Friday, December 10, 2010

A New WUB Up and Looking for Brender!

There's a new WUB UP! It's a fun holiday Irish-SPIN one! Let me know how you like it!! Stop over to the WubsNet for new Spoilers too.

All I'm saying about OLTL today is it KICKED ASS. I was dying!! Can't wait for Monday!! eeee!!

Lisa LoCicero tweeted and I added holly stuff!!

Told you Lulu didn't hear about Dante and Brender.

Dante and Sonny took forever to chew the "fat" in Sonny's house. Dante says:  "I actually DO CARE about her...she's a special woman,be mindful, keep her happy, leave me out of it" the promo for that scene was so misleading. "Dante tells Sonny the truth"...uh,  NOT!

Siobhan and Lucky are on my last nerve today. I just want Siobhan to out herself and get rid of that 'accent' if possible. Please!!!

The only way I'll like Abbey is if she turns out to be a man. A "Crying Game" for Michael. She looks like she could be a guy. Just sayin' ...Dirty Sexy Money anyone?? First they are boring me on the docks with their talk---then they bored me in Kelly's!!

Olivia and Johnny. Her comment about "I had a drink with Steve" was so random.  WTH. Just to  get those two chem tested. I am NOT HAPPY, it's out of thin air. 

Michael trying to talk  Sonny out of Brender-lovin to his Dad! hahahahaaa.

Brooke Lyn walks in. Geesh. Random.

I swear,  Tyler Christopher and Dom Z both got haircuts since yesterday's show. LOL I think Lisa did too!!

Sonny spent the episode looking for Brender!! And everyone told him how  BAD they are for each other!! Then, they finally meet. S&Bers Bliss-out.  I don't like all the "honey" stuff she's saying. And he bought her a house. Wow.


  1. OLTL was SO good today I was really wound up by the end and can't wait for Monday! It was a white-knuckle Friday! This show is SO revitalized. And the addition of 'stay tuned for scenes from the next OLTL', just like in the old days--excellent! Really works.

    GH is a snooze compared. I just wish OLTL had the equivlant of a Tony Geary (even a Tristan Rogers would do) and I would then say we had a new dawning of soap opera--but I'm just not invested in any main OLTL character yet. With GH it was always Geary and Francis and Rogers, with Santa Barbara it was Lane Davies' Mason and Jed Allen's CC, as well as A Martinez as Cruz. As long as they were on the show there was no way I could tune out. With Another World it was Steve Snetzer and the actor who played Carl, Charles Keating. There have been so many actors who kept me glued to the afternoon shows. But the current OLTL--I can't pick anyone so far. Maybe after Ted King joins the show.

    In the meantime, this show has simply got my FULL attention!

  2. Thank god someone commented! LOL. When Ted King joins?? GOOD GOD!!

  3. You were right OLTL rocks poor Norah and the sleeze Inez she deserves Eddie.....Cannot wait till Monday.I had noticed the previews even on AMC which its getting good too.

  4. Why are the writers so into ruining the character of Liz? Why can't she have any good girlfriends besides Emily and Robin? I use to love her character but ever since this whole Nicholas story...I'm even annoyed with her! She hates Brook and Siobhan. Becky Herbst is a great actress who deserves much better than she's been getting for a while. If I can't have Liason...I would rather they give her someone new instead of Nic or Lucky. They should have her move on with Matt or the new Dr. who is coming on. I'm so tired of the same stories with the character of Liz. How many times does she need to do a baby daddy story or get jealous of another woman with her men. Give her something new to do!

    I can't stand Siobhan. The poor accent drives me crazy. Why did they bring JJ back only to have no interaction with characters he was involved with Liz, Nic, Lulu, Luke, etc....I'm tired of the Balkan and this whole Irish thing....Just so can give the Mob something to do..

    GH is really disappointing me!

  5. Anon my only hope is that just as Lucky falls for the Irish lad something will happen to draw him back to Liz. If not, why even bother bringing him back IMO. Love this actor but he's being wasted on a girl most us don't care about. No scenes with the boys, either. Now when she loses the accent, I may be on board but not to come b/w L&L2! As for Liason, I have given up. Jason chose Slutty Sam over family. Even after threatening to kill her after she had his own son threatened & watched him be kidnapped.

