Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's HUMP Day Already!!! General Hospital Drives a BUS!

Did you see all the juicy BUS Scoops that are up?? On December 29th, we have to buckle up for the crash. Of course the show isn't on for about 5 days after that (3 off, 2 repeats) so we'll have to wait for the really big fun to start. I'm wondering if Matt is the one to go...I don't know for sure-- but it would fit. We'll just have to wait for the spoiler to hit my inbox!!

LukeSon on the docks!! Yipee, thank you for small  miracles.  Luke giving sage advice. Sonny thinks Carly knows him better than anyone--and the twitter feed went nuts. LOL

I have to tell you when Dante walked into Brenda's bedroom/house the entire Twitter line blew up with Dante-hate. was amazing. Now, when Dante said Jerry might be the Balkan, wouldn't Brenda have been all over that? That would mean Alexander was his SON...Jax's nephew. This entire Balkan STORY (and I use that term loosely) has been so terribly thought out, it's scary. Some of the worst writing since the stupid Text Message Killer.
Brenda could be Dante's StepMama. hah
OMG, Dante having to spew that crap to Jason about how bad it was for Sonny to buy that cabin. Dumb, Dumb. I LOVE DZ you know that. I totally liked Dante.  This just makes me pissed off. That whole scene was just painful.

If Theo and Spinelli talked it would be a thesaurus blow-up. 

GET Michael OUT OF KELLY'S! He's just sitting EVERYWHERE...geesh. And "Bryce" pops up again after MONTHS.  You need to put people ON MORE THAN A NANO SECOND now and again-- got it? THANK YOU. It's kinda how you trot out Mayor Floyd 3x a year. WE DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!

Jerry Jacks is at CarJax house, being a mouth. Where's Lady Jane? He did mention MERCEDES!! YEAH! I miss  Chrissie Fit!! Although now that "Mercedes" let him in, she's probably fired. heh. Poor Mercedes.

Here is a nice wintry song for you!! Just to perk things up:


  1. many ways and times can people say THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU???? Patrick said it, Steve said it, Lisa said it and Robin said it...and we had to listen to it...over and over.. and HE'S gonna sue the hospital? oh please! Pretty dull show today for plot progression, no suspense, no excitement...and oh yes, Jerry just shows up, without so much as a bruise???? A great plan he says? A little explanation would be nice...sheesh


  2. I'm sitting here laughing at Ingo's hair on today's show! It's sticking out everywhere like a porcupine! I know he is letting it grow out, I hope he gets it highlighted again too!!

    Baby Joss is soooo cute and she is getting so big. She is such a good little lady on set too, never fussy, never pulls away from the actors.

    Having Sebastian Roche back on GH is like a breath of fresh air. No matter how evil Jerry is I always get so tickled listening to every word. And the look on Jax's face says "I'm going to kick your butt" and I can't wait to see it all go down!

  3. Isn't it weird--Carly wears a sleeveless dress in the dead of winter in upper state New York. Absurd. Even though this was taped long before the current storm, we know it is COLD there. They even showed a little snow on a couple prop bushes. It would be very wasteful and expensive to keep the thermostate turned up high enough to go around the house in sleeveless dresses in December. The very least they could do is put her in a warm cardigan sweater over that dress.

    I have to say that yes, when it concerns the appearances of Mayor Floyd I DO care because I really like John Bolger and would love it if he was redeemed and got involved with Alexis. John was a sexy leading man only a few years ago and he can be again! But the part he has on GH is a waste of a talented, hot guy.

  4. Any chance that the Balkan is a big hoax? That there is no Balkan. That the Balkan is just a name chosen by, I don't know, maybe Helena, to cover some of her nefarious business dealings? Or maybe, this is the lead into the Valentine Cassadine story we were promised way back when. The Balkan had better NOT have anything to do with Franco who is already a useless, boring, yawn-prompting addition to the show. Maybe the Balkan is Faison.


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