too busy to call.

    All in all, I did enjoy today's show.

  2. I loved Ethan's commet..."You'll be my Uncle Dad" The boyz were great today.

  3. I don't understand people who are upset Laura was not mentioned. I'm GLAD she wasn't...this was not about her. I wish there was a Lila mention however...maybe Tracy talking to her mother's photo or Edward giving Tracy a piece of Lila's jewelry to wear. I really wanted a father-daughter, Edward-Tracy scene.

    It was kind of sad their were only 8 guests and Alice the maid sat with Edward as there were no other Q's to do such.

    Most obvious ommissions, Bobbie and Monica. Then there is Jason (a Quartermaine) and Michael (a Quartermaine AND a Spencer).

    While they are not in Port Charles a mention of Ned, Dillon or Lucas would have been nice.

    Most of all I wanted a wedding crasher to show up - Lucy, in the red dress she wore when she married Alan!

  4. Wow, you're always so hard on Siobhan.... first, the accent, then the hat, now the dress... it's not her fault if GH wants her to look like she has no style compared to Saint Liz...

  5. kdmask says

    NO Mention of Laura,
    Lulu did mention her.

    I thought Luke called her. Damn.
    Yeah kdmask the spoiler said Laura calls Luke cus Edward called her!! What happened?! Did Guza change his mind?!!?!

  6. Christa said...

    I loved Ethan's commet..."You'll be my Uncle Dad" The boyz were great today.
    Hahahaha. That's awesome that Luke is going to be the uncle of Robert's son Ethan. :) What? I know what you are thinking. I will forever think of Ethan as Robert's! :)

  7. Were Lucky's kids there for grandpa Luke. People still think Jake is his, right?

  8. Were Lucky's kids there for grandpa Luke. People still think Jake is his, right?

  9. I didn't say anything about Siobhan's dress!!!!! NOTHING!! I didn't even really see her much. The caption was about them having no sleeves in the dead of winter!!

  10. I loved today! Luke and Tracy are awesome together. They made me laugh and cry. He makes Tracy happy and I've never seen her show her vulnerable side like this. They are so sweet together. I loved the kids with them, I loved the Q's with them....family. Just the way family would be. No guns, no bullets, no dead bodies. The only things that would have made today more perfect would have been for Carly to get locked in a closet somewhere instead of running around being an obnoxious, snarky pest and Monica and Bobby being there. It reminds me why I've always loved GH and how much I miss GH. I'll take love over mob wars any day.

  11. Wow am I so impressed with a Guza free GH today!

    Loved the bridesmaids dresses (style and color) but I wasn't in love with them straightening Maya's hair. I also loved the dresses they put on Alexis, Carly (wow that color!), and SnookieLynn (which was a shock). While Siobhan's dress was appropriate I didn't love the style and well Brender's was pretty much a train wreck lol Tracy looked AMAZING. I completely teared up at the sight of her! Yeah I was a complete puddle lol

    Just a fantasic show today. All of the great character interaction surrounding the wedding (yes I missed Monica, Bobbie, Ned, & Dillon) I wonder how much was written for Tony Geary verses how much he adlibbed. Regardless I was spellbound.

    Funny note - I thought as we watched Jax and Carly sit down that we all knew Ingo and Laura had their phones hidden at their seats so they could tweet and play games to pass the time lol

  12. Lori, I have to disagree on one point- I thought Carly's dress was awful. First of all, I don't understand why they can't put her in a dress that actually fits her. Yes, it was a nice color, but that is pretty much the only nice thing about it.

    I had to wonder why Luke was complaining about the cost of the wedding so much- how much could it honestly have cost- it was at the Q mansion and there were only about 12-14 people there!

    Any why did Brenda say Jason had to escort her to the wedding if Sonny was going?

  13. Tracy said she was having flowers and the minister flown in! LOL :) Her dress was probably a designer at 50K?? She just soaked poor Luke heh.


  15. You guys are talking about Brenda's dress. I kept thinking watching her that her ta ta's were about ready to come out and say HELLO! :)

  16. Ok, I'll send my 2 cents on the wedding too, lol. Positives: the men looked fabulous. They clean up really well! The house was lovely and the bridesmaids' dresses were all beautiful.The guests' outfits were appropriate and nicely different from each other Negatives: Costuming should learn to put Carly in separates because her top is an 8 but her bottom is a 10/12 and everything pulls because it doesn't fit correctly. Couldn't Ethan and Lucky have shaved for the occasion? The beards would have grown back in by Monday. The bridesmaids' dresses were too short. I was thinking Lulu gave her dad an eyefull when she sat across from him on the coffee table. Tony averted his eyes I noticed. Oye! And no hose either! Lulu's hair looked tortured and Maya's was just sad. I'm thinking the curly look we all like is a wig, and this "do" is her own. It is flat, lifeless, and has 4 inch roots! I'll take the wig, thanks. It gives her personality and style.

    And for the excellent part! Tracey and the dress! absolutely GORGEOUS! Breathtaking entrance down the stairs, just swept my heart away. And Luke's statement of love? Perfection! Don't know if it was written, or Tony winged it, but whichever it was...Yay for all of us who got to hear it.

    What a great show today. Wish we could have more like it! On to the bus crash!

  17. This Luke/Tracy stuff might have been fun and touching a few years back, but they've run it into the ground. They've been doing the same two scenes for what, 5 years now?

    I guess it's a small consolation that they're veterans and actually getting some screen time. But compared to OLTL, it's lame. Compare today to Bo and Nora's wacky wedding that involved pretty much the entire cast.

  18. I LOVED today! The Spencermaines are always a riot and today they had me in tears with their sweetness.

    I really enjoyed Lulu and Maya bonding - what a nice nod to Mary Mae and Laura. I hope they keep it up. They both looked gorgeous.

    Luke, Lucky, and Ethan were great together. Their comedic timing is always on point.

    Tracy and Luke's vows... wow. Just perfect.

  19. L said...

    I LOVED today! The Spencermaines
    Hahaha the Spencermaines!!! :) I like that combination! :)

  20. I like Maya's hair I finally think she looks pretty.

    I also like Luke with his boys. Not J.J. but I love Ethan.

    ....omg am I referring to GH and saying like at the same time?

    But here are the complaints:
    SO MUCH of the cast was missing! And no one has relationships with the other people it's awkward.

    Also I'm torn it's like OLTL TnT v. TB. I love LnL and Lacy! I don't even know what to think but I guess I can understand how Luke can love them both but I don't understand how Laura can be alive and sane and not at all a factor in this?

    Or how Monica and Bobbie are no shows. Or Liz and her kids.

  21. Wow, Jane Elliott looked GORGEOUS! Yes, women over the age of 25 can and are beautiful. I loved Luke and Tracy's vows. It did seem strange there were so few people invited to a wedding involving two of Port Chuck's most high profile citizens. Big Alice was a hoot and I love the Spencer men all together. I didn't like the bridesmaid dresses. I kept staring at the crepe paper streamer necklines. Ugh.

    I just can't seem to care about Sonny and Brenda. I FF through their scenes and haven't missed a thing. JaSam, too. If Robin and Patrick don't make some progress soon, I'm about ready to FF them, three.

  22. Maya always looks beautiful sorry she's the most beautiful woman on the show! And why is it a big deal when a woman changes her hair style Annie is amazingly beautiful with staight hair or curly she along with Alexis, Lulu and Brooklyn were the finest women at the wedding and of course the bride!


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