Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Cafeteria Food--Leftovers

Well, the best part of GH this week was Theo throwing his eggs at the doctors. That's about it. The docks are decorated all festive-like and everyone and their MOTHERS are chatting on them. Nevermind that here, in the "real" Port Chuck, we are freezing out butts off --and by the lake? Come on. Please. No one sits "on the docks' unless they are dressed in down and thermal-tech.

Ingo Rademacher was nice enough to tweet a photo from the Lunacy Wedding. Doesn't Jane look lovely? I really like that dress! I swear, the actor's tweets are better than the show. Laura Wright is getting her hair cut a bit, Carolyn Hennesy was in the Hollywood Christmas parade--Nancy Lee Grahn is all Huffington Posting and Derk and Steve are trying to shill that soap cookbook. Lisa LoCicero is all giddy Tristan Rogers is on Y&R, Ingo's wife loved Laura Wright's Standing Sun Wine, and everyone was going to the Christmas party Friday Night.

GH will be dark again at the end of the month, giving actors some time off. There are reruns of the Metro Court scheduled for Dec 23, 24 and 30, 31st. I personally think this is the wrong choice-- it's a time of year when people have off work and would like to watch. I understand the budget reasons but it's still re-warmed episodes that contain Alan Q dying-something I don't want to see again. I guess we can be happy it's not the whole "Text Message" killer crap, right? 

The biggest rumor going around now is that Vanessa Marcil might be leaving early. Reason's given are "health reasons"...her sister's "health", lower than expected ratings, you name it. I'm going to say they are all false--and if she does take a little time off after Feb Sweeps, it was built in and she'll be back. 

We have the bus crash coming up-- a bunch of people are hurt, it's another train wreck all over again. Remember when Helena pulled out Emily's IV in that mess? ahahahah. Fave part. Where IS  Helena? I thought she'd be back by now, but alas...nothing. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Hope you have a great Sunday without cafeteria food. If you're in the North you could tray-sled if you want. Who remembers when the cafeteria was the HUB of GH?  *sigh* have a cup o' joe!

Check for spoilers on the Wubs Net. Some new Rumors will be up as well.


  1. Who is the idiot who select the MetroCourt episodes for reruns during the Christmas season? Is he deliberately sabotaging the show? Is this just another way, along with the mob-centric, boring, viewer insulting focus of the show, to ensure that GH goes the way of other much loved soaps? I am sure another hour of inane game shows, talk shows, or pseudo-news shows is just what viewers are pining for. If ABC were smart the network would ADD a new soap to their roster and pick up more viewers.

  2. I will never understand why TIIC cannot 'get' that most soap viewers don't want to see another disaster or another shoot-out or another epidemic. We don't want stunt casting. Most viewers just want what worked before and that is intelligent storytelling with romance and intrigue and some investment in character-driven stories. We want consistency and good writing.

    I am a huge James Franco fan from his "Freaks & Geeks" days. But he does absolutely NOTHING for this show. As a matter of fact, he did not boost the ratings at all. You can put a big star into the show but unless their presence makes sense and adds to the storyline, who cares?

    This show is a shell of what it once was. It is overloaded with characters we don't give a crap about. The characters we have loved and supported have been given the boot and we are left with nothing but pairings that suck and mob mob mob. Storylines just drop off and characters disappear with no explanation.

    Jason is someone I loved because he was the mobster with a heart. Now he is just a mobster. I miss who Jason was. I miss what the show used to be. I never would have thought that GH would become what it is now and that is a poor-man's "Soprano's". Yuck. Just yuck.

  3. Didn't helena pull em's iv out during the hotel fire in 2004? I think she was fine during the train wreck. Is this bus wreck going to be a rehash of the one in 2001? Here's to hoping they kill off sam!

  4. kill off sonny in the bus crash please .

  5. Wow, a picture of Jess without her famous cardigan sweater!!

  6. Yes for the love of the big guy kill off Sam. Or Maya. Or the irish fake chick

  7. I have a feeling Matt or BL will die with this next "tragedy".

  8. The fact that wardrobe people in California who have never seen snow are trying to dress these 'Buffalo' folk has always amused me. Girls who even bother to wear sweaters, wear sweaters with cut-outs on the chest and sleeves, or so low in front it invites pneumonia, or they wear a sundress to lunch at Kellys, or something so short their knee caps would freeze. The coats don't look warm at all and have no hoods and few wear mittens. I mean, they have no IDEA how to dress in cold weather. High heels? Forget it. And Jason's leather jackets would not be warm enough for the real north.

    Years ago, Laura used to wear boots all winter long and furry sweaters and wool plaid skirts, etc. And when it snowed, Luke got snow shoes for him and Bobbie so they could get to the disco. People wore earmuffs or caps and Luke had a long snoopy scarf--loved that. I remember once he wore one of those caps with flaps over the ears. People would come in somewhere and rub hands together, pat the snow off their gloves. I mean, you knew it was upper state NY.

    This show is such a downer, so they are going to bring it down even further with the Metro thing--at Xmas! I won't watch.

    Thank heavens for OLTL--easily the best soap show on air these days.

  9. my xmas wish for GH is kill off sam please. I have disliked this character since day one. her constant mumbling and following jason around like a puppy annoys me.

  10. VMG is getting married on New Year's Eve. That might be part of the reason for her getting some time off prior to Feb sweeps. She also could have an "out" clause in her contract if Guza didn't live up to the promises he made her to get her come back. I'm not that concerned about her leaving or taking time off or whatever. I'm more worried we won't get Feb sweeps, much like the non existent Nov sweeps that Guza presented us with this year.

    (PS - Laura Wright tweeted a picture from the GH Christmas Party after she had her hair done, it's not much different but it is definitely blonder. Looked really pretty and just in better shape)

  11. you know what I love?I can go watch Days of Our Lives because they have no repeats at all never ever.Also don't ya love the writers on OLTL no explosians,no train wreaks just great acting I love it

  12. The whole Brenda thing has been a HUGE let down. It has added no value whatsoever, and in fact, has detracted away from many cast members who deserve screen time. The best this TPTB could do is to kill off Sonny and get back to love in the afternoon.

  13. I think it would suck if VM leaves now after the entire show was rewritten around her coming back. I thought she was supposed to be on for 2 years.


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