  6. Regarding the Steven/Jason talk this week, why can't they mention that these two are cousins? Well, second scousins, but still cousins. Steven's mom is Heather Webber and Jason's (real) mom was Susan Moore (Heather's cousin). In fact, Heather and Scotty actually had custody of Jason for a while after Susan was murdered.

    I would have liked for them to at least touched on that.

  7. You know I have come to have Jason & Sam. Jason is not the same man he was during the scenes everyone fell in love with him in. Not the same as he was with robin, not the same as he was with elizabeth, and not even the same as with the dreaded Courtney. Self righteous killer comes to mind. He has been around Carly too long and think he and Sam are above the law and can ndo no wrong, even with his very own child.

  8. oops. Meant to type I have come to HATE jason and Sam

  9. I read somewhere else that Liz decides to let Jason be Jakes father, and at the same time Sam finds out she is pregnant. This makes me sick. To finally get what I want, and to let it be spoiled by Sam time and time again. I hope this isn't true.

    OLTL was GREAT. I love when characters don't back down to the b***** of the show. Natalie gave it to Marty and I laughed out loud.
    Their use of all their characters is what draws me to the show and if/when Sam has a baby with Jason, I will quit my GH, but will be happy to know that I hvae OLTL to not let me down.

  10. I'm excited about the Matt and Maxie bus stuff!

  11. Why is everyone hating on Marty ? Natlie is an amoral slut I hate her! And that witch Inez hated her on GL loathe her on OLTL I watch DOOL now! Only ABC soap I watch continually is GH only for Maya and Ethan and I am going to start watchig YR again for crazy Adam. One thing about CBS and their soapboards they are not as hateful and racist as ABC! They would love and appreciate a woman of color whose beautiful and smart I love Maya! And Brenda reaction to the cottage was like a two year old and this isnot a compliment!

  12. Anonymous, do you honestly think the reason people don't like Maya is due to racism? Honestly? These are the people who loved Mary May and Justus, but if they don't like Maya it must be racism. Give me a break! As far as Natalie, nobody has ever said she is perfect- far from. And personally, I certainly don't agree with hiding the identity of the baby's father. But Marty has gone off the deep end. Natalie may be a bit delusional, but Marty is becoming psychotic.

  13. Andrea: what makes me sick is they would be rewriting history AGAIN by making it sound as if it was all Liz who decided jake shouldn;t be with Jason. Doesn't anyone else remember the courtroom scene? it was torture for Liz to hear what happened to Jake during the kidnapping and it was all Jason did was tell her to stay away, that both she and Jake could not be in his life and this was why.

    Not sure how sam would be as a mother. She may have to take off her f me shoes for a few months ; )

  14. OLTL - I have been invested in Bo since the first day he was on the show... and Clint always got my attention also.. I love that these older guys are involved in stories and having - dare I say it_ a love life.....
    I cant stand Natalie but I loved the way she stormed into Marty's office and basically threw out her patient.... But I liked it better when Marty smacked her!!!

  15. I am soooo looking forward to Michael & Abby. I think they have tons of chemistry and are so cute together! Now I finally get why they recast Michael. I was one of the angry mob when they recast - but this Michael has really won me over. Imagine what Carly's reaction will be. Hee Hee. I'm not an Ethan & Maya fan, only because I don't see the spark - Absolutely nothing to do with race. For me it's either there or it isn't. I like Ethan & Kristina - I know the writers don't seem to be going there, but I can hope. I'm also not really invested in Jason with Sam or Elizabeth - but I think that whether Sam wears f*** me boots or clown shoes has nothing to do with her mothering ability. Elizabeth having kids with every male in town between the ages of 19 & 40 would cause me more concern - (and an interesting point is that she does NOT wear f*** me boots). Nobody was a bigger L&L2 fan than me back in the day. But sleeping with his brother just took it one step too far for even me. There are some things that you just can't come back from.


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